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RbertLszl[m]Hello! There is a Sound Blaster Omni 5.1 external sound card and connects the Casio CT-S100 synthesizer. And my question is, how can the sound card line-in input ring the synthesizer?20:04
gordonjcpRbertLszl[m]: I think you'd need a cable with a 3.5mm jack on one end, to go to the soundcard, and then the other end with whatever the Casio has20:21
RbertLszl[m]The thing is.20:32
RbertLszl[m]I think of software setting.20:33
gordonjcpin what sense?20:37
RbertLszl[m]How the jack plug is the synthesizer of the speaker and picks up. I use a translator.20:41
RbertLszl[m]Question. Are you coming Discord?20:41
gordonjcpno, I don't use Discord20:47
RbertLszl[m]Can you help me?20:50
gordonjcpI don't really know what you need help with20:52
RbertLszl[m]So. There is a Casio CT-S100 synthesizer. And Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS Distibration I love to use the Sound Blaster Omni 5.1 Lin-in Input, both olpers jack plug can take it.20:56
RbertLszl[m]That's how you got it? I'm sorry, I use a translator.20:58
EickmeyerRbertLszl[m]: What's your native language? We have channels that might be able to help you better in your native language.20:58
Eickmeyer!hu | RbertLszl[m] 20:59
ubottuRbertLszl[m]: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál20:59
EickmeyerRoberalz[m]: /join #ubuntu-hu:libera.chat 20:59
RbertLszl[m]Thank you!21:00
gordonjcpRbertLszl[m]: ah, I'd ask my partner but she's just gone to bed, she's got Hungarian parents21:19
gordonjcpshe speaks a little Hungarian :-)21:19
RbertLszl[m]I undartand21:29
Eickmeyergordonjcp: We can't allow non-English in an English-moderated channel, unfortunately.21:32
EickmeyerIt's just simply because moderators can't moderate a language they don't understand.21:33
gordonjcpEickmeyer: genau21:39
RbertLszl[m]Eickmeyer: I undartand21:43

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