Guest17I have an error message on the menu panel (red stop sign icon), but doens't let me ScrnCap when visible, and goes away when I hit ESC00:42
Guest17and the error message is a bit ambiguous, regarding a failed upgrade, but can't find any details, any suggestions?00:45
superkuhGuest17, I'd open synaptic and look for "Broken" packages.00:47
superkuhGuest17, additionally you might see something in $ dmesg  or in syslog.00:48
Guest17superkuh is the the same as "software bouitque" ?00:48
superkuhHave you recently installed something out of a PPA?00:48
superkuhUm, I don't know.00:48
superkuhI don't know what "software bouitque" is.00:49
Guest17Not manuallly I havent'.00:49
superkuhsynapic is the synaptic package manager. I thought it came with ubuntu. It's synaptic-pkexec as a process.00:49
superkuhI haven't used any modern Ubuntu releases though. Nothing past 14.04.00:49
superkuh$ sudo apt-get check00:50
Guest17This is ubuntu-mate I'm running, I cna't find pkg mgr from the menu00:50
superkuhThat should give you a list of broken packages from the command line.00:50
Guest17nothing returned00:51
superkuhEr... there's no more apt-get, is there.00:51
superkuhUbuntu changed it.00:51
Guest17Yeah there is, at least here00:51
superkuhI think rather than trying a bunch of cli stuff you should install synaptic package manager (ubuntu's package manager). https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/addremove-install-synaptic.html.en00:52
superkuhThen you can open it's GUI and look at the Broken packages list and get other information about problems with apt.00:52
Guest17pkg mgr says 0 broken00:57
superkuhIs it the red triangle icon?00:59
superkuhOh. Stop sign. You already said.01:00
superkuhI guess write down what it says with another computer or pen and paper?01:00
Guest17Now the stop sign went away on it's own, SMH01:02
Guest17Now just to figure out where to report the Mate desktop bug01:04

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