mmikowskiKoobsicle: What are you upgrading from and to?01:00
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> 20.04 -> 22.04.2 LTS01:43
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IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Does it matter that my setup is dual boot?01:47
mmikowskiKoobsicke: The distro upgrade process has gotten better at rolling back sources if there is a failure for any reason. So instead of leaving the system in a half-upgraded state, you will see that if the distro upgrade fails.02:03
mmikowskiKoobsickle: Ok, that is fairly common. There are just so many things that can go wrong that sometimes its better to cut bait, back up your data, and then do a clean install.02:04
mmikowskiThat's what I generally recommend. I know, for lots of people upgrades work, but when they don't, using the alternative is usually a good choice instead of going down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out why the upgrade didn't work. Besides, a clean install is almost always better since there are no left-over system configs that can cause02:06
mmikowskiunwanted surprises.02:06
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alkisgKoobsicle, do you have any modified apt sources, such as PPAs? What's the output of this command? grep -r /etc/apt/sources.list* | nc termbin.com 999906:11
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Meh this is what I was afraid of. Not sure how this impacts if I have a dual boot machine (re @IrcsomeBot: <mmikowski> That's what I generally recommend. I know, for lots of people upgrades work, but when they don't, using the alternative is usually a good choice instead of going down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out why the upgrade didn't work. Besides, a clean install is almost always better since there are no left-over system con06:30
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> .bash_history:sudo wget -NP /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/dists/jammy/winehq-jammy.sources06:31
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> .steam/debian-installation/ubuntu12_32/driverhelper.py:         self.sources_file = '/etc/apt/sources.list'06:31
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> .steam/debian-installation/ubuntu12_32/driverhelper.py:         self.sources_dir = '/etc/apt/sources.list.d'06:31
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> grep: Downloads/suit.log: Permission denied (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> Koobsicle, do you have any modified apt sources, such as PPAs? What's the output of this command? grep -r /etc/apt/sources.list* | nc termbin.com 9999)06:32
alkisgKoobsicle, run this command and send us the output: grep -r . /etc/apt/sources.list* | nc termbin.com 999906:33
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://bpa.st/Q2WHW (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> Koobsicle, run this command and send us the output: grep -r . /etc/apt/sources.list* | nc termbin.com 9999)06:36
alkisgKoobsicle, this isn't what I asked though06:37
alkisgIt doesn't list the contents of the .d directory, that's only a single file06:37
alkisgThe asterisk in my command, including the -r, means "recurse into the sources.list.d directory, and tell us its contents"06:38
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Well I ran the command you suggested that's the result (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> Koobsicle, this isn't what I asked though)06:38
alkisgKoobsicle, no, you send us a single file, not the whole sources06:39
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> ?06:39
alkisgThe apt sources are several files. You send us only one of them.06:39
alkisgRun the command, see the output, compare it with yours06:40
alkisgYou'll understand then06:40
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://bpa.st/SFQDE06:41
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> How about now?06:41
alkisgDid that include -r? Do you have nothing inside /etc/apt/sources.list.d at all?06:42
alkisgAh OK there they are06:42
alkisgOK, so you have amdgpu, zulu, oibaf, winehq, rocm, ernstp and kisak06:43
alkisgSo it's quite possible that one of them is breaking the dependecies for the upgrade06:43
alkisgThere are two solutions, one is to pinpoint which one it is, and the other is to undo all of them06:44
alkisgLet's try the first solution. Run sudo do-release-upgrade and tell us the terminal output when it stops06:44
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading.06:46
alkisgDo that then, sudo apt full-upgrade06:46
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> I've already ran sudo apt full-upgrade. It does nothing06:47
alkisgPastebin the whole output of your terminal as it is now06:48
alkisgWith both of these commands and their output06:48
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> so the command is sudo do-release upgrade && sudo apt full-upgrade?06:49
alkisgsudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade; sudo do-release-upgrade06:49
alkisgRun that ^ and pastebin the WHOLE terminal output06:49
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://bpa.st/64VWG06:51
alkisgKoobsicle, is there a problem in sharing? I do not see the commands in your paste, I only see a part of the output06:51
alkisgPlease appreciate people trying to help you; they're not trying to exploit you; don't waste their time like that06:52
alkisg2 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them. ==> this is the issue there, but I don't see the packages because you only pasted part of the output06:52
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Oh sorry, I'm just posting what is after the command you are providing06:53
alkisgWhat's the output of this? apt list --upgradable06:54
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> apt list --upgradable06:55
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Listing... Done06:55
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> libvkd3d1/jammy 1.3~jammy-1 amd64 [upgradable from: 1.1-4]06:55
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> libvkd3d1/jammy 1.3~jammy-1 i386 [upgradable from: 1.1-4]06:55
alkisgAnd the output of this: sudo apt install libvkd3d106:55
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> sudo apt install libvkd3d106:56
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Reading package lists... Done06:56
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Building dependency tree06:56
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Reading state information... Done06:56
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have06:56
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable06:56
alkisgIt looks like the oibaf ppa has broken your dependencies. You'll need to do the second method.06:57
alkisg1) Remove all your additional apt sources: sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* /var/backups06:57
alkisg2) Edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file, and remove the wine entry from there06:57
alkisg3) Use google translate on this post: https://alkisg.mysch.gr/steki/index.php?topic=7370.006:57
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> How do I do this? (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> 2) Edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file, and remove the wine entry from there)07:00
alkisgPastebin that file so that we tell you a command instead of editing07:01
alkisgThis command should do it: sudo sed '/winehq/d' -i /etc/apt/sources.list07:02
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* /var/backups07:02
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> skoob@skoob-System-Product-Name:~$ ppa purge07:02
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Command 'ppa' not found, did you mean:07:02
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle>   command 'pda' from deb speech-tools (1:2.5.0-8build1)07:02
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle>   command 'poa' from deb poa (2.0+20060928-7)07:02
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle>   command 'gpa' from deb gpa (0.10.0-3)07:02
alkisgKoobsicle, if you're going to run your own commands, I can't help07:02
alkisgI didn't mention anything about ppa-purge07:02
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Anyhow I ran this and it did not produce anything (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> This command should do it: sudo sed '/winehq/d' -i /etc/apt/sources.list)07:03
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> sudo sed '/winehq/d' -i /etc/apt/sources.list07:04
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> xxxxxx@xxxxx-System-Product-Name:~$07:04
alkisgGo on with the third step07:05
alkisgKoobsicle, it's ok, they're not supposed to produce any output07:05
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> /etc/apt/sources.list file07:06
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> bash: /etc/apt/sources.list: Permission denied07:06
alkisgKoobsicle, I've no idea what you're trying to do07:08
alkisgOK forget reading the link, maybe google translate didn't work for you07:08
alkisgRun this:07:08
alkisgsudo -i07:08
alkisgprintf "Package: *\nPin: origin *\nPin-Priority: 1001\n" > /etc/apt/preferences.d/50priorities07:08
alkisgsudo apt update07:08
alkisgsudo apt full-upgrade07:08
alkisgAnd at that point, don't press yes07:08
alkisgPastebin the WHOLE terminal output, and wait for our input07:09
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://bpa.st/G7CFE07:18
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> So far, but still going07:19
alkisgWell I said "don't press yes", and you pressed "yes" :)07:19
alkisgBut anyway it looks good, go on07:20
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://bpa.st/4QOU607:20
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> finished07:20
alkisgKoobsicle, run this once more to see the error better: apt full-upgrade --yes07:21
alkisgAnd pastebin the output07:21
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> apt full-upgrade --yes07:22
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Reading package lists... Done07:22
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Building dependency tree07:22
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Reading state information... Done07:22
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Calculating upgrade... Done07:22
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:07:22
alkisgUse pastebin when the output is more than 2 lines07:22
IrcsomeBot_<linuxophil> Hi fellow Plasma lovers! I have just installed Kubuntu 22.04! Can anyone tell me how to set up a wireguard connection in Kubuntu 22.04? Just the connection. I want to connect to a wireguard server somewhere else. Noob here. I have a configuration file that works beautifully on other operating systems (desktop and mobile). I have sudo apt installed wireguard but it still doesn’t set up the connection when I import the file in network man07:25
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> That's it btw it stopped there (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> Use pastebin when the output is more than 2 lines)07:26
alkisgKoobsicle, only part of the things you pasted reached IRC07:26
alkisgKoobsicle, you're on telegram; I'm on matrix; we're communicating over IRC; I don't see all of the things you paste07:27
alkisgKoobsicle, paste the output in a pastebin, then tell us the url07:27
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://bpa.st/6S6JK07:27
alkisgKoobsicle, is there a prompt after line 19?07:28
alkisgOr did the command hang there, and it's still waiting?07:29
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> gave .... and the went to requesting a command if that's what you're asking07:30
alkisgKoobsicle, well hopefully if no output is missing, you're done now, you may proceed with the upgrade,07:31
alkisgrm  /etc/apt/preferences.d/50priorities; do-release-upgrade07:31
skramerHow can I make sure windows remember their position and size and open there after reboot / after closing and re-opening? It used to work in 20.04 & works on the other laptop which wass upgraded from 20.04.08:24
skramerOn this machine, however, they open in random positions and randdomly sized :(08:24
user|71Hi, having an issue with my terminal ATM. Arrow keys produce "ABCD" instead of the control sequences I would expect. Therefore I can't navigate in menus or retrieve command history. Anyone have an Idea what could cause this?08:51
mmikowskiskramer: The best hack is probably to set the windows the way you like them, then log out (do NOT power down or reboot). Then log back in.09:23
mmikowskiKwin (?) does a better job at remembering app size and location in that case.09:24
mmikowskiI frequent culprit is konsole windows which start far too small.09:25
mmikowskiIf that doesn't work for you (although it has for me), you can right click on the window bar and set "special window settings".09:25
skramermmikowski: Thank you, I will try your suggested method. Although I never experienced such issues before. Seems to me that 22.04 is quite buggy on a fresh install.10:55
skramermmikowski: The problem with graphics, then it randomly "forgets" the WLAN key, it logs me out of Konversation, ...10:56
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skramermmikowski: BTW, I have set graphics to perforrmance mode now. Not sure which settings I might have to adjust10:59
BluesKajHi all13:24
user|50The documentation of 22.04.2 LTS is not available. It shows " 40414:35
user|50Sorry, but the requested resource was not found on this site. Please try again or contact the administrator for assistance." after clicking the link.14:35
user|50I hope I can read the documentation.14:35
user|50"https://kubuntu.org/support/_wp_link_placeholder" this link is not available but I can download Kubuntu Manual Documentation Release 22.04.2 from "https://github.com/kubuntu-team/kubuntu-manual/releases/tag/v22.04.2"14:45
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> BTW ty for helping me last night. Really appreciate it. So the upgrade says it completed, but there were some errors (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> rm  /etc/apt/preferences.d/50priorities; do-release-upgrade)15:19
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://bpa.st/PBI3S15:23
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Hoping it's okay to go ahead and restart15:23
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> Before restarting, run "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt full-upgrade" to see if any broken packages or incomplete updates.15:26
IrcsomeBot_<Omar> Hi15:43
IrcsomeBot_<Omar> How can i remove user name and host name from konsol to let it kust show the location?15:44
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/100959/how-can-i-change-my-bash-prompt-to-show-my-working-directory16:02
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Sh*t (re @DarinMiller: Before restarting, run "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt full-upgrade" to see if any broken packages or incomplete updates.)16:27
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Gosh dang it I didn't do that and loaded up to black screen16:29
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Great so now am I screwed? I rebooted and again to a black sceen (re @DarinMiller: Before restarting, run "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt full-upgrade" to see if any broken packages or incomplete updates.)16:32
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> do you have a mouse pointer or a prompt of any kind?16:36
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Yes16:37
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> mouse pointer16:37
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> If you have a mouse pointer, try ctrl+alt+t to open a terminal16:37
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> No luck16:38
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> if that fails, try ctrl+alt+f116:38
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> then run sudo apt update and sudu apt full-upgrade16:39
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Still no luck16:39
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> Your plasma session is not feeling so well...16:39
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> :D16:40
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> Oh, sorry ctrl-alt-f216:40
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Okay that worked16:40
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> ctrl-alt-f1 returns to the DE.16:41
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> F'ing great I don't recall my login credentials this route16:42
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> your username is typically the first part of the prompt.  I have not idea how to help with the password...16:43
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> I need to run.. but assuming you remember your creds.  run the update commands above, ensure your plasma enviro is install by running: sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop plasma-desktop then try rebooting again.16:46
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> PHeeww that worked16:46
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> but full upgrade was interrupted16:46
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> dpkg says I need to run sudo dpkg —configure -a manually?16:47
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> Yes, do that but use sudo...16:47
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> then run full-upgrade16:47
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Went thru the whole process only to end with Aborted16:50
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Okay I was able to run sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop plasma-desktop, then rebooted17:06
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Then was able to run sudo apt full-upgrade, then reboot17:06
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Same result black screen with mouse pointer17:06
mmikowskiskramer: Performance is you best bet for performance. Intel for powersave. Hybrid should generally be avoided since it actually uses more power at idle than performance or intel.  I think NV and Intel and system integrators push it because it meets certain energy star compliance requirements. But outside of some very specific use cases - like17:36
mmikowskiwanting more VRAM for ML while displaying in Intel - it's just more trouble than it's worth IME.17:36
mmikowskiHeck, you can even run Intel graphics exclusively while running ML on an NV GPU, which is actually better than running Hybrid to maximize VRAM availability.17:37
mmikowskiskramer: Also, you might want to install plasma-optimus. Eickmeyer and I put that together and debugged, repsectively, it for 22.04, and it gives you a nice little widget to control your GPU selection, and it will warn you about things like this.17:39
mmikowskiskramer: After that, what bugs remain with graphics?17:40
mmikowskiskramer: Also, it really sounds like you are having a reading problem in the ~/.config directory, as if some of the file got overwritten by root and are no longer writable by your standard user.17:43
mmikowskiA couple of strategies there: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~/.config might fix it.17:43
mmikowskiIf you have corrupted files there, you could set it aside and then move over configs as you need them: mv ~/.config ~/.config.O # Then retart plasma17:44
mmikowski# Then move over configs as-needed.17:44
mmikowskiYou can check for mis-owned files like this: cd ~/.config; find ./ -printf '%u\n' |grep -v "$USER";17:46
mmikowskiif you see lines returned, then some files are owned by someone else and are likely unwritable17:47
mmikowskiBetter yet: cd ~/.config; find ./ -printf '%u %p\n' |grep -Ev "^${USER} "17:48
mmikowskialso cd ~/.local; find ./ -printf '%u %p\n' |grep -Ev "^${USER} "17:48
mmikowskiif you have misowned files in either case, you can fix it with sudo chown -R $USER:USER . in the offending directory.17:50
mmikowskiKoobsicle: If you do a dual boot machine, the best advice I can give is to physically remove any an all disks you don't want windows to touch during the install process, as  certain install events with windows makes it decide to grab and reformat attached drives.  Outside of that, I got nothing, sorry. On the rare ocassion when I do dual boot for17:54
mmikowskitesting, I use a separate NVMe for that purpose because they are so cheap these days and you avoid all that nasty MBR and windows-wants-to-own-all-the-disks stuff.17:54
user|52hola, no puedo hacer sudo apt update, me dice que los repositorios no son accesibles. He intentado corregir el archivo sources.list y nada. Qu18:48
skramermmikowsi: I'll have a look into this tomorrow.19:11
mmikowskigood luck skramer19:17
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IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Well everything went thru, but when I boot into Ubuntu it comes as a black screen. How does having Windows involved impact that? (re @IrcsomeBot: <mmikowski> Koobsicle: If you do a dual boot machine, the best advice I can give is to physically remove any an all disks you don't want windows to touch during the install process, as  certain install events with windows makes it decide to grab and reformat attached drives.  Outside of that, I g19:40
mmikowskiKoobsicle: IANAEODB (I Am Not An Expert On Dual Boot) :) But my guess is you are seeing issues with the graphics drivers, not with the dual boot aspect.19:42
mmikowskiIf it got through grub and the kubuntu glowing screen, it likely booted correctly.19:42
mmikowskiNow press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to see if you can get a virtual terminal and can sign in there.19:43
mmikowskiIf so, that's where you can fix your graphics drivers.19:43
mmikowskitry: sudo apt install plasma-optimus nvidia-drivers-525 nvidia-prime19:44
mmikowskiThen prime-select nvidia and reboot.19:44
mmikowskiAvoid on-demand unless you have a specific need for it.19:45
mmikowskiAlso, if you aren't using a laptop, you can skip plasma-optimus, nvidia-prime, and prime-select.19:45
mmikowskiI have to leave for a while, so good luck!19:46
tomreynso, a friend of mine uses "kde on ubuntu", i.e. i guess he installed it after removing gnome-shell/mutter, converting it to kind of a kubuntu (obviously not ideal). he's on 20.04 LTS, which reaches EOL by next month.19:55
tomreynI just learnt that Kubuntu 22.04 has some stability issues around kwin + plasma shell, and am thus wondering what to suggest to him regarding the EOL issue19:57
tomreyndo we know whether ubuntu-pro will provide continued security support for KDE packages / packages Kubuntu uses?19:57
Eickmeyertomreyn: an SRU of the latest LTS of Plasma might be in the works for 22.04.20:41
EickmeyerIt's undergoing testing.20:42
tomreynEickmeyer: nice, thanks for the info.20:58
tomreyn(i did read *might* ;) )21:01
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Ya we got into console and ran 'sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop plasma-desktop' that didn't work either. It is an AMD GPU (re @IrcsomeBot: <mmikowski> try: sudo apt install plasma-optimus nvidia-drivers-525 nvidia-prime)21:19
mmikowskiKoobsicle, then the issue is likely the graphics libraries setup. Unfortunately, I don't have the experience to help there. Maybe others can. You should look at Xorg logs and sort out why your GUI isn't starting. You can also type sudo systemctl restart sddm to get a feel for what's going on.21:22
mmikowskiAnd, yes, don't install nvidia-driver-525 or nvidia-prime or plasma-optimus. Those will not work and will only complicate matters.21:23
tomreyn!amd | Koobsicle: just in case this helps21:54
ubottuKoobsicle: just in case this helps: On Ubuntu, AMD's official Linux graphics driver "amdgpu" is automatically loaded for matching hardware. Very old cards use driver "radeon" (r300, r600) instead. See the !man pages for X options, "modinfo -p <graphics-driver>" for kernel parameters. Both drivers are open source and integrate with MESA and !DRI. Drivers "amdgpu-pro", "fglrx" and "ati" are not supported here.21:54
tomreyn(so don't install amdgpu-pro from amd.com)21:56

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