meihello, why netplan has no command to check its version?09:16
meialso the package is named netplan.io, so it's a bit not intuitive to find out by other means09:17
meianyway since i'm here i have another question: if i change my configuration and do a netplan try, i get an error saying me that the wifi ssid is already in use. but of course it is, i'm trying to improve my old configuration which is also running. it feels slightly like a bug, but i'm happy if i'm doing something wrong09:19
meinot to mention i tried to configure a wireguard tunnel, and it's not working, but i have no errors or output anywhere, so i have no idea how to debug it09:20
Guest72hi guys,12:14
Guest72is there any way to set the NetworkManager "connection.autoconnect-priority" attribute (or interface/config priority) using netplan?12:14
Guest72I have a setup with a default config (99-default.yaml) which configures dhcp for all ethernet interfaces using a wildcard. And an interface specific (10-enx0000.yaml) which should override the default config.12:14
Guest72Unfortunately, netplan does not seem to honor the filename order and creates "netplan-all.nmconnection" and "netplan-enx0000.nmconnection". The "netplan-all" config gets always loaded first. This also seems to happen with networkd (10-netplan-all.network 10-netplan-enx0000.network).12:14
Guest72I am using 0.106.12:14
danilogondolfoGuest72, maybe using networkmanager.passthrough? https://netplan.readthedocs.io/en/stable/netplan-yaml/#backend-specific-configuration-parameters12:23
danilogondolfosomething like "connection.autoconnect-priority": 90012:23
meiwhy you expect a 10- file to override a 99- file? i would assume the one that come later to override the one that come earlier12:24
Guest72 @danilogondolfo Thank you, that was the right hint!13:00
Guest72       networkmanager:13:00
Guest72        passthrough:13:00
Guest72          connection.autoconnect-priority: 1013:00
Guest72@mei this is the "Lexicographic order" usually used for config files13:01
mei1x should come before 9x 13:03
meifrom netplan man 'Lexicographically later files amend or override previous ones'13:05
Guest72ok I have not read this special processing, I am used to the "first rule that matches" processing13:13
Guest72anyway, because one rule is a wildcard this does not apply here13:13
Guest72thank you all13:13
meithere is no way to have a routing-policy where the mark is applied as negation?13:44
meii have ot check that the mark is not a value13:44
meiin networkd there is "InvertRule" directive13:44
meiwell it does't matter. since 'Error in network definition: IP routing policy must include either a 'from' or 'to' IP'14:15
meibut it should be possible only by fwmark14:15

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