Guest4Hi, how do I enable signing in without password.19:43
igly23Hi, how can I enable automatic sign in without password.19:54
nonpas80i looked around without finding either, maybe you can ask #ubuntu also or check ubuntu forum, there might a command line option for that, or actually maybe in lightdm, gonna check it quickly19:58
nonpas80can't find it.19:59
arraybolt3igly23: o/20:00
arraybolt3igly23: You've already installed Lubuntu, right?20:00
arraybolt3igly23: OK. One moment...20:00
arraybolt3(Basically there isn't a switch to do this in Lubuntu once you've already installed, but you can just change a config file and it will do what you want.)20:01
arraybolt3igly23: OK, open a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T, then type "sudo nano /etc/sddm.conf".20:01
arraybolt3igly23: Once that's done, change the file so that it reads:20:02
arraybolt3User=<your username here>20:02
arraybolt3Replace <your username here> with your username - the angle brackets should not be part of the text.20:03
arraybolt3So if your username is igly23, you'd want it to say User=igly2320:03
igly23ok I've changed the config and ill restart to see if it works.20:04
arraybolt3nonpas80: ^ all the instructions for enabling autologin are above if you're interested.20:05
arraybolt3igly23: I *think* I may have mis-spelled the "Session=" line - it probably needed to be "Lubuntu.desktop", not "lubuntu.desktop".20:07
igly23On my computer the session line just said =Lubuntu so i didnt change it and it seems to work after adding the line my username20:09
arraybolt3Oh, nice!20:10
igly23Thanks a lot for your help.20:10
arraybolt3igly23: Glad to help!20:11

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