lotuspsychjegood morning02:54
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tomreynfor a good enough desktop computer cloud + local disk backup tool for non technical folks, with a web UI or GUI, what would you suggest?21:51
tomreynso far i was suggesting duplicati, but this hasn't seen a new commit for half a year and the website still says youcan choose between "beta" and unsupported legacy release21:53
tomreynright now i'm considering bor backup + vorta gui21:53
tomreynencrypted incremental / versioned remote backups would be my requirements21:56
sarnolda pal mentioned using restic the other day https://github.com/restic/restic22:03
ravagei use borg+vorta on some ubuntu desktops at work22:05
ravageso far they run fine automatically and we already did a successful restore too22:06
tomreynthanks. ravage: that's really good to know, as i lack experience withthe GUI. sarnold: restic CLI, right? i think they have no GUI or web UI, though.22:26
tomreynoh wait there is restic-browser22:27
tomreynoh that can only browse existing and restore backups22:28
tomreynhmm i guess that rules it out22:29
sarnoldyay back to one choice again :)22:31
tomreynnote how none of you mentioned djea dup22:31
tomreyn*deja dup22:31
ravagenever used it really22:33
ravageand it states that it is not able to do system backups?22:33
ravagei never really never understood that tool22:33
arraybolt3tomreyn: I use Borg exclusively via the CLI, though I'm not doing a cloud backup, I just have everything on an SD card.22:34
arraybolt3I also only back up my personal files, since the rest of the system I can afford to lose and just reinstall it.22:35
ravagesame here22:35
arraybolt3One assumes it would be easy enough to just save the Borg repo to the cloud though.22:35
ravagebut i thought it would ne nice to have a GUI for the coworkers22:35
tomreynSD card? are you into gambling?22:35
sarnoldtomreyn: yeah :/ I don't know much about dejadup; I know it exists but don't know anyone who said they used it, etc22:35
tomreyni also use borgbackup on a CLI, but, yes, i think i want a good enough backup tool with some form of a UI, for the less technical folks, too.22:38
arraybolt3tomreyn: lol, it's a Samsung EVO SD card thank you very much! 512 GB.22:39
tomreyndejadup is a frontent to duplicity which uses gpg for encryption. and is thus rather ineffective.22:39
tomreynarraybolt3: oh you mean an SD card with the extra S and without the card22:40
tomreynah no i'm mistaken, there are samsung "evo" SDXC's, too22:40
tomreynoof i wouldn'T want to use those for backups really, but if it works for you - good!22:41
arraybolt3Yeah, it's a real SD card. Decent speed, and if it dies, it's just backups.22:41
arraybolt3Plus I think Borg has integrity checking.22:41
arraybolt3I don't exactly do frequent backups though.22:42
arraybolt3And the amount of data I actually back up regularly is *tiny.*22:43
tomreynso no frequent writes, that's gonna be good for the media ;)22:43
tomreynalthough maybe you need to power those cells every so often so they don'T forget their state22:43
tomreyni know too little about sdxc22:44
tomreyni have reverse requirements on backups, though. speed is not that important, but they really should not fail22:45
Jeremy31Put them on the cloud22:45
arraybolt3I mean yeah I guess it is slightly risky, and I have a 12 TB EasyStore, so...22:45
arraybolt3Jeremy31: Too expensive for me :P22:45
arraybolt3Or, more appropriately, odd living situations + very frugal = don't want to do that22:46
tomreynhow much do you backup, arraybolt3 ?22:46
arraybolt3Plus my upload speed can be awful.22:46
arraybolt3tomreyn: Meh, can't remember atm, I think it was around 7 GB or less of actually important data.22:47
tomreyni see. there are even free cloud storages for such amounts, i think22:47
arraybolt3Really that would be almost free to back up to the cloud, but it would cost a bit, and that bit requires some way of paying for stuff online, and that is actually way trickier than one might think.22:47
tomreynbut yes, upload matters22:47
arraybolt3At least at the moment. Hopefully it won't stay that way.22:47
arraybolt3I could fit it in Google Drive but upload speed makes that not sound great.22:48
arraybolt3So multiple factors = local only backup and I'm happy.22:48
arraybolt3(The teeny tiny bit of actually hyper-critical data I have can't be backed up to the cloud anyway (encryption keys and 2FA devices))22:49
tomreyncool. so... thanks everyone for sharing experiences.22:51
tomreynfound another one! pika backup, a minimal gnome-shell frontend to borgbackup - https://apps.gnome.org/app/org.gnome.World.PikaBackup/23:10
ravageoh that sounds nice23:12
ravageif the gui has the same features i will have a look at it too23:12
ravagevorta works but does not win any design price23:12
ravageoh oh. flatpak :D23:13
tomreynand python. this software will last until the python 3->4 "migration". ;-)23:25
sarnoldif python doesn't remove features first, gnome will? :)23:26
EickmeyerI think the lead dev of python announced there will never be a python 4.23:26
tomreynoh, that reminds me of microsoft announcing windows 10 will be the last release ever23:27
tomreynhttps://github.com/sophie-h/pika-backup would be the proper repo23:27
sarnoldno python 4 but wow python 5 is gonna blow your socks off23:27
tomreynactually https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/pika-backup23:28
tomreynand it's rust, not python, i shall be punished23:29
sarnoldoh if it's rust you want, there's rustic! like restic but rust!23:29
sarnold(it's actually still marked as a beta, and probably zero chance for a gui)23:29
tomreyni can live with a rust gui23:30
tomreynand borgbase looks like a nice cloud hosting offering for novices23:31
tomreyna bit expensive but only after 10 GB23:32
tomreynand they have graphs.23:32
tomreynpersonally, i'll prefer rsync.net or hetzner23:32
tomreynflatpak only is a bit meh... but... will work.23:33
* arraybolt3 looks at rsync.net23:46
arraybolt3Whew, petabyte pricing?! Those guys must have some serious storage :P23:47
arraybolt3Sheesh, that is cheap.23:47
sarnoldheh, you could do two petabytes in one machine eg https://www.supermicro.com/en/products/top-loading-storage23:49
arraybolt3rsync's website looks pretty simple, but fairly close enough to professional, like they put more effort into their datacenter than into their website.23:51
* arraybolt3 bookmarks23:51
sarnoldyeah, they seem like they understand what folks on irc would want :)23:52
arraybolt3In the event I have more bandwidth, they seem like exactly who I'd like to use.23:54
arraybolt3Cheap, simple, Linux-centric.23:55
tomreynsarnold: what a NAS-ty server23:56
tomreyn"somewhere in those $U there's also a computer"23:57
sarnoldadd a few more sas hbas with external connections and you've got so many petabytes per rack with just the one computer :D23:58

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