d1rewolfmultipass will no longer start for me on macOS. I get this in the log: 02:07
d1rewolf'qemu-img: Could not open '/var/root/Library/Application Support/multipassd/qemu/vault/instances/smokeping/ubuntu-22.04-server-cloudimg-arm64.img': Reference count table too large'02:07
d1rewolfany ideas what would cause this?02:07
d1rewolfdeleting that file fixed it, but obviously broke the vm. no worries, as it wasn't that important, but I'd like to understand how to avoid it in the future02:15
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AndreiToterman[mHey, d1rewolf ! Was that VM an old one that went through a lot of suspending and starting or was it relatively new and you didn't do much with it? A possible cause of the 'Reference count table too large' error might've been a lot of suspends.14:46
d1rewolfmorning AndreiToterman[m . No, this vm was created in the last few months. As from suspending/restarting, it runs on a macbook so I'm suspending/restarting the host at times, but not doing anything specific with that VM14:53
d1rewolfI set it up to run smokeping and largely forget about it until a problem arises with net performance, which is when i'll take a look at the data there14:53
AndreiToterman[mAh, ok, thanks for the clarification. If you ever encounter a similar problem in the future, try running qemu-img check -r all on the .img file. It might help14:57

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