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fooI set chown 775 /home/paul/.ssh/ and it shows drwx------ 2 775 paul 4096 Mar  2 07:53 /home/paul/.ssh/ - afterward. This isn't 775. Uh. odd.07:57
arraybolt3foo: chown and chmod are different.08:00
arraybolt3foo: Basically you just set the owning user to a user named "775".08:00
arraybolt3Who probably doesn't exist on your system.08:00
arraybolt3So you probably want to do "chown paul:paul /home/paul/.ssh" followed by "chmod 775 /home/paul/.ssh" or something similar.08:00
arraybolt3foo: Try "stat /home/paul/.ssh" to verify that that's what happened if you haven't already.08:01
Exterminadoryesterday I was asking on #ubuntu but sice it's a vps this channel is more suitable. snap autocompletion doesn't work with `snap install certb+tab` (should be autocompleted to `snap install certbot`) but works with `snap install certb+esc+tab`. I though it might be due to keybard misconfiguration in the VPS, but when I tried to set the keyboard to the same layout as mine (ES) with `sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration` it does 11:41
Exterminadornothing. tried `setxkbmap es` but it returned a `Cannot open display "default display"` error11:41
Exterminadorany ideas on this one?11:42
tomreynthe 'x' in setxkbmap stands for X as in X11 / Xorg11:52
tomreynautocompletion works on my 18.04 desktop, whether in gnome-terminal or on a tty11:53
tomreyn* snap autocompletion11:53
tomreynwhat's your ubuntu release, your shell, your terminal configuration?11:54
ExterminadorUbuntu 22.0, bash shell.. I didn't edited any settings for my terminal on my pc (using Xubuntu) and cetainly no changes on the VPS12:00
Exterminadorif I type `snap ins+tab`it autocompletes to `snap install` but, like I've stated above, `snap install certb+tab` doesn't autocomplete to `snap install certbot`12:02
tomreyni only have a 22.04 Ubuntu Desktop VM, but switching to a tty there and logging in lets me do the autocomplete just fine12:04
Exterminadorit also works fine in my local pc.. just not on my vps12:05
tomreynhow was it installed, which virtualization is it using?12:06
Exterminadornow I'm at a loss.. I have no idea how to check that12:06
Exterminadorit's one of those Hetzner auction servers (so probably a dedicated server)12:07
tomreynso you're working on bare metal, or on a VM within that? and you don't know how it was installed?12:08
tomreyn"virt-what" can provide information on the virtualization you're in, if any12:09
ExterminadorI'd say it's bare metal.. I just ran their `installimage` command from the rescue system to install Ubuntu 22.0412:09
Exterminador`virt-what` returns no output12:09
tomreynso bare metal or no virtualization detected12:12
Exterminadorfor what I can see it's a dedicated server.. just "bought" it yesterday12:13
tomreynhmm snap autocomplete also doesn't work on my 20.04 VM. but i had snapd removed there, so maybe there's a package missing12:14
tomreynbash-completion is installed12:15
tomreyni should say snap package completion doesn't work, whether or not i press escape12:16
Exterminadoryes.. and snap autocompletion file is inside `/usr/share/bash-completion/completions/` folder on my server.. I can autocomplete all normal commands like `apt upda+tab`, etc12:16
tomreynbut snap command completion does work12:16
tomreyni can complete "snap inst<tab>" to "snap install"12:17
Exterminadorexactly.. `snap ins+tab` autocompletes but `snap install certb+tab` doesn't12:18
Exterminadorthe fun fact is how it works on my end with `esc+tab`..12:18
ExterminadorI've opened this yesterday: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/200891612:20
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Launchpad bug 2008916 in snapd (Ubuntu) "Snapd autocompletion not working on Uuntu 22.04 freshly installed" [Undecided, New]12:20
tomreynhttps://forum.snapcraft.io/t/tab-completion-for-snaps/2261 may be related12:20
tomreynExterminador: did you install the pending updates, yet?12:27
Exterminadortomreyn: all the updates that I could install with `apt dist-upgrade`, yes.. some are still unavailable because the phasing thing, iirc12:29
tomreynhmm, okay, then it's good you filed a bug report, i guess12:30
Exterminadoryeah.. I have only `grub-efi-amd64 grub-efi-amd64-bin libqmi-glib5 libqmi-proxy libsasl2-2 libsasl2-modules libsasl2-modules-db` kept back because of phased updates12:30
Exterminadorfrom the `debugging tab completion`, th command `readlink /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/snap` should give a path like `/snap/core22/current/usr/lib/snapd/snap`, right? if so, it doesn't12:33
tomreyn/usr/share/bash-completion/completions/snap is a file for me both on the 20.04 server where snap tab completion for package names does not work, and on the 22.04 desktop where it does work12:41
tomreyna regular file, i.e. not a symlink12:41
Exterminadorwell.. let's see if the bug report is good enough.. I provided the most of information that I could.. I'm wondering if I should add that on my server `esc+tab` works..12:43
Exterminadorfun.. `esc+tab` works on previously installed and/or removed snaps.. not new ones.. I tried `snap install gopher+esc+tab` to install gopherbin and it did not work.. after installing it and removing writing all in full, `snap install gopher+esc+tab` expands to `snap install gopherbin`12:54
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Lopecan someone please show me an example of a netplan config yaml of a bridge'd NIC with a static ipv4?19:01
sdezielLope: https://termbin.com/xygkl <= also contains a bond device but that's easy to factor out if you don't need it19:13
sergiodjlvoytek: hey, can you push the git-ubuntu tags related to https://code.launchpad.net/~lvoytek/ubuntu/+source/bind9/+git/bind9/+merge/437706 , please?21:32
sergiodjI'm reviewing it and would like to check the tags just in case :)21:33
lvoyteksure thing21:33
lvoytekDone, they're not attached to a bug number though so they'll just be named x/1%9.18.11-2ubuntu121:38
sergiodjlvoytek: that's fine.  I don't see the {new,old}/{debian,ubuntu} ones, though21:38
sergiodjah, there they are21:39
sergiodjthanks, lvoytek 21:39
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