Jim`2023-03-07T18:13:33-06:00 INFO Waiting for automatic snapd restart...00:22
Jim`so the update seems stuck?00:22
Jim`nah it's actually using the CPU00:22
Jim`it picked back up after like.. 15 mins 00:24
Jim`What's a Expanded Security Maintenance for Applications is not enabled. ?01:05
arraybolt3Jim`: You can probably just ignore that.01:10
Jim`arraybolt3: I guess the machine upgraded OK, let me turn on the TV and see01:10
arraybolt3esm-apps, also known as Ubuntu Pro, is a new service fro m Canonical that provides security updates for a bunch of packages that Ubuntu didn't previously provide reliable security updates for. It's not necessary to have a reasonably secure system, though it is somewhat of a nice-to-have if you use a lot of apps from Ubuntu's Universe repository.01:11
arraybolt3It's free for up to five systems, but personally I don't use it since I don't really care, and Ubuntu already provides security updates for everything important.01:11
Jim`anddd the GUI died01:15
Jim`wait now it works01:15
Jim`arraybolt3: it displays some random errors at first but goes away and runs and boots?01:17
Jim`I'd call that a succcessful upgrade?01:17
* Jim` shrugs01:17
arraybolt3Seems good!01:19
arraybolt3The "errors" are something about "integrity" and "X.509", right?01:20
arraybolt3If so, that's normal.01:20
tomreynFatPhil: just to make sure you are aware: usb sticks are simple flash media with limited write cycles, it's normal for them to break sooner or later (but rather sooner). this is probably the experience you're making there. you can use a portable ssd for this purpose (but obviously that's more pricey, because it's proper storage)01:30
tomreynin the meantime you can run fsck with the badblocks option. but this will only fix things temporarily.01:31
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FatPhilit's a presistent live stick, so the fs is an overlay of the underlying RO image and any changes done to that sitting on top. I'm really not sure how fsck copes with such filesystems (unionfs?)07:57
FatPhilbecause it's just a stick, I can analyse it on my laptop at leisure, of course, it's not my "live" system.07:58
lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> No idea what you're talking about. If you're replying to me, I'm certainly not knowledgeable about it 😄08:15

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