Lopesdeziel, amazing, thank you!!!03:02
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LopeWhen I read about LXC on btrfs and storage pools and so on, it said it would use a subvol per instance and so on10:01
Lopebut it's just dropped the rootfs inside /var/lib/lxc/mycontainer/rootfs10:02
Lopeand there's no subvol there at all.10:02
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PeGaSuSguys, as a regular user is there a way that I can mount a remote folder so I can play mp3 files from that older like that if they were local?12:04
PeGaSuSsshfs is a good idea?12:17
ravageit really depends on the situation. and you really did not much information. sshfs can work well12:32
PeGaSuSI just need to make a remote folder available (40Gb of music) so I can listen to it with VLC locally.. I just have 17Gb available on my system, so I really need this kind of hacks12:34
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