FatPhilwhere can I find a deb of firefox-91.0+build2-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 ?12:42
tomreynFatPhil: why would you want an outdated, insecure, version?17:03
FatPhilbecause that's what's on my live USB stick, and I'm having other seemingly insurmountable issues upgrading to 110.21:04
FatPhilHAving said that. Feature creep has made more modern Firefoxes completely undesirable.21:04
FatPhiland by creep, I mean "removal".21:05
tomreynyou could use the snap, that would get you a current version22:04
tomreynmaybe we can solve the "other unsurmountable issues upgrading to [firefox] 110" if you'd like to discuss the details.22:05
tomreynare we talking about an installation to usb stick, not just a live/installer iso written to it?22:05
FatPhilit's a 3-year-old persistent live stick that has corruption issues22:16
FatPhilI managed to fix some of them with apt-get install --reinstall, but there's an i/o error that prevents one of the firefox files being "linked" as I tried to install 110 over 91. I was wondering if a not-an-upgrade would not have this "make a backup of the old file" behaviour.22:18
Jim`Is there any reason to upgrade from a stable 20.04.1 yet?22:58
Jim`Or just let the LTS upgrade in April ?22:58
arraybolt3Depends on what you're doing.23:04
arraybolt3Lubuntu 20.04 goes end-of-life in April of this year, however the underlying Ubuntu 20.04 OS will remain supported for another two years.23:04
Jim`arraybolt3: after I updated teh packages it says23:04
Jim`New release '22.04.2 LTS' available.23:04
Jim`Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.23:04
Jim`Looks like it wants me to do that 23:04
arraybolt3You don't *have* to, but it would be recommended to upgrade when it's convenient. You should back up your data first just in case something goes wrong.23:05
Jim`Seems like since I hardly use the machine I might as well update it23:05
Jim`While I got it on23:05
Jim`and if I ever need it as a backup, it'll be ready 23:05
Jim`rather than messing around with it when I need it23:05
Jim`(if that day comes)23:05
arraybolt3Sounds like a good idea to me.23:05
Jim`Is there a way to check to see if it has TPM 2?23:06
Jim`within lubuntu23:06
Jim`Might can convert it in to a Win 11 machine and not have to buy a new one 23:06
Jim`But that's a little OT here I guess23:06
Jim`arraybolt3: It's upgrading to "jammy" 23:19
Jim`arraybolt3: I'm gonna assume I probably should have downloaded the ISO and did it manually..23:19
Jim`I guess I'll know if the machine works or not when it's done :D23:21

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