gartralwhat's the status of pipewire? I tried to install it and it's failed miserably and screwed my audio system16:12
gartrali'm on Ubuntu studio 22.0416:13
Eickmeyergartral: Pipewire is unsupported on 22.04.16:22
EickmeyerAt the time it wasn't a question.16:23
EickmeyerIt wasn't ready.16:23
EickmeyerEarliest it will be supported (by default) is 23.04.16:23
Eickmeyer22.04 has an older version of pipewire that doesn't have the features necesary.16:24
gartralI mean, OK... is it scheduled for a backport?16:29
EickmeyerAfraid not. That's part of the main repository, which is under the perview of Canonical.16:53
OvenWerksgartral: It can be fudged as there is PPA with latest that will work with 2204. However, upgrading to 2404 will be problematic and require it's removal before the upgrade. This is because the package name set is not the same as main.17:48
OvenWerksgartral: to be aware that pipewire, even though it replaces pulse, does not work well as a Jack replacement. Ardour crashes on export for example.17:52
ubottu#ubuntustudio sometimes cannot answer your questions in a timely matter, or simply lacks the capacity. For additional sources of help, try #ubuntu if your issue is of a technical nature, or #lau (Linux Audio Users) or #opensourcemusicians if it has to do with the audio stack.18:16
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