RbertLszl[m]Hello! A question. Isn't the forum because you can ask for help?04:49
arraybolt3[m]Correct. This is a technical support room, help requests are welcome here.04:49
RbertLszl[m]arraybolt3: Hello! Can I say my problem?04:51
RbertLszl[m]I install Ubuntu Studio 22.04 LTS Distribution because someone tells me this system I can hear my synthesizer if I plug in the sound blaster omni 5.1 sound card line-in input to the jack plug. My synthesizer: Types CT-S100.05:12
RbertLszl[m]CASIO CT-S10005:12
arraybolt3[m]OK, I'm back.05:13
arraybolt3[m]So I'm assuming it's not getting the signal?05:13
RbertLszl[m]That's right. The setting please help me hear the sign.05:14
arraybolt3[m]OK, do you see Studio Controls in your Application Menu?05:15
RbertLszl[m]For example, Ati?05:16
arraybolt3[m]Róbert László: There should be an application called "Studio Controls" if you click on the Application Menu in the upper-left corner of the screen.05:16
RbertLszl[m]I don't see Studio Controls.05:17
arraybolt3[m]That's odd. Uh... lemme check something.05:18
arraybolt3[m]Oh, weird, it's not in the Favorites. That explains it.05:21
arraybolt3[m]You should be able to search for the word "Studio" in the Application Menu and find Studio Controls.05:21
* arraybolt3[m] uploaded an image: (967KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/fbDbJyklHYUuEfznqNttThPn/image.png >05:23
* arraybolt3[m] uploaded an image: (598KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/QsxOMNTinhtemulZXzELGGOW/image.png >05:24
arraybolt3[m]Róbert László: ^05:24
RbertLszl[m]I don't have one like that05:30
RbertLszl[m]In the menu05:31
arraybolt3[m]Do you see any app with an icon like the one you see in the Studio Controls window up there? Maybe it's just named something different because your computer is in a different language?05:31
arraybolt3[m]Should have an icon like this:05:32
* arraybolt3[m] uploaded an image: (3KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/uSUBydZNdLKqkuvobhyRugOk/image.png >05:32
arraybolt3[m]Also if you could take a screenshot of your desktop so I can see what you're seeing, that may be helpful.05:33
RbertLszl[m]Found it05:33
arraybolt3[m]Nice. OK, now click "Start or Restart JACK".05:34
arraybolt3[m]Wait for "Jack status:" to say "Running".05:34
RbertLszl[m]Don't need the synthesizer?05:34
arraybolt3[m]* say "Running" after clicking that button.05:34
arraybolt3[m]RbertLszl[m]: You can plug the synthesizer in now if you'd like.05:35
arraybolt3[m]Also, just to be clear, is this a MIDI device, or an audio device, or both?05:35
arraybolt3[m](Either way, it should be available in the JACK Patchbay even if you start JACK first and then connect the synthesizer.)05:36
RbertLszl[m]Both. I like to hear when I play it and what I pick up.05:36
arraybolt3[m]Right. I meant, is it supposed to show up as a MIDI device on your system, or as a microphone? I think it's supposed to appear as a MIDI device.05:37
RbertLszl[m]I understand05:38
RbertLszl[m]Jack is running05:38
arraybolt3[m]OK, next, search for an app called "Carla", and start it.05:38
RbertLszl[m]Carla is run05:39
arraybolt3[m]Perfect, now click on the "Patchbay" tab near the top of the window.05:39
arraybolt3[m]This will show you several boxes with connections between them. If everything is working right, one of those boxes should identify itself as your CASIO keyboard, most likely with a red MIDI connection.05:40
RbertLszl[m]A moment. I do not connect the synthesizer yet.05:40
arraybolt3[m]No problem. You should see the keyboard appear as a new box in the patchbay when you connect it.05:41
RbertLszl[m]I connect to the synthesizer.05:44
arraybolt3[m]OK, can you see a new MIDI out port in the patchbay?05:45
RbertLszl[m]In the Line-in output05:45
arraybolt3[m]Fantastic. The last step should be to test and make sure it's working, then you should be able to use it.05:45
RbertLszl[m]Yes, I see it05:46
arraybolt3[m]For testing, I like to use a built-in synthesizer app in Ubuntu Studio called Yoshimi05:46
arraybolt3[m]It accepts MIDI input in JACK and then can play a wide variety of voices.05:46
arraybolt3[m]Basically, launch Yoshimi, then connect the MIDI Out port of your keyboard to the MIDI In port of Yoshimi in the patchbay (just click and drag from the MIDI Out port to the MIDI In port to make a connection). Then press a key on the keyboard and you should hear Yoshimi make a sound.05:47
arraybolt3[m](High keys work better with the default sound Yoshimi makes.)05:47
arraybolt3[m]If you can hear something happen when you do that, then Ubuntu Studio is using the keyboard properly. You can then close Yoshimi and then start using the keyboard as you intended originally.05:48
RbertLszl[m]I can't hear sound.05:49
arraybolt3[m]You may need to turn up the volume in Yoshimi or on your computer. The sound will play out your computer's speakers.05:49
arraybolt3[m](Also make sure that you can see a red line in between the keyboard's MIDI output and Yoshimi's MIDI input.)05:50
* RbertLszl[m] uploaded an image: (1692KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/EyHWioSuKtTxsEqEqJIEEhol/Screenshot_20230305_065103.png >05:51
arraybolt3[m]hmm... I don't see your keyboard's MIDI output. I see a MIDI bridge, but that's something Ubuntu Studio does by default.05:52
RbertLszl[m]And now?05:53
arraybolt3[m]At this point I'd check the USB cable between the keyboard and your computer.05:53
arraybolt3[m]Everything should just work, so if it's not working I'd suspect that you have a bad or incorrectly connected USB cable.05:54
arraybolt3[m](People on the Casio Music Forums sometimes run into similar problems and one of the moderators there says that a bad USB cable is one of the most common problems.)05:54
* RbertLszl[m] uploaded an image: (1703KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/ydOBDONmWfVPnFqXttVIYXwR/Screenshot_20230305_065616.png >05:57
arraybolt3[m]Hey, there it is!05:57
arraybolt3[m]Nice. You should be able to scroll right a bit until both the CASIO MIDI output and the Yoshimi MIDI input are visible at the same time.05:57
arraybolt3[m]Then you can just click and drag to connect them and try again.05:57
RbertLszl[m]I don't understand the drawing.05:59
arraybolt3[m]So you know how each device you use in music recording has ports on it?05:59
arraybolt3[m]JACK basically allows individual applications to have "ports" too.05:59
arraybolt3[m]Each port can transfer either audio or MIDI data.05:59
arraybolt3[m]If you want a particular device's or application's output to go to another device or application, you draw a connection between them.05:59
arraybolt3[m]So for instance, in our scenario, we want the MIDI data from the keyboard to go to Yoshimi, a synthesizer.06:00
* RbertLszl[m] uploaded an image: (1682KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/xsAMbNhGUioPzYIptPamzpxe/Screenshot_20230305_065941.png >06:00
arraybolt3[m]So we connect the keyboard's MIDI output to Yoshimi's MIDI input. Now all MIDI info goes from the keyboard to Yoshimi. (In the above screenshot, you have the keyboard's MIDI output connected back into the keyboard's MIDI input. Yoshimi's MIDI input is directly above that.)06:01
arraybolt3[m]The keyboard's MIDI output is on the left, it should be connected to Yoshimi on the right.06:02
* RbertLszl[m] uploaded an image: (112KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/zRjGNpTSdzFmnlWwqCSJcQuy/Screenshot_20230305_070109.png >06:02
arraybolt3[m]That looks right.06:02
arraybolt3[m]Try pressing a high key on the keyboard and listen for a high-pitched sound to come from the computer.06:02
RbertLszl[m]Can I check headphones?06:04
arraybolt3[m]If you have headphones connected to the computer, then that's probably where the audio will be playing out.06:05
RbertLszl[m]I can't hear the headphones.06:05
arraybolt3[m]Hmm... can you show me what the audio connections look like above the MIDI connections?06:05
arraybolt3[m](I see you have a lot of playback devices, I'm wondering if maybe the headphones are being recognized as a separate audio output device.)06:06
* RbertLszl[m] uploaded an image: (139KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/tUWRvPIsRSzKJGFUijpwZJul/Screenshot_20230305_070614.png >06:06
arraybolt3[m]Interesting. Are your headphones connected via a normal headphone jack, or something else?06:07
arraybolt3[m](That looks like everything should work - maybe your volume is muted or turned down too low.)06:07
RbertLszl[m]No mute.06:13
RbertLszl[m]I love a jack plug anyway.06:14
arraybolt3[m]Are you able to hear audio at all, in any app?06:14
RbertLszl[m]The system switches to me Jack and not omni5.1.06:15
arraybolt3[m]I bet that "none_out" device is your omni5.1.06:16
RbertLszl[m]The sound setting06:16
arraybolt3[m]Try connecting pulse_out to none-out and see if you can get sound that way.06:16
* RbertLszl[m] uploaded an image: (112KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/YWLSZHgjdaJPfDDMDqNLhNSu/Screenshot_20230305_071649.png >06:17
arraybolt3[m](pulse_out appears to be stereo output, whereas none-out looks to be 5.1 surround sound. I've never used 5.1 surround, so I'm not sure how you'll want to map stereo to surround sound.)06:17
RbertLszl[m]Just a thought. Isn't Non_in the problem?06:20
arraybolt3[m]Maybe? I wouldn't expect it would be, but at this point it looks like most everything is working and the stuff that isn't working is beyond my knowledge.06:21
* RbertLszl[m] uploaded an image: (148KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/oAosNKnUTHhtQZFAuZqWcVnk/Screenshot_20230305_072258.png >06:23
RbertLszl[m]I understand you!06:23
RbertLszl[m]And if we look at Jack's plug?06:25
arraybolt3[m]You might also just try pressing a higher key than the one you were pressing - the default tone in Yoshimi is hard to hear for lower frequencies.06:25
RbertLszl[m]Yoshimi I hear.06:26
arraybolt3[m]So it works?06:27
RbertLszl[m]In the Yoshimi06:27
arraybolt3[m]OK, so audio is working. And if you press one of the highest pitched keys on the keyboard, does Yoshimi make noise then?06:28
RbertLszl[m]The synthesizer wants Jack anyway.06:28
arraybolt3[m]JACK is an audio and MIDI server. The keyboard is already connected to JACK and it should be able to send info to Yoshimi. JACK is just acting as a go-between so that data is routed where you want it to go.06:28
RbertLszl[m]In the Yoshimi06:29
arraybolt3[m]OK, have both Yoshimi and Yoshimi's virtual keyboard visible at the same time, then press a key in the virtual keyboard. You should be able to see two blue bars on the bottom of Yoshimi's screen move.06:31
arraybolt3[m]If you can see that, then press a key on the CASIO and see if you can see those same two blue bars move or not.06:31
arraybolt3[m](I'm hoping that maybe there's a setting on the keyboard that is making the keypresses too soft to hear or something, and not that no data is getting through at all.)06:32
RbertLszl[m]I don't want the synthesizer to sound because it's too loud. That's why I say the jack plug because it plugs in the headphones and can't hear me.06:34
arraybolt3[m]Wait... are your headphones plugged into the computer or the CASIO?06:35
arraybolt3[m]If they're plugged into the CASIO, that explains everything. In that event, unplug the headphones from the CASIO and plug them into the computer. (This is just for testing, we can move them back to the CASIO later.)06:35
RbertLszl[m]Into the comuter06:36
arraybolt3[m]Gah. This feels like we're really close and there must be something obvious that we're missing.06:36
RbertLszl[m]I two, let's start from the beginning. Jack plug uses.06:38
arraybolt3[m]To be clear, what does "jack plug" mean?06:38
RbertLszl[m]Just ask for some time.06:38
arraybolt3[m]Oh, OK. No problem.06:38
RbertLszl[m]I came back06:44
arraybolt3[m]Welcome back, any progress or news?06:45
arraybolt3[m]Are there any settings on your keyboard that might influence this? Volume, velocity, etc.?06:45
RbertLszl[m]Volume regulator. Starting synthesizer06:47
RbertLszl[m]No display06:48
RbertLszl[m]Sustian, Reverb06:49
RbertLszl[m]Sorry, hungarian languge06:49
arraybolt3[m]At this point I can't really think of anything but general troubleshooting and "change settings until it works" suggestions.06:50
arraybolt3[m]It's recognized, which is good, but I'm not sure whether it's generating MIDI data or not.06:51
arraybolt3[m]You might be able to try connecting it to a program like Ardour and see if you can record MIDI there, but Ardour is somewhat complex to use and I'm too tired to try and re-learn it this late since I've forgotten how exactly to use it.06:52
RbertLszl[m]Good rest for you!06:54
arraybolt3[m]Sorry I couldn't be more help.06:54
RbertLszl[m]No problem. This is ahead of me.06:55
RbertLszl[m]Anyone else here?11:03
ilviperoHello. Audo wizards that might be able to help you usually come online in US time zones. Also be mindful that it's weekend and people might be busy with family. I suggest to wait until Monday Evening (EU time) and if no answer, ping again here. 11:13
ilviperoI hope it helps11:13
gartralhow do I restart the compositor and reinvoke the plasma system bar. KDE, once again, let me down and crashes partially if my system goes to sleep12:44
gartralI don't want to restart my session because I have a bunch of terminals open that I don't want to lose.12:45
gartrallike, this is frustrating becasue I have no idea what to do here: https://cloud.kitsunet.info:9001/s/zEbEYJRoTJfQNCq12:55
gartralwelp, guess I have to restart my session... thanks whoever though KDE/Plasma was a good replacement for xfce13:22
RbertLszl[m]ilvipero: Are there people only from America? Can't they be from Europe anymore?14:56

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