danderssonI have been seeing hash sum mismatch errors when downloading from nl.archive.ubuntu.com every hour for more than 24 hours now. Sample `apt` log: https://paste.debian.net/1273235/ . It always concerns different files, the file sizes always match, and if I try downloading any of them afterwards their hash sums have the expected value.12:55
danderssonI guess it could be some network problem between that mirror and our machines (Azure West Europe), or e.g. a faulty drive on that mirror. Is there some clever way to pin-point this more, or should one just "wait it out"?12:55
ravagecan you reproduce it from other clients?13:09
ravagecould be a problem with your network and not the mirror's network13:09
ravagedo you get the same errors from other mirrors?13:09
ravageto rule out any proxy problems you could try a mirror that supports https13:11
ravagehttps://mirror.nl.leaseweb.net/ubuntu/ for example13:12
danderssonI only see it with nl.archive.ubuntu.com, but the same machine is querying other mirrors as well, both http and https (list taken of queried mirrors from one of the jobs: https://paste.debian.net/1273241/ ). I have not tried it with other clients than the ones we have running in Azure. I can try some repeated local updates against that mirror to see if it happens here as well.13:34
Fluorhi. dandersson. i'm root@nl.archive.ubuntu.com. i cant see anything odd going on that box.14:34
Fluoresp. since when you download the files afterwards it seems to be OK, not sure what could be wrong.14:34
danderssonI have been hammering nl.archive.ubuntu.com from other environments for a while and can't see any hash mismatch problems, while the Azure runners still see at least one for every run, somewhere between 25% and 50% for the packages requested from that mirror, but no such errors from other mirrors. I think it is safe to say that it has to be some network issues between Azure and the host, and 14:55
danderssonthat the mirror itself is fine. Thanks for the help and ideas!14:55
tomreyndandersson: azure probably provides 'local' mirrors, maybe use those, or use httpS15:30
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