seb128is it quiet or is my IRC not working?16:03
bandaliseems pretty quiet so far16:04
seb128so what do we need to get started?16:05
rbasakWe aren't quorate currently.16:05
rbasakWe need a couple more DMB members to appear16:05
seb128Lukasz and Brian denied the meeting so I guess we should count them out16:06
rbasakThis used to be a regular problem. At that time, the DMB concluded that:16:06
rbasak"Quorum votes are required, however if quorum is not reached at first meeting, at the next meeting majority present votes are required"16:06
rbasakI think that suggests that if we don't get quorum today, we will need to postpone, but when the same applicants are considered again, only the board members present at that meeting will be needed.16:07
rbasakUsually I wait ten minutes and then go. I am interrupting my leave to be here.16:08
bandaliis it perhaps worth trying pinging the other members?16:09
seb128bandali, it was done on #ubuntu-devel16:09
seb128it feels like we will need to postpone again...16:09
rbasakSorry, it seems unlikely that hanging around longer will help, so let's postpone.16:10
seb128yes :-(16:10
rbasakivanhu: please reschedule yourself in the next available slot16:11
ivanhurbasak, OK16:12
utkarsh210243this is utkarsh2102 here16:12
rbasakbandali: I suppose you can use the same replacement slot as an exception, following the previous exception.16:12
utkarsh210243can't you read my texts from the Matrix side?16:12
utkarsh210243rbasak, seb128: I said we're 4 of us here16:12
utkarsh210243I've been saying that for too long :P16:12
rbasakI only see three?16:13
utkarsh210243Robie, Seb, Utkarsh, Lucas16:13
rbasakLucas doesn't appear to be here either.16:13
utkarsh210243the bridge seems to be down16:13
rbasakFix your bridge please, or just use IRC directly? We've wasted a quarter of our time already :-(16:13
utkarsh210243because I can see him here16:13
utkarsh210243I mean, Matrix generally works. It's rare that it doesn't.16:14
utkarsh210243kanashiro: hi! \o16:14
utkarsh2102435 of us now16:14
kanashiroI am out of matrix now16:14
rbasakivanhu: still here?16:14
tewardso both matrix and irccloud decided to tell me to go screw myself and didn't send me notifications oops16:14
ivanhurbasak, yes16:14
rbasakCan someone else chair please?16:15
kanashiroI think this is the first time I have an issue with the matrix to IRC bridge :/16:15
kanashiroI am in a concurrent meeting FWIW16:15
=== utkarsh210243 is now known as utkarsh
tewardbeen a while since i chaired i'll do it but let me grab the agenda first16:16
rbasakAIUI, we're considering ivanhu's application first.16:16
bandaliand i'm still around as well (if there's time for me)16:16
teward#startmeeting Developer Membership Board Meeting - March 6, 202316:17
meetingologyMeeting started at 16:17:14 UTC.  The chair is teward.  Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology16:17
meetingologyAvailable commands: action, commands, idea, info, link, nick16:17
tewardHello, everyone, and welcome to the DMB meeting for March 6th, 2023.16:17
rbasakbandali: right, but we set a cut-off at 1630 UTC, so I'm not sure there'll be time now, sorry :-(16:17
tewardAs we're short on time I'm going to move some things to "later" (review of previous items, etc.)16:18
tewardand we're going to jump right in to the meeting here.  I see that there's some missing links in the agenda page to application pages16:18
rbasakvicamo: you seem to have picked a full meeting date, so I'm not expecting that your application would have been considered today anyway. Please see the email thread, find a free slot, and adjust your agenda item.16:18
teward#topic Packageset / PPU Uploader Applications16:18
teward#subtopic Ivan Hu16:19
* vicamo so sad16:19
teward#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IvanHu/PPU16:19
rbasakvicamo: the agenda page says this at the top: "The Developer Membership Board will consider a maximum of one applicant per meeting."16:19
tewardivanhu: greetings, how about you start by introducing yourself to the DMB and why you're here, while we review your applicaiton page.16:19
tewardvicamo: pick a meeting date that isn't full already (we only process one application per meeting at the moment because of the lengths we go to in vetting someoen for their applications)16:20
=== utkarsh16 is now known as utkarsh
ivanhuhi there, I am IvanHu, I am currently in kernel - HWE team, focus on the firmware related issues and functions. I have been the developer and maintainer of FWTS(firmware test suite) since I joined Canonical.16:21
vicamoteward, rbasak: I saw two fall on today, therefore I thought it's allowed for 3.16:21
tewardvicamo: assuming things does not help, the text on the page itself is the most important part, and we've already sent emails in the past to peopel who are double-scheduling to choose another day.  some haven't gotten to it yet.  But we can discuss this later, right now the DMB needs to pay attention to the applicant who has the floor, ivanhu16:22
rbasakivanhu: welcome!16:23
rbasakivanhu: do you have any need or plans to change a package in a stable release, such as to fix bugs, or update the package after release? Or are you only interested in uploading to the development release?16:23
ivanhurbasak, fwts use stable ppa for getting the latest version and also will create a live image for using every release, so uploading to the development release should be fine.16:27
rbasakivanhu: if you find that you do need to update a stable release, do you know where to find the documentation on how to request that, or who to ask?16:29
ivanhurbasak, yes16:30
rbasakWhere do you find the documentation, or who/how/where would you ask?16:31
ivanhurbasak, the SRU process document https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#regressions, and I can ask me colleague Timo who is in SRU team.16:33
rbasakOK great, thanks. Next question: do you have any experience in making packaging changes?16:34
rbasakI see very little in the history of fwts.16:34
rbasakWhat would you do if you had to make a packaging change in fwts?16:34
ivanhurbasak, I might modify the debian configures, such as control or rule...16:38
rbasakI'm not sure if you are still answering. Please let me know when you are finished with an answer.16:39
ivanhurbasak, I actually add the efi_runtime DKMS for the fwts package.16:39
ivanhuthat's my answer.16:41
rbasakAh, in 0.26.01-1, back in 2012? Is that your most recent experience of packaging changes?16:41
ivanhurbasak, no, that's my ex-colleague16:43
rbasak      [Ivan Hu]16:43
rbasak      * efi_runtime: add efi_runtime kernel driver module into fwts16:43
rbasakThat's against:16:44
rbasakfwts (0.26.01-1) raring; urgency=low16:44
rbasakDo you have a more recent example?16:44
utkarshTIL: raring :)16:44
ivanhurbasak, I am afraid no.16:45
rbasakI have one more question about the release schedule, and then a suggestion.16:46
rbasakQuestion: is there a time when it is inappropriate to upload feature changes? If so, how do you find out when that is?16:46
utkarshoh, also, Colin (your top sponsorer and endorser) said: "His packaging work has been flawless and I am very confident [...]" - what packaging work are they talking about?16:48
utkarshplease answer rbasak first!16:48
ivanhuwhen the featurefreeze16:48
ivanhuyou can fine in the shedule wiki16:49
rbasakCan you find a link to the appropriate page please?16:49
ivanhurbasak, https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/lunar-lobster-release-schedule/2728416:50
rbasakGreat, thanks!16:51
rbasakMy suggestion: it looks like you're doing a great job upload fwts to stay up to date with the latest upstream versions!16:51
ivanhuutkarsh, actually I have a wiki to the fwts release process16:52
rbasakHowever, there's no track record here of you working on stable release updates, or any recent track record that demonstrates your understanding of packaging changes16:52
ivanhuutkarsh, and also a script to release fwts https://github.com/Ivanhu5866/script-fwts/blob/master/release_fwts.sh16:52
rbasakI don't want to block on your ability to upload non-packaging-impacting new upstream releases to this package.16:53
rbasakSo I suggest we grant you PPU, but with some limitations, which would be enforced by trust only. Specifically, that you do not upload packaging changes or SRUs without a public code review from a core dev first (but with a public core dev +1, you could then sign and upload yourself).16:54
rbasakIf this were to be agreed by the DMB, would this work for you?16:55
ivanhurbasak, works for me16:57
rbasakGreat! Other DMB members: would that be acceptable to you?16:57
rbasakShall we consider that the voting done then? :)17:00
rbasakUnless teward has a different opinion and would like us to reconsider?17:01
teward+1 no objection17:01
rbasakivanhu: it might be the case that you have no need for SRUs or packaging changes for a long time, which would be absolutely fine.17:02
rbasakIf you do need to start doing those, then feel free to come back to the DMB to ask for the limitation to be removed once you have a track record of having done some with core dev review. We don't want to obstruct people doing valuable work - it's just that it's difficult for us to approve something when there isn't much of a track record.17:03
ivanhurbasak, understand. thanks!17:04
utkarshcool, I can announce the application then! :)17:05
rbasakIt'll need a TB member to make the PPU change. I can do that.17:05
utkarshcongratulations, ivanhu! \o17:07
ivanhuthanks. \o/17:08
utkarshand with that, teward can you conclude the team meeting?17:08
tewardyes I can17:08
tewardi'm going to carry over my taskl though17:08
tewardbut 1 quick question:17:08
teward#topic Vote on Keeping IRC meetings moving17:08
tewardWe did this right?17:08
tewardrbasak: do you also want to take the announce of the application and the conditions?17:09
vicamois it my network connection or IRC meeting is not moving?17:18
teward#end meeting17:36
meetingologyMeeting ended at 17:36:44 UTC.  Minutes at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2023/ubuntu-meeting.2023-03-06-16.17.moin.txt17:36
tewardnah you're not wrong i lagged hard and IRCCloud told me to shove it17:36
tewardi'll just arbitrarily assign some tasks17:37
teward(read: my internet went down for a short while)17:40

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