zhsjplease schedule a reference autopkgtest run for golang-github-gatherstars-com-jwz on all arch, which should fail.08:09
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ginggszhsj: done, please provide a link next time (just one would do)11:58
zhsjginggs: thanks12:33
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enr0nbdmurray: since we talked about it in the foundations meeting, can you please trigger these baseline tests? retry-autopkgtest-regressions --no-proposed --blocks systemd -s lunar16:44
bdmurrayenr0n: doing so17:41
enr0nbdmurray: thanks18:10
ahasenackhi, bileto is crashing (500), is this something only sil2100 can help with? Maybe it's something that someone else can take a look at?18:46
ahasenackIt renders the page briefly, then shows the 500 gif18:46
ahasenacklooks like this is the specific url that is crashing: https://bileto.ubuntu.com/v2/metadata18:47
liushuyuHi there, I would like to retry some autopkgtests for libzstd:21:05
kanashiro[m]liushuyu: done21:06
liushuyu[m]kanashiro[m]: Thank you!21:07
kanashiro[m]yw :)21:07
tewardhas anyone been keeping an eye on Debian and Python?  Looks like there's some crucial changes in the chain there that will break `pip3 install --user` which i know several people use as part of their process to not pollute system packages but it's still got me wondering if that's going to affect us either this cycle or next.22:01
vorlonthere are Foundations folks involved in Python in Debian.  I haven't heard anything about this particular change.  We're past feature freeze so if it's not currently broken in lunar, it shouldn't break between now and release22:51
vorlonbut I don't know what changes you're referring to; cc: doko ginggs22:51
tumbleweedthis is PEP-66822:56
tumbleweedsee /usr/share/doc/python3.11/README.venv for details22:56

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