guivercnot sure if already noticed... But I'm getting "Warning: This version of xscreensaver is VERY OLD!  Please upgrade!"  on anything xscreensaver related (inc. unlock session)21:35
* guiverc wasn't around much yesterday; no idea if noticed/talked about yesterday21:35
arraybolt3guiverc: That's not good. Sounds like we need to patch out a warning.23:01
arraybolt3(jwz is infamous for this sort of thing. Sigh. Just because he doesn't understand our logic doesn't mean he needs to try and overrule us.)23:02
arraybolt3guiverc: What version of Lubuntu is this one, Jammy, Kinetic, or Lunar?23:03
arraybolt3(or focal, I guess)23:04
guiverclunar... what we've not yet released!23:05
arraybolt3Yeah there's probably a jwz landmine in there that Debian failed to patch out.23:06
guivercyeah I know about jwz ... we've had this issue before; but not pre-release (that I recall anyway)23:06
arraybolt3Bookworm just updated to the latest version of XScreenSaver recently, and Bullseye is on a much older and already-patched version, so we don't need to help them (yet).23:06
arraybolt3Anyway, zsyncing the ISO now. I might not have a whole lot of time but I can at least try to help.23:07
guiverci didn't note this yesterday (but as busy could easily have missed it)  so it could be here it's monday 6-march ... you're still 5-march (if you don't notice it)23:08
arraybolt3True, good catch. Anyway I'll probably be able to find it by grepping the code for "distro". He usually adds some dire warning in the source code to tell distro maintainers not to patch out the warning, which incidentally also should work as an easy way of finding what to patch out :D23:09
guivercarraybolt3, screenshot with message (on opening xscreensaver) can be seen here...  its my actual screen which is messy; lower-left screen & top left with error-msg-box sort of central; to left of my hexchat window23:14
arraybolt3Found the code.23:14
* guiverc forgot the link sorry23:15
arraybolt3guiverc: https://bpa.st/UDWEY23:15
arraybolt3That should be able to just be patched out and us be happy.23:15
guiverc:)   23:15
guivercyep... that's the message !23:16
arraybolt3guiverc: I'll have a patch out, in, oh, give me 30 minutes to an hour.23:16
guivercdo you need a bug report (sru etc)23:16
arraybolt3guiverc: Nope.23:16
arraybolt3For Lunar, this is a bug fix, not a feature change.23:16
arraybolt3If it were a feature change we'd need an FFe, but I don't think this counts.23:16
guiverc:)   i'll file one if helpful; just sing out (ping)23:17
arraybolt3I mean... meh, this is *kind* of coming close to a feature change, so if you want to file a bug report so I can defend it, I guess that may be helpful.23:18
arraybolt3guiverc: ^23:18
-ubottu:#lubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2009306 in xscreensaver (Ubuntu) "xscreensaver Warning message 'This version of xscreensaver is VERY OLD! Please upgrade!\n' on waking my lunar box this morning" [Undecided, New]23:24
arraybolt3Alright, patch made, building and testing.23:36
* arraybolt3[m] uploaded an image: (24KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/DSnfjrDVMIxlTUzmpwQBderT/image.png >23:54
arraybolt3[m]Well what do you know. There's more than one mine hidden in this field.23:54
guivercyeah that's the message I first saw when I woke box up... i didn't logout to get message correct in my bug report sorry...23:55

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