caHow to enable auto login for a user , I have Xubuntu 22.04, Help please01:58
r_m_mIs it normal to have two different styles of window borders? Some programs have rounded window borders and some are square.11:44
PeGaSuSI'm tryng to understand why "Super+left" splits my screeh vertically, placing the actual window at left but "Super+right" does absolutely nothing12:39
PeGaSuSalso, "Super+down" splits horizontally but "Super+up" does nothing12:40
gnrpPeGaSuS: In Settings Manager -> Window Management -> Keyboard you can change the shortcuts13:18
PeGaSuSgnrp: thanks a lot. you've saved me :D13:23
PeGaSuSnow all works as expected13:23
gnrpgreat! :)13:26
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DiniMueterhey there, i want to install xubuntu on a 13 year old fujitsu siemens Laptop i've downloadet18:38
DiniMuetersorry i accidently pressed enter18:39

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