SaviqMore sticks.08:37
Saviq-> No.08:38
SaviqOur multi-glvnd-driver plan is not working very well at the moment :'-(08:40
SaviqOr any ancillary setup, for that matter — as you can't know when the "leaf" snap was refreshed to refresh whatever you expose to the consumer snap08:52
alan_g[m]So... we would need a daemon sitting there watching for changes?10:05
SaviqI don't think that's worth it. Until/unless SnapD lets us do it with hooks, I'd just bite the bullet and maintain Mesa and Nvidia+Mesa snaps. If someone is pressed for space, a Nvidia-only snap could also make sense (and, btw, when you're pressed for space the ancillary approach would be even worse since you have to copy).10:10
alan_g[m]Yup, just wondering if there were any options10:16
SaviqTBH the best solution would be if content was "passed through", then no copying or hooks would be needed. Something to ask SnapD if they would ever consider10:17
alan_g[m]Yes, but AIUI mounts can't escape the namespace10:18
SaviqWell, yeah, SnapD would need to add explicit support for that10:25
SaviqOh and the other part is, it would be appropriate for the Mesa and Nvidia snaps to slot both the glvnd-driver-core22 interface and graphics-core22 - this way if you needed only one, you'd use it directly. But then we're back into SnapD getting in a bind situation, because when you _do_ use glvnd, you've multiple graphics-core22 providers.10:36
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alan_g[m]Saviq I'm still tweaking, but this might give some you some relief after your fight with snapd: https://github.com/Miriway/Miriway/pull/2217:45
SaviqOK a win at least. Got a mesa-core22 that works on Classic with Nvidia. Weird to be shipping the eglexternalplatform in there, but…18:58
SaviqAnd o/18:59
SaviqRAOF (he/they) if you could please try things out: `mesa-core22/edge/pr2` together with `graphics-test-tools/edge/pr1`. As far I can tell, everything works as well as it can on classic (note there's `.vainfo` and `.vdpauinfo` now and `.glmark2-es2` now).20:31

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