* arraybolt3 looks around for any more of these before considering my job done00:01
arraybolt3I'm tentatively declaring this most likely done, but if we find another one of these before release day I'm not going to be too surprised. I don't have the time to read the whole code for these things, but that might not be a bad idea to do at some point.00:03
guivercthanks arraybolt3 ; you caught all i discovered (waking from suspend & on opening xscreensaver options) ...   00:04
guivercIf someone else appears; we'll report.00:05
guivercs/someone/something ^00:05
arraybolt3Perhaps as a side project we should make some sort of LXQt Locker that doesn't rely on XScreenSaver at all? :P Would be a shame, XScreenSaver is awesome software. I guess Debian has lived with patching it for a while, so...00:11
kc2bezIt is currently the most secure option but eventually we will need something for Wayland.00:13
arraybolt3Good point.00:13
arraybolt3Alright, second warning patched out, testing.00:14
arraybolt3Lovely. My latest patch killed the unlock screen entirely :P00:15
* guiverc hopes you don't mean that literally; ie. we still have an unlock screen without oudated-msg :)00:16
arraybolt3lol, it's just in a testing environment, no big deal.00:16
* arraybolt3 wrestles with quilt00:24
arraybolt3This is going to need patched in Kinetic, and pronto.00:31
arraybolt3Alright, patched in Lunar. I have to take care of some animals, but I'll be back to work on the next SRU soon.00:34
guivercthank you arraybolt3 00:38
arraybolt3tsimonq2, teward: If either of you are around, I could use some help stabbing the Release Team to fast-track two XScreenSaver SRUs into Kinetic.00:47
arraybolt3https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/kinetic/+source/xscreensaver/+bug/1989163 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xscreensaver/+bug/200930600:47
-ubottu:#lubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1989163 in xscreensaver (Ubuntu Kinetic) "Unable to run screensaver when selected from menu" [High, Fix Committed]00:47
-ubottu:#lubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2009306 in xscreensaver (Ubuntu Lunar) "xscreensaver Warning message 'This version of xscreensaver is VERY OLD! Please upgrade!' on waking my lunar box this morning" [High, Confirmed]00:47
arraybolt3(The second one does not yet have an upload made for it, but I'm working on that.)00:47
arraybolt3Anyway, this is a bit early for me to ask, but I figure better to ask early than late.00:47
tewardyou know its sunday right00:50
arraybolt3Don't care.00:50
tewardthen go bother us after a few days00:50
arraybolt3After users break their systems at jwz's request? :D00:51
arraybolt3Besides it's Monday in some area of the world already.00:51
arraybolt3Alright, got the Kinetic upload done. Time to finish fixing up the SRU.03:28
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- Unapproved: xscreensaver (kinetic-proposed/universe) [6.02+dfsg1-2ubuntu1.1 => 6.02+dfsg1-2ubuntu1.2] (lubuntu)03:29
guivercwow thanks for even doing the testing arraybolt3 (xscreensaver 2009306)10:34
kgiiiI do not know if this is important or 'bug worthy', but desktop preferences is no longer garbled - but it defaults to the "Advanced" tab - the tab furthest to the right.18:53
arraybolt3That's odd...19:01
arraybolt3I bet I know what happened. I had the Advanced tab open in Qt Designer when I saved the UI.19:03
arraybolt3Didn't realize that was going to be saved into the file :P19:03
arraybolt3I'll fix that once git.lubuntu.me is back (cert is expired on it at the moment).19:04
kgiiiLOL I don't think it's *vital* or anything, but it is unexpected behavior.19:08
kgiiiAnd yes, yes I do notice oddities like that. Also, it seems to me, it's not hard to automate Let's Encrypt certificates (which is what I'm guessing is in use). Someone might want to look into that when they have a few minute.19:10
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i'm aware of the git cert20:30
lubot[telegram] <teward001> i am finishing @ work first then will poke the cert20:30
=== guiverc2 is now known as guiverc
lubot[telegram] <teward001> test it now someone22:55
arraybolt3@teward001: Success!22:55
lubot[telegram] <teward001> good now give me cash22:55
arraybolt3In coffee?22:55
arraybolt3I can give a few hundred dollars worth of coffee via teleportation, with a 0.005% chance of success.22:56
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Eickmeyer: Weirdly enough, things aren't popping up on this end.22:59
arraybolt3I think Matrix just glitched.23:00
arraybolt3I think I sent that message weeks ago :P23:00
EickmeyerYeah, Matrix is one-way in #ubuntustudio right now.23:04
arraybolt3OK, I guess I can fix the weird problem with the tabs in Desktop Preferences now.23:09
arraybolt3And then maybe tackle kURL.23:09
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Oh hey, Matrix is better now too.23:12

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