mmikowskiGiven that 5.27 is the last of the 5-series, hopefully the concentration on that branch will help get that sorted.00:25
mmikowskiIn any event, best of luck to you!00:25
IrcsomeBot<Arang> guys i wonder if anyone could lend me a hand, with 5.26.* plasma, when i wanted to make my screen more readable i used to raise the font dpi  from 96 to 110 and that get me the magic but with 5.27.2 it does not work, so i am forced to use global fractional scale which make some apps and text a tad blurry and it is messing with my head anyone knows about this?00:30
mmikowskiarang: 5.27 global scale now works much better.00:31
IrcsomeBot<Arang> i just set it up but its still blurry00:31
IrcsomeBot<Arang> i restart the whole laptop when i change settings just to be sure00:31
mmikowskiI was just telling Roey that at kubuntu focus, we are moving to global scale instead of DPI because it now works correctly.00:31
mmikowskiHmm, odd.00:32
mmikowskiDo you have both working at the same time?00:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang> no00:32
IrcsomeBot<Arang> i prefer ceteris paribus with these things00:32
mmikowskiSo here, using GobalScale=1.5 and with forced DPI turned off and 4k monitors, the effect is *usually* exactly the same as I used to see with 144 forced DPI.00:34
mmikowskiBut, in 5.27, Google Chrome no longer scales correctly with DPI. It does, however, scale correctly with the Global Scale set to 1.5.00:35
IrcsomeBot<zparihar> Yes, X is in Kubuntu LTS is a problem for me (re @IrcsomeBot: <OnkelTem> On my Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS X session stared to hang 5+ times per day when I'm switching desktops.)00:35
IrcsomeBot<Arang> i dont use chrome but brave and in brave the text looks blurry00:35
IrcsomeBot<Arang> i wonder if it has to do anything with running wayland00:35
Roey<mmikowski> I was just telling Roey that at kubuntu focus, we are moving to global scale instead of DPI because it now works correctly.00:38
Roey<mmikowski> Hmm, odd. <- I don't see that owrking corectly in hexchat though (using kubuntu stock here)00:38
mmikowskiRoey: Kfocus uses Kubuntu 22.04 LTS stock, but then adds some tools, themes, and hardware config and power-save subsystems.00:39
mmikowskiThe KDE system is exactly the same. However, you are on 22.10 IIRC, so that might make a difference.00:40
Roeymmikowski: ok00:40
IrcsomeBot<Arang> im on 22.1000:40
mmikowskiSo on 22.04 LTS with 5.27 proposed, that's how it looks.00:41
mmikowskiIn fact, it is indistinguishable from the prior forced-dpi settings.00:42
* Roey doesn't know how to go forward from here00:42
mmikowskiLemme see, hexchat is not an app I personally use.00:42
IrcsomeBot<Arang> well it might be my perception but the blurriness in my brave seems tied to wayland and kde 5.27 i just switched to x11 and text looks better with scale 125%00:43
mmikowskiok Roey, because I respect you as an individual, I will install hexchat and see how it looks.00:43
mmikowskiAh! Arang, that's it!00:43
mmikowskiWe run X11. Nvidia. Big Monster GPUs.00:43
mmikowskiWayland is a whole other ball of wax.00:43
IrcsomeBot<Arang> yeah00:44
IrcsomeBot<Arang> still i think we are all moving to wayland sooner or later right?00:44
mmikowskibtw, "because I respect you as an individual ... " was supposed to have a winky face ;)00:44
mmikowskiRoey: Please make sure you are on X11 to see if scaling works better there.00:45
IrcsomeBot<Arang> i use wayland because i use sometimes waydroid00:45
mmikowskiThat looks way cool.00:47
mmikowskihmm, maybe use weston for this?00:48
mmikowskiI'm not knocking Wayland at all - there are many fantastic things about it.00:49
mmikowskiRoey: Building hexchat...00:52
mmikowskiRoey: Are you running hexchat as a flatpak?00:53
Roeynot tht I know of, mmikowski00:53
RoeyI simply installed it via apt-get00:53
Roey<mmikowski> Roey: Please make sure you are on X11 to see if scaling works better there. <= yep, am definitely on x1100:54
Roeyand not wayland00:54
Roey<mmikowski> ok Roey, because I respect you as an individual, I will install hexchat and see how it looks. <- thank you!00:54
Roey(was cooking, apologies for my delayed responses)00:54
RoeyI'll be BBIAB; eating00:55
mmikowskiScaling is fine here.00:55
mmikowskiat 1.5x global scale.00:55
mmikowskiVery crisp.00:55
mmikowskiLet me try 1.2500:55
mmikowskiSame for 1.2500:56
mmikowskiboth crisp.00:56
mmikowskiRoey: Yeah, apt-get is better. I stupidly compiled it. Thank goodness for apt-rollback.01:10
mmikowski^^ Roey: That is a snapshot from my screen. When viewed at native size, you can see it is very crisp.01:38
Roeymmikowski: aye01:54
Roeyhow can I get this on my setup then?01:54
Roeyshort of installing Focus?01:54
mmikowskiWell, I'm not certain. Lots of variables.01:55
mmikowskiKfocus won't be available for a few days. Install from the ISO which will then upgrade https://kfocus.org/try.01:55
mmikowskiBut that's 22.04 LTS.01:55
mmikowskiBesides, I'm not certain why it's different here - assuming it is.01:56
mmikowskiWhat's weird is nothing is blurry like it used to be.01:56
mmikowskiBut yours is.01:57
mmikowskiMaybe give it a little time to get sorted out.01:57
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mmikowskiRoey: getting dinner.  Good luck with scaling. I hope that was useful.02:46
Roeyoh wrong channel02:52
Roey<KDE user> I want to divide my desktop into infinitely stupid tiles02:53
Roey<devs> SAY NO MORE!!02:53
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kirvesAxeUgh. After kubuntu version upgrade, I am once again tormented by Discover... Assuming I want to get rid of it, are there packages I should remove other than ones beginning with plasma-discover ? Are there any other settings I should touch before removing those? (I want to keep on using synaptic)11:14
guiverckirvesAxe, synaptic isn't very efficient on a Qt5 environment; why not use `muon` ?11:59
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BluesKajHi all13:36
IrcsomeBot<Crewmator> Hi guys, I'm having problems with VPN, I can't connect to any. I tried 4 different VPNs, but it didn't work...17:20
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mmikowskiCrewmator: OpenVPN has always worked for me.19:58
mmikowskiWhat failed?19:58
mmikowskiWho are you trying to connect with?19:58
mmikowskiIt needs to be configure to work with Linux clients; some admins block linux clients just to be jerks IME.19:59
IrcsomeBot<Crewdevelop> I'll try (re @IrcsomeBot: <mmikowski> Crewmator: OpenVPN has always worked for me.)20:38
IrcsomeBot<Crewdevelop> It says "Can't activate connection" (re @IrcsomeBot: <mmikowski> What failed?)20:40
kirvesAxeguiverc, is there something package-handling -related that synaptic cannot do? I've used it pretty much since it it replaced Adept as kubuntu's default package manager and gotten used to it :)21:26
guiverckirvesAxe, No, synaptic is a GTK app (see https://packages.ubuntu.com/kinetic/synaptic) thus is less efficient on a Qt desktop when compared to the Qt equivalent Muon which is included by default on Kubuntu  (https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/22.10/release/kubuntu-22.10-desktop-amd64.manifest)21:32
guivercIf you want to use it, have plenty of resources; then you can use it without worry...  It just cannot share libs/tks with the desktop (being gtk3)21:34
alkisgEh, synaptic needs 200MB, a browser needs 2000MB with the first open tab... PCs need resources for surfing nowdays, not for local applications... :D21:46
kirvesAxeguiverc, ...the generic build of synaptic is so lightweight it has practically no resource usage in this 7-inch netbook compared to me running Firefox with over 5 tabs, lol21:46
kirvesAxeBut Muon doesn't look horrible21:46
kirvesAxeI guess I'll give it a try... but the obvious part of my question was not that, it was the "getting rid of Discover" part :)21:47
guivercYep.. if I was on the box I'm using now I'd use what I was most comfortable with, but we all use different boxes; different resources (large, small) & you decide for yourself if the gtk libs it requires will already exist in your RAM or need to be loaded..  We're also using package managers usually only briefly & not leaving them in the background so 'hit' should be minimal too21:49
harpiaAfter switching to Kubuntu I noticed one missing feature. The "pinentry" (a small GUI password prompt) doesn't appear for SSH authentication, and there's no grace period. I suppose the ssh-agent isn't properly configured for that. What do you do?22:34
valoriehave you tried `apt search pinentry`22:36
valorieharpia: ^^^22:36
harpiait comes installed by default22:36
valorieright, but perhaps it became uninstalled somehow22:36
harpiait's working for gpg22:36
harpiajust not for ssh22:36
valorieah, ok22:36
valoriehaven't used ssh for yonks so .... dunno22:37
valorieyou might find more help in #ubuntu since it's a larger chan22:37
valorie!info ssh-agent22:38
ubottuPackage ssh-agent does not exist in kinetic22:38
valoriethose are base packages and I would ask in #ubuntu22:38
harpiaJust for clarity, an example of the problem: you run a `git push` over ssh, and now you have to type the SSH key passphrase. Instead of a graphical prompt, I have to type it directly in the terminal. GTK distros like Xubuntu or Ubuntu (w/ GNOME) would show you a small GUI prompt and give you a grace period (remember authentication for a while).22:41
valorieoh yes I remember22:42
valorieand I've never used gtk so yes, it used to work in kubuntu22:42
valoriebut I never had to configure or re-configure ssh-agent22:43
harpiaSome have suggested workarounds here. I'll take a look at them later: https://serverfault.com/questions/254508/using-ssh-agent-with-kde22:44
harpiaNot sure if that is the same problem I'm describing though.22:44
harpiaah, right, the question is old22:45
valorieand I've always used kdewallet22:45
valoriewhich for some reason, some people hate on22:45
valorieI set it to use my main passw and never notice it at all22:46
valorieit's always Just Worked22:46
valorieso I'm not a whole lotta help in fixing22:46
valoriethere is a 2022 answer tho22:48
valorienever had to mess with pam, kwallet, ssh-agent etc.22:49
ewomerTrying to run commands on an external (usb) hard drive mounted with ntfs3 using udisks2 and every command ends up going into disksleep23:07

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