mtjhi folks, i have a bug i would like to fix, and would like some advice09:35
-ubottu:#ubuntu-motu- Launchpad bug 1927882 in libcgi-compile-perl (Ubuntu) "Regression in libcgi-compile-perl 0.24-1 in Ubuntu Focal" [Undecided, Confirmed]09:35
mtj..whats the best way to get libcgi-compile-perl 0.25 into focal?09:39
mtjgood news is that the problem is fixed in jammy09:44
mtj..but focal is still broken :/09:45
schopinmtj: this is not a new package, but an update to an existing one, you're looking for this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates09:48
mtjschopin: many thanks09:56
schopinmtj: basically you need to justify the update, prepare the upload, and find a sponsor. I don't think we're very good at actually processing the sponsoring queue (I know I'm not, at least).09:56
mtjhmm, from reading the actual bug report, i dont have enough info to document a failure - other than making the test suite fail09:58
mtjperhaps thats a good enough demonstration?09:59
schopinIf the package is FTBFS that's a fairly good argument to fix it, yes :)10:01
mtji think this is a FTBFS situation10:01
schopinOtherwise you could extract the test that demonstrates the failure into a self-contained perl script.10:01
mtjah, yep10:01
schopinFor impact and what could go wrong, it's often a good idea to look at reverse-dependencies of the package. There's a handy tool for that in ubuntu-dev-tools: reverse-depends10:03
schopinmtj: I just tried, and the package presently in focal currently builds fine, so it's not technically a FTBFS. I'm guessing what you meant was that along with the fix you added a test in the test suite?10:07
mtjhmm, ok10:09
mtji now see i get a pass running ./Build test - rather than prove -v10:10
mtjthat solves a mystery of how 0.24 got into debian unstable10:11
mtjhmm, i dont think i can find a trivial way to show a failure here - i might have to leave this10:33
mtjplan b, whats the chance of getting libcgi-compile-perl 0.25 backported to focal-backports?10:48
schopinmtj: can't you just compile two sample projects and assert that they're in separate packages?11:18
schopinIf the package is broken, it should definitely be fixed in -updates IMHO. Backports should be to get new features.11:19
mtjschopin: hmm, my problem is finding a 'sample project' that fails on 0.2411:36
mtji have one, but the steps to install, and provoke a failure is somewhat complex11:38
-ubottu:#ubuntu-motu- Commit 4a3049a in Koha-Community/Koha "Bug 28302: Forbid CGI::Compile 0.24"11:39
-ubottu:#ubuntu-motu- bugs.koha-community.org bug 28302 in Koha "Koha does not work with CGI::Compile 0.24" [Major, Closed: Fixed]11:39
mtjkoha has provided 0.25 in its own apt repo, so probem is fixed for focal systems there11:41
mtjseems to be a horrible bug - test suite passes ok, yet bug subtley glitches your web app :/11:48

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