Bruno1Hello! I'm testing IRC! hahaha00:19
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relipseis there any good Bible software for ubuntu?00:22
relipseor can I use wine or something to install e-sword?00:22
arraybolt3relipse: I personally use Xiphos, which is in the Ubuntu repositories.00:25
arraybolt3(e-Sword probably won't work in Wine so easily, but theWord does in my experience.)00:25
relipsebut how do I get all the good bibles? nasb, nkjv, esv?00:27
relipseit seems its all limited to the freebie bibles00:27
arraybolt3relipse: There's a legal free NASB module for Xiphos.00:28
arraybolt3The other ones, it seems that their authors have not yet given permission to the software makers to redistribute them.00:29
ravageWriting good fiction is hard. They deserve the money.00:31
relipsethey didn't write it, they had translators translate from the greek and hebrew00:31
relipsearraybolt3: where can i find the nasb module?00:31
ravageok. then translating fiction is hard too.00:32
arraybolt3ravage: Please remain respectful, as per the IRC Guidelines and Ubuntu Code of Conduct. (And yes, I do get your joke, it just might be taken wrong by some.)00:32
arraybolt3relipse: In the Module Manager, you should be able to open the "Choose" tab in the left sidebar. Then select "Lockman Foundation" as the remote source.00:33
ravagenot sure what was disrespectful here. it was offtopic. and i apologize for that00:33
arraybolt3Then click Refresh, and then Install/Update.00:33
arraybolt3It should then be under Biblical Texts -> English -> NASB.00:33
relipseravage: Have you read the entire old and new testaments?00:35
ravage!ot | relipse00:35
ubotturelipse: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:35
relipsethen I would be very careful to call something a work of fiction, which you have no knowledge of00:39
relipseread it , then we'll talk00:40
ravagestill OT00:41
relipseyou started it00:42
relipsei might as well finish the conversation since you are claiming God's word a work of fiction00:42
ravageno you might not. please stay on topic00:42
arraybolt3relipse: As odd as it may sound, we generally keep religion out of this room. Which is quite difficult when discussing religiously relatedsoftware that is supported by Ubuntu, but still, we try to keep things on the technical side.00:49
knownassociateQuestion, I have 4 seperate mount points and would like to link all 4 together so I can view them in 1 directory...is this possible?01:05
ravagewhat do you mean by "see"?01:06
ravageyou could just mount them to /mnt/mounts/dir1 /mnt/mounts/dir2 /mnt/mounts/dir3 and then ls /mnt/mounts/01:06
knownassociatewow I totally overthought this lol, thanks for the help01:07
ravageyw :)01:07
relipseI installed wine from the ubuntu directory and I downloaded a exe installer, but how do I run it with wine?02:07
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bn_workhi, LAMP web server upgrading Ubuntu from 14.04 LTS to 16.04.X LTS (then to 18.04.X LTS then to 20.04.X LTS).  16.04 LTS release notes mentions that it uses screen, I am already in screen, will that be an issue?  ie:  will it end up nesting?02:08
ravagei would start it without screen02:08
ravagenever tried it from within a screen02:08
ravagealso.. it may be really easier to do a fresh install for a lamp stack :)02:09
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linuxmodderwhat ravage said02:09
linuxmodderbackup anything you need DBs and all and freshly install would be my input as well02:10
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bn_workravage:  are the upgrade components buggy?  How would I import in the existing website + WP + MySQL DB onto a fresh Ubuntu install?02:11
ravageit is not buggy. but it takes a long time to do all these upgrades02:12
ravagealso with so many upgrades something will break02:12
ravageand if we are talking a WP running on 14.04 you will get into trouble for sure with PHP versions02:13
ravageso i would setup a fres 22.04 LTS and see if you can get it to run02:13
csexecutivebn_work, for WP aspects look into boldgrid's total upkeep plugin, allows for a full take backup you can reinsert/upload to the new WP instance02:14
bn_workravage: how long would you expect it to take?02:14
ravage40 mins per LTS version maybe? really depends on the speed of that server02:15
csexecutivebn_work,  fresh install maybe 30 mins if nothing too exotic, 14.04 thru to 20.04  likely hours02:15
ravageand im almost sure something will break at some point02:15
bn_workravage: I think the WP version on there isn't using the packaged version as it seems to be running 5.1.15, I don't know how it was installed (I inherited this),02:16
csexecutivebn_work, here's an idea if you have the resources, try a local copy of the current setup and do a fresh install / reinsert of everything to work out any issues before running it live02:16
ravageeven more important to understand it and document it on a fresh installation :)02:16
ravageyes i would try it on a VM too02:16
csexecutiveand look at a full take backup option ( NOT Wordpress's garbage one)02:17
csexecutiveI'd look into the ssl cert expiry and consider just doing all that fresh02:17
csexecutiveinstall, cert and re-freshed install of the wp bits02:18
bn_workcsexecutive: yeah, already took a snapshot on the cloud provider02:18
csexecutivebn_work,  not what I meant02:18
csexecutivetake a wordpress specific backup as well02:18
csexecutivemind saying who its hosted on ?  some providers are easier to do this with than others02:19
ravageif you keep the old server running and test it on a new installation there is not much risk02:19
csexecutivealso another possible route, using the logic ravage just mentioned could possibly use the migrate option in place if you can manage to/ afford to ( bean counters don't come for me) have both up at once02:20
csexecutivesftp or similiar should make that quick if there is not an approved/liked backup plugin option for you02:20
bn_workcsexecutive: ok, so use boldgrid's "total upkeep" plugin to backup the DB, so does that mean I can start with just a fresh package installed mysql-server?02:21
bn_workcsexecutive: Linode02:21
relipsei did "open with" but "Wine" is not included in the list? Why not? I Installed it from the Ubuntu Software Library02:22
bn_workcsexecutive: what do you mean "ssl cert expiry"?02:22
csexecutivebn_work,  not just the DB backup it will allow for a FULL backup including the site AND DB so all media and links etc and yes install fresh mysql/mariadb and import02:22
csexecutivebn_work, safe to assume this a public facing wp site yes?02:23
csexecutivecheck when the current ssl certificate on it expires and consider a fresh one and just start completely fresh02:23
bn_workcsexecutive: I think it should be possible to bring up a parallel instance, the only thing I worry about is juggling the hostname and DNS and cert02:23
bn_workcsexecutive: yes, public facing02:24
ravageYou can use the same hostname. And you in can set it up without ssl for testing02:24
csexecutivefoo.domain   and bar.domain   once bar.domain is valid just revert it to foo.domain and backup and then trash the bar.doamin instance02:24
bn_workcsexecutive: it expires next year02:24
csexecutiveor use a nginx proxy for the new instance so you can still get to it with a vanity namespace for the rebuild02:25
ravageAnd maybe you can even switch the IPs when it's working without SSL?02:25
ravageI don't know how it works on Linode02:25
csexecutiveah I am considering leaving them only due to the pricing restructure02:25
csexecutivebn_work,  when you create the new instance to rebuild on just use a vanity namespace for linode until fixed then just update the domain record once it all works02:26
ravageand if you plan to change DNS and some point lower the TTL of your records early enough :)02:26
ravagethen it should not be a big deal02:26
bn_workhmm, our web designer guy wants me to install cPanel too02:27
csexecutivehttp://ip.new.instance  for testing then update it to what prod.server.fqdn shows02:27
csexecutivebn_work,  web designer can kick rocks ( just my opinion)02:27
bn_workI think he wants to use that to manage the PHP + WP upgrade?02:27
csexecutivecpanel is a waste for most uses02:27
ravagewaste of money mostly :D02:28
bn_workisn't it free?02:28
csexecutivenot trying to throw shade but cpanel is for mostly windows minded folks that need click click voila solutions02:28
csexecutivebn_work,  not in this world02:28
csexecutiveso they want cpanel on the same host or just managing that host?02:29
ItsMyNickInABoxHello, is linux supposed to work (video) with this Dell Docking station: WD22TB4? I have it connected via usb-c to my Dell Inspiron16 laptop, and via HDMI to an external monitor, yet I cannot get video on the external monitor. Is this a lack of a driver or something on the laptop's part??02:29
csexecutiveI ask as linode offers a turnkey application for cpanel02:29
csexecutiveItsMyNickInABox, possibly issue with the docking station and passthrough02:30
arraybolt3ItsMyNickInABox: Make sure the USB-C port you're using supports DisplayPort. I don't know if that will help, but I think it may.02:31
ItsMyNickInABoxhow can I diagnose this? So when I have it connected... in KDE Plasma's display configuration, it definitely sees the monitor, and I have it [x] Enabled.  But I simply do not see video on this external monitor.02:31
arraybolt3(i.e., if you have a laptop with two USB-C ports, try using the other port)02:31
ItsMyNickInABoxI mean the laptop works when connected to the extenal monitor directly02:32
ItsMyNickInABoxarraybolt3: oh hey mate ;)02:32
arraybolt3ItsMyNickInABox: Hmm... is the monitor's resolution detected properly?02:32
bn_workcsexecutive/ravage:  hmm, you're right, it's not FOSS... I found this on cpanel.net https://cpanel.net/hyperscalers/linode/, I assume Linode doesn't include it?02:32
csexecutiveso kde display manager sees it but no video ?02:32
bn_workcsexecutive: I think they want it on the same host02:32
arraybolt3ItsMyNickInABox: Heh, do we know each other?02:32
ItsMyNickInABoxarraybolt3: yes, it is02:32
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realivanjxcan i use the dd command to replicate my entire system drive and its partitions into a file? i want to try other os and in case i need to go back a i can just rewrite the entire drive02:32
arraybolt3Hah, we do!02:32
Roeyyou helped me out so much last time02:33
RoeyI remmeber02:33
csexecutivebn_work, linode DOES have a cpanel turnkey solution in their MarketPlace02:33
arraybolt3Roey: OK, so, sanity check here, all cables are connected securely and the monitor actually is on, right? I know that sounds basic, but I've seen things go wrong for that simple of a reason.02:33
bn_workcsexecutive: do you need to pay extra for it?02:33
arraybolt3Assuming that everything is connected and set up right, I'd check the dmesg logs next.02:33
Roeyarraybolt3: aye02:33
arraybolt3`sudo dmesg` can do that.02:34
Roeythat is, so this docking station is a Thunderbolt docking station02:34
csexecutivebn_work,  not anymore than for the extra linode itself02:34
arraybolt3You'll want to look for anything in red, that should give you clues. Also anything video-related.02:34
csexecutiveit would just be a linode with a script run at first boot to configure it02:34
arraybolt3(Thunderbolt should be supported by Linux.)02:34
toddcnot all usb c cable are the same speed options and same for connectors02:34
Roeyso I have it connceted ot the thunderbolt/usbc port on my laptop02:34
Roeyand the docking station to monitor is through HDMI02:35
Roeyand I get no video on the external monitor that way02:35
arraybolt3Roey: You are also sure that the cable is a Thunderbolt cable, and not just a USB-C cable?02:35
csexecutivearraybolt3, Roey check in the BIOS perhaps for thunderbolt and DP support disablement in their02:35
arraybolt3(USB-C is a hot mess of jumbled standards, features, and devices that all pretend to be the same thing and use the same port :P)02:35
bn_workcsexecutive: is it a stackscript?  ok, so if we go that route, then how would the procedure (or even future "upgrades") change?  I assume the procedure would be just launch new instance and use a WP backup plugin to import into new versions of WP?02:35
bn_workoh, here's the equivalent page on Linode:  https://www.linode.com/marketplace/apps/cpanel/cpanel/02:36
Roey<arraybolt3> Roey: You are also sure that the cable is a Thunderbolt cable, and not just a USB-C cable? <- the usb-c cable to the docking station is attached to it, so that is probably thunderbolt, considering how this is a thunderbolt docking station02:37
arraybolt3Oh, because the cable is built-in. Yeah then that's probably the right cable.02:37
csexecutivebn_work, you could use a stackscript for the cpanel I'd recommend either doing it yourself on a bare linode or their marketplace linode option.   and yes about the plugin or just use the normal route and have a spare copy up in case there are issues while upgrading in the future02:37
arraybolt3Roey: OK, then try disconnecting the docking station, unplug the monitor from it, then plug in the docking station, then plug in the monitor. Then run `sudo dmesg` in Konsole and look for anything suspicious.02:38
Roeyok hrm.02:38
arraybolt3(Doing things like that will make it more likely that the error will show up near the end of the log.)02:38
Roeyrighht right02:38
Roeyone moment...02:38
Roeythis is going to be a bear to physically maneuver behind the monitor and around all the litter on the floor02:38
arraybolt3Oy. You might get away with just unplugging and replugging the docking station.02:39
csexecutiveif it doesn't --tail 50 (or 100 can make for more bit sized viewing for errors)02:39
csexecutivebn_work,  so fair to assume the lovely previous admin of this WP didn't believe in documentation?02:40
arraybolt3No one believes in documentation except for the user who doesn't have it.02:40
csexecutivebn_work,  did this designer ever mention or allude to what bit(s) of cpanel they needed/wanted?02:40
csexecutivearraybolt3, sadly too oft true02:40
Roeyarraybolt3: gimme a p pastebin link02:42
Roeypaste.ubuntu.com, one moment02:42
arraybolt3Roey: bpa.st is one I like.02:43
arraybolt3paste.ubuntu.com works but it sometimes requires a login for reasons I don't understand all that well.02:43
bn_workcsexecutive: if I use boldgrid's "total upkeep" plugin to backup the entire WP DB + site, I assume the cert in Apache HTTPD 2 isn't, and I would need to somehow import that in?02:43
bn_workcsexecutive: no :)02:43
bn_workcsexecutive: I think he just wants it so he has a clicky interface UI to upgrade stuff like you are thinking02:44
Roeyarraybolt3: I did sudo dmesg --follow and then (1) disconnected the docking station, (2) disconnected the HDMI cable between the docking station and the monitor, (3) connected the docking station back to the laptop via usb-c, and (4) connected the external monitor back to the docking station via HDMI cable.  I was running "sudo dmesg --follow" and did not see any messages at all02:46
csexecutivebn_work, about the ssl cert yes ( /etc/ssl/..... usually, check /etc/httpd/conf.d/httpd.conf for SSLCert file paths02:46
arraybolt3Roey: Oh nice. /s02:47
arraybolt3Roey: Well... ok, does your monitor have multiple ports in the back of it?02:47
Roeyit does yes.02:47
arraybolt3And if so, are you sure the port that is connected to the docking station is selected as the input port on the monitor end?02:47
Roeyand it is indeed set to hdmi now.02:47
arraybolt3Usually you can pick one of the ports as the input in the monitor's controls.02:47
csexecutivebn_work, if you inspect the cert from a browser ( usually click the lock and view certificate) can you tell who created it02:48
Roeyoh hey I see stuff.  one moment, arraybolt302:48
csexecutivegotta love irc for parrellel support issues being worked out nicely02:48
relipseI have amazing  resolution, it is so amazing that a windows application on wine is so small I can barely read it, is there any way to increase that?02:49
arraybolt3relipse: You can increase text size using winecfg.02:50
arraybolt3Run "winecfg" in a terminal.02:50
csexecutivelook in wine configs maybe for resolution settings?  been awhile since I used wine02:50
arraybolt3You should be able to see a "Fonts" menu or something where you can adjust text size.02:50
csexecutivebn_work,  we lose you?02:51
arraybolt3csexecutive: Heh, even more fun to be holding three conversations and doing two support sessions all in the same channel and be having the time of your life doing it.02:51
arraybolt3(I habitually multitask, sometimes to my own detriment, but for IRC it works really well.)02:52
bn_workcsexecutive:  ok, yeah, those paths sound familiar, I think I should hopefully be ok on the Apache HTTPD2 part (assuming things haven't changed too much since v2.4.7), I am also concerned about the MySQL setup too, I assume any pws will be reset to defaults?  if I use the canned approaches on Linode (stackscript or marketplace)?02:52
csexecutivearraybolt3, indeed, love that about FOSS communities and irc/discord ( the later is harder to tame some times)02:52
Roeyarraybolt3: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JXbNsdqNT9/02:52
relipsearraybolt3 Hey friend, how do I make this bigger https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/EHSz1KXq/image.png02:52
csexecutivebn_work,  if you use the marketplace option it will allow you ( might even force you) to set db root pass02:53
bn_workcsexecutive: have you used WP-Staging?  Is that any better or worse VS Boldgrid's "total upkeep" WP plugin?  (that's what the previous designer / web-master used before for backups I think)02:54
csexecutiveso if you know the current one you can use it there and then just reimport the DB bits post install ( MySql/mariadb)02:54
arraybolt3relipse: I think you need to do that in winecfg.02:54
arraybolt3The preferences of the app likely won't help.02:54
csexecutivenever used wp-staging but it would be best used in theory for a smaller jump like 22.04 > 24.04 not 14.04>22.0402:55
arraybolt3relipse: If you run `winecfg` in a terminal, that will give you a window with a bunch of options you can change. There should be a Fonts tab in that window.02:55
arraybolt3Roey: Well, hmm... everything looks somewhat normal at first glance.02:55
bn_workcsexecutive: or hmm, there's also "WordPress Importer"02:55
csexecutivehell no,  avoid the WP importer at all costs, its utter garbage, damn near wrecked one of my site in the past02:56
bn_workcsexecutive: lol, ok02:56
csexecutivebn_work,  I'll brb02:56
csexecutivehave to reboot for an update that is nagging02:56
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arraybolt3Roey: And you're sure there's not like multiple HDMI ports and you have the wrong one selected in the monitor's settings?02:57
Roeythere's only one hdmi prot02:57
relipsewow thanks, that winecfg worked! I got my screen resolution higher (or i mean lower)02:58
Roeyand I know that it works because I can plug the laptop into the monitor directly and it pipes the video to that just fine02:58
relipsenow I have ESV on theWord and nasb on xiphos02:58
linuxmodderbn_work,  back02:58
arraybolt3relipse: \o/02:59
linuxmodderbn_work,  you have access to a vm perhaps or approval to lauch another linode?02:59
arraybolt3Roey: Crud. Then I'm not sure what else to look for. The monitor works, the cable is right, the cable to the monitor... is this the same cable to the monitor?02:59
Roeyarraybolt3: correct02:59
arraybolt3Like is the cable between the station and the monitor the same as the cable between the laptop and the monitor when you directly... yeah. Crud!02:59
arraybolt3And dmesg wasn't any help...03:00
Roeyright right03:00
arraybolt3Roey: Can you share the output of `xrandr` in a pastebin?03:00
linuxmoddertry journalctl maybe for more verbosity03:00
Roeyyeah lemme try..03:00
arraybolt3relipse: btw want help making that GNOME titlebar not so astonishingly thick, or are you OK with it?03:00
bn_worklinuxmodder: I think so03:00
relipsearraybolt3: what gnome title bar/03:01
arraybolt3relipse: I meant the thing at the top of the window.03:01
relipseit seems fine to me, but how do I change it?03:01
linuxmodderbn_work,  grab a boldgrid total upkep backup and try recreating the instance in a vm or on a new linode (while keeping the existing one up)03:01
linuxmodderDON'T add the testing one to yur linode domain records YET03:02
arraybolt3relipse: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1358632/how-to-reduce-the-height-of-headerbar-titlebar-of-gtk3-apps-using-csd03:02
arraybolt3If you're happy with it, then great. I just find the thick titlebars annoying and thought maybe that would be helpful.03:02
linuxmodderarraybolt3, another fix is always use not gnome :P03:02
arraybolt3linuxmodder: Which is the choice I made :P03:03
Roeyarraybolt3, https://bpa.st/DJLH203:03
linuxmodderI rarely find myself needing gnome on ubuntu or fedora instances these days03:03
Roeywhy's it say "disconnected" grr03:03
arraybolt3Roey: Well that's interesting.03:03
linuxmodderi3 or xfce with gnome as a backup for when I need to look gnome dev friendly for a video or something03:03
arraybolt3KDE detects it, but xrandr doesn't.03:03
RoeyKDE detects its resolution yeah03:04
Roeyand lets me [x] enable it03:04
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Roeyit gives me the option to [x] enable it03:04
arraybolt3Roey: What graphics are you using? Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA?03:05
RoeyIntel, arraybolt303:05
csexecutiveeven more odd then Roey03:05
arraybolt3Blah. That should work out of the box.03:05
Roeyright right03:06
arraybolt3Roey: What's the model of that docking station again?03:06
arraybolt3You *might* need DisplayLink drivers, come to think of it, but I'm not sure.03:06
csexecutivebn_work,  any luck or progress?03:07
Roeycsexecutive, arraybolt3, the only download I can find on the dell web page for that device and linux is the firmware updater utility or ubuntu: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/product-support/product/wd22tb4-dock/drivers03:08
bn_workcsexecutive:  any thoughts on this error?  we got this when we tried to install the plugin https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/r6BM3hqU/BoldGrid_WP_plugin_install_error.png03:08
arraybolt3Roey: Yeah that's probably unnecessary.03:08
csexecutivebn_work,  you have root on the current box yeah03:09
bn_workcsexecutive: yes03:09
csexecutiveif so php -v shows?03:09
bn_workcsexecutive: it's an old version 5.5.9 (which the plugin claims it supports?)03:10
arraybolt3Roey: I mean it might be worth trying to update the firmware and see if that fixes it? I doubt it will, but it's possibly worth a shot. Though you may brick the whole thing doing that if something goes awry.03:10
spacecase_having trouble setting up a luks volume to mount automatically with a keyfile03:10
Roeyarraybolt3, hrm. I dunno.  I'd rather want to verify that this is indeed an issue w/the firmware that needs to be upgraded, before I actually attempt to upgrade it03:11
spacecase_/etc/crypttab is /dev/mapper/name UUID=luksUUID /keyfile03:11
spacecase_fstab is /dev/mapper/name /mount/point ext4 options03:12
spacecase_sudo mount -a fails if the luks volume is locked03:12
arraybolt3Roey: Makes sense. Sadly at this point I'm out of ideas, aside from swapping your HDMI cable or giving up and just using the HDMI cable directly without the docking station.03:12
Roeyfor what it's worth, I had another docking station that I tried connecting the laptop to (also at the time attached to this external monitor instead of the Dell docking station) and I got the same behavior (i.e. couldn't output the video successfully to the external monitor)03:12
Roeyarraybolt3, well thank you for your hlep03:12
arraybolt3I wonder if it's a KDE bug?03:12
arraybolt3I mean I doubt it, if xrandr didn't see it.03:12
Roeybecause windows Just WOrks03:12
RoeyI fucking hate linux sometimes.03:12
Roeylike when it's stupid basic shit like this.03:13
Roeysorry for the cursing.03:13
csexecutivebn_work, try using the direct link https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/boldgrid-backup.zip  and upload plugin option on wordpress admin panel03:13
Roeyit's just so frustrating.03:13
spacecase_sudo mount -a fails with /dev/mapper/volumename does not exist03:13
csexecutivespacecase_, mind a pastebin of /etc/fstab and /etc/cryptab ?03:14
spacecase_so it's clearly not unlocking it before trying to mount03:14
csexecutiveis the $keyfile on the device or in the luks volume itself or somewhere else ?03:14
csexecutivealso how was the luks vol setup ?  any guide or just naturally with the installer?03:15
bn_workcsexecutive: same error03:15
esvspacecase_, the /etc/crypttab has the following syntax: LABEL UUID=<UUID of encrypted device>  <keyfile> luks,discard03:16
esvthen /etc/fstab has the following content:  /dev/mapper/LABEL  <mount_point> <options>03:17
spacecase_luks was set up with kde partition manager03:17
spacecase_then I added the keyfile later03:17
esvdoesn't matter03:17
csexecutiveowner if not needing help please head to #ubuntu-social its a bit busy in here with support atm03:17
csexecutivebn_work,  what version of WP is this03:17
esvyou need to add the following parameter to the /etc/default/grub03:17
bn_workcsexecutive: 5.1.1503:18
esvand rebuild the grub and initramfs03:18
spacecase_primary boot drive already has working encryption so that's not the issue03:18
spacecase_this is a second drive03:18
esvbut don't forget to add the keyfile pattern to ..... wait a minute03:18
csexecutivespacecase_, keyfile is where tho ?  on same disk outside the luks vol?03:18
spacecase_keyfile is on the primary boot drive (which is also encrypted but unlocked with a passphrase prior to boot) second drive mounts to a folder within my home folder on the primary drive... keyfile is in home folder03:19
spacecase_so not on the luks volume in question03:19
csexecutivespacecase_,  sudo mount | grep luks |pastebin03:20
csexecutiveand you have issues when booting and 2nd drive is not opening?03:20
spacecase_probably, not rebooting until I get this working03:21
csexecutivebn_work,  that is starting to sound more like a wordpress incompatiability issue03:21
spacecase_I've been using it with noauto and entering the passphrase after I've booted03:21
bn_workcsexecutive: that error message is so vague, it doesn't even say what file that is coming from :| or what lib it needs?03:21
spacecase_mount | grep luks only shows my boot volume03:21
spacecase_(root partition)03:22
spacecase_actually one sec... i have it locked right now,  let me unlock it then run that command again03:22
esvdoes your KEYFILE_PATTERN in /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook matches the partition's keyfile03:22
csexecutivebn_work,  is the user on WP an admin/.03:23
csexecutiveso line 2 in that paste is the problem dirve spacecase_ ?03:24
esvis that your fstab?03:24
spacecase_csexecutive: correct03:24
csexecutiveand what esv asked spacecase_03:24
bn_workcsexecutive:  yes03:25
csexecutiveesv, that looks like the mount | grep luks I asked for03:25
esvok, thnx03:25
csexecutivebn_work,  this  is the contents of boldgrid-backup/boldgrid-backup.php ( form the plugin) https://paste.centos.org/view/f234b04903:26
esvso, do you have: luks-cb485c28-d6c4-4b6d-a61a-c3bd8a2e8b2f  UUID=<UUID of encrypted device>  <keyfile> luks,discard   in /etc/crypttab?03:26
csexecutiveesv, not to compete here but why not just solely use uuids03:27
csexecutiveUUID ( /dev/mapper/...) UUID (encrypted) <keyfile> luks,discard03:27
csexecutiveis generally more robust too is system is borked in the future03:28
csexecutiveare we sure / luks vol is fully accessible before luks vol 2 (/home) is asking for the keyfile on luks vol 1 ( /)03:29
spacecase_well yes, because the system is running03:29
csexecutiverunning doesn't mean its fully accessible alwys03:30
csexecutiveis the path of the keyfile in the root of the /  or somewhere down a rabbithole03:30
spacecase_it's in my home directory03:30
csexecutiveiirc grub can only reach keyfiles in the root of a drive03:31
csexecutivethat doesn't however explain post boot locking issues03:31
spacecase_so probably not relevant at this point03:31
spacecase_I need mount -a to work before worrying about what happens on boot03:32
spacecase_if boot hangs I can just throw noauto into fstab and move they key if need be03:33
spacecase_is there a command I have to run after editing crypttab?03:35
csexecutiveyou'd need to rebuild the grub image03:36
spacecase_I'm just gunna ripcord this and keep typing a password03:37
csexecutivehold up....  keyfile is on the primary boot drive (which is also encrypted but unlocked with a passphrase prior to boot) second drive mounts to a folder within my home folder on the primary drive... keyfile is in home folder03:37
bn_workcsexecutive:  Do you know which lib file that error message is referring to?03:37
csexecutivenot off hand03:37
spacecase_holding up...03:37
csexecutivespacecase_, how is /home (luks vol) mounting to the /home on luks vol 103:38
csexecutivebind mount regular mount etc03:38
transhumanistwhere can I get ddrescue03:39
spacecase_I don't have a separate home partition, just root partition on sda03:39
transhumanistI find the gui and stuff but looking for terminal version03:39
csexecutivetranshumanist, https://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/03:39
bn_workcsexecutive: I guess I am stuck now then :(03:40
csexecutivebn_work,  you could always try pulling wp-* off with sshfs or similiar from the linode03:40
bn_workcurrently searching the WP forums but only found https://wordpress.org/support/topic/unable-to-load-array-boldgrid-backup-boldgrid-backup-php-2-13-2-0/03:40
bn_workcsexecutive: SSHFS?  it's a directly mounted partition03:41
bn_workcsexecutive: oh, you mean back it up03:41
csexecutivebn_work, yes03:42
csexecutivethat way you have a proper backup even if the plugin route fails03:42
csexecutiveesv, mind a pm/03:43
spacecase_I bet I could solve this problem by writing a systemd service too03:46
spacecase_i may just start solving all my problems that way03:46
csexecutivenot sure what you think that would do/.03:46
bn_workcsexecutive: but we still need a backup somehow of the existing site?03:47
csexecutivemy read on it is that /home on luks vol 1 ( / ) doesn't exist hence when luks vol 2 tries to find the keyfile it cant03:47
csexecutivebn_work, wp-content and wp-uploads would have that03:47
csexecutivespacecase_, so right now with luks vol 2 (/home) locked can you find/navigate to the keyfile path on luks vol 1?03:48
csexecutivewere these vols both created at install ?03:49
bn_workcsexecutive:  so you're saying just tar up both dirs and drop it on the new server?03:49
spacecase_csexecutive: no03:49
csexecutivebn_work,  the content yes03:50
csexecutiveespecially wp-content03:50
csexecutivespacecase_, alright so lsblk with the one luks vol locked shows a /home does it not ?03:50
bn_workcsexecutive: does that actually work?  what about the stuff in the DB?03:51
csexecutiveyou'd still have to grab those, henc ewhy I was wanting to use the boldgrid that does that all for you, but its being a turd sadly03:52
spacecase_yes home exists when the volume i'm trying to unlock is locked03:52
csexecutivebn_work,  wait wp version is 5.1.x ?03:52
spacecase_don't stress yourself out, I'm writing a script to unlock the volume and mount it on boot03:53
bn_workcsexecutive: yes03:53
csexecutivebn_work,  it's not asking to update wordpress itself?03:54
csexecutivecurrent is 6.1.103:54
csexecutivespacecase_, see if making a /home2 works03:55
csexecutivestill sounds like /home ( created at install) is being clobbered when luks vol 2 is attempting ot mount03:56
csexecutiveor /ext_home or whatever03:56
esvspacecase_, so the keyfile for / and /home are on different locations and you want /home to mount upon reboot, right? have you rebuilt the initramfs after you encrypted /home ?03:57
esvand does KEYFILE_PATTERN cover the key file names for both locations?03:58
tcurdtI am in the middle of installing ubuntu server 22.04 ... I though zfs support had landed .... but it doesn't seem to be available from the installer in the partition step03:59
csexecutivetcurdt, may be due to the removal of zsys in 22.0404:00
spacecase_problem solved, wrote a script04:01
csexecutiveas mentioned here tcurdt https://openzfs.github.io/openzfs-docs/Getting%20Started/Ubuntu/Ubuntu%2022.04%20Root%20on%20ZFS.html04:01
spacecase_life goes on lol thanks for your efforts :)04:01
spacecase_about to reboot and see what happens04:02
tcurdtcsexecutive thanks! I didn't realize they to moving backwards now :-(04:04
plt2I am having a issue creating a new connection and saving it in mysql workbench04:05
tcurdtfrom reading it seems like btrfs still needs some love ... I guess I'll stick to ext :-/04:06
plt2Could not store password AN Apparmor prevents this senter from sending this mesasge04:07
bn_workcsexecutive: it won't let us upgrade as it claims we need PHP 5.6.20 or higher04:08
kuckleheadheyyyy I am trying to use pastebinit such as findmnt | pastebinit and it's giving me this error: Failed to contact the server: HTTP Error 405: Method Not Allowed04:08
plt2I am wondering if the ubuntu where twiking the mysql workbench04:08
kuckleheadIs it cause I am piping it04:09
arraybolt3kucklehead: I think pastebinit is broken?04:10
arraybolt3kucklehead: Try using "nc termbin.com 9999" in place of pastebinit.04:10
arraybolt3Like "findmnt | nc termbin.com 9999".04:10
plt2Ubuntu os do they do their own distrubution of most of the applications04:11
spacecase_alrighty, reboot worked.  literally everything can be solved with a script04:11
kuckleheadarraybolt3, is there a doc? how you know this command04:12
arraybolt3kucklehead: termbin.com is basically a service that's specifically designed for this purpose - pipe text to port 9999, and it will give you a link in return.04:12
arraybolt3I first learned it because it is very commonly used on IRC support channels so that people trying to help can get into about a user's system in order to diagnose the problem and find a fix.04:13
arraybolt3For instance, if we want to see what WiFi hardware someone is using, we can tell them to run "lspci | nc termbin.com 9999" and send the link, and then we can see the PCI devices in their system.04:13
kuckleheadThank you <304:14
plt2I hate things when they break04:16
kuckleheadwym? It's so much fun fixing things04:22
csexecutivebn_work,  and gonna assume 14.04 doesn't speak php 5.6.20 ?04:22
csexecutivekucklehead,  in controlled settings sure, not when its production tho04:22
kuckleheadcsexecutive, that's even better. No wonder most of the computer science engineers are bald04:23
csexecutivenah that is likely a byproduct of the insane caffeine and alcohol those engineers have cumulatively consumed04:24
BuzzardBuzznot all engineers have a caffine addition04:25
BuzzardBuzzbut some do04:26
BuzzardBuzzI amnot bald yet, kucklehead : )04:27
BuzzardBuzzi might still have a few hairs04:28
arraybolt3I just hope I don't go bald all at once in the space of a few seconds of panic :P04:29
arraybolt3(That's a joke.)04:29
arraybolt3Also, we're going somewhat far off-topic, which is generally discouraged here, however there is a dedicated #ubuntu-offtopic channel if you guys are interested. Thought I should mention that before someone with power comes and mentions it.04:30
bn_workcsexecutive: no04:35
kuckleheadBuzzardBuzz, lololol04:42
bn_workcsexecutive:  just out of curiosity, does Total Upkeep backup to server FS itself?  or make you download it?  (I ask as we have ~27GB of files on the server so if we need to download then re-upload this, it will take hours)04:52
bn_workif it backs up to the server FS itself, we can do a intra-server copy that should speed things up04:53
bn_workwithin the DC itself at Linode04:53
bn_workcsexecutive: I wonder if this "All-in-one WP Security" plugin is blocking one of the features TotalUpkeep requires?04:55
hassletimehey all04:59
hassletimearraybolt3, you about mate04:59
hassletimehey everyone ubuntu was working fine then for no reason today i start the computer and its set the display to 102405:01
hassletimei click on display options and when i click on resolution it doesnt give me the option to change05:02
alkisghassletime: what's the output of this command?  (xrandr; lspci -nn -k | grep -A4 VGA) | nc termbin.com 999905:14
alkisgHello linux06:10
morgan-u2complaining just because: chrome crashes with 60 tabs in 6 windows. go blow. over once a day.  Peace out.06:30
morgan-u2Mac had what I want in the 70's with some of the early macs. I do not want a tet editor without fonts. I want wysiwyg.06:34
morgan-u2sublime will not do for my goals.06:34
morgan-u2ravage, but I do thank you for the link to a really good shell editor. better than nano I presume, lol.06:34
morgan-u2for all, re https://www.sublimetext.com/06:35
LosdalHello, after a dist-upgrade I have this errors when running any docker command https://pastebin.com/z5mLajLt07:14
LosdalIt seems be linked to an uncompleted configuration in the dist-upgrade.. any idea how to fix this please ?07:15
NickHpython3 -m pip install --user packaging07:15
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LosdalNickH the command sovled the problem, but i'm wondering if there any command that re-run a uncompleted dist-upgrade08:01
Losdalbecause I think this happened because of the dist-upgrade that I escaped08:01
NickHJust run it again: "sudo apt dist-upgrade"08:02
LosdalNickH the problem that there is nothing to install/upgrade when running apt upgrade, dist-upgrade.. etc https://pastebin.com/zCLueeGa08:03
Losdalits considered as done but it was escaped at the configuration step (I closed the terminal windows, not with control+c)08:03
Losdalthe uncompleted dist-upgrade was blocked at the "secure boot password" step that I don't remember, the only way to escape was to close the terminal window08:04
NickHYou can check the status of packages with "sudo dpkg --audit"08:04
LosdalI'm pretty sure this affected other config, but not sure how to re-run it proprly08:04
LosdalNickH : sudo dpkg --audit give an empty return08:05
NickHThats good.08:05
Losdalbtw I kept my computer open since 3 days, I was afraid that i won't boot again after that dist-upgrade :P08:05
LosdalNickH here is the list of packages affected by that dist-upgrade : https://pastebin.com/hTP3Z3EA , should i re-run install for each one to make sure that everything is well configured?08:07
NickHIt won't hurt to do so.08:08
Losdaladded to the python3, there is a linux images... etc and this make me afraid:D08:08
LosdalNickH what command do you suggest please?08:08
LosdalNickH the uname -r return : 5.15.0-56-generic , while in the dist-upgrade it mark the -67 installed08:09
Losdalthats why i'm sure something will go wrong :/08:10
NickHIf you're worried about the kernels not being configured properly (Eg initrd broken) you can do "sudo dpkg --reconfigure linux-image-5.15.0-67-generic" etc.08:12
lubuntujust a quick test\08:12
LosdalNickH dpkg: error: unknown option --reconfigure08:12
NickHSorry, "dpkg-reconfigure -plow linux-image-5.15.0-67-generic"08:14
Losdalmy problem is always the "secure boot password" that i forgot:/  not sure how to do about this08:14
NickHSorry, I can't help with secure boot stuff.08:14
LosdalNickH it looks that the process of the dist-upgrade is always running , i got this :08:14
Losdaldebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable08:15
NickHHmm... hava  look with:  ps aux | grep -E 'dpkg|apt'08:15
LosdalNickH : https://pastebin.com/f9nZayd208:18
NickHYeah seems to be stuck in the linux-headers-5.14.0-1058-oem post install script.08:19
NickHI guess it is waiting for input but has been detached from the terminal.08:19
NickHI'd just kill it, then run "dpkg --configure --pending"08:20
LosdalNickH right the input of boot secure password that i forgot :|08:20
NickHHave you now looked up the password that you need to enter?08:20
LosdalNickH the cmd "dpkg --configure --pending" give no output08:21
NickHDid you kill the hung processes first?08:21
LosdalI'll kill it08:21
NickHThat's why.08:21
NickHBefore "dpkg --configure --pending", run "dpkg --audit"08:22
LosdalNickH both commands give no output, even after killing the process08:23
NickHThen explicitly reconfifgure it. eg "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow linux-headers-5.14.0-1058-oem"08:25
NickHOr reinstall it.08:25
LosdalNickH : you think this should be ok https://pastebin.com/7s0947mA ?08:30
Losdalit didn't asked for the boot password:P08:30
NickHI'd probably run it on the linux-image package too. Eg "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow linux-image-5.14.0-1058-oem"08:31
NickHAnd then finally run the upgrade again: sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade08:33
LosdalNickH no changes on the upgrade & dist-upgrade output : https://pastebin.com/qVTGTYxw08:37
NickHOk, and the "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow linux-image-5.14.0-1058-oem" ok too?08:38
NickHIf so I think you're out of the woods :-)08:38
LosdalNickH it looks ok https://pastebin.com/e2MW42ug08:39
NickHYeah, that looks good.08:39
Losdalhowever the uname -r return always : 5.15.0-56-generic08:39
Losdalinsted of 5.15.0-6708:40
NickHIf you didn't reboot you'll still be running the old kernle.08:40
Losdalok, i hope i won't get problems when rebooting:P08:40
NickHDo you have rescue media to boot from?08:40
NickHOr another machine that you can use to make such media if it fails to boo?08:41
LosdalNickH no:/  thats why i'm worried08:41
NickHYou don't have a usb stick handy?08:41
LosdalNickH I think I have one08:42
Losdalbut in case of, i may lost all data?08:42
NickHIf this is the only computer you have access to I highly recommend that you have a rescue disk or usb.08:44
NickHData will still be on the disk/ssd.08:45
LosdalNickH right, so the idea is just to have a ubuntu installation that i can use to boot/connect08:48
LosdalThank you for your help NickH ! ~~08:49
NickHNo problem.08:49
Losdalbtw I have another question about accessing disk/data, I had a partition that was working normally and since few day when I try to access it i have this error "no filesystem or encrypted interface on d-bus object"08:50
LosdalUnable to access location08:50
LosdalDo you have any idea how to fix that? do you think it was corrupted ?08:50
NickHSorry, don't know about that.08:52
Losdalok thanks anyway! ~08:55
Losdalif anyone can help with that i'll be thankful !08:55
giantmidgetHey lads, anyone else here have massive performance issues after the 22.04 LTS upgrade? All forum threads seem to point to the fix being disabling intel_iommu, but I am using an AMD Ryzen CPU, so I assume this won't change anything anyways..08:55
tomreyngiantmidget: anything on your logs? journalctl -kb -p409:06
giantmidgettomreyn Yeah, seeing this:09:20
giantmidget[nvidia-drm] [GPU ID 0x00002b00] Failed to grab modeset ownership09:20
tomreyngiantmidget: then maybe your 'massive performance issues' refer to non-accelerated graphics?09:25
giantmidgettomreyn :P perhaps09:26
tomreynwhat's in your /proc/cmdline09:26
tomreynand are you using wayland or Xorg?09:26
giantmidgettomreyn BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.15.0-58-generic root=UUID=48bbb6ea-f887-456b-81e4-6a084033bf66 ro quiet splash vt.handoff=709:27
giantmidgetUsing xorg09:28
tomreynhmm i think that's the right configuration with nvidia proprietary drivers on 22.0409:29
tomreyncan you describe the performance issues more closely?09:30
giantmidgettomreyn If graphics are the issue, then they worked before the upgrade. And if that was the case would CPU usage not be high? Because it is not at all for me, but still virtually every action is 'laggy'.09:30
tomreynanything on your graphical desktop would be laggy and screen resolutions to choose from would be fewer, whereas working on the terminal would be as fast as before.09:31
tomreyni mean on a tty09:31
giantmidgettomreyn Basically everything has at least a 2-3s delay. I press a key, wait a few seconds, then it registers. Switching windows/desktops/firefox tabs can take up to 10s, periodic freezes.09:31
tomreyngiantmidget: can you switch to a tty and login and run a simple command there such as     time cat /etc/os-release     and note down what "real" is and switch back to the GUI?09:35
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution09:35
giantmidgettomreyn Screen resolutions are fine (native), but anecdotally I just entered a tty and typed up some text and it seemed to be fine. As compared to now - even just typing in hexchat, I get freezes every few seconds.09:36
giantmidgetreal is 0.001s09:38
tomreyngiantmidget: so it does seem to be graphics related. can you post any warnings from the current system log?   journalctl -b -p4 |& nc termbin.com 999909:40
LosdalNickH : the audio is no longer working after the dpkg reconfigure, any idea?09:48
NickHNo specific idea, but restarting pulse audio and playing with pavucontrol would be what I'd try.09:50
giantmidgettomreyn Just added nvidia-drm.modeset=1 to grub config, going to reboot and see if it fixes it.09:53
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tomreyngiantmidget: the log doesn't make me think that there are problems with the graphics, but lots of other issues, which seem small at first but some of these may actually cause what you're seeing. cisco anyconnect reports a lot of issues, but it's not constant. also your corsair gaming k68 keyboard (port 3-1) is unhappy with the possibly overloaded usb root hub it is connected to; usb 1-7-port1 thinks the cable connected to it is bad. xournalpp is10:30
tomreynaccessing some NTFS and repeatedly running into some errors there. you have appindicators running but i *think* 22.04 no longer uses those.10:30
tomreynoverall this looks like the kind of effects you would see with a heavily customized system using too many badly maintained third party softwares10:32
giantmidgetheavily customized, no. lots of shitty software (much of which I need for work), yes.10:33
giantmidgetI do appreciate you taking the time to look through it10:33
tomreyni can't pinpoint the exact issue causing it, though10:33
tomreynyou're welcome10:33
giantmidgetMy main observation is that I have been using ubuntu for about a year now (before which I was on debian), and did not have these issues. Recently upgraded to 22.04 and am now seeing them.10:34
tomreynsee if this lists aynthing you're not aware of having installed in an unmaintained version:   apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999910:34
giantmidgetThanks, I'll look through it.10:35
tomreyninstead of the cisco anyconnect client you can usually also use openconnect, which can also integrate with the gnome network manager GUI10:35
Guest14hi guys, i have a litle problem with ufw (iptables), wich i dont quite understand right. What im trying to do, is to use ufw to allow every connection, except connection to ssh (port), where should only connection be allowed from a specific ip. i have it now quite running, but im not sure this is the correct approach. sry my english isnt very good.10:35
giantmidgetGraphics are definitely an issue, if not the issue. After reboot things are worse, lol. Performance is much better (as always after a fresh reboot after 60+ days uptime) but one of the monitors is flickering like hell.10:36
giantmidgetFunny how I switched to ubuntu to flee nvidia driver hell, and now here I am...10:37
tomreynwell, you still run that driver, i guess10:38
giantmidgetWell there's more to it than that...long story.10:39
tomreynGuest14: in case this would help, there's also #ubuntu-de with German language support10:39
Guest14thanks. reading english isnt so hard for me :)10:40
Eugen80i have vserver with Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS11:08
Eugen80i'll need at least php8.111:08
Eugen80should I leave this ubuntu version or upgrade?11:09
ravage22.04 comes with 8.111:30
Liowenex8.1 what?11:33
ravageHe left already11:34
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Lopemy Ubuntu 22.04 doesn't upgrade systemd-hwe-hwdb12:06
Lopeit says it has been kept back. I haven't done anything that I'm aware of to hold it or whatever.12:06
hiyaLope: Yes it does the same on my computer too12:07
ubottuSince Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.12:08
ravageSo just wait.12:08
hiyaravage: Is pro subscription worth it for home users too?12:22
ravageIt costs 012:29
ravageSo probably yes12:29
hiyaIt is not about cost, it is about use-case for a home user12:29
ravageMost desktop users use universe packages12:30
hiyaI can probably pay for something like Zorin Pro version of Ubuntu12:30
hiyaI see12:30
ravageI enabled it for my devices12:31
ravageBut that's totally up to you :)12:31
hiyaravage: I think I will wait until we have a Ubuntu GNU Linux Pro edition with some bleeding edge stuff12:32
ravageYou may have to wait a long time12:33
ravageUbuntu is not made to be bleeding edge12:33
hiyaravage: For paid GNU Linux recommendations I always got SUSE from my online friends most of em are 'macOS' users12:37
hiyaravage: is Ubuntu offer free pro support as well? Or that is paid?12:40
ravageSupport by Canonical is only available as a paid sub12:42
hiyahow much for the support? Do you see? Please share a screenshot12:43
ravageif you need information about pro check their website12:43
ravageor contact them directly12:43
ravagewe cant help with Ubuntu Pro here12:43
hiyano I mean since you have the pro account already, you must be seeing how much they charge for pro support12:45
ravageno i dont see that12:45
neptune_Hello guys13:00
tomreynhello neptune_ - got an ubuntu support question?13:01
neptune_yes @tomreyn. I am on Elementary OS, which is based on ubuntu. Would my questions be valid?13:06
tomreynneptune_: i'm sure your questions are valid, but i'm afraid we can only support ubuntu here, not other distros, even if they have roots in ubuntu13:08
tomreynyou can try your luck at https://elementary.io/support or, better yet, install ubuntu, and get support here.13:09
neptune_sure! thanks for the reply13:10
zetheroo1Where does 'gio' mount SMB shares to?13:10
BluesKajHi all13:10
tomreynzetheroo1: probably to /media/$USER13:11
tomreynthe "mount" command would list all mounts13:12
zetheroo1 tomreyn: it's empty13:12
zetheroo1 tomreyn: ok, well I am assuming that Files uses gio to mount smb shares13:13
zetheroo1maybe this is not the case?13:13
tomreynyes, that would be correct13:13
zetheroo1 tomreyn: ok, I was also hoping that there would be a gio command that shows the local mount path for mounted smb shares13:14
tomreyni think   gio mount -li    would13:15
zetheroo1I tried with 'gio mount -l -i' but that doesn't show me the local mount path13:15
tomreynhmm, then i'm afraid i don't know13:16
tomreynit should show in "mount" output, though13:17
tomreynas "cifs" or "smb", i think13:18
zetheroo1nothing from 'mount' either13:19
tomreynthen i guess it's not actually mounted13:19
zetheroo1well I can see it's mounted with 'gio mount -l -i'13:20
zetheroo1but the output doesn't include the local mountpoint13:21
tomreyn"gio mount" would also list known devices which could be but are not currently mounted13:22
tomreyncan you access the share via Files?13:23
tomreyncan you list the directory contents?13:23
zetheroo1In Files, yes13:24
zetheroo1it works perfectly13:24
tomreynand now "mount" still does not list it?13:24
tomreynmount | grep apps13:24
tomreynokay, then i have a misconception on how the two play together, sorry.13:25
zetheroo1I tried with: mount | grep smb13:25
zetheroo1mount | grep cifs13:25
zetheroo1mount | grep gio13:25
zetheroo1mount | grep apps13:25
zetheroo1mount | grep tank13:25
tomreyn!paste | zetheroo113:25
ubottuzetheroo1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:25
zetheroo1with gvfs it was mounted in /run/user/userID/gvfs/...13:26
alocerHi everyone, I am creating 3 different iso image for ubuntu jammy, focal, bionic for our company with preseeding inside the iso and I'm getting the security verification failed 0x1A only for bionic. any idea?13:28
tomreynalocer: what's giving you a "security verification failed 0x1A" message?13:30
alocertomreyn - the laptop which has secureboot enabled. it can not boot the the grub menu and showing 0x1A instead. it happened after installing 22.04.2 on it which changed the shim.13:32
tomreynalocer: so you're saying you cannot boot ubuntu 18.04.6 with an ubuntu 22.04.2 bootloader?13:32
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zetheroo1also nothing in the output from 'findmnt'13:35
alocertomreyn - that is correct.13:35
tomreynalocer: have you tried booting 18.04.6 using its own bootloader, though?13:36
alocertomreyn - now that i think of it, let me try it and get back.13:37
linuxAmidzaHello guys, im losing my mind and i need some help with ubuntu 22.0413:39
linuxAmidzathis is my problem I just posted on https://askubuntu.com/questions/1458007/run-firefox-across-three-physical-displays-monitors-in-kiosk-mode13:40
tomreynalocer: also note 18.04 LTS is almost out of the default support lifetime13:41
linuxAmidzai just did it13:41
linuxAmidzalove u all13:41
alocertomreyn - our company is still shipping out ubuntu 16 as well with extended support. I hope I can convince them . Thanks13:42
tomreynalocer: well there is commercial support for another 5 years13:43
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alocertomreyn - FYI the downloaded iso for ubuntu 18.04.6 from releases.canonical.com lead to 0x1A as well.13:49
tomreynalocer: i'm guessing it was produced before microsofts' signing key changed.13:52
tomreyni.e. resetting the certificate store to manufacturer defaults may 'fix' it, but it would still be good to file that as a bug, i guess13:53
alocertomreyn - can you give me link or sth on how can I do that? not sure which package on launchpad i should create the bug.13:53
tomreyngood question, i was just wondering this, too. i think there's a meta package for iso releases. let me have a look.13:54
ravagehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shim-signed/+bugs maybe?13:55
tomreynyes, either there or at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-cdimage13:56
alocerlets see if there is any bug already reported or not.13:56
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alocercreated a bug for the package cd-boot-images-amd64, I think it's the best choice. Thanks guys.14:16
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tomreynthanks alocer14:22
tomreynalocer: can you share the bug IDs here?14:23
alocertomreyn: Bug #2009499, is this correct? let me know if i need to fill in more information.14:24
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 2009499 in cd-boot-images-amd64 (Ubuntu) "Can not create a bootable iso for ubuntu bionic" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200949914:24
tomreynalocer: i'm not actuallysure it's the right package, since it has no bionic release target. but i guess this report can be reassigned to other packages as needed.14:27
tomreyn(bionic = 18.04 LTS)14:28
alocertomreyn - I'm on the same page as you. what made me think that is the right place is the xorriso command is in that package and maybe they can come up with a solution for bionic.14:29
tomreyngood thinking. i just hope the right folks will get to see it where it is now. it doesn't look wrong to me, though14:30
elias_aI am trying to use HTTP Toolkit (https://httptoolkit.com/) on 22.04.2. HTTP Toolkit refuses opening a new fresh Firefox session claiming FF is already running when it is not. How do I make sure Firefox is not running?14:40
leftyfbsudo killall firefox14:40
leftyfbor reboot14:40
elias_aTried sudo killall already and same error still... odd...14:41
elias_aMust be a bug in HTTP Toolkit in that case.14:42
jhutchinselias_a: Old, old problem, there's a lock file that's not getting cleared.14:59
jhutchinselias_a: Do I need to google where that is for you?14:59
elias_ajhutchins: Yes, please as I would not even dream of using Google Services. :P15:00
elias_ajhutchins: I'll try to find it. Thanks!15:01
elias_aNevertheless, thou shalt not use google.15:01
nb-beneven RMS himself admittedly uses Google from time to time15:02
elias_anb-ben: He is US citizen and an airhead. :P15:04
leftyfblets not15:04
leftyfbtake it to #ubuntu-offtopic15:05
elias_aNo profile.lock files found...15:06
elias_ajhutchins: Any other suggestions?15:11
leynHey, just upgraded to 22.04, and I noticed that my Files/Nautilus breadcrumb sometimes gets blurry, but only 1. when window is focused and 2. on parent folders. This seems due to a duplicate text repeated with a small vertical offset. I couldn't find a similar bug report in Launchpad nor Gnome Files repository, has anyone the same issue?15:25
jhutchinsGoogle works for me, I don't give a hoot about personalities or politics.15:26
leynNot sure if the issue comes from Ubuntu or Nautilus, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs says to send bug report to Ubuntu in doubt, but that seems a little far-fetched in this case so not sure what to do.15:27
elias_ajhutchins: I was asking about the issue, not search engine used. Here's the issue: https://github.com/httptoolkit/httptoolkit/issues/39215:30
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 392 in httptoolkit/httptoolkit "[Bug]: Chromium and Firefox sessions won't start on Ubuntu 22.04.2" [Open]15:30
elias_aApparently has to do with Chromium and Firefox being snap versions nowadays...15:30
jhutchinselias_a: Yeah, trying to support too many different file hierarchies/locations.  One of the pervasive problems with snaps.15:32
hiyaSorry got over excited :P15:33
bob20.20 MATE environ.  Somehow my USB mouse's right-click does not work ONLY on the desktop.  Any ideas?16:18
leftyfbbob: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ) | nc termbin.com 999916:20
bobLinux tinyhp 5.4.0-144-generic #161-Ubuntu SMP Fri Feb 3 14:49:04 UTC 2023 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:21
leftyfbbob: ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ) | nc termbin.com 999916:22
bobVERSION="20.04.5 LTS (Focal Fossa)"16:22
bobPRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS"16:22
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tanul1989Hello, we have ubuntu LTS.. Is it a good practice to perform this action sync; echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches17:48
tanul1989we have total 8 ubuntu nodes running.. And memory issues are coming.. What is the impact if we execute this regularly17:49
Habbieyour performance will suffer17:51
jhutchinstanul1989: Not necessary on normal systems.17:51
Habbieunless your workloads are unusual17:51
tanul1989Actually we have azure kubernetes running with 8 nodes. I dont know what Microsoft did by because of cgroups v2 they have migrated the nodes from ubuntu 18 to ubuntu 22.. And just after this upgrade our life is disaster17:52
tanul1989with ubuntu 18 we were running 33 microservices and now we can only run only 11.. We have to stop 2217:53
jhutchinstanul1989: Could it be because you're messing with processes that are supposed to be automatic and take care of themselves?17:53
tanul1989That I don't know because its microsoft manged azure kubernetes. I don't know what has been done in the backend.. Even people in this comment is also asking the same from them.. That there upgrades might have disturbed something in the nodes17:55
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 3443 in Azure/AKS "High memory consumption with v1.25.2" [Open]17:55
tanul1989jhutchins I can login inside nodes. If possible can we check for these automatic processes.. which might be impacted.. If you can guide me would be grateful..17:56
jchittumtanul1989 -- AKS moved the Ubuntu worker nodes to default to Ubuntu 22.04 in 1.25 I believe. So if you migrated to a newer AKS version, the underlying Workers will be very different17:56
jchittumit's not transparent but it is documented somewhere...let me see if i can find it17:56
jhutchinstanul1989: You shouldn't have to check or mess with them at all.  Memory and cache are managed by the kernel.17:57
tanul1989jchittum yes correct. But now what to do.. my memory exhaustion is at peak. And 2 environments are down17:58
tanul1989jhutchins, hmm ok17:58
tanul198922 services have stopped working after this upgrade.. No idea how to handle this memory issue. Every nodes has memory consumption more than 125%18:00
jchittumtanuel1989 -- honestly, i'd revert to 1.24 for the immediate future, to get your services back. were you on 1.23 or 1.24 previously?18:00
tanul1989jchittum I was on 1.24.. And that was running flawless. But the problem is that microsoft do not allow AKS users to downgrade18:00
tanul1989that's the whole issue18:00
jchittumyou can't spin up a new 1.24 cluster and redeploy?i18:01
jchittumi was not thinking in-place18:01
tanul1989hmm no.. actually for that we need lot of approvals.. Which take weeks or months18:01
tanul1989lot of people are asking on microsoft communities to help downgrade to 1.24 version but AKS never supported this feature..18:02
tanul1989Thanks guys.. Let see..:)18:06
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webchat51I encountered an error where my download speeds plummeted from 400Mbps to 1 Mbps, despite a second computer on the same network still getting 400. Happened again a week ago, and I did a complete reinstall, only for the problem to come back again today.  Someone on reddit said to try "sudo iwconfig wlo1 power off" and damn, it worked! Not sure18:43
webchat51where to post that, so here I am.18:43
relipseI keep getting "C:\ProgramData\Synergy\config\synergy.conf": read error: line 42: unable to parse key when trying to use my Win11 box as a synergy server (with Ubuntu 22.04 client), but the conf file only has 41 lines18:54
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ArtesianI have an issue for which I filed this bug report: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/glib/-/issues/2933 . In that thread I was directed to report it as a bug at Ubuntu. Before I do that I am asking in this IRC chat if anyone here has the answer.19:12
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 2933 in GNOME/glib "'find-dbgsym-packages /usr/bin/gio' command gets errors" [Closed]19:12
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Scrappy......just to be save and not risk another ban is unchecked reconnect on disconnect (until problem is solved :-( )19:39
mcjGood day! I am havving trouble with Thunderbolt DAS devices mounting on 22.04 LTS. I have enrolled both of my daisy-chained devices (hard drives) with boltctl but I'm unable to see any option for mounting these devices19:41
mcjThe devices do not appear in lsblk. If I reboot, usually one device will show up, but never the second. The ironic part is that the drive that is at the end of the daisy chain is the one that appears, not the drive that it's passing through. Any advice?19:42
sarnoldmcj: I've never done troubleshooting on thunderbolt devices, so this might be way off, but it feels like the sort of thing that might happen if there's insufficient power available for the devices, or if they're powered on in the wrong order, etc19:46
sarnoldmcj: when my laptop's dock reboots during power outages, it's easier for me to reboot the laptop than try to piece together the display, usb devices plugged in to its ports, etc19:46
mcjI'm getting a 'green light' in  `boltctl list` for both devices. Both are 'authorized' and 'enrolled' (meaning that it's set to automatically approve on a reboot). So I'm kind of lost to start with because I'm not sure how the system wants to mount these devices19:47
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sarnoldmcj: do they show up with lspci?19:56
mcjSo I should say that when I was using a MacBook Pro with Ubuntu Server that this worked, but now moving over to this new machine I am having issues19:57
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mcjsarnold: You win. I had to log in as my user on the system and ~then~ power on the drives. :D20:31
jhutchinsmcj: Macs are funny about that stuff.21:38
mcjI think it has to do more with Thunderbolt and it's power management. When I power on the PC, the drives power on as well, which doesn't help me as I needed to be logged in first and then power on the drives21:44
mcjI think this has more to do with Ubuntu's auto-assignment of user-based mount points21:45
mcjIf it's not in the fstab and a user isn't logged in... no mount!21:45
mcjNow I'm having some other issue where one of the drives is appearing to Ubuntu as a UFS volume when it is really an NTFS21:46
jhutchinsUm, not supposed to mount if not in fstab and marked "auto".21:58
jhutchins(Also, guess who developed the thunderbolt interface.)21:58
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sarnoldmcj: woot! I wonder why you had to do it in that order :( that's weird. but still, an answer is an answer :)22:04
jhutchinsI wonder if it's mounting the drives through userspace for some reason?  I guess they're removables, those tend to automount in userspace.22:12
jhutchins(Also don't need to be in the fstab unless you want to specify where they mount.)22:13
michalhi all22:15
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sarnoldjhutchins: there's some oddball "automount" thing intended for eg NFS home directories that has the kernel calling out to userland to issue a mount; and who even understands how initramfs filesystems are mounted.. but it's a reasonable generalization to say all mounts are initiated from userspace22:23
jhutchinsCDs and USB drives tend to mount that way too.  Been that way for a few years now.22:28
jhutchinssarnold: Automount for NFS homes uses an entirely different mechanism (they have to mount at /home/$USER).22:29
jhutchinsautomount can be configured for a lot of things.  It's good for network drives when you don't want to keep a network connection when the drive is idle, or for drives you want to spin down when not in use.22:30
jhutchinsautomount goes WAY back.22:30
sarnoldhah I don't remember automount doing local drives22:32
jhutchinsI think *nix is starting to have trouble where people are "solving" problems that have long established solutions they've just never heard about.22:32
sarnoldheck I'm sure we're on our third or fourth iteration of that now :)22:32
jhutchinssarnold: It will if you tell it to.  That's the other thing, automount has to be specifically configured.22:33
sarnoldI remember that part :)22:33
jhutchinssarnold: It will if you tell it to.  That's the other thing, automount has to be specifically configured.22:33
mcjYes, these are being picked up as removables despite them being PCI-e devices, in theory22:34
jhutchinsThe target mount point is not modifiable if automount is active22:34
mcjI think Thunderbolt and the way it works with the enrollment is also not helping22:34
mcjI'm trying to have these drives automount after a reboot with no user logged in so they can serve the drives over the nework and some local processes can have access to them as well22:36
jhutchinsmcj: So put the drives and their mount points in fstab and mark them as auto.  (I think auto is the default, noauto is an exception).22:42
jhutchinsmcj: That also lets you set such things as ownership and permissions for the mounted files.22:43
jhutchinsmcj: That's how you'd set up a normal SATA drive anyway.22:45
mcjThe issue I was having was that lsblk was not listing the disks, so there was no 'device mount point' to mount to, if that makes sense? No /dev/sd* assigned22:46
jhutchinsmcj: What device was assigned?  Certainly Thunderbolt assignes something.  The filesystem on the device should still have a UUID (as should the device itself).22:49
jhutchinsAre they seen as something other than block devices?22:50
mcjOnce I got it all detected, it assigned it a regular hard drive: /dev/sdb22:50
jhutchinsmcj: I'd keep an eye on that.22:50
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