tomreynarraybolt3: see this page also (yet cheaper prices) https://www.rsync.net/products/borg.html00:01
ravageCreated snap package pikabackup_0+git.f48f121-dirty_amd64.snap00:01
ravagelets see what it did :D00:01
arraybolt3Oh nice!00:02
arraybolt3Same price, but lower minimum order.00:02
sarnold" borg has been called The Holy Grail of backup software. " well that's one heck of an endorsement00:02
arraybolt3I'd probably go with a normal cloud storage though since I don't want to *just* backup, I'd probably want to offload and not fight with trying to use Borg for that.00:03
tomreyni've heard recommendations on rsync.net from several tech folks independently00:03
tomreynoh borg, too :)00:04
sarnoldI've not used them myself, but hallyn has used them for *years*, which has given me all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings about them :)00:04
ravagetank  58.2T  15.1T  43.1T        -         -    10%    26%  1.00x    ONLINE  -00:06
ravageenough space for my backups :D00:06
tomreynis this your home-grown NAS? with zfs? btrfs? i don't even recognize the output00:09
tomreynah zfs apparently00:10
tomreynsarnold: sadly, the last commit to barrier was a year ago00:13
tomreynaha! https://github.com/input-leap/input-leap00:15
sarnoldtomreyn: aww :(00:16
sarnoldravage: nice, is that rsync.net? or your home system? :)00:16
ravagemy own system :)00:17
ravagebut remote00:18
sarnoldravage: niiiiice00:19
lotuspsychjegood morning04:25
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ducassehi guys08:08
ravageogra: around? im trying to do a fuse mount in snap and im not sure if that is really supported :D11:29

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