bn_workis it possible to manually upgrade PHP to v7 on an older Ubuntu 14.04LTS server outside the package manager?  (I'm assuming that's not advised?)01:51
leftyfbbn_work: upgrade your OS to one that is supported and you'll get a supported version of php along with it01:52
bn_workleftyfb: that's a lot of stuff to upgrade just for PHP01:52
leftyfbbn_work: you're running an outdated and unsupported OS01:52
sarnoldbn_work: you could also run a newer instance in an lxd or something01:58
bn_worksarnold: thanks, that's an interesting idea.  Trying to evaluate what the least painful way to support this web server is.02:00
sarnoldbn_work: there's only 13 more months of ESM support for 14.04; moving to 22.04 would give you four more years before it even enters ESM02:03
leftyfba fresh install of 22.04 and restoring from backup is a lot easier than you think02:04
bn_workleftyfb: no, it's not02:05
sarnolddealing with apache authz/authn changes is probably a bit annoying, if you're using apache02:07
bn_worksarnold: is that something that changed on Apache2 between 14.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS?02:08
sarnoldleftyfb: authorization and authentication02:08
leftyfbbn_work: I've been hosting sites for over 20 years. 9 of those was were working for the largest shared hosting company in the world. It's really not that hard. Even so, running a public web server should never be a "Set and forget" deal. You should either be able to rebuild it in your sleep or have it well documented on how to rebuild it02:08
sarnoldbn_work: I can't recall when exactly those huge changes went through, but it wasn't great fun for folks who were surprised by it :)02:10
bn_worksarnold:  "benefits" of updating frequently I guess02:10
sarnoldbn_work: yeah.. what would you rather do, deal with small changes every two years, or huge changes every decade? :)02:11
leftyfbsarnold: IIRC, it was mainly php/mysql differences. Not apache. I ported a bunch of sites from 14.04 just a couple years ago and didn't have any issues with apache02:11
sarnoldleftyfb: oh nice. maybe it was pre-trusty then02:12
bn_worksarnold:  yeah.. I guess the latter, because by then workarounds will be known, I don't want to be the guinea pig02:12
sarnoldbn_work: well, that decade is almost up for 14.04 .. so .. it's about time to pay the piper.02:13
leftyfbbn_work: there's been 4 LTS releases since 14.04.02:13
leftyfbeach one with 5 years of support02:13
leftyfb10 if you pay Canonical02:13
bn_worksarnold: yeah, it will happen at some point, just trying to make sure there is no "easier" way that my boss is thinking exists.02:14
leftyfbbn_work: easy != secure nor clean nor stable02:14
arraybolt3And once an OS is entirely EOL, you have security holes, security holes equals hacked systems, and hacked systems usually equals big problems.02:15
leftyfbthere's almost always an "easy way. But you end up paying for it elsewhere02:15
leftyfbbn_work: either way, you're running an unsupported release of ubuntu. Good luck02:16
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hassletimehow is everyone today04:25
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RupeLubuntoois there anyway to make my VM OS screen larger than it is. I dont mean the VM screen but the OS within06:59
arraybolt3RupeLubuntoo: Can you just increase the resolution inside the VM?07:05
arraybolt3(I'm assuming you're using Ubuntu inside your VM, in which case this should be doable.)07:06
RupeLubuntoohi array, yes Ubuntu, well Lubuntu but same same07:06
supayhi all,  i seem to have a ghost partition that still shows ubuntu 20.04 even after removing the my only ssd from my laptop and replacing it with a fresh one! :O how is that possible?07:08
RupeLubuntoo@arraybolt3 its ok I had to fiddle with the display settings, its ok no just a bit of jiggling, but done now!07:10
EriC^^supay: share 'sudo parted -ls' output08:00
EriC^^supay: what do you mean by ghost partition? i think you mean some boot menu entry?08:01
rafayetsuggest me a best editor to develop c and cpp08:59
rafayethelp me bro09:02
hamburglerWhat's up?09:03
rafayet @hamburgler suggest me a code editor09:08
hamburglerstill using a combination of vim and atom even though atom is not maintained, VScode maybe?09:10
rafayet@hamburgler how to customize vim ?09:12
hamburglerI don't09:15
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stofflserltHi! I've got a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 22.04.1 and Froxlor. The install of froxlor worked fine - but now all I'm getting is error 500 on the default html file and 404 on the froxlor setup. What went wrong?11:25
WeeBeyHello World.12:06
WeeBeyI'm looking at the "passwords and keys" app trying to find the password for my HexChat nick (this one). If it's not there, any idea where it would be stored? HexChat config?12:08
WeeBeyI guess we'll never know. lol12:14
WaVA bit of googling suggests It is probably in ~/.config/hexchat/servers.conf12:17
WaVor servlist.conf12:19
guivercWeeBey, i wrote an answere here - https://askubuntu.com/questions/1339682/how-do-i-connect-to-libera-chat-with-hexchat, but too long ago for me to remember (had no reason to change it since then)12:20
WeeBeyguiverc, Ha!12:21
WeeBeyIt looks like it's in cleartext in the config but masked in the settings. :D12:22
guivercWeeBey, look in servlist.conf12:25
WeeBeyguiverc, I think I found it. Thank you.12:25
WeeBeyIf anything it seems like I could change my password cos I was already identified.12:26
WeeBeyI appreciate your help. :)12:26
guivercYou're most welcome12:26
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supayEriC^^: sorry for the late response, i didn't see it until now. you're exactly right. someone from #linux suggested it must be an EFI entry written to the EEPROM. thank you so much :)13:08
BrianMillerWhere can I find the latest/newest repositories to add to my /etc/apt/sources.list?13:22
BrianMillerI'm running Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS13:22
ravagethe repo URLs dont change13:24
ravageso you always have the latest update for your Ubuntu release13:24
BrianMillerravage: I don't have any in my sources.list right now13:24
ravagedid you delete them?13:25
BrianMillerravage: Yes13:25
BrianMillerravage: Why do these repos have old versions of apache? Like 2.4.29. I want to install the latest stable which is 2.4.5513:28
ravagein the lifecycle of an Ubuntu release you only get security and bug fixes13:29
ravageno new versions13:29
ravageso a newer version of Ubuntu usually also has newer package versions13:29
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EriC^^supay: no problem, glad you solved it :)13:46
raubTrying to temporarily disable screensaver. After a while, I have resorted to kill xscreensaver. But that only makes the time until screen blanks longer instead of stop trying to blank it. Is there another process name I should be looking at?14:30
tomreynraub: i probably don't know your answer, but since you don't seem to be running the default gnome-shell / mutter desktop (which i think is incompatible with xscreensaver), it would be good to provide more detials on what you run there.14:51
ograyeah, we have not shipped xscreensaver in about a decade14:53
ogra(in the default install that is, i think lubuntu, mate and xubuntu still use it)14:53
Sirclewhat will this do `sudo mount -t tmpfs /tmp`14:54
ograit will mount a tmpfs over your existing /tmp directory14:54
Sirclewhat will change/ what would be the benefit of this ogra14:55
ogratmpfs lives in ram, not on a disk ... so it is faster but steals memory ...14:55
ograthe moun command itself, when run manually means you are completely hiding what is in /tmp currently ...14:56
Sircleso it will put all data on ram instead of disk?14:56
ograso dont do that on a running system, things might start to break14:56
Sircleok, when should I run it?14:56
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ograif you want to switch to /tmp in tmpfs, do it though fstab or through a systemd mount unit and reboot ... or if you want to manually do it, shut down all graphical services, check what is left in /tmp (also check hidden fils) and make sure to stop everything utilizing bits in /tmp first14:57
jhutchinsogra: What's the alternative to xscreensaver?  Is something built in to gnome?14:58
leftyfbSircle: why do you think you need to run this command? What is your end goal exactly?14:58
ograjhutchins, gdm14:58
Sircleleftyfb pasting the initial question where it started:14:59
ograin gnome 3 onwards screen blanking and locking is done through gdm (which is the logical place for the locking part at least)14:59
Sircleleftyfb I have high OS usage (apps running, database etc) on a disk. I already added a new disk for all file i/o intesive things. Question: Is it best to put database data (postgres) on another drive, OS on separate drive OR  make raid 0 of 2 drives and keep all on both drives (seeming like one drive)?15:00
Sirclebtw, I am already using 10gb of swapspace15:01
Sircleram slots are ful15:01
jhutchinsThe age of my systems' configurations is starting to show.15:01
SircleI have 4x16g= 64. MB can have 128GB.15:01
leftyfbSircle: that might be a question better suited for #postgres or a postgres forum15:01
raubtomreyn, ogra: using lxqt as I could never get the screensaver in the default desktop to work, and have been told lxce is deprecated15:02
Sircleogra I think this would be better and safer? `systemctl enable tmp.mount`15:03
Sircleogra right?15:03
raubSince this is my desktop, I installed barebones server and then added the rest15:03
leftyfbraub: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay 'uint32 0'15:04
freeman_hhi all ubuntu noob here. i am looking for some kind of tiling/grid application for my ubuntu any recommendation? I looked at gtile but it wouldnt let me open it to do the install15:05
leftyfbraub: That will disable the screen blanking. Then to re-enable it, change 0 to the number of seconds you'd like to enable the screen to blank after inactivity15:05
geosmileI've a bug in my ubuntu service, which reboots the machine as soon as it boots (or something else is wrong). How do I get into grub screen? I tried holding the Shift key - but no grub. Any other ideas?15:06
ograSircle, right, that should enable it aftr a reboot15:07
geosmileis there a keyboard shortcut to log into an ubuntu box in a safe mode of some sort?15:07
ografreeman_h, there is some tiling built ito gnome ... you can try super (the windows key) and a cursor key at the same time to tile windows on screen ... beyond that, thre are a few gnome extensions too i think15:08
raubleftyfb: thanks. Interestingly enough, it is currently set to 300s while the screensave preferences control panel claims to be 180s (3min), but cycling after 300s15:09
raub(per gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay)15:09
leftyfbraub: where do you see this "Screensaver" setting? Since that's not default in ubuntu15:09
tomreynfreeman_h: i think gtile is a gnome-shell extension. you'd need to install it using either the gnome shell extension web repository at https://extensions.gnome.org/ or the CLI tools which are named similarily15:10
raubxscreensaver preferences15:10
raub(running that as mentioned in original question)15:10
geosmileI now have a grub command line - how do i get a shell so i can remove a service.15:10
ograin grub ?15:10
leftyfbraub: that is a separate application that isn't installed by default and doesn't integrate into gdm/gnome15:11
ograthere are no servces in grub15:11
raubleftyfb: that makes me think there is another screensaver running, hence original question15:11
tomreynfreeman_h: be careful, though, as extension versions are only compatible to some gnome-shell versions and some extensions are of very low quality (not this one, i think)15:11
leftyfbraub: ubuntu uses integrated gsettings to adjust the screen blanking. It does not use screensaver. Again, that is a separate application that does not integrate into the gnome settings15:12
leftyfbraub: I would recommend removing the screensaver application15:12
raubleftyfb: If I remove it, screens will no longer go blank. I spent a few days trying to get that to work last year, including posting here. Going to xscreensaver reliably caused my monitors to go blank at 3min15:14
SircleI have 4x16g= 64. MB can have 128GB.  No idea what to do? Sell my old ram, buy 4x 32g = 128g  or any other option in which I do not sell my old ram?15:14
raubI was tired of going to bed and finding out my 3 monitors stayed up all night15:14
leftyfbraub: that is simply not true15:14
jhutchinsraub: Do the monitors not have power switches on them?15:14
raubjhutchins: one is part of the computer15:15
freeman_htomreyn, what about i3?15:15
tomreyngeosmile: you can choose a recovery boot from grubs advanced menu to boot to recovery and login to the root shell there15:15
tomreynfreeman_h: what about it?15:15
Sircleogra $ sudo systemctl enable tmp.mount15:16
SircleFailed to enable unit: Unit file tmp.mount does not exist.15:16
raubleftyfb: I will not doubt you must be right even though I am the one sitting in front of the computer15:16
geosmiletomreyn, how do i get to the menu, I'm in the command line - "grub>"15:16
tomreyngeosmile: that's where you get after pressing escape once too much, you can try typing "normal" which may bring up the menu, or reboot and hit escape just once15:17
freeman_hogra, not sure if you have used the dell manager before it has a really good for the windows guys. when you press the window key and s it shows a grid and you can drag an application to the grid and it will auto expand the application to fill that gride15:17
freeman_hI am after something like that15:17
ograSircle, systemctl status tmp.mount ?15:20
ograit is proably already running ?15:20
geosmiletomreyn, It wont even let me type using "normal". The keyboard is acting up when i try.15:22
tomreynfreeman_h: i think gtile actually supports that. tiling assistant seems to be another gnome extension to support that.15:22
ografreeman_h, well, then you likely want to use some extension or switch to a true tiling WM like sway (or i3wm if you are fine with using old X11 stuff)15:22
tomreyngeosmile: then just hit ctrl-alt-del to reboot, and repeat until the grub menu show up15:23
Sircleogra this worked. Is it ok? sudo cp /usr/share/systemd/tmp.mount /etc/systemd/system/15:24
Sirclesystemctl enable tmp.mount15:24
ograno 115:24
tomreynfreeman_h: shellTile is another for older ubuntu releaeses (it's said not to work on 22.04).15:24
ograwhat did the status command above return15:24
ogratmp.mount is a generated unit ... do not touch it by hand15:25
Sircleogra Active: active (mounted)15:25
ograso your /tmp is *already* in a tmpfs15:25
ogranothing to see here, just move on15:25
Sircleogra no, I ran tthose 2 line15:25
Sirclethen it became active. I think'15:25
freeman_hogra, i will like ot use sway but am not too familar with linux(am using a vm) the git repo does not do it justice on steps to just get it up and running15:26
ogradunno ... better check after a fresh boot ...15:26
ograthe tmp.mount unit gts generated by an fstab generator ... th fact you had it on your system indicates it was already generated and runnng15:26
ografreeman_h, git repo ?15:27
Sircleogra no, I did sudo cp /usr/share/systemd/tmp.mount /etc/systemd/system/15:28
Sircleand then ran systemctl enable tmp.mount15:28
Sircleogra did I do it correct?15:28
ograSircle, yes, something you should never do with generated units15:28
ograremove it again15:28
Sircleso should never had used the cp command?15:28
ograreboot ... then check with the status command15:28
ograneither of them15:29
ograneither cp nor systemctl enable15:29
ograrevert that change and reboot15:29
Sirclethen how to enable tmpfs then?15:29
ograthen check with systemctl status tmp-mount15:29
freeman_hogra, git repository for sway vw15:29
ografreeman_h, this is ubuntu. you install stuff from the archive with apt, not with git15:29
ograapt show sway ...15:30
Sircleogra revert by sudo systemctl stop tmp.mount ?15:30
ograSircle, did you run systemctl start on it as well ? (that has the same effect as runint the mount command while things are still actively using /tmp ... bad idea)15:31
Sircleogra no i didn't run start15:32
Sircleok I am rebooting15:32
leftyfbSircle: wouldn't it be easier to just configure postgres to write to /dev/shm?15:33
Sircleleftyfb whats shm?15:33
leftyfbSircle: https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/what-is-devshm-and-its-practical-usage.html15:33
Sirclereading after reboot15:34
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Sircleogra rebooted:  sudo systemctl status tmp.mount15:37
SircleUnit tmp.mount could not be found.15:37
Sircleogra https://askubuntu.com/a/123218215:38
leftyfbSircle: https://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/what-is-devshm-and-its-practical-usage.html15:38
Sircleleftyfb yes I got it15:38
ograSircle, add that lne to fstab: "tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0" and the service will magically appear15:38
Sircleleftyfb yes would need lots of ram for this15:39
leftyfbSircle: it's exactly the same15:40
leftyfbSircle: /dev/shm is exactly the same as mounting /tmp with tmpfs15:40
leftyfbit's all tmpfs (memory)15:40
Sirclewhat happens when ram gets full?15:40
leftyfbyou run out of memory and bad things happen15:41
leftyfbdon't run out of memory15:41
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leftyfbSircle: if you have 128GB of memory and 10GB of swap and you're hitting the limits, there's no amount of tweaking /tmp or tmpfs that is going to help you15:42
Sirclebut the priority for /tmp would be ram15:42
Sircleother things will go to swap15:43
Sircleso a good deal?15:43
leftyfbSircle: at that point, you look at what is running and put some limits on it. Or you add more resources in the form of memory or faster drives15:43
Sirclemy slots are full. can i have some way to add ram  some othe rway?15:43
leftyfbSircle: buy bigger sticks of memory15:43
Sircledam. $15:44
Sirclethe old ones will get useless15:44
Sircleogra any official docs to "how to enable tmpsf on ubuntu"?15:44
* leftyfb sigh15:44
ograSircle, add that lne to fstab: "tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,mode=1777 0 0" and the service will magically appear ...15:46
ograthere ... thats your doc ...15:46
Sircleogra Ya I respect that but curious why no dcos15:47
tmusHi guys... I'm having some problems getting 802.1x to work with iwd (23.04 development edition) and there must be something i'm missing. iwd says "unsupported_certificate" but the certificate looks fine (checked with TLS debug to gte the server cert) etc. Any ideas?15:47
tmusThis is PEAP btw15:47
ograno idea, there are probably odcs on the old wiki ...15:47
leftyfb!ubuntu-next | tmus15:49
ubottuLunar Lobster is the codename for Ubuntu 23.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.15:49
tmuslotuspsychje, thanks :)15:49
Sircleogra so as leftyfb said, if the ram is low, there is no point in making a tmpfs anyway?15:50
leftyfbSircle: tmpfs = ram15:52
Sircleya. /tmp would just get priority to be in ram (if and whenever available), else go in swap15:53
leftyfbSircle: if you're currently hitting the limits of your memory usage, sticking more things in memory is not going to help you15:53
SircleI se15:54
Sircleleftyfb what options do I have to increase memory except buying more rams (as I told you I gor 4 slots full with smaller sized ram)15:54
leftyfbbuying more "rams"15:55
Sircleya,:)  other than that?15:55
Sirclebecause I won't have slopts to put them in15:55
leftyfbSircle: or reducing the footprint of your application by optimizing it or purging data15:55
Sirclecan't do that to15:55
Sircleany second best thing to ram? like a 7GB/s nvme?15:56
leftyfbSircle: buy x4 64GB or 128GB sticks of memory15:56
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leftyfbSircle: a hard drive doesn't help with memory limitations15:56
Sirclemy MB supports 128 Max. I have 4x 16g already = 644G15:57
leftyfbSircle: try posting on postgres forums to increase the performance and decrease the footprint of your postgres db15:57
Sirclebrb 1015:58
Sircleits not about pg15:58
Sircle aloneits not about pg15:58
leftyfbthen what is it?15:58
Sircleits not about pg alone *15:58
leftyfbat 128GB, it should be pretty obvious what is using that much memory. It's aint the OS by itself15:58
Sircleleftyfb true. What is the second best thing after ram?16:10
leftyfbThere isn’t, not when your limitation is memory16:12
leftyfbReducing your ram footprint or increasing your ram. Those are your only options16:12
tomreynSircle: note that if you run DB's professionally, you would usually host databases on their separate server (or rather, multiple).16:16
tomreyn(ideally dedicated, or at least RAM optimized VMs)16:17
tomreynput differently: mixing databases with other workloads on the same host is something you wouldn't do as projects reach a certain size16:19
jhutchinsWhat does Ubuntu use in place of rc.local in these systemd times?16:19
tomreyna systemd unit :)16:20
jhutchinsThere's no collective file that you can just add links to?  unit file for each program?16:21
tomreynthere'S an example somewhere in /usr/share/doc if you reeeeally want to bring back /etc/rc.local16:21
jhutchinsYeah, there are lots of examples, and LOTS of armwaving, and no two do it the same way.16:22
Sircletomreyn yes, I am on that path. Not there yet. ture16:22
jhutchinsMostly it seems like a way for geeks to show off their obfuscation skills.16:22
Sircle What is the second best thing after ram?16:22
tomreynjhutchins: if it helps: i agree that this is functionality that's nice to have and i feel should be available by default. but that's just you and me, and a bunch of other systemd users who probably think weird. ;-)16:23
tomreynSircle: good copy and paste job there, do you want me to copy and paste the previously provided correct answer, too?16:24
ravagejhutchins: a default jammy install comes with /lib/systemd/system/rc-local.service16:24
tomreynwhoops, ravage knows better, thanks!16:27
Sircletomreyn why a person asks twice?16:29
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noarbis there a way to determine if a wireless card is being picked up by a kernel module and not and installed driver? I'm having difficulty getting an Realtek RTL8814AU working correctly16:35
leftyfbravage: that just called whatever is in /etc/rc.local16:35
ravagethat is correct16:36
ravageand i think that was his question?16:36
jhutchinsI was hoping for something simpler.16:37
leftyfbyes and no. The question was is there a single file in systemd to add "links"(scripts?) to. Technically you could say that is rc.local if you enable the service with systemd. But systemd doesn't have anything built-in16:37
leftyfbjhutchins: systemd files really aren't all that complicated. They're a hell of a lot easier to deal with than sysVinit. And they give you a lot of flexibility. There's advantages to splitting out services into their own files16:39
jhutchinsA service file probably makes the most sense, especially if you don't have to test for what default target and set a bunch of variables.16:39
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MacwinnerI use to be able to type "cat $ENVVAR/bl" and then hit the tab key, and then the shell would expand the $ENVVAR.. when I've moved to ubuntu, it is not escaping the dollar sign and turning it to "cat \$ENVVAR/bl".   Just moved from centos8 to ubuntu jammy.  So it's probably some default tweak I need to do to the shell17:23
leprechaunHow do i reset to the default premissions in the users home directory17:25
leftyfbleprechaun: there is no "reset"17:26
leprechaunthere used to be a string of values for that one17:27
matrixyyou have to do chmod and chown17:28
leftyfbleprechaun: there was never a reset. You can set them to whatever you want. The home directory itself is typically drwxr-xr-x or 75517:28
leftyfbleprechaun: as for the contents, that's up to you. Feel free to chown them all to your user17:29
leftyfbleprechaun: if you have changed the actual permissions on everything in your home, you are either going to need to restore from backup or mess with permissions on a per application(settings) basis17:30
LDericherhey, I want to mount a disk at both /foo/path/to/mnt1 and /bar/path/to/mnt2, such that mnt1 and mnt2 share the disk's capacity but shouldn't see each other's contents. I could mount the disk at /mnt/mydisk and setup bind mounts from /mnt/mydisk/mnt1,mnt2 but I feel like there must be a more elegant way17:30
LDericherhmmm ... maybe this is better suited for #linux anywaya17:31
leftyfbLDericher: that is not possible. You can partition the disk into separate partitions to be mounted at separate locations. But mounting the same partition in multiple places will show all the contents in both places17:32
LDericherleftyfb, so bind mounts it is? I had hoped for some btrfs magic or smilar17:33
leftyfbregardless if it's a bind mount or not. A bind mount just allows you to mount any location to any other location. There's no magic in how it deals with the contents17:33
leftyfbLDericher: a bind mount will still show the contents of the partition in all mount points17:33
LDerichersure, but I can create directories /mnt/disk/mnt1 and /mnt/disk/mnt2 and then bind those to /foo/path/to/mnt1 and mnt2 respectively17:34
LDericherbee there, done that, but it doesn't feel right in 202317:34
leftyfbright, so you'll need 3 mounts of the same partition17:35
leftyfband one of the 3 will show all the contents17:35
LDericherexactly^^ and I would simply ignore the one with all contents for daily use, which is why I hoped for a more up-to-date approach17:39
SircleHow can I compress data in ram so less ram is used for same data?17:46
SircleHabbie its an app?17:47
Habbiezram (and zswap) are kernel features17:48
leftyfbSircle: mind you, you'll be trading memory for cpu if you do that. And you can only compress the data so much.17:48
Habbieyou might also be trading it for disk access, which can be a win17:48
Habbiebut we can't predict the outcome, indeed17:48
leftyfbthey've already got a 10GB swap17:49
SircleHabbie trading for disk access? how?17:49
Habbieallocating a bit of memory to act as compressed swap -may- reduce use of on-disk swap17:50
Habbiefirst paragraph of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zswap17:51
Habbie> esulting in a significantly reduced I/O for Linux systems that require swapping; the tradeoff is the need for additional CPU cycles to perform the compression.17:51
Sircle"allocating a bit of memory to act as compressed swap -may- reduce use of on-disk swap" <-- this is a good thing. no?17:52
Habbieit -may- be a good thing17:52
Habbiei cannot judge the balance for you17:53
leprechaunsudo chown -R $USER:$USER /$HOME/$USER is it safe to do then?17:57
leftyfbleprechaun: no17:57
leprechaunok thx17:57
leftyfbleprechaun: $HOME = /home/$USER17:57
leftyfbleprechaun: so your command would attempt to change ownership of /home/$USER/$USER17:58
moonmoonwould it?17:58
leprechaunok thx i se i did it wrong then17:58
leftyfbleprechaun: personally, I wouldn't play with vars for this sort of thing. Just use the proper username and locations17:58
jhutchinsleftyfb: I always use full pathnames and explicit settings instead of variables.17:59
leftyfbjhutchins: right18:00
moonmoonalso depends on env_reset/env_keep settings in /etc/sudoers whether $HOME, $USER, etc. are available at all18:00
leftyfbmoonmoon: we tend to troubleshoot here assuming a default ubuntu installation18:00
moonmoonand the last thing you want is to expand to an empty string and then recursively chown /18:00
jhutchinsEmpty "find ... exec" strings can be fun too.18:01
SircleHabbie I think zram is working for me. Whats the simple way to change compresstion to zstd?18:17
sarnoldSircle: there's a few different ways to enable it, depending upon how you set up your zram config https://wiki.debian.org/ZRam18:23
Sirclesarnold I just sudo service zram-config start18:23
Sircle$ cat /sys/block/zram0/comp_algorithm18:23
Sirclelzo [lzo-rle] lz4 lz4hc 842 zstd18:23
SircleI think lzo, lzo-rle gives 3:1 ration. Do not know about zstd?18:24
Sirclesarnold in btrfs, there are compression levels from 0-15 for zstd. Not sure what is in zram?18:25
Sirclesarnold this sudo zramctl  just shows the details. How do I edit those?18:26
jhutchinsCompression for active storage is a bad idea.18:27
arraybolt3jhutchins: Several of us use zram to enable RAM compression, which works just fine.18:27
leftyfbjhutchins: I think at this point it's just best for them to learn on their own :)18:28
arraybolt3(At least I know I do this, and have seen others do it.)18:28
sarnold± apt-file show zram-config18:28
sarnoldzram-config: /etc/init/zram-config.conf18:28
jhutchinsarraybolt3: It's not a matter of how it runs, but how it fails.18:28
sarnoldSircle: try editing that file ^^ ?18:28
leftyfbsarnold: what a poor location for a config file :)18:29
Sirclereally? by puttin bracket around zstd?18:29
sarnoldleftyfb: yes18:29
arraybolt3jhutchins: I mean, this is a specifically supported Linux kernel feature. Unless you've had it actually fail on you in the past due to some reason other than damaged RAM, maybe it's not as bad as you think?18:29
Sirclesarnold manually edit this? /sys/block/zram0/comp_algorithm18:29
sarnoldleftyfb: but I thought it looked better than the first webpage I found that suggested editing the shell script directly :)18:29
sarnoldSircle: if you like to do that every boot, sure18:29
Sirclejhutchins Compression for active storage?18:30
Sirclejhutchins you mean compression via zram is bad vs using an nvme drive for swap?18:30
jhutchinsSircle: It's fine for archival storage.18:30
leftyfbSircle: "files" in /sys aren't really meant to be edited. There are usually preferred methods to achieve the same goal18:30
arraybolt3jhutchins: If you could provide any reasoning to back up what you're saying, please do.18:31
leftyfbjhutchins: the biggest downside to zram is a hit to cpu performance. If they have room to spare, then it should be fine18:31
Sirclesarnold oh I missed. you meant to change this file?  /etc/init/zram-config.conf18:31
jhutchinsarraybolt3: I think we're far enough off topic that I'll just drop it.  Compress all you want.18:31
sarnoldSircle: yeah, see if that works18:31
Sirclesarnold there is  no such file.18:32
Guest3Hello. Can somebody please help me with understanding how the Files application work. I've been trying whole day to make my PC automatically mount SMB shares from my NAS on user login. The username and password configured on NAS is the same as username and password on my PC. So when i press "Other locations" in Files app and then select an SMB18:33
Guest3share, it automatically mounts using current user credetenials. I want it to happen when i log in to system. I've found that it uses 'gio mount', but trying to make a bash script with that command to autorun on login fails because 'gio mount' asks for user credetentials to connect to SMB share instead of using those of a user that runs it. Is there18:33
Guest3a way to make it use the same credetentials?18:33
Sirclesarnold ther is one sudo nvim /usr/bin/init-zram-swapping18:33
sarnoldSircle: weird. dpkg -L zram-config and see if it moved between my system and your system?18:33
leftyfbGuest3: use fstab or a systemd mount file18:34
leftyfbSircle: that is not a config file18:34
Sirclesarnold it has echo $mem > /sys/block/zram0/disksize18:34
Sircleshould I do dpkg -L zram-config?18:35
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Guest3leftyfb i tried using fstab but it requires writing password in fstab or storing it in separate file. I don't see the need to do that because SMB user/password is the same as user/password with which i am logged in and running everything already.18:36
Sirclesarnold https://termbin.com/h5tt18:36
leftyfbGuest3: the fact that the credentials are the same doesn't matter. They are separate authentication systems18:36
Guest3leftyfb but Files application somehow uses credetentials from one authentication system (Linux) for the other authetication system (SMB) - it doesn't ask for password when i click on SMB share in "Other Locations". How does it do that?18:38
leftyfbGuest3: right, those smb credentials are stored in your keychain agent. fstab won't use those18:38
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leftyfbGuest3: AFAIK, nautilus doesn't have a way to perm mount network shared. You need to use fstab or systemd for that18:39
Sirclesarnold am there?18:40
Guest3leftyfb: then what will use that 'keychain'? As i've written above, apparently Files uses 'gio mount', but there isn't an option to use keychain with it when i run it from terminal.18:41
* Sircle rebooting18:41
leftyfbGuest3: nautilus uses it18:41
leftyfbGuest3: You need to use fstab or systemd18:41
Guest3leftyfb: I tried different ways to do it with fstab but it doesn't work. All I really need is to do the same thing that happens when I click on SMB share in Files, but from terminal. How can it be impossible?18:43
leftyfbGuest3: You need to use fstab or systemd. Both will work just fine. Try following this and if you need help, let us know https://michlstechblog.info/blog/systemd-mount-examples-for-cifs-shares/18:44
Guest3leftyfb This method involves specifying password in plain text in .mount file, same as with fstab, which doesn't sound too secure.18:48
Guest3leftyfb: I did it with systemd like in that tutorial you linked but i cannot write to SMB share.18:53
leftyfbGuest3: do you have it setup like that right now?18:54
Guest3leftyfb: Yes. I specified it to mount to /mnt/share in systemd mount file, enabled and started it. It shows up as active and i can access files using that path. However, I cannot modify anything. But when I open the same share through Files app's "Other Locations" section, I have write permissions (can create folders, rename files, etc.). It's18:57
Guest3weird because the username and password i specified in mount file are the same as user i am currently logged on as.18:57
leftyfbGuest3: forget about the credentials you are logged in with, this isn't Windows. They have no relation18:58
leftyfbGuest3: ok, now unmount it18:58
leftyfbGuest3: let me know when it's unmounted18:59
Guest3Guest3: but the credetentials i am logged in with are used when i access share through Files app, no? I unmounted it now - the folder it mounts to now shows up empty.19:00
leftyfbGuest3: ok, now try to write a file to /mnt/share/19:00
Guest3leftyfb: i cannot19:00
leftyfbGuest3: and try to write to /mnt/19:00
Guest3leftyfb same19:01
leftyfbGuest3: there's your first problem19:01
leftyfbGuest3: set the appropriate permissions on your mount point first, then mount19:02
arraybolt3Something like "sudo chown Guest3:Guest3 /mnt/share", replacing Guest3 with your username.19:02
Guest3leftyfb: i changed owner and group of /mnt/share from root to my current user and still cannot write to the mounted share19:03
Guest3going to reboot now19:09
leftyfbGuest3: ,uid=1000,gid=100019:13
leftyfbGuest3: add that to your Options19:13
leftyfbreplacing 1000 with the uid and gid of the user19:13
leftyfbthe user you want to have access to write19:13
leftyfbGuest3: you can also do something like this to make your plain text password slightly more secure then just being written to the systemd file https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/30977219:16
Guest3leftyfb: thank you a lot! after addin uid and guid to options i n the mount file I can finally write to share!19:20
Guest3I will also look into storing password in a separate file19:20
mybalzitchwhy does goa-daemon need to crash every time external internet goes down19:35
gokHey all. Im trying to install some deps on an M1 mac and I'm getting 404's on a small number of packages. This was working earlier. Wondering if packages were removed from the host in the short time between my builds?19:53
sarnoldgok: ugh19:58
sarnoldgok: thanks19:58
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goksarnold: np:)20:04
sarnoldgok: hopefully we'll get that sorted soon. I don't have an eta to suggest.20:04
gokgok: no worries. thanks for helping out!20:05
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sarnoldgok: try again?20:42
goksarnold: works!! thank you very much, good sir.20:45
sarnoldgok: thanks for the easy report :)20:45
webchat574hello world21:25
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bparkerwhat would cause a crontab to only work after the user logs in? (no encryption is being used anywhere)22:26
sarnoldbparker: hmm, what's the problem you're trying to solve? are you creating a user and then a crontab immediately, and it doesn't run until after the user logs in? or does the user log in and out all the time, but the crontab only works when they're logged in?22:37
sarnoldbparker: I don't actually like my first guess, https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/loginctl.html#enable-linger%20USER%E2%80%A6  -- so I'm hoping there's something else that makes more sense :)22:38
bparkersarnold: after booting up the system, the cron tab simply will never run until I login as that user. I don't know if logging out would stop it or not22:50
leftyfbbparker: is the crontab the user's crontab or root?22:51
bparkerthe user's22:52
bparkerand I don't know if lingering is related to cron at all22:52
bparkerI wouldn't think so22:52
Jim`Is there any reason to upgrade from a stable 20.04.1 yet? Or just let the LTS upgrade in April ?22:59
HabbieJim`, upgrade to what?23:00
Jim`Habbie: latest Lubuntu version23:00
Habbiewhich version do you mean, just to be clear?23:00
Jim`Habbie: It downloaded from the 20.04.1 repo so I assume I got that on there23:00
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.23:00
Jim`I aint messed with the machine in about a year23:00
Jim`Turned it on and updating it now23:01
Jim`I suppose I'll just wait for the LTS -> LTS23:03
Habbieif you're on 20.04, the next LTS is 22.04, which came out a year ago23:03
Jim`New release '22.04.2 LTS' available.23:03
Jim`Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.23:03
leftyfband will not automatically upgrade on it's own23:03
Jim`Looks like it wants me to do that after it updated23:03
jhutchinsJim`: Well of course there's a reason.  The whole reason you're running linux is because you enjoy tackling new problems with the OS, finding them and solving them.  You don't actually use the system to do work.  Maybe to run Windows games off-license.23:07
Jim`jhutchins: I figure I might as well update that machine since it's a backup machine.23:08
leftyfbjhutchins: that statement isn't appropriate for everyone23:08
Jim`while I got it on23:08
Jim`For when the day comes I need to use it for real while I work on the WIndows machine..23:08
Jim`It'll be ready rather than need more work23:08
jhutchinsleftyfb: No, and niether is upgrade fever.23:08
jhutchinsBe sure to enable SecureBoot!23:10
Jim`I thought Secure Boot was for Win OS' ??23:11
jhutchinsJim`: Some people bought the hype and made it "work" with Ubuntu.23:12
ash_worksiuh oh23:12
Jim`I remember having to turn Secure Boot off TO PUT Ubuntu on a machine!23:13
Jim`It wouldn't boot with it left on23:13
ash_worksiJim`: I remember that23:13
jhutchinsJim`: That's why it was developed.23:13
leftyfbJim`: that's fine. It's pretty irrelevant here23:13
leftyfbjhutchins: feel free to discuss it elsewhere23:13
ash_worksipeppridge farm remembers too23:13
leftyfbash_worksi: can we help you with something?23:13
Jim`It's probably this same machine I just turned on23:14
Jim`For the first time in a while23:14
ash_worksileftyfb: I figured it out just a moment ago23:14
ash_worksiI was going to say that I was concerned because my fan speed kicked into high gear and when i looked at top it was a php process started by root23:14
ash_worksiso I was going to ask about hunting down why that got respawned23:15
ash_worksibut it was just me starting a container23:15
ash_worksidunno why it would run that hot, but whatever23:16

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