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ahasenackjjohansen: hi, regarding xnox's email and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/os-prober/+bug/182629415:46
-ubottu:#ubuntu-security- Launchpad bug 1826294 in rsyslog (Ubuntu) "os-prober exits prematurely with 'logger: socket /dev/log: Protocol wrong type for socket'" [Critical, New]15:46
ahasenackI thought it would be easy to reproduce, but I'm not seeing any apparmor DENIED messages, and logger works just fine as far as I can tell with the test script15:46
tomreynwould it be possible to get an ubuntu.com subdomain redirect to https://ubuntu.com/security/cves ? i always need to ask a search engine because i tend forgetting this url. cve.ubuntu.com i could probably remember.17:14
tomreynor if ubuntu.com/security linked there that would work, too17:14
tomreynyou may also want to take on https://httpd.apache.org/security/vulnerabilities_24.html soon17:16
tomreyn^ pfsmorigo 17:18
pfsmorigotomreyn, I can ask around about cve.ubuntu.com and thanks for the apache heads up17:34
jjohansenahasenack: ack thanks, I will take a look after I am clear of meetings this morning17:39
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tomreynthanks P.F.21:54

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