mmikowskiahoneybun[m] and ahoneybun[m] I recently file the same bug against 5.27.2 and discussed it with Nate who closed it. It appears it is an issue with older libs that need to get KDE patched.00:32
mmikowski^^ ahoneybun[m] and arraybolt300:32
-ubottu:#kubuntu-devel- KDE bug 466689 in systemsettings "System Settings Crash After Applying Global Theme" [Crash, Resolved: Duplicate]00:36
mmikowskiAdding injury to insult, Dr. Konqi crashed when reporting the bug.00:36
mmikowskiSo weird discovery: running chrome 110, text is garbled on some sites. Run in incognito window, text looks fine. 00:48
valoriechrome is rather crappy since the last update01:37
valorieit sometimes crashes every 5 mins!01:38
valoriewill not load certain sites01:38
valoriebut as you say, incognito works01:38
valorieas does unstable from a flatpak01:38
valorietoo bad FF is still junk01:39
valorieI ran it for 20 years01:39
mmikowskivalorie: Yeah, it's so odd and annoying. BTW, this is Intel i915 + Chrome only. Nvidia + Chrome looks fantastic. Workaround for i915 + Chrome: turn on Vulkan. It fixes rending issue after full restart, but then restart takes 15-30s.02:28
valorieI have nvidia and no rendering probs, but the other stuff is endlessly annoying02:30
mmikowskiOh, interestingly, the best app to test this is "theLounge".02:30
valorieI get the most crashes while using gmail, which makes zero sense02:31
mmikowskiYeah, I only notice it on the NUC. We had put a bunch of fixes in for flicker on the i915, including ensuring night color is off by default (that causes flicker in games).02:31
mmikowskiBut after the latest chrome update, now this.02:31
valorieit's a pile of poo02:31
mmikowskifwiw, chrome:flags is where one can set vulkan.02:32
mmikowskiI guess it will just need to be an article and a bug report.02:32
mmikowskiAh, well.02:32
mmikowskiThat's valorie :)02:32
valorieI have not filed BRs, to be fair02:33
valoriemostly because it happens mid-email02:33
valorieI just restart it and finish the email02:33
mmikowskioh, sorry, I that was supposed to say "Thanks" valorie02:34
mmikowskisometimes my fingers run away from me...02:34
valoriehere as well02:34
mmikowskifwiw, this works too: https://steemit.com/screen/@cryptobur/how-to-prevent-annoying-screen-tearing-in-chrome02:34
mmikowskiTurn off acceleration. Lemme see if restart is good ...02:35
mmikowskiah yes, much better02:35
mmikowskiAppears that is preferred over the vulkan fix then. cc arraybolt302:35
mmikowskiHe has this issue too.02:35
mmikowskiok, back to bisecting 5.27.2 installation.02:36
IrcsomeBot<X> Sometimes kernel updates do not go too well : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/6d544969/file_63908.jpg07:32
IrcsomeBot<X> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/f6bc99d8/file_63909.jpg07:32
IrcsomeBot<X> I'm just hoping this is Ubuntu-specific and with some future kernels everything will return to it's normal state07:35
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mmikowskiX: Oy, I know the feeling.09:05
mmikowskiLast year, there were quite a few kernel update issues. It's true for Ubuntu and MS. There are just so many hardware platforms that it is impossible to test for all of them.09:07
mmikowskiAt kfocus, we test on all systems ever sold. It is a lot of work.09:09
ahoneybun[m]Someone found it!23:30

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