HeortHow to install amdpro drivers ?00:24
tomreyn!amd | Heort00:39
ubottuHeort: On Ubuntu, AMD's official Linux graphics driver "amdgpu" is automatically loaded for matching hardware. Very old cards use driver "radeon" (r300, r600) instead. See the !man pages for X options, "modinfo -p <graphics-driver>" for kernel parameters. Both drivers are open source and integrate with MESA and !DRI. Drivers "amdgpu-pro", "fglrx" and "ati" are not supported here.00:39
tomreyni.e. you'd been on your own there, need to check with AMD00:40
Heorttomreyn, thanks00:42
aogindeed jhutchins, thank you00:42
Gallomimiayou never go full Windows. you went Full Windows, and made an automated update take 10 minutes during a restart. Even tho I have auto updates turned off. and now, the installed updates window has crashed and won't show me what it did to my system00:48
Gallomimiahah. popped up just as i said that00:48
tomreynGallomimia: /var/log/apt has logs on what was done01:05
Gallomimiathank you that's quite helpful01:08
HeortI want to get small ubuntu iso or ubuntu based system and boot it to ram and play my games.On reboot everything would be errased. What can you suggest ?01:12
tomreynHeort: why would you want that to run from ram?01:15
Heorttomreyn, when reboot everything to be errased. When i press shutdown button power off and rams clear.01:16
Heort+my ddr5 6000mhz ram loads faster than my ssd01:17
tomreyni understand what it means to run from ram(disk). i don't understand why you'd want to do so.01:17
Heortim talking about app transfer01:17
tomreynyou'd still need to load the system from some storage first of all01:17
Heortno im talking to load entire system to ram01:18
tomreyni understood so much01:18
Heortyes i load from usb grub "toram" parameter begin to coppying to ram memory and then boots01:19
tomreynpersistence has its benefits, though, you can update kernels, much better configure how modules are loaded (with parameters) and keep state.01:19
Heortwhat i need is a small system01:19
Heortyea with persistence to update the drivers 1st01:20
HeortInShort: will sacrifice the time that takes coppying. The image would be advance configurated with all modules needed and updated. And then boots use and clear. And bootloop. :)01:24
tomreynsounds like you have a plan, nowyou just need to set it up ;)01:25
Heortthe plan is already done and achieved.what i need is smaller distro size to be optimised. :)01:26
Gallomimiasounds like a worthy project01:26
Bashing-omHeort: Check this too: https://unit193.net/xubuntu/core/ .01:35
HeortBashing-om, Thank you. You are very helpfull today everywhere. :)01:40
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justsomeguy22hello, anyone here good with ssh that could answer a question?05:01
mybalzitchjust ask05:03
justsomeguy22is an sshkey related to the rootpassword in anyway?05:04
justsomeguy22like, if i reset the root password to a virtual machine terminal online, does that break the sshkey logon?05:05
justsomeguy22ah i got it05:06
justsomeguy22i forgot what the hell i did as i set it up years ago and was confused05:06
justsomeguy22i deleted the "root" account that's what was trippingme up05:06
justsomeguy22thanks @mybalzitch05:06
mybalzitchhappy hacking05:07
justsomeguy22hacking into my own server :D05:07
justsomeguy22have you tried some ointment for your balz05:07
mybalzitchits genetic05:09
plt2Question: How do you add more titles like what windows 11 supports and I am using gnome05:10
justsomeguy22@mybalzitch actually?05:12
plt2That should be a easy question to answer05:14
arraybolt3mybalzitch, justsomeguy22: Please keep the discussion family friendly, as per the IRC Guidelines.05:14
arraybolt3plt2: Titles?05:14
plt2Windows 11 supports05:15
arraybolt3plt2: Sorry, I'm not familiar with Windows 11 and so don't know what "titles" are. If you could explain what feature you're looking for, I might be able to help you find something similar.05:15
plt2windows 11 wiki05:16
arraybolt3plt2: Do you mean taskbar labels? Sorry, I'm trying to figure out what you're describing since I have never used Windows 11 before and am somewhat unfamiliar even with older versions of Windows.05:17
plt2Linux calls it fixed windows work spaces05:17
arraybolt3OH! That.05:18
arraybolt3One moment...05:18
arraybolt3plt2: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/shell-workspaces.html.en05:19
plt2Nice. The work spaces is not showing up on the top of the screen.05:21
plt2I got it05:21
lotuspsychjeplt2: there is a handy workspaces indicator in the repos too if you like, will give you workspaces to click in the right upper corner05:55
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cosmicrajivhi all i have install ubuntu 22.04.2. It seems nvidia drivers have installed already. I installed the nvidia-dkms-525 using apt-get.  have i done it correctly?08:50
lotus|NUCcosmicrajiv: sudo lshw -C video to see if drivers picked up your card08:53
cosmicrajivlotus|NUC; is it 'sudo lshw -C'08:55
cosmicrajiv lotus|NUC: this is the output https://paste.debian.net/1272992/09:01
cosmicrajivis this ok?09:02
lotus|NUCcosmicrajiv: its recognized yeah; driver=nvidia latency=009:02
cosmicrajivok. thanks09:03
condorHi! The newer HP PCs came equipped with the Wolf Security Manager and so I can't install any Linux distro. Suggestions? Many thanks.09:53
lotuspsychjecondor: for windows based software you can always try if 'wine' can run it09:55
lotuspsychje!wine | condor09:55
ubottucondor: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu09:55
lotuspsychjecondor: on the other hand, ubuntu security model works different then windows based software/Os maybe you wouldnt need that software09:56
condorlotuspsychje, ubottu : I want to erase actual win and install a linux distro. thanks09:59
lotuspsychjecondor: did you mean that wolf security is blocking installing ubuntu from bios/uefi side?09:59
condorlotuspsychje: Bingoo! That is!10:00
lotuspsychjecondor: can you tell us what happens when you try to boot the ubuntu usb?10:00
condorlotuspsychje, All is well during install but when reboot i, system refuse to start.10:04
lotuspsychjecondor: you will need to find some security settings inside your bios probably, did you install with secureboot enabled or disabled?10:05
lotuspsychjecondor: prob this is what you got, at the bios alinea; https://www.itpro.com/security/endpoint-security/360156/the-many-layers-of-endpoint-security10:07
condorlotuspsychje, the new HP bios has an entire security platform and i don't know to set those parameters. I have the link to a pdf with that new hp bios.10:09
lotuspsychjecan you share that manual plz?10:09
condorlotuspsychje, for this sharing is a protocol on this channel or only copy/paste?10:11
lotuspsychjedirect link to the pdf is ok condor10:11
condorlotuspsychje, http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c0611460510:13
lotuspsychjecondor: try to disable all sorts of security checks on boot, like bios sure start and firmware intrusion detection etc10:15
lotuspsychjecondor: also make sure you have secureboot and fastboot disabled10:16
condorok, i will do it10:16
lotuspsychjei havent played a bios like that before, so its gonna be searching a bit what still blocks your ubuntu usb boot10:16
condorok, it's clear that all comes from bios, because of the clean installation i made10:19
lotuspsychjecondor: i also assume so, check the values on the security settings in bios that are default ENABLED and try to switch them off one by one to see wich value its blocking10:21
condorok, i see10:21
condornow i quit to do a new attempt :)10:23
lotuspsychjegood luck condor10:23
condorthanks a lot for all10:24
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hiyaHow to install latest OEM kernel during installation only?12:35
hiyaI wish to install 22.04.2 LTS12:36
ravagethe installer does not support any custom kernels12:42
hiyaravage: So I ve to install the OEM kernel post installation only?13:01
lotuspsychjedidnt you ask that same question a few times already hiya13:02
hiyalotuspsychje: Yes13:15
FKAShinobiwhich dbus event to I need to monitor dpms events such as monitor wakeup?13:18
FKAShinobiFor Ubuntu 22.04.13:18
hiyaWhat is different between linux-oem-a,b,c?13:21
hiyaIs it just about newer kernels?13:21
hiyasup vinicius13:31
Jeremy31hiya: Looks like a uses 5.17, b uses 6.0 and c uses 6.113:31
hiyaJeremy31: Yes, it does, so the naming is just about the updated version?13:32
hiyaMy laptop is certified by Ubuntu, so it is safe to run OEM, right? :P13:32
Jeremy31hiya: If the current kernel works, stay with it13:33
hiyaJeremy31: it is broken, on Ubuntu 22.10 - hence switching back to 22.04 [not like it is fixed over there either], but since it is fixed in Linux 6.x, and because my laptop is already Ubuntu certified13:34
hiyaHence tryin13:34
hiyaAnd currently 22.04 is the only way to get a safer Linux 6 kernel13:34
InitialCrowHello its here for support ? I realy need Help of tech13:34
xxInitialCrow: you can try asking in here13:36
xxInitialCrow: don't PM people, ask in the channel13:48
InitialCrow68how sory13:48
xxthe same way you typed "how sory"13:49
InitialCrow68OK ty sry 1rst time here13:50
hiyaInitialCrow68: Welcome! congratas13:50
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InitialCrow68Suddenly, I have a problem with wayland, I currently have a config with 6 screens 4 on an nvida GTX 1070 ti graphics card and 2 on intel i9 11900k and I can't get the mutli screens with the igpu intel, the intel screens stay black, but are recognized in gnome if i switch to x org everything works fine but wayland is so much smoother the 4 screens13:58
InitialCrow68on the nvidia map work fine. I searched everywhere, tried a lot of config, which made me reinstall Ubuntu 50 times, I would like to know if it's the configuration, the drivers, or the implementation in mutter to know if since all this time , I'm racking my brains for nothing maybe one of you can help me? on windows the result is incredibly fluid,13:58
InitialCrow68on xorg a little less, and on wayland same result as on windows but without the 2 igpu screens.13:58
BluesKajHi all14:19
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webchat59Just looking for the right place to provide some feedback about a sluggish operation using Ubuntu desktop.15:33
fab161Hello everybody. I have a little queation regarding snaps: It it save to remove the application specific folder in /home/user/snap/ after a snap got removed via snap remove ...?15:38
jhutchinsfab161: Sounds like bad packaging if it didn't clean up after itself.  Did it produce data that you might want to save so the directory isn't empty?15:41
jhutchinsSome applications will leave data or config files behind in case you want them, even with dpkg.15:42
esvhey folks, I have an Ubuntu 22.04 with 2 display ports attached to the computer, every time it goes into sleep mode, the machine does not wake the monitor up. I15:43
fab161I installed the matrix client fractal. Then I noticed that it kept logging me out of my account after closing the application. So I removed it. This went fine, however, I still have the folder ~/snap/fractal on the system. I think I don't need any remaining data.15:43
esvwould this be a setting of the OS or monitor, the displays woke up when I brought the display settings menu up15:46
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helmuthi. would someone know where I can find details on how the /usr-merge works on recent (>= kinetic) ubuntu releases? I'm coming from Debian and was expecting usr-is-merged, but that doesn't exist. If I simply mmdebstrap kinetic, the resulting system is unmerged, which sounds wrong to me.16:01
jhutchinshelmut: I'm sure there's been discussion on the lists and/or forums.  They're better for persistent info anyway.16:09
helmutI'm not trying to discuss the approach, merely understand and make it work16:09
helmutso the thing is: if I just mmdebstrap kinetic, it'll produce an unmerged rootfs and that looks wrong. If I mmdebstrap --hook-dir=/usr/share/mmdebstrap/hooks/merged-usr it fails, because it expects usr-is-merged to be a package, but it is not.16:12
helmutah. it is available from universe16:13
ravagehelmut: https://p.haxxors.com/l28av63a.txt what do you expect here?16:16
helmutravage: that's what I expect, but not what I get16:16
helmutonce I add --components main,universe mmdebstrap's maybe-merged-usr hook works (as usr-is-merged exists in universe) and then I get a proper merged-/usr16:17
ravageok. the images generated by ubuntu all look merged as expected16:18
helmutyes, this is an issue with mmdebstrap16:18
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jhutchins!info mmdebstrap16:23
ubottummdebstrap (1.1.0-1, kinetic): create a Debian chroot. In component universe, is optional. Built by mmdebstrap. Size 93 kB / 400 kB16:23
helmuteither way. the workaround is to always add universe and then things magically just work.16:26
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stephenmwhi all. what is the command to run to start the server install from the desktop image?17:07
ravageThat is what the server iso is for17:08
stephenmwsorry, I meant the cli installer17:09
leftyfbstephenmw: Ubuntu Server + Desktop GUI packages install = Ubuntu Desktop17:09
stephenmwI am SSH'd into a machine running the ubuntu desktop live and I want to install it to the disk17:09
ravageI don't think there is any cli installer17:10
leftyfbstephenmw: there is no CLI installer for the latest releases of ubuntu17:10
stephenmwreally? That is unfortunate...17:10
stephenmwmaybe I can install vnc...17:10
leftyfbstephenmw: also, you cannot install just Ubuntu server using the desktop live iso17:10
stephenmwI am not trying to install ubuntu server, I miscommunicated. I want to install the desktop via CLI17:11
stephenmwbecause that is all I have access to at the moment17:11
leftyfbstephenmw: it's a graphical installer17:11
stephenmwpretty sure you can start the CLI installer from the desktop CD at boot time17:12
stephenmwso it has to be there...17:12
leftyfbthere is no CLI installer17:12
stephenmwfair enough, been awhile since I have done this. I am remotely supporting my mother who had the emmc in her cheap computer fail.17:12
stephenmwI guess I will try installing VNC or something17:13
stephenmwleftyfb, wait, the server installer exists though, right? As does a minimal install CD?17:14
leftyfbstephenmw: yes and no17:14
stephenmwwhy no?17:15
leftyfbstephenmw: the server installer is still graphical, no CLI installer. There is no longer a mini.iso for the latest releases17:15
stephenmwoh wow, okay, so they completely got rid of it. Any recommendation on an easy to setup VNC server? :-)17:15
ravagestephenmw: this is my current way to install Jammy via netboot/ssh. Im sure you have to change some stuff. But maybe the general idea works for you https://p.haxxors.com/j6dqr9b6.txt17:26
ravageespecially the RAID stuff may not be what you want17:26
jhutchinsstephenmw: I'm not clear how you're going to install an OS if the storage drive has failed.17:28
stephenmwjhutchins, the second storage drive :-)17:28
stephenmwI installed a 1TiB drive for files. It is slower, so I kept the OS on the emmc17:29
jhutchinsAh, so you're looking for a minimally intrusive install process that will preserve the data on the drive.17:29
stephenmwnah, I backed up the stuff that matters17:30
stephenmwhappy to blow it all away17:30
stephenmw... once the backup completes in about 20 minutes17:30
alkisgstephenmw: in your router, port-forward 5500 and run vncviewer -listen; in her pc via ssh, as root, run: apt install epoptes-client; export $(/usr/share/epoptes-client/get-display); x11vnc -connect your-ip17:31
alkisgThis will give you GUI access to the live cd17:31
stephenmwalkisg, thanks! I was messing with tightvnc's "xstartup" trying to find a magic incantation that would give me a usable env.17:32
stephenmwravage, I have decided not to go with debootstrap because I don't have the ability to recover if my install is broken in some way. I have done similar things many times and know that it often doesn't work the first time :-)17:33
stephenmwravage, literally this week I did something similar to get a custom OS running on a VPS from a provider that doesn't let you easily provide an install disk.17:34
stephenmwtook me 3 tries to get it booted (mostly because they didn't support uefi and I didn't realize it)17:35
ravageyes you may need a few tries17:35
stephenmwalkisg, ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ /usr/share/epoptes-client/get-display17:48
stephenmwCould not detect or access the active display17:48
alkisgstephenmw: as root17:49
alkisgsudo -i first, then the rest17:49
stephenmwgot it17:49
stephenmwalkisg, https://gist.github.com/stephenmw/f10c46ae0cf64b08bf93a062cd11f72f (localhost because I am using remote port forwarding in ssh)17:52
alkisgstephenmw: compare my command with your command17:53
stephenmwoh, address already in use17:53
alkisgexport $(/usr/share/epoptes-client/get-display); x11vnc -connect your-ip17:53
alkisgNot plain /usr/share...17:53
stephenmwI did that17:54
alkisgexport means the DISPLAY will go to the environment; not just to stdout17:54
stephenmwI am aware :-)17:54
alkisgTry x11vnc -noshm -connect localhost:5500; if that fails try x11vnc -noshm -connect localhost without a port17:55
stephenmwupdated gist17:55
alkisgActually, start with a plain xrandr, can you see the resolutions?17:55
stephenmwyep, xrandr works17:55
alkisgOK, try a quick x11vnc -connect; that will reach me; then Ctrl+C it; just to verify it's just a problem with your port forwarding17:56
stephenmwsuccess! x11vnc -noshm -connect localhost:5500;17:56
alkisg...did you run ssh -X?17:57
stephenmwI checked for that!17:57
alkisgWeird that shm was used then; but anyway you got your vnc :)17:57
stephenmwyeah, it showed me gdm. I logged in then it crashed and now it won't start again XD17:58
alkisgDo a second export getdisplay17:58
alkisgBecause XAUTHORITY and DISPLAY were changed due to the login17:59
stephenmwgot it! thanks17:59
stephenmwalkisg, you rock! thank you17:59
alkisgCheers :)17:59
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ravagesaved those commands too18:09
ravageim sure i will need them one day18:09
stephenmwravage, may want to also remember ssh -R 5500:localhost:5500 user@host :-)18:10
ravagei know my way around ssh port forwarding. the client and get-display script is nice18:11
alkisgPort-forwarding 5500 in the "technician" router is much faster; you just tell people `x11vnc -connect your-ip`, no ssh / get-display etc involved18:11
stephenmwum, what about encryption?18:12
alkisgFor a live cd installation? Eh :)18:13
* stephenmw shrugs18:13
alkisgThere's also /usr/share/epoptes-client/share-terminal your-ip, that one gives a secure shell without any port forwarding at the remote side18:14
stephenmwI mean in the future when I am providing support to my mother :-)18:14
alkisgBtw your mother has a dyndns + a port forwarding for ssh?18:15
stephenmwnope... I used chrome remote desktop to setup an ssh port forward and google search "what is my ip"18:16
stephenmwmaybe her router supports dyndns...18:16
alkisgChrome remote desktop... doesn't that mean you already had access to her desktop?18:17
stephenmwalso used chrome remote desktop to run rufus to create the installer.18:17
stephenmwdifferent desktop :-)18:17
alkisgOK. There's also duckdns if her router doesn't support dyndns; and you can do a reverse secure connection via epoptes-client; in that case, you install dyndns or duckdns in your own pc, without doing any port forwarding to her router18:18
stephenmwcrap, how do I kill the installer, it has gotten stuck when it found out sda was still mounted18:19
stephenmwwon't respond to buttons18:19
stephenmwmeh, if she wants help, she can google "what is my ip" and tell me :-)18:20
stephenmwand ssh forwarding already works now18:20
stephenmwthis is not how I want to spend my Sunday. lol18:20
alkisg...as long as she has a GUI,sure :)18:20
stephenmwhe has a laptop and a desktop18:21
stephenmwshe can figure it out18:21
stephenmwand a phone18:21
stephenmwugh, I can't kill ubiquity18:25
stephenmwsolution: logout :-)18:27
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spacecase_Every time my Ubuntu server restarts I cannot connect to the internet and ping gives me a temporary failure in the name resolution error21:38
spacecase_Need to solve once and for all21:38
tomreynspacecase_: are you configuring it using netplan? with which backend (systemd-networkd or Network Manager)?21:43
tomreynso since you know this, you should be able to provide some more information, too?21:44
spacecase_there's no nameserver listed in the netplan config21:44
spacecase_and no not really21:44
spacecase_netplan is garbage to me, don't know anything about it. ubuntu is the only thing that uses it that I've touched21:45
tomreyni guess i can't help the. good luck.21:45
spacecase_wow thanks21:45
tomreyni mean you can just uninstall netplan and use systemd-networkd directly21:46
tomreynbut if you have no nameservers configured and none are retrieved via dhcp then resolving won't work out21:47
spacecase_trying to add nameservers to the config now, about to test21:47
spacecase_ok that worked, sorry for being a bit of a dick21:47
spacecase_been very frustrating for me, thought I had it fixed... rebooted after 68 days of uptime, then hit with the same problem again21:48
leftyfbthere's nothing wrong with netplan21:49
leftyfbspacecase_: is you interface set to static or DHCP?21:49
leftyfbok, then specify a nameserver21:49
leftyfbproblem solved21:49
spacecase_that's what I've done :)21:49
leftyfbpastebin your netplan21:50
spacecase_was on 16.04 for the longest time, then upgraded and things have changed under the hood21:50
leftyfbpastebin your netplan21:50
leftyfbspacecase_: what happens when you run:  sudo netplan apply ?21:51
spacecase_it started working after adding the nameservers and then running netplan apply21:52
leftyfbok, then everything is fine21:52
spacecase_& now that i have nameservers in the config, it should be fine after reboot yes?21:52
leftyfbreboot and see21:52
spacecase_fingers crossed21:54
spacecase_did not work21:57
spacecase_works after running netplan apply tho21:59
spacecase_just not on its own after boot21:59
leftyfbspacecase_: ls -l /etc/netplan/21:59
leftyfbwhat do you have in there?21:59
spacecase_just that one config21:59
leftyfbspacecase_: ok, reboot again and do not run netplan apply so we can troubleshoot22:00
spacecase_that yaml wouldn't need execute privileges would it?22:01
spacecase_starting back up... takes a good minute22:02
spacecase_alright, lets troubleshoot22:04
leftyfbspacecase_: ip -c a   # pastebin if you can, screenshot if you can't22:05
leftyfbspacecase_: is this a fresh install of ubuntu or did you upgrade it? Have you messed with any resolver like systemd-resolved or resolvconf or bind?22:07
spacecase_its upgraded22:07
spacecase_resolvcon.service is enabled as is systemd-resolved22:08
leftyfbspacecase_: sudo apt remove --purge ifupdown22:08
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leftyfbspacecase_: sudo apt remove --purge ifupdown resolvconf22:09
leftyfbwhy are there 2 ip's for eno1?22:09
spacecase_ifupdown not installed but resolvconf is22:10
leftyfbremove/purge it22:10
leftyfbwhy are there 2 ip's for eno1?22:10
spacecase_no idea, probably related to the issue22:10
spacecase_I am running adguard but I don't think that would do that22:10
leftyfbare you sure you only have 1 file in /etc/netplan/ ?22:10
leftyfbadguard could be the cause of the DNS issues22:11
leftyfbsure, though I am not confident the issue is resolved22:12
spacecase_if you've got more ideas we can run through those, it just recommended reboot after uninstalling22:12
leftyfbI don't. And actually I have to step away22:14
spacecase_ok, thanks for your help22:14
spacecase_ok, thanks for your help22:16
spacecase_about to just write a systemd service to run netplan apply on boot22:20
GrandPa-GI am trying to reduce the size of my sd (raspberry) card. gparted doesn't allow me to shrink the partition (unless I am doing it wrong), yet there is a lot of free space. Is it possible?22:24
matsamanGrandPa-G: reduce? Why?22:25
spacecase_you're not booted from that partition when you try to do it are you?22:25
GrandPa-Gmatsaman, I want to be able to save the image to a file and send to someone.22:25
spacecase_you want to make a sparse image then22:26
GrandPa-Gspacecase_, I am, I assume I need to mount it somewhere else and then try, correct?22:26
Jeremy31GrandPa-G: Gparted won't allow you to change the size of a mounted partition, you can do it from a Live ISO on USB22:26
spacecase_ha just "fixed" my issue22:27
spacecase_we'll file that under the category of "it's not dumb if it works"22:27
matsamanGrandPa-G: if you take an ordinary image and then compress it with an ordinary file archive compressor, that will make it smaller22:28
matsamanespecially if the free space is all zeros22:28
GrandPa-Gmatsaman, yes, but for a 14gb sd card, it is still about 2.5gb22:28
matsamanbut me? I would archive the filesystem while unmounted, and backup the partition table and boot sector stuff and send all that22:28
matsamanGrandPa-G: okay but you probably won't get it much lower than 2.5GB without extreme complexity and effort22:29
matsamanif you wanted to target a future sdcard that will be smaller than 14gb, that's another matter22:29
spacecase_sparse method is what I'd recommend22:29
GrandPa-Gmatsaman, that is why I want to resize it down to about 4-6gb.22:29
spacecase_compressed file method is what GrandPa-G is recommending.  either is fine22:30
matsamanGrandPa-G: well, what Jeremy31 said is the simplest way, from unmounted, resize it22:30
GrandPa-Gmatsaman, thanks to all, I will give it a try.22:30
matsamanGrandPa-G: resizing isn't 100.00% safe, so backup important stuff22:31
matsamanit's more like 90% safe22:31
GrandPa-Gmatsaman, I was just not careful when I created it. I usually start with a few gb, get running, then expand as desired. I just forgot this time.22:32
spacecase_you could also rsync to a smaller partition22:32
matsamanGrandPa-G: it's super straightforward to shrink down from a live system, don't sweat it22:34
qxtJust downloaded Ubuntu server LTS. Wondering where the gpg signing keys for verification are? Also there is normally a signed file with hashes. Can't find any of that.22:43
qxtMy Q. How is Ubuntu verified. Are these reproducible builds or something?22:44
ravageqxt: verification of what?22:44
ravagethere are checksums of the iso file22:44
qxtyes I see the sha256 hash but I don't see that they are signed22:45
qxtnormally you doing something like gpg --verify ubuntu_hashes.sig for something along that line22:46
qxtI normally check the WoT of signatures on the key also.22:47
jhutchinsqxt: What distribution do you normally use?22:48
qxtAfter 15 years on Debian I thought I would give Ubuntu a spin.22:48
qxtNeed to toss up a kvm server22:48
jhutchinsqxt: I don't think Debian signs the isos either.22:49
jhutchinsChecksum verifies that it matches the original build.  Signing would be redundant.22:49
qxtWe did sign them. I know I was a DD for a few years =) By the way I recognize your handle from years back.22:50
ravageit really all is in the link above. including gpg22:50
jhutchinsBeen the same nick for a while now.22:50
qxtI saw it years ago. I left Ubuntu desktop when there was a beef with Gnome changing to something I did not like. Was a long time ago22:51
qxtbtw I like it now =)22:51
Jeremy31qxt: Unity?22:52
ravageis there anything else we can help you with? this is going OT for this channel slowly. there is #ubuntu-discuss if you just want to chat about Ubuntu22:53
qxtWas before then. Gnome radically changed format22:53
qxtYes. I just want to know if there is a way to verify the hashes with a gpg key in ubuntu.22:54
ravagesee link above22:54
qxtthat is just a hash sum on a site?22:54
qxtoh, Ill look again. sry22:55
qxtThanks. This is what I was looking for. pg --keyid-format long --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 0x46181433FBB75451 0xD94AA3F0EFE2109223:07
tomreynhoefully this DSA-1 key is no longer in use23:09
qxtjhutchins IIRC, I probably don't, you were an admin on freenode? Like 10 years ago... maybe more?23:11
jhutchinsI don't think I've been an IRC admin.  I ran a FIDONet node and moderated some of the national echos.23:12
qxtYeah something like that. Was a long long time ago. Anyway I gotta get back to work. Thanks. Sorry if I sounded a bit impatient.23:14
jhutchinsqxt: Glad you found what you need.23:14
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