XpistosHey guys. I had a quick question, how do formulate and if then statement where the "if" is 01,04,07,10 and then is anything02:48
Xpistosanything else sorry02:48
XpistosAnything is else to simply do nothing, or should I just use an if statement for that02:49
arraybolt3Xpistos: I'm not sure I understand your question.02:57
arraybolt3What language is this in? Bash?02:57
arraybolt3And by "01,04,07,10", what is that? A list of integers? A string?02:57
Xpistosif [ $QUARTERLY_REPORT_CHECK == "01|04|07|10" ]02:57
arraybolt3Ah, so you want it to match any of those four.02:57
XpistosI am checking to see if it is Jan, Apr , etc02:57
arraybolt3One moment, lemme try something...02:58
XpistosI am not sure how to give a list in an if statement, only in case02:58
arraybolt3The best way I can think of to do this would be to use a "for" loop to iterate through the list and try each individual item in the "if" statement.02:59
arraybolt3There's also the -o switch in "test" which may help.03:00
arraybolt3But that would result in a very long and duplicate-ridden line.03:00
arraybolt3Xpistos: This might help: https://bpa.st/F47SA03:01
Xpistosthat will do it03:01
sergiodjif it's bash, you can regexp-match using [[ ]] and =~03:02
Xpistosif it isn't 01 04 07 10 i want it to skip the quarterly report so that works03:02
sergiodja=01; if [[ $a =~ 01|02|03 ]]; then echo "MATCHED"; fi;03:02
arraybolt3Xpistos: sergiodj's idea is probably lighter on resources and is a bit more concise, so it might be worth trying. (I'm not exactly a Bash expert, I just know enough to hack around and make things happen :P)03:03
Xpistossergiodj: checking if I got it correct03:04
Xpistossergiodj: That worked. thanks! and Thanks arraybolt3. You gave me some more options as well03:08
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hermitsomeone pointed out a problem with phased roll out for server admin software.05:34
hermitTo populate the list the upgradable switch is used.  That would mean you are bypassing the 'phasing' by selecting individual packages.  There is no indication of what would otherwise be held.05:36
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tewardbryceh: we might not want to push to backport SSL related things to older Ubuntu versions and nginx versions, whne stuff is added to 1.19.x it's built upon other 1.19.x stuff and that's a feature devel branch, so if we wanted that TLS 1.3 stuff we'd be better off doing a 1.20.x backport entirely.16:25
tewardjust saying16:25
tewardcc cpaelzer as they TIL ~20 min ago - see bug #200774416:26
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Bug 2007744 in nginx (Ubuntu) "Cannot configure openssl 1.3 ciphersuits in nginx on ubuntu 22.04" [Wishlist, Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200774416:26
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tewardcpaelzer: bryceh: we COULD do a backport of 1.22.0-* to -backports for the current LTS which would enable things16:29
tewardthat bypasses the SRU process and "fixes" the bug by allowing the newer version to be available (which is what -backports is teeeeeeeechnically for)16:30
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