AbuOmarHi there,00:51
AbuOmarThere is dead link:00:51
AbuOmarIt's for: 22.04.2 LTS00:52
mparilloI mentioned this to ahoneybun[m] and he already fixed it. Maybe it is taking longer to propagate than normal.00:58
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sharulrasl please02:28
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yossarianukhi - anyone else getting repo issues with 22.10 + PPA ?09:39
yossarianuk kate : Depends: kate5-data (>= 4:22.12.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu22.10~ppa1) but 4:22.08.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu22.10~ppa1 is installed09:39
yossarianukE: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution).09:39
yossarianuk(and I was last night too)09:39
yossarianukis this just a case off waiting for repo to be updated ?09:40
yossarianukah - i did a apt --fix-broken install and it seems to have sorted it09:41
IrcsomeBot_<LESDJiNS> How do I fully install KDE Plasma in my Ubuntu desktop?11:07
IrcsomeBot_<LESDJiNS> to get the full experience11:08
mparilloI think a fresh Kubuntu install is preferable, but if you insist, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE11:56
IrcsomeBot_<rcpp85> Hi, all! From time to time my pc crashes when open the lid to get off sleep mode. Anyone facing this problem too? It goes back to a log (perhaps dms) with some ACPI msgs and something like "process killed" on last line.12:29
IrcsomeBot_<rcpp85> I forgot to take a photo before turning off and on, but i will see if I can get the error msg from logs.12:30
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IrcsomeBot_<JoDoGo42> just poking into the blue but try to set your reserved video mem to a fixed value and not auto/dynamic (re @rcpp85: Hi, all! From time to time my pc crashes when open the lid to get off sleep mode. Anyone facing this problem too? It goes back to a log (perhaps dms) with some ACPI msgs and something like "process killed" on last line.)14:01
IrcsomeBot_<JoDoGo42> just poking into the blue but try to set your reserved video mem to a fixed value and not auto/dynamic (bios settings) (re @rcpp85: Hi, all! From time to time my pc crashes when open the lid to get off sleep mode. Anyone facing this problem too? It goes back to a log (perhaps dms) with some ACPI msgs and something like "process killed" on last line.)14:01
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IrcsomeBot_<rcpp85> Where do I set this?14:21
IrcsomeBot_<rcpp85> In bios?14:21
IrcsomeBot_<JoDoGo42> 👍😁14:31
IrcsomeBot_<JoDoGo42> its usually some advance chipset setting, how much of your mem to reservefor gpu exclusively..14:33
IrcsomeBot_<JoDoGo42> That dynamic there cause some weird outcomes eventually14:33
WJC42I'm running Kubuntu 22.04 / Plasma 5.24.7. I have a "gaming" keyboard with about 5 extra keys all the way on the left that were for "macros" IIRC. I never use them. Is there a way to map that keystroke to a certain application? Since they are not standard keys, I would need to A) use some app that says "Press any key" then it would detect the keystroke and then assign it to launch an app. I would like to have 1 keypress to bring up the Kkalculator.15:13
mparilloI would start to see if your keyboard is listed in System Settings > Keyboard. If not, my second choice is System Settings > Shortcuts, you can look for an undefined action, and add a new shortcut. So, for me, my first is to add alt control n to go to the next unread konversation channel. So, you click on an unassigned shortcut and hit one of your macro keys and see if it registers something.15:19
WJC42thanks. I tried that just now...found "custom shortcuts" it will pick up detect keypresses on "standard" buttons like Control, alt, shift, etc.. But for the non-standard "macro" keys, it doesn't see them.15:34
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IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Anyone have any issues upgrading to 22.04.2 LTS ?17:31
alkisg_ircNope. But if you do have issues, it's best to ask for help about them rather than do a poll :)17:34
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Well I don't want to jump on a grenade.17:34
alkisg_ircKoobsicle, what's your current version?17:36
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> 20.0417:39
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/79778487/file_63954.jpg17:40
cavewow i love that the Pop!_OS install of Konversation automatically connects me to #kubuntu lol17:50
alkisg_ircPop!_OS is Ubuntu with just a bit of sugar on top, not worth spending time on it...17:50
alkisg_ircQuestion... this krfb issue says "fixed in 23.04", is that an unreleased version? Can I test it using a PPA or something?17:57
-ubottu:#kubuntu- KDE bug 435338 in krfb "Krfb on Wayland doesn't accept remote keyboard input" [Major, Resolved: Fixed]17:57
mparilloI think 23.04 is not related to the upcoming Kubuntu 23.04, but the KDE Gear (formerly KDE Applications) 23.04. So it will probably land in Kubuntu 23.1018:28
alkisg_ircThank you mparillo, I'll try to re-build from source then18:29
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> So am I okay to roll it? (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg_irc> Koobsicle, what's your current version?)18:31
alkisg_ircKoobsicle, sure, updates from 20.04 to 22.04 have been tested for enough time to be considered safe18:42
user|20is it possible to install kubuntu within windows 1018:53
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> And fail 😂18:54
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/a4e3c741/file_63958.jpg18:54
arraybolt3@Koobsicle: Ugh, that's a rather unhelpful error message.19:00
arraybolt3@Koobsicle: Try opening Konsole, and then run "sudo apt --fix-broken install".19:00
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> I know right (re @IrcsomeBot: <arraybolt3> @Koobsicle: Ugh, that's a rather unhelpful error message.)19:01
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> After this? (re @IrcsomeBot: <arraybolt3> @Koobsicle: Try opening Konsole, and then run "sudo apt --fix-broken install".)19:05
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Same result19:06
arraybolt3@Koobsicle: Do you see any error message on the terminal?19:06
arraybolt3@Koobsicle: You can paste the entire output of "sudo apt --fix-broken install" into a pastebin website like bpa.st, and then share a link to it.19:08
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://bpa.st/6F44419:09
arraybolt3@Koobsicle: What happens if you run "sudo apt full-upgrade", could you share the output of that too?19:11
arraybolt3(It looks like maybe the Discover updater just had a brain cramp and nothing actually went wrong.)19:12
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://bpa.st/JJHOA19:13
arraybolt3Yeah there's nothing wrong with your system's updates. Maybe that's why Discover's error message was so unhelpful - nothing really went wrong, so there was nothing to report. :P19:14
arraybolt3(Or, to be more correct, if anything *is* wrong with your system's updates, it's sure not showing itself the way update problems would usually show themselves.)19:15
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> So should I just try from the Kubuntu site with one of the images?19:55
GrayGhostI have 22.04 KDE ,, everytime i reboot I have to reset the scroll direction in system settings for the mouse19:59
GrayGhostwhy dose system setting not make them perment ?20:00
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ahoneybun[m]I'm not sure where that is20:06
alkisgKoobsicle, sure, updates from 20.04 to 22.04 have been tested for enough time to be considered safe20:06
GrayGhostI will just have to accept the system setting and learn to live with it :(20:17
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Problem is I can't run the update (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> Koobsicle, sure, updates from 20.04 to 22.04 have been tested for enough time to be considered safe)20:21
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> I downloaded the ISO file, but I don't want to reformat everything and start all over20:22
valorie@Koobsicle what do you mean you "can't run the update"?20:51
valorieI've been updating for years with no problem20:52
valoriesystem settings are in your $HOME and are just text files20:52
mmikowskiGrayGhost: There are some system settings that don't stick or reset correctly that are known bugs.20:54
GrayGhostthat is to bad ... for me :(20:55
mmikowskiGrayGhost: Reset has been the biggest issue, but the power management controls in 5.24.x, for example, would reset some values. We've been tracking these into 5.27, which is looking better but not perfect.20:55
mmikowskiWhat version of Plasma are you running?20:55
mmikowskiWhat version of Kubuntu?20:56
mmikowskiIIRC, mouse setting are not on our list, and they should stick.20:56
mmikowskiGrayGhost: ^^ I will test scroll reversal here in a VM (I'20:57
mmikowskive already got a few running)20:57
mmikowskiGrayGhost: Please acknowledge and I'll proceed. If you don't want me to test, that's ok too :) So are you interested?21:00
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Please review my links above (re @IrcsomeBot: <valorie> @Koobsicle what do you mean you "can't run the update"?)21:02
user|51I downloaded the latest Kubuntu and find it is too large to fit a DVD-R 4.7 GB disk. (kubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64) is refused by K3B because the DVD is too small. (Disk reads 4.7 GB according to cdw (command line burner). michael.f.winthrop@gmail.com21:05
valoriedo you want to update, or update and then do an upgrade to a new version?21:08
valorieit is always a good idea to update and full-upgrade before upgrading to the latest version21:08
valorieto upgrade to the latest version, you run `sudo do-release-upgrade`21:10
user|51I want to install fresh bootable Kubuntu on an external hard drive,transfer all my data and applications and then dd over the messed up version on my internal drive.21:10
valorieuser|51: yikes21:10
valoriewhy do you want to burn it to a DVD?21:11
mmikowskiuser|51 Do you have an 8 GB USB key available. That's perhaps the easiest solution for a clean install; I didn't see an announcement that 22.04.2 is too big now for DVDs, but it's been on the edge of the threshold for a while. So I wouldn't be surprised...21:11
valorieyou should be able to install right from your downloaded ISO21:12
valoriejust be careful to specify the correct drive21:12
mmikowskiGrayGhost: Kubuntu 5.24.7 LTS: scroll setting persists through logins. So not an issue that I see.21:13
user|51No usb right now. Yes, I did not think of installing from a running linux.21:13
valoriemmikowski: user|51 wants to install onto a external drive21:13
mmikowskiThanks valorie, I saw that a little later :P21:13
valorienothing but the downloaded iso should be necessary21:14
mmikowskiRight, but why not just back up the data on an external drive, clean install on the internal, and then copy back the data?21:14
user|51what line command to use in cmd terminal?21:15
valoriethat is certainly the easy way, IMO21:15
mmikowski^^ user|51 and valorie no offense of course. Just trying to be helpful.21:15
valoriemmikowski: that was my first thought as well21:15
valoriersync is slow but reliable21:16
mmikowskiuser|51 dd'ing over files  is likely not going to work like you think.21:16
user|51main reason id portable drive as backup.21:16
mmikowskiThere are special files and hard links and the like that the installer will take care of. If you dd it, you will need to create those yourself.21:16
user|51will look at rsync then21:17
mmikowskiI once wrote an installer for this stuff using knoppix, and even though all the target systems were identical, there was lots of post-copy stuff I had to arrange. It was definitely NOT one-and-done!21:17
mmikowskiHeck, it was a month-long project (obviously, it had to be extremely portable and reliable, thus the expense. But it illustrates the point).21:18
mmikowskiYou don't want try to copy the OS per above if you can avoid it. You can use rsync to copy your Data to keep it safe.21:19
mmikowskiThen install the OS separately on each disk where you want it. That will almost certainly be the path of least resistance.21:19
mmikowskiEven if you have to shuffle your data back and forth once using rsync, it will almost certainly give you far better results.21:20
mmikowskiuser|51 if you go with that, then you will want to return to the idea of an 8+ GB USB stick for installation.21:21
mmikowskigood to see you valorie, btw!21:21
GrayGhostmmikowski: so an update may fix it later ?21:23
user|51I currently have a dual boot (win10) and KB. The KB is several partition slices instead of just one. I am trying to consolidate these and preserve things like Eclipse, virtualbox, etc. that have installed components.21:23
GrayGhostI am running 5.24.7 now so I guess it will not be fixed21:25
mmikowskiGrayGhost: That's exactly what I tested, and it worked.21:30
mmikowskifor reversed scrolling...21:30
GrayGhostI must be using a different manufacter ... mine is logitech21:31
mmikowskiGrayGhost: You can look at Solaar; that provides fantastic controls for many logitech mice.21:32
GrayGhostI looked at Solaar .. nothing there21:33
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> So I don't  have a workaround to update without having to reformat?21:37
user|51leaving now. Will look at suggestion. Thanks for help.21:38
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> guys pardon the vanity but i wonder if anyone could suggest me a cool theme for kde that is awesome and complete :-P21:59
mmikowskihow cool? I cool more important than reliable?22:14
mmikowskiAnd what kinda cool.22:15
mmikowski^^ Arang22:15
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> reliable but cool (re @IrcsomeBot: <mmikowski> how cool? I cool more important than reliable?)22:20
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> sorry i had pizza in my hands -.-\22:21
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> i want something that use the themes and such but i dont wanna mod the kde stuff to the point that its a patchwork22:21
mmikowskiyeah, that can happen. Often there will be "holes".22:22
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> iindeed22:26
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> so anything that could be recommended ?22:26
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> with cool icons pls :D22:26
mmikowskiah, I'm too conservative for that. I just suggest you look for popular + cool so you get decent support. Sorry I couldn't help more.22:28
mmikowskiGrayGhost: The mfg shouldn't matter for mouse reversal. My guess is that kde is having difficulty writing the config file.22:30
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> oh22:31
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> well i had to ask thanks anyways22:32
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> can't upgrade because this is what I get23:29
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/fc36b26b/file_63970.jpg23:37
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> sudo apt full upgrade does not work either23:37
IrcsomeBot_<Arang> What error are you getting with apt? (re @Koobsicle: sudo apt full upgrade does not work either)23:45
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> no error. this https://bpa.st/NTVR623:47

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