BluesKajHi all13:10
mmikowskiRikMills[m] Eickmeyer: FYI, night color + intel + steam == flicker fest21:24
mmikowskiI've explicitly disabled it by default in next setting update; also document on site.21:25
mmikowskiThis on 5.19 kernel. I believe it is the same on oem kernel, but since I can't uncook that egg ... :P21:26
mmikowski5.19 hwe vs. 5.17 oem.21:26
arraybolt3mmikowski: I mean, is there anything keeping you from installing the 5.17 OEM kernel stack and then uninstalling the 5.19 HWE stack on an installed system?21:28
arraybolt3I've documented how to switch kernel stacks before.21:28
arraybolt3https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/lubuntu-22-04-2-lts-upgrades-still-using-the-5-15-ga-kernel/4042/8?u=arraybolt3 This is for switching from HWE to GA on Lubuntu, but with some tweaks it could likely work for witching from HWE to OEM 5.17.21:28
mmikowskiAye, sorry Aaron! I should have put you into the cc list.21:37
mmikowskiWell, no.21:37
mmikowskiBut I don't think 5.17 fixes it.21:37
mmikowskiThe flicker was there before. I can look a little deeper, but it appears almost all the fixes that matter to us have moved forward to 5.19 HWE.21:38
mmikowskiIt is the interaction between Intel GPU and night vision. 21:38
mmikowskiWe already found and fixed a number of i915 flicker related settings (mostly modules), but I think what made this come up again is for some reason night color was getting set during burn-in.21:39
mmikowskiSo the Steam tests got all flickery.21:39
mmikowskiTurn off the night color, and it's fixed.21:39
mmikowskiOf course, absolutely no issue with NV graphics.21:40
mmikowskiHaven't search the bug db for this yet; it's definite on X11. Haven't checked wayland yet.21:40
mmikowskijust wanted to give you a heads up.21:40
mmikowskiFor RikMills[m] and Eickmeyer, I think it's very important for a default settings consideration.21:41
mmikowskiAlso for documentations. +cc ahoneybun[m]21:41
Eickmeyermmikowski: #ubuntu-kernel21:42
mmikowskiSince Kubuntu ships with 5.19 HWE IIRC, and its probably better to start with something that doesn't have night color but works on demanding gfx out of the box.21:42
mmikowskiHi Eickmeyer!21:42
mmikowskiOk, I'll add that to my lurk list.21:43
EickmeyerBasically, if it's a kernel issue (and not hardware-specific), that's a place to talk to.21:43
EickmeyerI, personally, have seen no issues on any of my hardware with i915. Tells me it's specific to whatever hardware you are testing on.21:44
mmikowskiThanks. It may be limited access.21:44
EickmeyerBut, you haven't mentioned the hardware you're testing on.21:44
mmikowskiThat's the nxg2 and xeg221:44
EickmeyerOk, might be limited to that hardware then.21:45
mmikowskiIt might21:45
EickmeyerRemember how intel gets very specific in their own MB manufacturing?21:45
EickmeyerNot generic at all as you'd hope.21:45
mmikowskiJust thought I'd let you know. It is definitely confirmed on there, and those are very popular CPUs.21:45
mmikowskiOh yeah.21:45
EickmeyerCPUs, yes, but not MBs.21:45
mmikowskiLike I said, just an fyi.  We'll look at earlier revisions and see if it replicates.21:47
mmikowskiIIRC, xeg2 also had that issue.  But we'll see.21:50
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