arraybolt3ilvipero: Just to be clear, the next Flavor Sync meeting is still March 13, right? I saw some of the scheduling get changed up and now I'm not sure if it's March 13 or April 13.15:55
ilviperoArrayBolt3 @ArrayBolt3:libera.chat: yes, no change in date and time. Apologies, i just had to edit and add a few folks and the time zone played a trick on me. It should all be back to normal. Session1 3PM UTC and Session2 10PM UTC.15:57
arraybolt3Ah, got it. Thank you!15:57
ilviperoNo, thank you for clearing it. I will check again all dates and times tomorrow, then post in the flavours channel also as a reminder for the meeting 16:00
tewardFallen: around?18:42
tewardif the answer is no then mauro is the next one on my ping list18:47
tewardilvipero: assuming you're around you're next on my ping list18:49
Fallenteward: what's up?20:18
tewardthe emails20:19
tewardoliver already poked20:19
FallenResponses look reasonable, looks like you have a path forward? Mauro can help provide context as needed tomorrow.20:22
tewardFallen: yeah we're good to go it's a "more info needed" situation first20:23
tewardbefore anyone can make a call/decision :p20:23
FallenYeah that is fine, just wanted to put them in touch with you so you are aware.20:23
FallenThanks for responding so quickly!20:24
tewardy'all owe me a coffee :p20:26
ilviperoteward: thanks and good morning. Happy to support you on this one. Feel free to reach out to me directly any time. I'll bring coffee☕23:35

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