Bleeder001Can anyone help me, plz?00:01
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:04
mybalzitchBleeder001: I gave up on getting the AMDgpu drivers to install on 22.0400:08
mybalzitcheven for general use outside of those apps00:08
Bleeder001Wow. I regret buying AMD GPU now. I had nVIDIA GPU and everyone was against it and it's drivers. Now, that I have AMD....I regret. I purchased AMD just so that I can switch to Linux from Windows 11. LOL00:11
Bleeder001I am new to Linux so I had to ask and listen and trust. Even people from POP OS told me to get AMD for gaming. So, I figured....if it works for gaming it must work for content creation. I guess I was wrong.00:12
leftyfbBleeder001: Are you running PopOS?00:13
Bleeder001No. I am back to W11. I do not like pop....DE is not my cup of tea. But do not see the difference between pop and ubuntu 22.04.00:13
Bleeder001pop is based on 22.04. So, if it does not work on 1 then should not work on the other one.00:14
Habbiethat is not how it works00:14
Habbiepop is not a -copy- of 22.0400:14
Habbiejust like ubuntu is not a -copy- of debian00:14
Habbie'win11 is based on win10' is probably about as true, and as not-useful a thing to say too :)00:15
Bleeder001Well, I figured that out but since it is based on...the "under the hood" thing must be the same, no?00:15
Habbiethey could be, but i believe in this case they are not00:16
Bleeder001I know pop has nvidia specific iso....wish they had one for amd pro00:16
Habbieof course there's a lot of overlap00:16
ravagelong story short: Ubuntu is supported here. PopOS is not.00:16
Habbievery true and very important00:16
Bleeder001One thing is that when I tried pop with my nvidia and under drivers it said proprietary but amd pro does not get detected. Reason why I do not use nvidia is because that gpu is dead.00:17
Bleeder001ravage I know. That is why I am asking Ubuntu guys on how to get it on Ubuntu. We just spoke about pop. unless pop keyword can get you banned...then will not use it again.00:18
leftyfbBleeder001: let us know when you decide to install ubuntu and need help with it. If you'd like to just chat about ubuntu, feel free to join #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic00:18
Bleeder001I had ubuntu installed last night and followed the instructions on amd website and some ubuntu forum thingy or whatever it was.00:19
Bleeder001I can install it now...any guide to follow?00:19
leftyfbfor how to install ubuntu?00:19
Bleeder001No. You asked when I am willing to install Ubuntu. I am saying...now. So, is there a link to follow on AMD GRPU PRO install that works?00:20
ravagewhat excactly to you need the pro driver for?00:21
leftyfbBleeder001: this looks promising https://community.amd.com/t5/devgurus-discussion/amdgpu-install-on-ubuntu-22-04-1-lts/m-p/55520100:21
Bleeder001ravage Blender and DaVinci Resolve00:21
Bleeder001leftyfb I followed that last night and it installed fine....but no software recognizes the drivers. As if they are NOT installed.00:22
Bleeder001Even under the drivers they are not visible.00:22
leftyfbBleeder001: it's pretty tough to troubleshoot without ubuntu installed00:23
Bleeder001What command should I type...? Will be here in 15...I can get it installed by that time?00:23
ravageBleeder001: and what is the exact feature the included amdgpu driver does not support for these tools?00:23
Bleeder001DaVinci says no gpu detected and blender says no HIP compatible gpu detected00:24
Bleeder001I also followed this entire guide on how to install the drivers and tried EVRY single option to run. On each install. Yes, I re-installed Ubuntu 10x. I am that guy. https://amdgpu-install.readthedocs.io/en/latest/00:25
leftyfbBleeder001: let us know when you have ubuntu installed and the GPU drivers installed and we can troubleshoot from there00:26
Bleeder001I want to switch to Linux so bad but Linux does not work for me.00:26
Bleeder001ok brb00:26
Bleeder001OK I am back. Ubuntu is installed and upto date. Should I install AMD GPU with based on the website you provided? https://community.amd.com/t5/devgurus-discussion/amdgpu-install-on-ubuntu-22-04-1-lts/m-p/55520100:50
dragon_probably not, but you might have to tag of for restricted drivers00:52
leftyfbBleeder001: yes00:53
Bleeder001ok sec00:53
dragon_is that basic now? I mean, downloading drivers directly from AMD ?00:54
Bleeder001I downloaded the driver from the website as per instruction and then installed the .deb file. Now, I am running that command to install the drivers.00:55
Bleeder001That is what that website and amd official website is recommandning.00:55
leftyfbBleeder001: did you follow the instructions from the "solution" from the link I gave you?00:55
Bleeder001it is finishing the install00:55
sarnolddragon_: I think the drivers included in the ubuntu-drivers tool are for graphics sorts of things and if you want to cuda sorts of things (or whatever amd calls cuda) then you've got ot use their drivers00:55
Bleeder001Building initial module for 5.19.0-35-generic00:56
dragon_I see, thanks for letting me know00:56
Bleeder001dragon_I need pro drivers because of Blender and DaVinci...CUDA like thing.00:56
Bleeder001I have few of these...00:56
Bleeder001W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/ip_discovery.bin for module amdgpu00:56
Bleeder001bu install is finished00:57
Bleeder001I am testing blender now00:57
leftyfbBleeder001: reboot00:57
Bleeder001ah yes...brb00:58
dragon_I thought it was all general purpose? either way very tricky stuff00:58
leftyfbBleeder001: now run: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; lshw -c video ) | nc termbin.com 999901:00
Bleeder001I ran the command and I have wall of text...and warning msg01:01
Bleeder001WARNING: output may be incomplete or inaccurate, you should run this program as super-user.01:01
Bleeder001I ran it wilth sudo01:02
leftyfbBleeder001: if you ran it properly, you would have got a URL01:02
leftyfbBleeder001: now run: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; sudo lshw -c video ) | nc termbin.com 999901:02
leftyfbdon't leave out the parens01:02
Bleeder001aha sec01:02
Bleeder001if I run with sudo I get this: bash: syntax error near unexpected token `uname'01:03
Bleeder001If I run it without sudo I get this....01:03
Bleeder001WARNING: you should run this program as super-user.01:03
Bleeder001WARNING: output may be incomplete or inaccurate, you should run this program as super-user.01:03
leftyfbBleeder001: please copy and paste what I have you01:03
leftyfbBleeder001:      ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; sudo lshw -c video ) | nc termbin.com 999901:03
Bleeder001I did. I copied the text I get with that link01:04
leftyfbok, looks like you're running amdgpu which looks right01:04
leftyfbnow, how are you installing blender?01:04
sarnoldI'm surprised about the 'you should run this program as super-user' bit01:05
Bleeder001I have both....the DL zip file or whatever and the snap01:05
leftyfblshw wants root01:05
leftyfbBleeder001: there's problem #101:05
leftyfbBleeder001: first, never use the .zip01:05
sarnoldleftyfb: and your commands had the 'sudo' ..01:05
Bleeder001I fist tried snap and then the DL01:06
leftyfbBleeder001: the main problem with blender was how you had it installed with snap ...  do this:  sudo snap install blender --classic    # remove the snap if you've already installed it first01:06
Bleeder001Both have same msg...missing HIP supported driver01:06
Bleeder001Yes, I followe that command...let me try again01:07
leftyfbBleeder001: the --classic is important01:07
Bleeder001blender 3.4.1 from Blender Foundation (blenderfoundation✓) installed01:07
Bleeder001OK. So snap blender with classic thing...same msg01:07
Bleeder001as for DaVinci...no gpu detected.01:08
Bleeder001sudo snap install blender --classic is the command I used01:08
leftyfbBleeder001: davinici is not a supported application, so we can forget about that one01:08
Bleeder001Should my gpu drivers be visible under Additional Drivers like nVIDIA was before?01:09
leftyfbBleeder001: lshw showed "amdgpu" as your active driver01:10
leftyfbBleeder001: please copy and paste the error from blender or screenshot it01:10
herlimenezesHi, I am new user of Ubuntu, running 21.10 which is outdated. I need to install AC-3 and h.264 codecs. What should I do?01:11
Bleeder001how do i upload the image?01:11
leftyfbherlimenezes: install a supported release of ubuntu01:11
leftyfbBleeder001: imgur.com01:11
leftyfb!eol | herlimenezes01:11
ubottuherlimenezes: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:11
sarnoldherlimenezes: this might help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:12
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herlimenezesWhich one, ty, sarnold and leftyfb!01:13
Bleeder001leftyfb I sent you the link with an image in case you did not see it. Here it is again: https://imgur.com/a/UII1dM101:14
herlimenezeserror: Ty, sarnold and leftyfb!01:14
leftyfbBleeder001: sudo usermod -a -G video $USER sudo usermod -a -G render $USER    # then reboot and try again01:14
leftyfbBleeder001: sudo usermod -a -G video $USER && sudo usermod -a -G render $USER    # then reboot and try again01:15
Bleeder001ok done....brb01:15
Bleeder001OK, I am back.01:17
Bleeder001What is that command suppose to do?01:17
leftyfbBleeder001: you were supposed to run the commands and then reboot01:17
pressman57Anyone know how to show why a shell script is maxing out the cpu?01:17
Bleeder001I did run the command and did reboot. I am asking what is that command suppose to do?01:18
leftyfbBleeder001: looks like it's working now01:18
Bleeder001Yes. I am wondering if it is because of that command and if it is, why?01:19
leftyfbyour user wasn't added to the "video" or "render" groups for whatever reason01:19
Bleeder001oh I see.01:19
Bleeder001I will save that command for next install.01:20
Bleeder001Is there a command that I can use to test if those drivers are actually working as intended?01:20
leftyfbBleeder001: probably a result of using the proprietary drivers you're using that don't setup all the things like the drivers from the OS would do01:20
Bleeder001leftyfb Thank you so much for the help. I can now finally switch to Linux. Will test this app to see if Blender will render using the GPU or if that is cosmetics only.01:23
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LopeHey guys, when I power my Ubuntu 22.04 server VM in virt-manager, once it passes the BIOS screen, the screen just goes black and nothing is shown, no boot-info, no login prompt etc.03:18
LopeAt one point I apt remove'd the linux-firmware package from the VM...03:19
LopeI can SSH into the VM and it works fine.03:19
LopeBut it's a bit of a problem that I can't see anything incase I mess up the network config etc and need to sort it out.03:20
LopeI've re-installed the linux-firmware package and it's still showing a black screen.03:20
LopeI wonder if it's because I installed linux-image-kvm and removed linux-image-generic ?03:20
LopeI've tried changing the video from virtio to VGA, bochs, QXL, ramfb etc none of them resolve the issue.03:21
LopeThe other thing I can do though is just leave it with a black screen and snapshot the VM before making any network changes and rollback if I "brick" it.03:22
sarnoldLope: it's possible the linux-image-kvm change did it, there's a difference in package deps..03:23
sarnold$ apt-cache show linux-image-kvm | grep -e Depends -e Recommends03:23
sarnoldDepends: linux-image-5.4.0-1087-kvm03:23
sarnold$ apt-cache show linux-image-generic | grep -e Depends -e Recommends03:23
sarnoldDepends: linux-image-5.4.0-144-generic, linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-144-generic, linux-firmware, intel-microcode, amd64-microcode03:23
sarnoldRecommends: thermald03:23
sarnoldmaybe the linux-modules-extras-... package brings in something needed for graphics?03:24
leftyfbI also wouldn't recommend removing linux-firmware03:24
Lopeleftyfb, why though? there's so much drivers for physical hardware that I don't need. the VM runs fine without it03:24
leftyfbLope: if it runs fine, then you wouldn't be here complaining that it's not running fine03:25
LopeThere's an Ubuntu bug to move the KVM graphics firmware out of linux-firmware https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/196063303:25
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1960633 in linux (Ubuntu) "Move virtual graphics drivers from linux-modules-extra to linux-modules" [Medium, Confirmed]03:25
Lopebut it seems like it hasn't been done yet in 22.0403:25
Lopeooh, let me see if I have linux-modules-extra03:25
Lopeleftyfb, no need to be a smart-ass. it's not helpful for anyone.03:25
LopeI don't have linux-modules-extra package installed03:27
LopeI see there's linux-modules-extra-{gcp,aws,azure} and a whole ton of specific kernels, but there's no linux-modules-extra-kvm package or even a linux-modules-extra-generic package.03:28
sarnoldinteresting; I thought the main difference between -kvm and -generic was that kvm would go something like 30s before flushing data to storage03:29
sarnoldI hadn't realized it might just plain have fewer modules available03:29
leftyfbLope: sudo apt install linux-modules-extra-5.19.0-35-$(unamr -r)-generic03:29
LopeI'm running 5.15.0-1028-kvm kernel, I see the only similar linux-modules-extra packages are linux-modules-extra-5.15.0-1028-aws and linux-modules-extra-5.15.0-1028-gke03:29
Lopei wonder if I should try the AWS kernel...03:30
Lopewhat is GKE?03:30
LopeI wonder if AWS kernel is for KVM?03:30
Lopemight be some ARM shit though...03:30
leftyfbare you running on AWS or Google Kubernetes?03:30
Lopeno, running on AMD Ryzen x86_64 and Xeon 4th gen.03:31
leftyfbthen you don't install the aws or gke03:31
LopeWhat is GKE?03:31
leftyfbLope: do you have a specific reason you removed the -generic kernel and installed -kvm?03:31
Lopeleftyfb, generic has hundreds of MB of drivers for physical hardware like graphics and network cards03:32
LopeI'm running a VM, in KVM, so naturally I installed the KVM kernel.03:32
Lopebut Ubuntu 22.04 linux-image-kvm appears to lack the basic required drivers/firmware (or dependencies with them) for a KVM VM to work properly03:33
LopeAs per the bug that I linked above.03:33
LopeSo the linux-image-kvm is a bit half baked in 22.0403:33
LopeWhat I don't understand though, is in the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/196063303:35
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1960633 in linux (Ubuntu) "Move virtual graphics drivers from linux-modules-extra to linux-modules" [Medium, Confirmed]03:35
Lopeit says This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.15.0-23.2303:35
LopeBut I'm running 5.15.0-1028-kvm kernel03:35
leftyfbLope: I would highly recommend just installing the hwe kernel to get things running the way you want and have a longer supported kernel03:37
Lopeleftyfb, interesting, I see there is linux-virtual-hwe-22.04   and    linux-virtual-hwe-22.04-edge03:40
Lopethose look interesting.03:40
Lopebut it's concerning to me that they have 22.04 in the name.03:40
Lopeso I'd need to manually swap those packages once I upgrade beyond 22.0403:41
Lopebut anyway, I'll give them a go, thanks for the hwe tip.03:41
leftyfbLope: are you running Virtualbox?03:42
Lopeno, KVM03:43
sarnoldLope: GKE is a google cloud compute environment03:43
sarnoldLope: it's probably easiest to just stick with the default kernel03:43
LopeDoes virtual mean virtualbox or virtual machine?03:43
leftyfbLope: then why would you install the -virtual kernel?03:43
LopeI assumed it means virtual machine03:43
Lopeotherwise why isn't it called vbox or virtualbox?03:43
leftyfbLope: sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-22.04  # install the proper kernel and be done with it03:44
leftyfbLope: apt show <package name>   # this will give you a description of packages going forward03:45
Lopeit says the virtual packages are for virtual machines03:46
Lopethanks, I know how to use apt.03:46
sarnoldwestus: please pick better passwords03:52
westussex is my life03:54
westusmy home... tokyo..03:57
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sarnoldwestus: ah. you probably want a different irc network then.04:00
Lopesarnold, cool, linux-virtual-hwe-22.04 is working nicely in KVM, has given me a 5.19 generic kernel, with no unnecessary drivers/firmware for physical hardware bloating the VM. virtio video display is working, all hardware is happy and no errors in dmesg.04:00
sarnoldLope: woot04:00
sarnoldLope: thanks for reporting back04:00
Lopesarnold, thanks for your help!04:01
westusI have to have sex after work in Tokyo04:08
lotuspsychje!guidelines | westus04:09
ubottuwestus: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:09
plt2That is nice04:09
westuslove yoursexlife04:10
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Muligandealing with an ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS vm under esxi 6.7, i've added a 3rd nic to the VM, and when i attempt to perform an ifup eth2, it returns "failed to allocate tx data ring RTNETLINK answers: Cannot allocate memory06:09
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xxycould i install ubuntu_touch on my obsolete windows_phone07:23
LopeAnyone here know how to run unprivileged LXD containers?07:32
LopeThe official ubuntu docs are outdated and don't work.07:33
Lopehttps://ubuntu.com/server/docs/containers-lxc says to do `echo "lxc.id_map = u 0 100000 65536" > ~/.config/lxc/default.conf`07:33
LopeBut when I tried to run lxc-create as a normal user, I got errors, it complained and it suggested adding "lxc.idmap..." to the config. Note the underscore is eliminated. As an example.07:33
LopeI've been searching and fixing all the errors one by one.07:33
LopeWould be nice to have a guide that's up to date.07:33
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LopeOkay, I created an unprivileged container as root... that was easy enough. That's all I needed to do anyway.07:59
alkisgDo flatpaks create a ~/flatpak folder for app sandboxing, similar to ~/snap? Do we have to migrate the settings of all our apps in it?08:50
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SteelRosealkisg: I have a few flatpaks installed and there's no ~/flatpak nor ~/.flatpak in sight09:22
alkisgSteelRose: nice, thanks :)09:23
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hiyaIs pipewire more energy consuming vs other options? I saw it is currently consuming more energy than my laptop display09:56
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siposI'm moving a 22.04 system, which uses disk encryption, and need to rebuild the initrd to reflect the new UUID of the LUKS container. In 22.04.1, the initrd was relatively easy for me to understand, unpack, make the necessary change to, and repack. It seems to have gotten a lot more complicated though. Does anyone know how I can unpack the files from it, modify them and properly repack it? If I just use cpio, I get just the first archive, which is just CPU10:31
siposmicrocode, not the filesystem that becomes the root during boot. The machine I am moving from isn't working, but I have the contents of the disks, so I can chroot into the system, but I will have a different kernel from a live USB or other system I guess, so I'm looking for something that just unpacks and modifies the files, not builds an initrd suitable for the current kernel.10:31
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EriC^^sipos: why dont you chroot into the encrypted system from a live usb and do stuff from there?10:38
EriC^^update-initramfs for the desired kernel10:39
siposEriC^^, That is exactly what I think I need to do, but I'm not sure what tool to use (update-initramfs sounds like the one) and how to ensure it isn't messed up by assuming that the currently running kernel (from the live CD) is the one it will be booted by. Thinking about it, this must be something the tool has to deal with all the time though, when kernel upgrades happen.11:08
siposI'll have a look at the documentation fot update-initramfs. That probably does what I need. Thanks!11:10
Guest53Hi, I need som help.  I installed "Nvidia 25" drivers on my Ubuntu laptop. It asked me to provide a password for som "Safe boot".11:15
Guest53It could not boot properly so I re-installed Ubuntu 20.04idnt work so I wiped my whole drive and re installed "Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS"11:15
Guest53Now I can only boot my PC with "secure boot" disabled. If I enable it and I boot the PC it takes me to this "Nvida driver" installation,11:15
Guest53How do I remove this strange boot section and I can enable "safe boot" and toot correctly?11:15
siposIf I chroot (into a broken system, from live USB) do I need to do anything other than mount the boot and ESP partition and the following other mounts: `mount -t proc proc /rescue/proc && mount -t sysfs sys /rescue/sys && mount -o bind /dev /rescue/dev && mount -t devpts pts /rescue/dev/pts` and then just `chroot /rescue`? I've not done this on a systemd based system before.11:30
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swenssonTrying to setup my own mailserver... Following a guide that states "The System mail name must be the same as the name you assigned to your server when you were creating it"... So do I understand correctly that the hostname of the machine is deciding my future mailadress?  Right before step 2:11:45
EriC^^sipos: yeah that's all, just run "for i in /dev /proc /sys; do sudo mount -R $i /rescue$i; done" and then chroot and run "mount -a" should take care of everything11:54
EriC^^sipos: if you need internet connectivity you could mount --bind /run11:55
EriC^^sipos: when you decrypt the rootfs make sure to name it what it expects in crypttab, eg sda3_crypt or whatever11:56
siposEriC^^: Thanks! For my education, why does internet connectivity need /run? Is this for network manager to manage resolv.conf?12:00
cbreakis there a generic way to find out how packages in apt were compiled?12:00
EriC^^sipos: no problem, yup12:01
cbreakin particular, https://packages.ubuntu.com/jammy/slurmd. It seems it doesn't support cgroupsv2, which is what 22.04 ships with as far as I can tell12:01
cbreaknot sure if that's a bug in ubuntu itself, or a mistake by the package maintainer, or some form of user error on my part12:02
cbreak(Although I am for now assuming that ubuntu intentionally uses cgroups v2)12:03
siposEriC^^: Thanks!12:03
Guest53Can noone help me with my post?12:03
EriC^^sipos: yw12:03
swenssonGuest53: Can't even see your post12:09
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Guest53I installed "Nvidia 25" divers and it wanted me to enter a password so it could install with BIOS setting ""secure boot" enabled.12:20
Guest53After I realized I dont have Nvidia card on my laptop i didnt go trou the installation.12:20
Guest53I could not boot properly so I reinstalled "Ubuntu 22.04 5./ 15.0-43-generic".12:20
Guest53Now I can only boot with BIOS setting "secure boot" disabled.12:20
Guest53slk@slk-pc:~$ sudo fdisk -l12:20
losangelessudo rm -rf /*12:47
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Guest53Not fun. Ban this guy13:04
BluesKajHi all13:36
mncheckmI have nvidia gm107gl nvs 810 with xorg 1.20.13 and nvidia 515.86.01 . the various nvidia-driver versions has not been performing the same over its lifetime and when switching vt to text and back it can freeze but ssh works and there is no nvidia error in xorg.log . I also have problems with it on ubuntu desktop and switched to lxde instead , sometimes it is black...   I would like to find a way to reproduce the freeze so I can test all driver13:59
mncheckmversions and see if any one is better. my "problem" is sometimes vt switch works.  do you have suggestion for purposefully freeze video with  nvidia driver so I can go through all versions to pick the best one?13:59
mncheckmaccording to ubuntu certificate and nvidia driver page it is supported on all the driver versions but this does not reflect real life14:00
mncheckmthis is a second reason because if I could find a way to test it I would look for bug reports that are related to my case...14:00
nadia995hi, can you help me with partition, please? Italian Chat IRC nobody wants help me14:19
tomreynhi nadia995, what do you need help with exactly?14:20
nadia995I want install ubuntu near windows 10 but at some point shows me "no root filesystem..."14:20
tomreynmncheckm: supposedly (according to https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/199656/en-us/ , the latest proprietary driver series should still support your graphics card). That's all I can tell.14:21
nadia995but I can't do anything.neither modify nor add or remove the partition14:22
tomreynnadia995: so you are installing ubuntu desktop next to an existing windows 10 installation. which version of ubuntu are you installing? are you using automatic partitioning?14:23
tomreynare you meaning to install ubuntu on the same disk as windows, or a different one?14:23
nadia995ubuntu 22.04 lts jammy jellyfish14:24
nadia995and no, because I don't know how use automatic partitioning14:24
nadia995and yes i want install ubuntu on the same disk as windows14:25
leftyfbnadia995: go into your BIOS and look for RAID settings. If you have it enabled, you'll need to disable it for Ubuntu but then you'll lose your Windows installation14:25
nadia995i can't change a lot of bios setting14:26
leftyfbnadia995: why not?14:26
nadia995i don't know but a lot of them are off14:27
leftyfbnadia995: is there a setting for RAID somewhere? Look through all the settings14:27
nadia995no there isn't.14:28
nadia995i can try but i don't want lose windows14:28
tomreynyou should definitely backup before doing a multi-boot installation14:29
nadia995ok I already did a backup14:29
tomreynwell then it should be ok to loose it?14:29
tomreynwhile nadia is gone, there seems to be a way around breaking windows by switching the SATA mode from RAID -> AHCI: https://www.mysysadmintips.com/windows/clients/771-change-sata-operation-mode-from-raid-to-ahci-without-re-installing-windows14:32
leftyfbthey said there was no RAID setting in their BIOS14:32
tomreynthey also said "i can try but i don't want lose windows"14:33
leftyfbyeah, that was a bit confusing14:33
mncheckmtomreyn, thanks I know. however I just want it to crash reliably because then I could go over the drivers one by one and select the one that *Actually* supports my card..14:33
mncheckmso what I am looking for is a method to make nvidia driver fail for test purposes. I don't know any14:34
jhutchinsmncheckm: I don't suppose you've considered reviewing the documentation on the Nvidia driver site to get the correct answer.14:35
ograif it fails constantly with all drivers i'd suspect hardware ... like th PSU not powerful enough to even drive the card causing brownouts of parts of your HW, stuck fans (though that would give you temperature warnings i guess), lose cables, card not sitting properly in the socket, etc etc14:37
mncheckmjhutchins, what exactly do you mean? there is the hosted multi page readme, the forums, release highlights, list of supported products, or do you mean something else?14:37
ograit is extremely unlikely that you face an actual driver issues and millions of other users do not ...14:37
mncheckmogra, thanks14:38
mncheckmogra, well there are at least 4 lenovo p720 that all do this14:38
mncheckmmaybe you are right14:38
tomreyn"Max Power Consumption 68 W" is quite a bit for that generation for sure14:38
mncheckmI should re calculate the power...14:38
tomreynbut then it supports "mission-critical digital signage solutions" (LOL) with 8 mini DP14:40
ograwell, i can not imagine that lenovo does not equip the system with the correct PSU ... was the nvidia card an upgrade ?14:44
ograor did it come equipped with that card ?14:44
mncheckmogra, it is lenovo part number 00FC90514:47
tomreynthere are Machine Types 30BA and 30BB for ThinkStation P72014:49
hiyaDid you also notice that pipewire is consuming the most amount of energy on the system? I just checked with powertop14:50
hiyaand it is actually taking more energy than my display on the lapotp14:50
tomreynoh 00FC905 is the graphics card14:50
tomreynP720 Power Supply Unit: 690W or 1000W - that should be enough14:52
mncheckmtomreyn, it is 30BB14:54
tomreynmncheckm: so one of these https://psref.lenovo.com/Product/ThinkStation/ThinkStation_P720?MT=30BB14:55
mncheckmtomreyn, well it is not listed there for some reason but yes, it has 2x xeon silver 4114 and it only has the nvs 810 currently15:04
mncheckmthe psu is 900w15:05
tomreynmncheckm: whether the PSU is sufficient will depend on all components installed, of course (and we don't know which ones those are, since you have a customized model), so you'll need to do the math on your own. 900W is plenty, but with enough parts you could reach that.15:27
eelstreborafter 2 weeks, why is the grub-efi-amd64-bin package still being kept back?15:39
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mncheckmtomreyn, say 222w for cpus, drives, add 70w for the gpu15:47
mncheckm222w includes the ram15:47
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mncheckogra, maybe its not the power?16:24
Losdalhello, i have some errors when doing "sudo apt-get autoremove"16:27
Losdalany idea how can i fix this please ?16:27
mncheckI was just unable to find how ubuntu developers test these hardware16:27
mncheckthere must be some test sequence or test suite that I could run, I thought, I just can't find it16:28
LosdalI have errors with "sudo apt-get update" too (https://pastebin.com/xUDv2XSj) , I think this errors happens because I closed the terminal when doing a dist-upgrade before it finish16:28
jhutchinsmncheck: Usually individual developers who happen to own the hardware try it and see if it needs to be modified to work.16:32
mncheckLosdal, try lsof /var/cache/debconf/config.dat to see what PID or process ids are using flock on your debconf database16:33
mncheckanother program is supposedly installing or configuring something16:33
mncheckjhutchins, is there no shared test plan?16:34
mncheckor common parts of?16:34
Losdalmncheck : i have this https://pastebin.com/yYuSbd3016:34
jhutchinsmncheck: Driver development also tends to happen above the Distribution level, often associated with kernel development (understandably).16:36
ogramncheck, "snap info checkbox"  or look at v16:36
mncheckLosdal, there was "t" on the end of your command line and it is breaking the command. remove the " t" from the end. the warnings are about docker file systems can be ignored16:36
mncheckLosdal, you can try lsof /var/cache/debconf/config.dat | grep -v -i -e incomplete -e docker16:37
Losdalmncheck : its nearly the same output without "t" , https://pastebin.com/JzjBsbn316:37
Losdalmncheck the command output with grep : https://pastebin.com/bSjQ5kNP16:38
mncheckLosdal, sorry my grep was bogus16:44
mncheckLosdal, however it does not matter, the output would be empty16:44
mncheckLosdal, are you the only user of the machine?16:46
Losdalmncheck: yes16:46
mncheckLosdal, do you see any other installation ongoing?16:46
Losdalmncheck: no, but before 1 hour I runned a sudo "apt-get dist-upgrade" : during the upgrade, the "boot password" was asked, but forgot the password so it does not passed.. the only solution to exit the dist-upgrade was to close the terminal window16:48
Losdalso i closed the dist-uprade window before its end16:49
ioriaLosdal, i don't use SecureBoot, but just try 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' for now16:54
Losdalioria : it look fixing the problem, i have a normal output for apt-get update and upgrade now16:57
Losdalbut same for dist-upgrade16:57
Losdalor I didn't finished the dist-upgrade, do you think there is a way to complete it?16:57
ioriaLosdal, paste the output, please16:57
Losdalioria : https://pastebin.com/pBLnSsa716:58
ioriaLosdal, it's ok,i guess16:59
Losdalioria: I think "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade " is supposed to finish the uncompleted previous dist-upgrade16:59
Losdalbecause i closed the window without entering the boot password (=without completing the dist-upgrade)16:59
ioriaLosdal, what's your actual kernel ? uname -r16:59
Losdaladded to that docker-compose commands does not work anymore, I think this is related to the uncompleted upgrade17:00
Losdalioria : $ uname -r17:00
ioriano good17:00
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ioriaLosdal, cat /etc/issue17:00
Losdalioria: Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS \n \l17:01
ioriaLosdal, sudo apt full-upgrade17:02
Losdalioria: https://pastebin.com/6sBApYuk17:02
Losdalbtw when I try to run any docker compose command I have this https://pastebin.com/ynhuBx3u , maybe linked to an uncompleted python or docker upgrade ? (because before the "failed" dist-upgrade it was working)17:04
ioriaLosdal, you removed too much.... dpkg -l | grep linux-generic-hwe17:04
Losdalioria : https://pastebin.com/gMbizMsh17:05
ioriaLosdal, dpkg -l | grep linux-image17:06
Losdalioria : https://pastebin.com/RDpskJwU17:06
ioriaLosdal, why you're not running the lates kernel ?17:07
Losdalioria : i don't know, how can i check this please?17:07
jhutchinsHas anybody mentioned the -f argument for apt?17:08
ioriaLosdal, the latest (updated) kernel for your 20.04 box is and it's correctly installed , but you're using  .56  ... i don't get why17:09
mncheckLosdal, I did not try this on dist-upgrade yet but to avoid it asking any questions, next time you do dist-upgrade or full-upgrade you could try "sudo env DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get dist-upgrade"17:09
Losdalioria : maybe this is because of the uncompleted dist-upgrade that i have done17:09
ioriaLosdal, ii  linux-image-generic-hwe-20.04    
ioriaLosdal, can you reboot and select it from the Grub screen ?17:10
Losdalioria: I guess its downloaded but not activated, because the "boot password step" is in the configuration step17:10
ioriaho, ok17:11
ioriaLosdal, sudo update-grub17:11
Losdalioria : i'm afraid to reboot currently to not get blocked because of this :/17:11
ioriaLosdal, ok, run sudo update-grub17:11
LosdalI think there is many packages downloaded but not configured/activated , and it should have an impact17:11
Losdalbut i don't know how to "redo" the "missing" dist-upgrade17:12
ioriaLosdal, i don't think so, see your paste : https://pastebin.com/6sBApYuk17:12
ioriaLosdal, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.17:13
Losdalioria : https://pastebin.com/ and the /etc/issue is always the same .5617:13
Losdalioria: it may be marked as completed but it's was exited at the config step ?17:13
ioriaLosdal, it's empty17:14
ioriaanother bot17:14
Losdalioria : sorry, https://pastebin.com/C8qiXgT417:16
ioriaLosdal, it's ok17:17
mncheckLosdal, two log files that might be interesting for you are in /var/log/apt/history.log and /var/log/dpkg.log and similar files next to them which are older , the history.log contains your "CommandLine" that you ran, and the dpkg.log files write what packages were installed or removed in probably too much detail17:21
mncheckso probably the broken installation is in there somewhere17:22
ReventlovIs that expected to have xubuntu-desktop depends on plasma-desktop ?17:24
Reventlov( https://i.imgur.com/glVBbTH.png )17:24
Losdalmncheck : I found out the 'broken' dist-upgrade cmd https://pastebin.com/hTP3Z3EA , I see especially that linux-hwe-5.15-headers-5.15.0-67 is installed but in the uname -r the .56 is always used, and I see an upgrade for python3 (maybe this explain the problem that I have with docker), but I don't know how to re-run that commands to complete the17:26
Losdalmissing actions ?17:26
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snowkidsay I want to do a binary search on a very large file. I want to be able to open only a section of the file at various points for reading. Is that normally possible without reading the entire file?17:52
rfmsnowkid, sure, that's what lseek/fseek are for.18:00
rfmsnowkid, also can use mmap() with an offset, but I find that more confusing somehow (you may not)18:02
snowkiddo you think there would be any benefit to doing these file reads in a compiled language like c as opposed to a scripted language like JS?18:03
topcat001mmap() the whole file. It will page in/out as needed.18:03
snowkidwhat if there are a terabyte of files18:03
topcat001does not matter18:03
topcat001if you mmap a 1 TB file and read a byte, then at most a few pages are actually resident18:04
rfmsnowkid, I think a scripted language is fine, it's going to be mostly I/O bound18:04
snowkidthese tips are a great starting point so far, thanks!18:04
snowkidyou think something like hyperscan (regex engine) would help a binary search18:06
snowkidi thought it was a cool idea at first but Im kind of feeling the needs are more simpler than calls for a regex engine like that18:07
rfmsnowkid, if it's a binary search it really needs to be a more structured file with records and keys, so a regex search which is more for unformatted text isn't so useful.    I think we're getting a little off-topic for #ubuntu here, #ubuntu-discuss probably better18:10
snowkidthanks for your responses18:11
snowkidtopcat001 Im reading about how pages are stored and it looks like inactive pages get reallocated to the swap disk. How does that benefit the speed of accessing the filesystem as opposed to just reading from a section of the original file?18:19
cbreaksnowkid: virtual memory pages are only written into the swap if they are modified18:20
snowkidoh ok18:20
cbreakif they're unmodified, they can be discarded18:20
rfmsnowkid, pages would be written to swap only if they are "anonymous", which means not mapped to a file18:20
snowkidall of this is read only18:21
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topcat001yes if you mmap privately they are copy-on-write (cow); shared mappings just get synced back to the backing files through the unified buffer cache (ubc)18:25
topcat001neither being relevant in your ro case18:25
topcat001the advantage of mmap() over read() is to avoid copying the data twice; once to the ubc, and then again to the application buffers18:26
snowkidthanks i think I actually understand all of this18:28
viliusHi. I have realtek 8811cu wifi dongle attached to my laptop. It worked fine until the last restart of my laptop. Now it is not on for some reason. Any ideas why or solutions?18:36
tomreyn^ cp'd to #xubuntu, and discussed there19:06
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superkuhHi. I use Ubuntu 14.04 under ESM which is an officially supported Canonical release. I just noticed today that the ESM repos have stopped working and are returning 404. When I go in my browser it asks for a password now. How do I either, fix this, or remove ESM and go back to the old archive repos? I'm just trying to install sqlite3...19:50
superkuhErr https://esm.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-infra-security/main libsqlite3-dev amd64 3.8.2-1ubuntu2.2+esm1  HttpError40419:50
ubottuCanonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.19:51
superkuhI see. Do you know where to ask canonical about it directly?19:51
superkuhAh, found it.19:51
superkuhAh. Fixed it. There was an update to ubuntu-advantage-tools which I did not have.20:00
superkuhThanks for the help.20:00
jhutchinssuperkuh: Yay for the fix!20:07
i-Areoshow to recover my deleted Downloads directory??20:09
superkuhIs it not in the trash?20:10
tomreyni-Areos: restore it from your latest backup20:10
superkuhphotorec is a good linux tool for recovering "deleted" files that still have inodes.20:10
i-Areostomreyn sorry I didn't make backup .. so how to make recovery?20:10
i-Areossuperkuh all files will be recovered?20:11
tomreyni-Areos: you should have had a backup. you can try what superkuh suggested.20:11
i-Areostomreyn i will try it20:11
i-Areossuperkuh tomreyn thanks20:12
tomreyni-Areos: more importantly: will you learn fomr it, setting up a backup now for next time?20:13
superkuhI have used photorec and https://www.r-studio.com/free-linux-recovery-help/basicfilerecovery.html before.20:13
superkuhphotorec is cli, r-studio r-linux is gui.20:13
superkuhphotorec should already be in your repos.20:13
superkuhr-linux will have a deb to download.20:14
i-AreosOk thanks for that info superkuh20:14
superkuhGood luck, i-Areos.20:14
tomreyntestdisk also integrates with photorec for a UI20:15
i-Areostomreyn I'm beginner so i prefer gui20:16
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jhutchinsi-Areos: Linux doesn't use the Windows filesystems, so files are "more deleted" than Windows files are.  They can sometimes be recovered if nothing has been written to the disk since the delete, but not always.20:34
jhutchinsi-Areos:  http://www.linuxcommand.org/ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicCommands http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2005/05/20/terminal1.html http://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/~kevin/unix-tutorial/toc.html  http://linuxcommand.org/lc3_learning_the_shell.php  http://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php20:35
i-Areosjhutchins files deleted 3 hours ago and I didn't save any stuff yet20:35
jhutchinsi-Areos: Good luck!  You might do just fine.20:35
i-Areosjhutchins i use ununtu based distro not wimdows20:36
i-AreosThanks jhutchins20:36
jhutchinsi-Areos: Note that the CLI utilities are almost always more powerful than the cartoon ones.20:36
i-Areosjhutchins i will use photorec tomorrow20:37
texugo      Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libparted.pc'20:39
texugohow may I do this?20:39
texugo  Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libparted.pc'20:39
texugo      to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable20:39
texugohow may I do this???20:40
jhutchinstexugo: What is your goal?20:40
leftyfbtexugo: what release of ubuntu are you running and what are you trying to accomplish exactly?20:40
texugoI'm running mint20:41
leftyfb!mint | texugo20:41
ubottutexugo: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/20:41
texugoPlease helpe me20:41
leftyfbtexugo: mint has their own IRC, you need to ask for help there20:41
jhutchinstexugo: What works with Ubuntu can break Mint.20:41
texugoI see20:41
BinarySaviorI have a process that has used up all my ram and now the computer is unresponsive, is there a way to kill this process without powering off the computer??20:46
BinarySaviorI tried CRTL+C but it didn't seem to work20:47
jhutchinsBinarySavior: Can you get to a console?20:47
superkuhhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key to try to get to console.20:47
BinarySaviorthe console is open20:47
jhutchinsBinarySavior: Can you ssh to the machine?20:48
superkuhget the process ID (PID) of the process and $ sudo kill -9 <pid>20:48
tomreynsysrq-k used to work, but no more20:48
BinarySaviorssh request is hanging20:48
superkuhIf it's a zombie it might not work, but worth trying.20:48
ioriaweird oom didn't come in20:49
tomreynyour only options will be to try to wait for it to settle down or to sysrq-s,u,b20:49
arraybolt3BinarySavior: If you are looking at the offending process, Ctrl+\ might do it.20:50
arraybolt3But once a system starts thrashing, there's not a lot you can do.20:50
BinarySaviorYea the active window is the terminal running the script20:50
arraybolt3BinarySavior: You might upgrade the system to Ubuntu 22.04, it has a more aggressive OOM killer (systemd-oomd) that may bail you out of similar situations in the future.20:50
arraybolt3Obviously that won't help now, but for in the future.20:51
BinarySaviorI also have watch free -m in another window, visible, only 37 bytes of 16k free20:51
BinarySaviorI also have watch free -m in another window, visible, only 37 bytes of 16G free*20:51
arraybolt3lol, I was gonna say if you only have 16K of RAM, we have much bigger problems.20:51
BinarySaviori guess those units are megabytes though, 37MB of 16G free20:52
arraybolt3Yeah that's still bad.20:52
BinarySaviorso I can wait (maybe forever) for the process to die or finish what it's doing or I can just Hard reset?20:52
arraybolt3If Ctrl+C and Ctrl+\ both don't work, then yeah, pretty much.20:53
BinarySaviorthanks arraybolt3 yea I tried both of those20:53
arraybolt3Another thing you might do to help with this in the future is make a larger swapfile or enable RAM compression.20:54
arraybolt3These are instructions for enabling RAM compression on Lubuntu, they should work on Ubuntu and other Ubuntu flavors with some tweaking though. https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/enabling-ram-compression-on-lubuntu/332320:54
ioriawhy don't you check the state of the process ? BinarySavior20:54
BinarySaviormin sys req for this is 16G of RAM, which is total installed ram here(16G) but I think I need a little bi tmore20:55
BinarySaviorI ordered some more RAM20:55
BinarySaviorioria, the computer is unresponsive20:55
arraybolt3BinarySavior: Well RAM compression may help for until you get the extra RAM you need.20:56
BinarySaviorthanks arraybolt3 I'll look into that20:56
ioriaBinarySavior, and how did you check for free -m if the pc is unresponsive ?20:57
BinarySaviorioria, I ran `watch free -m` before I started the process in another window, because the process failed the first time I tried it and I had a feeling it was a ram issue20:57
BinarySaviorthe second time I'm trying it, it doesn't seem to be failing but instead it's unresponsive20:58
jhutchinsBinarySavior: Another trick is to shut down all of the GUI processes to free the resources before you run the havy app.20:58
BinarySaviorjhutchins, I did that20:58
jhutchinsBinarySavior: I thought you said you were in a terminal window.20:58
BinarySavioroh, I misunderstood, I closed my browser, and all ofher programs but not the Ubuntu Desktop gui itself20:59
oren_Hi i upgraded to lts 22.04.2, the nvida drivers seem to be broken and my external monitors no longer work20:59
BinarySaviororen_, I had the same issue21:00
oren_and ideas what I should do21:00
teppersonI have a problem with ufw, can I ask that question here?21:00
jhutchinsBinarySavior: Yeah, that takes resources even when it's not doing anything.  Shut down the graphics completely (wayland or X).21:00
BinarySaviororen_, what solved my problem was `sudo apt install nvidia-dkms-xxx` where xxx is the number of the driver you're currently trying to use21:01
jhutchinstepperson: What release are you on?21:01
BinarySaviororen_, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1443757/nvidia-driver-not-working-on-ubuntu-22-0421:01
jhutchinsBinarySavior: It's lighter to run a second shell on a second console than two under the gui.21:02
oren_BinarySavior: I'll  try the reinstall option and then your idea - thanks for the info21:03
BinarySaviorjhutchins, if success/fialure comes down to the difference in memory usage between a second shell opened up via ssh instead of in the gui, I think I have bigger problems :D21:04
jhutchinsBinarySavior: Yeah, SSH is pretty lean.21:08
teppersonjhutchins: well im running yocto, but all the references i can currently find about ufw are in regards to ubuntu21:15
jhutchinstepperson: You might consider switching to a different distro that has better support (like Ubuntu).21:17
leftyfbtepperson: we can only support ubuntu here. You'll have to seek support from yocto21:17
_jakHey y'all -- I accidentally added a server to my list of DNS resolvers with systemd-resolve, and I'm not at all sure how to undo this. Most of the stuff I found with a cursory google shows how to clobber what's already set or append a new one21:21
tomreynand your ubuntu version is?21:22
_jakah, right -- 20.04 lts21:22
tomreyni think that has resolvectl21:22
_jakyep, it does21:23
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_jakgimme a sec to read the manpage, unless you know the command I seek off the top of your head :)21:23
tomreynyou can "revert <link>" link specific configurations21:24
jhutchinsIsn't there a text file you can just delete the line from?  Or is all that in the registry now?21:24
tomreynso you ask first, then read the manual? :-/21:24
_jaktomreyn: not normally, but until you mentioned resolvectl I didn't know which man page to consult21:25
tomreynoh ok21:26
leftyfb_jak: how did you make the change exactly?21:26
jhutchins_jak: Knowing what question to ask is often half the problem.21:26
* tomreyn guesses on systemd-resolve --set-dns=SERVER21:28
_jakleftyfb: I did "systemd-resolve -i vpn1 --set-dns='$IP'", where nebula1 is a tun interface for a vpn network, and IP is the ip of a non-recursive DNS server on the vpn network21:29
_jakwhat that ended up doing was making $IP the main resolver for the actual ethernet link, which wasn't what I wanted, but also I fat-fingered the IP21:31
_jakjust realized I typed "nebula1" where I meant "vpn1"21:34
_jakin any case, thanks for all the breadcrumbs tomreyn! this seems to have worked, but I wanna make sure it doesn't pop up again post-reboot21:36
i-Areossystem76 is based on ubuntu?21:41
leftyfbi-Areos: systemd76 is pc brand. They happen to also have their own OS called PopOS which is based on ubuntu but is not ubuntu nor is it supported here21:43
i-Areosleftyfb ty21:43
relipseHi, I'm trying to Install Ubuntu 22 LTS on my yoga 2 pro and it says "Install Ubuntu alongside Windows Boot Manager" and it has "Files (60.0 GB) /dev/sda4 (ntfs) 153.2 GB" and "Ubuntu /dev/sda5 (ext4) 97.0 GB" on the right. What do I do? I don't want to remove the Windows side?23:50
arraybolt3relipse: You're trying to install a dual boot, right?23:52
relipseYes, exactly arraybolt323:52
arraybolt3relipse: OK, and what flavor of Ubuntu is this? Just Ubuntu Desktop, or is it Kubuntu or something similar?23:52
relipseUbuntu Desktop from the main site23:53
arraybolt3relipse: Nice. Just to be sure, do you have a backup of your Windows data? Sometimes things can go poorly during a dual-boot installation when partitions are resized.23:53
relipseI don't really care about it that much23:53
relipseif something goes wrong, and I lose it, that's not that big of a deal23:53
arraybolt3OK. Are you at the screen where you're looking at a slider for choosing how much space to dedicate to Ubuntu?23:53
relipseyes exactly arraybolt323:54
arraybolt3If so, you should be able to just drag the slider as desired to split your space between Ubuntu and Windows, then just continue to the next screen.23:54
arraybolt3(I'm assuming you only have Windows installed now.)23:54
relipseok i set it to i set ubuntu to 116 GB23:55
relipseand windows Files side to 134.223:55
arraybolt3Nice. That will shrink your Windows partition and make a new partition for Ubuntu.23:55
arraybolt3As long as you're OK with those values, you can continue.23:55
arraybolt3Do keep in mind it will be *very hard* to change them later.23:56
arraybolt3(You can shrink or grow one partition, move it, and then extend the other one, but it will take a while.)23:56
arraybolt3So make sure you choose what you want now to avoid headache later.23:56
relipseshould I check "Use Active Directory" ?23:57
arraybolt3Active Directory is only for businesses.23:57
arraybolt3Technically you could use it on your home network, but if you were using it, you'd already know.23:57
sarnoldyou *could* use it at home, but if you're asking, then you've probably not set it up, hehe23:57
arraybolt3Basically, it's one of those things where, if you're asking if you should use it, you shouldn't. If you are considering using it, you already know.23:58
relipsewell i want to connect my ubuntu machine to my other windows machine23:58
arraybolt3That probably doesn't use Active Directory23:58
relipseand maybe a mac machine later23:58
arraybolt3If you want machines to share files with each other, that's a job for file shares.23:58
relipseok we're good, its copying files now23:58
relipseInstalling system...23:59
arraybolt3relipse: You will *probably* want to look into SAMBA if you want to connect your computers to each other to share files.23:59

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