amurrayddstreet mapreri: thanks for the pings re discussing the backports charter - apologies, I was asleep (that was 2am my local time) - will follow-up on the mailing list00:50
teward*pokes amurray just to be annoying* :P02:36
* arraybolt3 throws an entire bucket of razor-sharp straws at teward02:36
tewardoh good i'm now bleeding pure chaos liquid.  enjoy cleaning that up.  *says this as the chaos coalesces and creates a massive black hole that just sucks everything in around himself, including arraybolt3*02:37
arraybolt3AAAAAaaaaaaaa......        <squish>02:37
* arraybolt3 goes back to writing an answer on AskUbuntu02:38
amurrayhey teward - apologies if you felt left out ☺️02:46
tewardamurray: lol, nah, just being annoying :)02:47
tewardit's easy to forget I'm on the backports team ;)02:47
tewardI just wear *so* many hats... xD02:47
amurrayindeed - I don't know where you find the time to be honest02:47
tewardindeed.  a lot of times there's a lot of stuff that doesn't need any special action so I mean :P02:48
sarnold*so* much coffee02:48
teward^^ that02:48
tewardand sometimes liquor straight from the bottle02:48
sarnoldyes yes, software developer02:48
tewardbut usually coffee02:48
tewardsarnold: oh you're going to love the evil that's coming your way02:49
arraybolt3Rumor has it teward drinks a quantity of coffee sufficient to power New York City.02:51
teward*gives sarnold the briefing of the evil coming to Security review next cycle*02:52
tewardsarnold is already screaming, I can hear it from here xD02:54
tewardarraybolt3: the entire state of Pennsylvania actually02:54
* sarnold nods02:54
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juliank#startmeeting Weekly Ubuntu Foundations team16:00
meetingologyMeeting started at 16:00:47 UTC.  The chair is juliank.  Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology16:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action, commands, idea, info, link, nick16:00
juliankThe weekly status is here: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/foundations-team-updates-thursday-02-march-2023/3428716:01
juliankI forgot I had a meeting the past 30 minutes so mine isn't yet :(16:01
* bdmurray just posted his16:02
dviererbeHello o/16:02
* juliank has posted16:03
vorlonhmm jawn-smith not here to ask about libarchive "very stuck"16:04
schopinvorlon: I picked it up16:04
schopinshould be unstuck once reprepro is published (and triggered correctly)16:05
dbungertaudio troubles, brb16:08
liushuyudo we have any proposed migrations to hand out this week?16:09
julianklater later16:09
juliankbut I take it we're all done reading now16:10
juliank#topic Release incoming bugs16:10
juliank#link https://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-ll-incoming-bug-tasks.html#foundations-bugs16:10
juliankbug 200827916:10
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Bug 2008279 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "glib2.0 2.75.3-3 breaks text input for Firefox & Chromium snaps" [High, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200827916:10
juliankseems to be with desktop?16:10
juliankI left a comment asking16:11
juliankbug 200878916:11
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Bug 2008789 in inetutils (Ubuntu) "[MIR] inetutils" [Undecided, Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200878916:12
juliankthere's a jira issue for this16:12
juliankI'm gonna remove the tag because it has an issue to track it internally16:13
juliankrls-kk is empty16:15
juliankrls-jj has bug 1999345 only which is unchanged status (still w/ security)16:15
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Bug 1999345 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "please add luks2 module to the signed grub2 images" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/199934516:15
juliank#topic proposed-migration16:16
juliank#link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses_by_team.html#foundations-bugs16:16
julianklibarchive I understand is going soon16:17
bdrungI'll take tzdata (since I caused it and know exactly what to do)16:17
vorlonschopin: you said libarchive should pass with a retry once "reprepro is published" which it appears to be, so I guess this is in flight and you'll resolve it soon?16:17
schopinvorlon: yes.16:18
julianklicensecheck has bug 2003083 as excuse16:18
waveformsbuild's still with me16:18
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Bug 2003083 in licensecheck (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libstring-license-perl" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200308316:18
vorlonlicensecheck has MIRs that were rejected16:18
vorlonI don't remember who was working on that one, liushuyu ?16:18
vorlonno, that was devscripts16:18
vorlonso I'm not sure MIRs were rejected for licensecheck at all, sorry16:19
liushuyuI was working on libdigest-md5-file-perl and libswitch-perl for devscripts16:19
juliankwas adrien working on this?16:19
vorlonyes, adrien did the MIR in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libstring-license-perl/+bug/2003083 so this is in progress/blocked by MIR team16:19
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Launchpad bug 2003083 in licensecheck (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libstring-license-perl" [Undecided, New]16:19
vorlonsbuild: waveform: are you ok to continue on this one?16:20
vorlonschopin: are you still following glibc?16:21
vorlonalso dammit I just now realized I put my weekly status update in the old discourse post *again* because the link to the old post in the content is more obvious in the emails than the link to the current post16:21
schopinvorlon: yes. I have lilypond, aad-auth and python2.7 that are new failures.16:21
schopinThe rest can be ignored for various reasons.16:22
vorlonI see python2.7 blocking, that's an oops from me, there was a badtest hint that I dropped prematurely16:23
schopingreat, one down two to go.16:23
vorlondevscripts: *this* is the one with the rejected MIRs16:24
vorlonso it's assigned, but depends on upstream Debian discussions and isn't critical for lunar16:24
bdrungI volunteer for reviewing merge request for devscripts in Debian, but someone else should provide the patches16:24
vorlonlibio-socket-ssl-perl: adrien: can you take this?16:24
liushuyuI can work on devscripts, I have the patches ready16:24
vorlonliushuyu: ack thanks16:25
vorlontcl8.6: just needs hinted around a blacklisted autopkgtest, I'll take this16:25
liushuyu... however I don't have an account on Debian Salsa instance16:25
juliankmake one :)16:25
liushuyuI can't open an MR on it16:25
vorlonboost1.74: bdmurray: can you work on this?16:25
vorlonliushuyu: it's an awkward signup process but you should get one16:25
bdrungliushuyu, poke me once you have the MR submitted16:25
vorlonlsb: dbungert?16:26
bdmurrayvorlon: I'm heading out on holiday tomorrow until the 10th-ish16:26
slyonliushuyu: otherwise you could also create a merge-proposal on launchpad against devscripts16:26
vorlonbdmurray: ack16:26
dbungertlsb is in progress, much of it is complete with retests, dpdk has a test in the queue16:26
slyonso we can at least land the fixes in Ubuntu. Going through Debian/upstream would be better, though16:26
zhsjliushuyu: just poke admin on #salsa @ oftc16:26
dbungertcyrus-impad test look like nonsense, I was condering badtest16:26
enr0nvorlon: I had libio-socket-ssl-perl last week. Just waiting on test retries.16:26
liushuyujuliank: The new accont creation is restricted currently. I haven't get my account approved yet16:27
dbungertdanilogondolfo: did you look at lsb vs pcs or lsb vs rspamd?16:27
vorlonadrien: can you take boost1.74 then?16:27
adrienI can look at that16:28
adrienthat scares me :D16:28
danilogondolfodbungert, I did, they pass locally. I saw they were retried and failed again. I need to understand why...16:28
vorlonthere's very little left to chase on boost1.74, I did most of it this week already16:28
vorlonso waveform had lsb-release-minimal but now we have lsb16:28
schopinlsb was with danilogondolfo16:29
vorloncd-boot-images is blocked by kernels16:29
juliankI think it's ready I'm confirming with xnox16:29
dbungertlsb was split between danilogondolfo and myself16:30
vorlonnumpy: dbungert can you take this one?16:30
juliank(we released shim already)16:30
dbungertvorlon: ack for numpy16:30
vorlonglibc blocking audit, might just need a retry16:30
vorlonaudit: ginggs?16:30
vorlonlintian: dviererbe?16:31
vorlonsimplejson: xypron?16:31
liushuyuzhsj: will do16:31
vorlonlibsereal-decoder-perl: juliank?16:31
liushuyubdrung: understood16:31
vorlonsphinx/librsvg: slyon?16:32
vorlonpython3.11: enr0n?16:32
enr0nvorlon: ack16:32
vorlonxz-utils: ogayot?16:32
vorlonlibzstd: liushuyu?16:33
ogayotvorlon: ack, I might no be able to get to it before next meeting since I'm off next week though16:33
vorlonpublicsuffix: I'll take this16:33
vorlonogayot: ok16:33
liushuyuvorlon: I can take libzstd16:33
vorlonliushuyu: thanks16:33
vorlonwho's not here that should take some16:33
vorlonbinutils: mwhudson16:33
vorlonkmod: vpa197716:33
vorlonpython3-stdlib-extensions: zhsj16:34
zhsji merged kmod, so maybe me..16:34
vorlonyes, please take kmod and ignore python3-stdlib-extensions16:34
vorlonjuliank: back to you16:34
schopinshould vpa1977 take the latter one then?16:34
juliank#topic AOB16:35
juliankI added a task for mclemenceau to document how to optimally discover proposed-migration items in the jira workflow16:35
bdmurrayI'm going on holiday until what is effectively the 13th starting tomorrow16:35
slyonI'm out tomorrow & monday16:36
schopinI'm out on Monday.16:36
adrienI'm out on tomorrow16:36
juliankDebian hard freeze is next week (the 12th), if you have stuff to upstream hurry up (and only small targeted fixes).16:36
bdrungI'll be off tomorrow and there is a local public holiday next Wednesday16:36
mclemenceaujuliank: Ack ;)16:36
zhsjjuliank: it's today, 10days migration :)16:37
enr0nI have a local public holiday next Tuesday16:37
dbungertwhat do we think about badtesting cyrus-imapd?  It looks like it has been in a bad state for some time, and I'm unsure why we un-badtested it.16:37
vorlondbungert: it hasn't had a badtest hint since Apr 2022 and then only on ppc64el16:38
vorlonif it's flaky, a baseline retest (retry-autopkgtest-regressions --no-proposed) is likely better than a badtest16:38
zhsjit's timed out?16:38
zhsjmaybe big package?16:39
vorlonsometimes it takes a half hour, sometimes it takes 3 hours16:39
vorlonthat seems worth investigating before we throw it into long_tests16:40
meetingologyMeeting ended at 16:42:43 UTC.  Minutes at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2023/ubuntu-meeting.2023-03-02-16.00.moin.txt16:42
vorlonjuliank: thanks!16:42
cpaelzerdbungert: I uploaded a fix for the DPDK tests which fail on one of our clouds as the chips are different16:53
cpaelzerdbungert: I'll retrigger lsb (and others) once ready (probably tomorrow morning)16:54
dbungertcpaelzer: nice, thanks.  dpdk test is running now on arm64, perhaps it will pass there16:55
cpaelzerif it runs on bos01 it will always work and on bos02 it will always fail16:55
cpaelzerwith the fix it will work or skip16:55
cpaelzerafter checking with paride and bdmurray that there is no way to express to only be able to run on either16:55
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Bashing-omdiddledani: :)19:47
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Bashing-omGuest539: Bad config still, Wildman ??19:56
Guest539Hi this is Wild Man, I do not know but it seems so19:57
diddledaniHi Guest53919:58
Guest539hi diddledani19:58
Bashing-omGuest539: Have you registeed your username 'Wildman'on the network ?20:00
Kiloshi guys20:01
Guest539Yes, it was working again so i do not know what happened but I do not have time to worry about it right now20:01
diddledaniwe're still waiting on the candidate20:02
diddledaniI'll give them till quarter past and then let you all go if they're not here by then20:12
Kilosoh my, not often an applicant is late20:12
Guest539They may have the time wrong it happens20:13
Kilosany contact info on him?20:13
diddledaniyeah, might be worth it if you all can to pop back at the 22:00 meeting time in case they got the wrong entry for today20:13
diddledaniThere's no public email on their LP page, but we can use the "contact" feature on there20:14
Bashing-om^ Looking on the agenda page and the meeting date has been changed for Efstathios Iosifidis (??) .20:14
Kilosi just mailed him20:15
diddledaniI mentioned that in my email last night - the date on that page is *not* their chosen meeting date - that is the date they added their entry20:15
Kilosoh my20:15
diddledaniSo, Feb 10th is after the previous Thursday meeting for February, therefore they are scheduled for today20:16
diddledaniIt doesn't help that the heading bar isn't showing due to some changes in the wiki20:16
KilosI thought today as well20:16
Kiloswhat is involved to get every thing back to the old way20:17
diddledaniwith highlight (sorry about accessibility issues for poor eyesight) you can see the heading bar is supposed to indicate "date added" to the list: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/y4h0Hzzg/image.png20:17
Kiloslike launchpad and wiki instead of concours20:17
Bashing-omKilos: I can try and revert to the old version of the WIKI. I looked at this earlier and I do think that I can do that,20:18
Kilosthat will be great Bashing-om20:18
diddledaniI think the issue is the wiki version was changed which broke styles across the whole wiki20:18
diddledanii.e. not just our pages, but everywhere20:18
Kilosand applicants must be pointed to launchpad not concourse20:19
diddledanithe top bar is broken styling too: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/gOYmhVWD/image.png20:19
KilosI cant find madhen, emails dont deliver either20:20
diddledanishe left Canonical20:21
Kilosso why ubuntu as well?20:21
Kilosdiddledani  can you remember the guy who helped her with concourse20:22
diddledanino, I don't know who that was20:23
KilosWho owns the concourse  thing? maybe he/she can point it to our fridge calender20:26
Kilosthe membership application that is20:26
Kilosgenii  hi there, long time no hear20:27
Bashing-omiosifidis: is here :) Is there time now to process the application ?20:27
iosifidisHello. Did I miss the meeting?20:28
iosifidisYes yes20:28
Kiloshi io20:28
Kilosiosifidis  welcome20:28
iosifidisHello to everone20:28
Kiloslets go diddledani20:28
diddledanimaybe Mauro Gaspari can point the way for whoever was involved with discourse20:29
diddledaniok, I'm just about to start the meeting20:30
diddledani#startmeeting Ubuntu Membership Board20:30
meetingologyMeeting started at 20:30:47 UTC.  The chair is diddledani.  Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology20:30
meetingologyAvailable commands: action, commands, idea, info, link, nick20:30
diddledaniHello and welcome to the Ubuntu Membership Review Board meeting for 2nd March 2023. The wiki page for the Review Boards is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards20:31
diddledaniWe will attempt to get through all the applicants that have added themselves to that list, or posted a thread to the Ubuntu Discourse, before today's meeting. If we are unable to make it through the complete list due to time constraints, then at the next meeting we will pick up where we left off.20:31
diddledaniThe format for the meeting is as follows: We will go through the list of applicants one by one, by date of application (FIFO).20:31
diddledaniEach applicant should introduce themselves (1-5 sentences) and provide links to their Ubuntu Wiki page or Ubuntu Discourse thread. After the introduction, the members of the Membership Review Board will review the pages and, if needed, ask the applicant further questions.20:31
diddledaniDuring this time, it is encouraged for other members of the community to show their support for the applicant. Do not be alarmed if the members of the Membership Review Board are quiet during this time; they are reading wiki/launchpad/forum/other pages and deciding how they are going to vote.20:31
diddledaniWhen the board is ready to vote, they will publicly vote in the channel with either +1, 0, or -1 (for membership, abstain, and against membership, respectively). If most of the voting board members vote +1, then the applicant is now an official Ubuntu member! (Feel free congratulate them!)20:31
diddledaniNow, with any further ado, let's get started with the first applicant...20:31
diddledanionly one candidate today: Efstathios Iosifidis20:31
diddledani@iosifidis could you introduce yourself to the board and share your links to your discourse or wiki post and your launchpad page (if you have a prepared statement, please deliver it)20:32
* genii slides Kilos a surprise coffee and then runs back to work again20:32
nicoz:) o/*20:32
iosifidisMy name is Stathis. My day job is Veterinarian. I decided to make a career change and now I am a 3rd-year student of applied informatics at the university of Macedonia. My first involvement with open source started with Shipt. My first version was 7.04 but my favorite was Hardy Heron 8.04. Since then I got involved with many events, either20:32
iosifidisorganized by me or as a guest speaker at conferences. I got involved in GNOME community. Greek community hosted GUADEC 2019 in my city.20:32
* Kilos smlies and sips, ty so much20:33
iosifidisI am a very active member of the Loco team. My late involvement with Ubuntu is a promotion at my university to the open source team. I am hosting release parties. I will organize presentations involving Ubuntu technologies. We are planning to create a script and/or an ISO with the software we are using at the university. That is a future project. I20:33
iosifidishave been to Ubuntu Summit 2022 and I was amazed by the community. I have been to many conferences in the past. I have to say that Summit was the best conference I have been to.20:33
iosifidisMy university is going to host KDE Akademy (KDE's conference). I am on the organizing committee and I am promoting it to the rest of the academic community.20:33
iosifidisMy university promotes startups, and spinoffs and I am planning to create something using Ubuntu technologies. I am still forming the idea that solves a problem.20:33
iosifidisMy Discourse application is https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/efstathios-iosifidis-membership-application/3369520:33
iosifidisMy wiki is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/iosifidis20:33
iosifidisAnd Launchpad is https://launchpad.net/~iosifidis20:34
iosifidisI am here if you need to clarify anything.20:35
diddledanithank you. I'll give the board a few moments to have a read through your links and then will open the floor to any questions they may have (and I'll get a glass of water while they do that :-) )20:35
diddledaniok, let's open the floor to questions - first one from me: you've signed the code of conduct. did you understand everything in the code and do you agree to abide by its rules for the duration of your membership should you be successful today?20:37
iosifidisYes. Of course.20:37
iosifidisEvery conference I organize, I always look code of conduct20:38
Bashing-omEminently qualified with good testimonial of service - I have no questions.20:40
diddledaniok, anyone else have any questions? I'm happy to move onto the vote if we're all set?20:41
Kilosno questions guys, he has been working for a long time for us20:41
diddledaniawesome, let's do the vote then - wait till I've marked who the expected voters are with the bot...20:41
diddledani#vote Efstathios Iosifidis' application for ubuntu membership20:42
meetingologyPlease vote on: Efstathios Iosifidis' application for ubuntu membership20:42
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, -1 or +0 in channel (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1|-1|+0 #channelname')20:42
diddledani#voters kilos, Bashing-om, diddledani20:42
meetingologyCurrent voters: Bashing-om, diddledani, kilos20:42
meetingology+1 received from Bashing-om20:42
Kilos+1 keep up the good work20:42
Kilosthe bot hates me20:43
diddledani+1 from me, too, this is a thorough application and has goot testimonials20:43
meetingology+1 from me, too, this is a thorough application and has goot testimonials received from diddledani20:43
diddledanioh that's my fault, Kilos20:43
diddledani#voters Kilos, Bashing-om, diddledani20:43
meetingologyCurrent voters: Bashing-om, Kilos, diddledani, kilos20:43
diddledanitry now20:43
Kilos+1 keep up the good work20:43
meetingology+1 keep up the good work received from Kilos20:43
diddledanisilly case-sensitive bot20:43
diddledaniwe also have a +1 by proxy20:44
iosifidisThank you all.20:44
nicozcongratulations iosifidis20:44
meetingologyVoting ended on: Efstathios Iosifidis' application for ubuntu membership20:44
meetingologyVotes for: 3, Votes against: 0, Abstentions: 020:44
meetingologyMotion carried20:44
Kilosiosifidis  congrats and welcome to the team20:44
iosifidisThank you.20:44
diddledaniiosifidis: before you go, I'd like to share some info about the perks20:45
iosifidisOK. I would also like to ask for next steps.20:45
Bashing-omiosifidis: \o/ !20:45
diddledaniI'll be adding you to the ~ubuntumembers group on LP, after which time your  @ubuntu.com email address should be activated between 48-72 hours. Do *not* set this as your LaunchPad primary email address as that will cause an infinite loop in the forwarding service20:46
diddledaniAlso, once I've added you to ~ubuntumembers you'll be able to claim your certificate of membership signed by Mark Shuttleworth at https://forms.canonical.com/certificate/. You can see the other perks at https://ubuntu.com/community/membership/perks.20:47
diddledaniCould I ask you to send me an email address that will get to you but must be acceptable for you to be publicly visible in the mailing list archives for the announcement of your successful application. Also could you let me know your pronouns (e.g. mine are She/Her). DM is fine for these.20:48
diddledaniWith that I'll end the meeting, thank you everyone for coming along, and congratulations again, iosifidis!20:50
Kilosthanks for chairing agin diddledani20:50
iosifidisThank you all for your support.20:50
diddledanimy pleasure, Kilos , and it's the whole board's pleasure, iosifidis <320:51
meetingologyMeeting ended at 20:51:31 UTC.  Minutes at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2023/ubuntu-meeting.2023-03-02-20.30.moin.txt20:51
iosifidisBye for now. See you later.20:52
mapreriduh, too late, I guess21:11
mapreriwasn't this in 1 hour?21:11
Kilos1 hour ago21:12
maprerioh, wait, this was for the 2000 board21:13

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