Mathisenso im doing a test switch from many many years on debian to ubuntu server. i kinda got tierd of to old packages like php making issues for example nextcloud.. anyway this snap thing is confusing. lets say i want to add php-imagick to a snap version is this even posible ?00:16
Mathisensnap is new to me. i never used it until now00:16
sarnoldMathisen: the general idea of snap is that whoever packaged it has provided all the dependencies themselves00:23
sarnoldMathisen: are you making a snap package yourself? or using snaps that other people have packaged?00:23
Mathisensarnold, im just trying out the snap version of nextcloud in this case, but from the looks of it i just gonna host it normal without snap00:26
Mathisenthe loop mounting it does also seems realy confusing to me. 00:27
sarnoldhah, this is a bit thin on details :( https://snapcraft.io/nextcloud00:27
sarnoldah! they put the details in the git README https://github.com/nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap00:28
Mathisenyeah i already set up everything. and working just missing one package really00:30
Mathisenphp-imagick to be specific 00:30
Mathisenbut from reading "It seems that the SNAP mainteners don´t like the imagick package because of security terms, so it isn´t in the package"00:31
sarnoldyeah, imagemagick is pretty rough :/ but if you're hosting photos you took yourself, it's probably fine00:33
sarnoldMathisen: oh, take a look at the last two comments on https://github.com/nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap/pull/62900:35
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Pull 629 in nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap "Add Imagemagick support in PHP" [Closed]00:35
Mathisenyeah il hold of for a bit an give this a week to learn 00:57
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athosHey, ahasenack, paride FYI: https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2023/03/msg00054.html. Just in case this starts a more in depth discussion regarding kea12:53
parideathos, thanks12:57
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athossergiodj: so, this is the diff for the armhf symbols file https://launchpadlibrarian.net/654936250/buildlog_ubuntu-lunar-armhf.isc-kea_2.2.0-5ubuntu1~ppa1_BUILDING.txt.gz :/20:51
athosperhaps the solution here would be to add a version script indeed and forward it upstream20:51
sergiodjathos: ouch :-/20:52
sergiodjathos: yes, forwarding it upstream is definitely a great idea20:52
sergiodjI'm OK with adding the ld script for now in order to get the MRI complete.  I know you do your due dilligence to make sure the necessary symbols are properly exported :)20:53
sergiodjbut ultimately, it is upstream's job to determine which symbols need exporting20:54
athosyeah... it is not trivial to come up with such a version script though. Hard to get sound filters. For isntance, one of the libraries has a lexer and even symbols in that lexer are being exported21:11
athosTBH, I guess I will refrain from touching the symbols for this one. We can carry a large symbols file for now and then we can work with upstream to only export the right symbols21:12
sergiodjathos: ideally, upstreams will list all symbols being exported in the map file.  but as you said earlier, there are several kinds of upstreams :-/21:14

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