cmaloneymorning, good people of earth13:42
jrwrenparty party13:54
jrwrenhey cmaloney, why have I never heard of Suzanne Ciani?15:27
cmaloneyShe flies really under the radar, but yeah15:49
cmaloneyWhen I discovered her it was like "you're the coolest, ever"15:49
cmaloneythough the Buchla really is a harsh instrument15:50
cmaloneyI have a hard time taking it seriously15:50
cmaloneyEvery time I hear it I think "why am I doing this to myself?"15:50
cmaloneybut then again, it sometimes takes me a while to appreciate some things15:50
jrwrennot sure how I ran across her today. YT algorithm after I watch orkestra obsolete blue monday, I think.17:31

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