thatskHello Team03:46
thatski am facing one issue03:46
thatski am trying to upgrade from centos7 to alma803:46
thatskbut when i am using datasource in almalinux8 its failing for datasource03:46
thatskin older version before 1804:05
thatskthe nocloud url is http://serverip/userdata/userdata04:06
thatskbut in new cloud-init version2204:21
thatsknocloud datasource not working04:22
thatskcan someone help on this04:22
thatskor where should i raise this issues04:22
lolbananasOSSEC HIDS Notification.05:35
lolbananas2023 Mar 08 00:19:2405:35
lolbananasReceived From: phalanx->/var/log/auth.log05:35
lolbananasRule: 5403 fired (level 4) -> "First time user executed sudo."05:35
lolbananasUser: www-data05:35
lolbananasPortion of the log(s):05:35
lolbananasMar  8 00:19:22 phalanx sudo: www-data : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/var/www/html/admin/scripts/pi-hole/php ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/local/bin/pihole restartdns reload-lists05:35
lolbananas --END OF NOTIFICATION05:35
lolbananasthis seems a little shady, www-data using sudo through pihole05:35
lolbananaswww-data not part of sudo group05:36
waldiyou have reached cloud-init. what does pihole have to do with cloud-init?05:40
lolbananassorry wrong channel05:41
waleedmhi guys, I'm trying to sign the Canonical contributor license agreement, I filled all the fields here https://ubuntu.com/legal/contributors/agreement but the "I agree" button still disabled! any advice on how to sign it?11:05
anankewaleedm: seems only two fields need to be checked for 'i agree' to appear: agreement type, and 'I'm not a robot'12:36
anankeactually, it's just the latter one: i'm not a robot12:36
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