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XubXubXubxubuntu just tried to "update" chromium snap, which I do not have installed.  I do not like chromium and I do not like snaps.  I do not like green eggs and ham either.09:02
XubXubXubI guess apport is now using it to send error reports....09:03
XubXubXubuninstalling snapd seems to have fixed the problem...for now.09:05
XubXubXubthis is going to be the thing that pushed me to use another distro09:06
XubXubXubespecially since hearing that ubuntu will not allow its various flavors like xubuntu to include flatpack.  Seems very Microsoft of them.09:10
gnrpXubXubXub: I feel like there are others like you. snap seems to me a highly debated thing, especially with how it's ubuntu-specific again11:12
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