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Bashing-omUWN: Issue777 up for review and final edits: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue777 :D22:37
krytarikBashing-om: 1.) Aren't the Kubuntu posts that are currently in Other Community News, on the Planet?  2.) Maybe the Gnome GSoC post should be promoted from Other News to Other Community News?22:46
Bashing-omkrytarik: Looking ^  :D22:51
Bashing-omkrytarik: You sir are so correct on Kubuntu - will move -- // for GSoC there is no specific mention of ubuntu - move up anyway ?22:56
Bashing-omUWN: Pending ^ is to remove the "In Other News" section upon approval of the movement.23:17
krytarikBashing-om: Well, we've in the past featured Mozilla in that section, and iirc in fact Gnome too.23:23
krytarikSeeing how Ubuntu proper is based rather closely on Gnome, I think news about how to advance the latter as a project might be worthwhile for Ubuntu users.23:25
Bashing-omkrytarik: You the man - removing "In Other News" section :D23:27
Bashing-omUWN: Next ! for edits ?23:36
krytarikBashing-om: The section is still listed in the issue summary though. :P23:38
Bashing-omkrytarik: Ouch - Me thought I also taken care and pulled that - too many things on the mind I reckon :D fixing !23:41
Bashing-omNext !!23:42

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