BluesKajHi all13:36
ahoneybun[m]Heyo BluesKaj 14:33
BluesKajhey ahoneybun[m], how's it going?14:33
ahoneybun[m]Not too bad, it's Friday after all.14:34
ahoneybun[m]At least here.14:34
ahoneybun[m]I need to get Kubuntu Manual 22.04.2 out the door though.14:34
BluesKajtesting 23.04 Lunar here, so far so good, but I avoid snaps 14:35
ahoneybun[m]There is no manual for non-LTS releases since it's mainly me working on it. I want to expend it to include them though.14:36
ahoneybun[m]arraybolt3: can you still recreate this issue on the 22.04.2? : 30237314:37
-ubottu:#kubuntu-devel- Issue 11 in kubuntu-team/kubuntu-manual "Following the manual instructions triggers a known bug" [Open]14:37
ahoneybun[m]I can't recreate it on my install with backports so maybe just the base install?14:38
arraybolt3ahoneybun[m]: I'll check the manual, but really this isn't a manual problem, it's a buggy KDE feature that should work, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=454946 (Fixed in 5.27, not in 5.24)17:11
-ubottu:#kubuntu-devel- KDE bug 454946 in plasmashell "plasmashell crashes in ShellCorona::loadLookAndFeelDefaultLayout() when switching between Global Theme desktop layouts" [Crash, Resolved: Fixed]17:11
ahoneybun[m]Well we don't want steps that lead into a bug in the manual.17:16
arraybolt3Valid point. Lemme check it real quick.17:16
arraybolt3ahoneybun[m]: One important point I forgot to mention is, the above bug only triggers *if* there are widgets on the desktop.17:20
arraybolt3At least in my experience.17:20
arraybolt3So that may be why you couldn't reproduce it. Dragging a clock or something onto the desktop and then doing a global theme change will cause plasmashell to crash.17:20
* arraybolt3 tries it in a VM17:20
* arraybolt3 needs to download 22.04.2 first17:21
arraybolt3OK, pulling the ISO now, will be able to verify in a bit if my download speed stays good.17:27
arraybolt3(And if nothing blows up elsewhere but whatever)17:28
arraybolt3ahoneybun[m]: Sigh. PEBCAK.18:59
arraybolt3ahoneybun[m]: The instructions in the Kubuntu Manual *don't* say to check the "Use desktop layout from theme" box.19:00
arraybolt3That box needs to be checked to trigger the crash.19:00
arraybolt3So the instructions don't actually lead someone to cause a crash. Both me and the guy on IRC must have missed that.19:00
arraybolt3Thus why you can't reproduce the problem. Because the problem isn't there.19:01
arraybolt3Anyway, I commented on the bug report with my findings.19:04
arraybolt3Sorry about that.19:04
ahoneybun[m]Oops lol19:30

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