jrwrenam tip: it is 2023, you can probably sudo apt purge  libudev1:i386  libsystemd0:i386 15:53
cmaloneyfortunately it's not on my machine16:01
cmaloneyMight want to do an lsof before purging, just to be sure16:02
cmaloneybut yeah, I still nave the i386 systemd0 on my machine16:03
jrwreni did too, but i'm pretty sure it wasn't doing anything. that whole i386 on x86_64 just isn't needed these days.16:48
cmaloneyOnly if you use steam16:52
cmaloneyThey haven't made the jump to 64 bit, last I checked.16:53
jrwrenoh!!! then it is probably pretty common. silly gamers. ;) 17:53
cmaloneyYeah, eventually they'll ditch Windows19:02
cmaloneycue laughter in 3...2...1......19:02
jrwrenhey... nathanias is streaming SC2 on twitch using steam on linux. Apprarently it is proton's wine underneath or something? It is pretty amazing to me that it is possible.19:32
jrwrenIt also annoys me that he got it rolling but when I tried I couldn't get anything to work. I didn't know the steam trick and was trying with default wine and I think I tried something else, but it was very terrible. I installed Windows 11 just to play 1 game.20:22
cmaloneyi had issues because i partitioned things and have a separate home drive20:24
jrwreni wonder if i had issues becuase I was using wine with no windows partition at all and installing the app to linux wine path instead of installing in windows and running in linux.20:34
cmaloneyJoDee runs no mans sky just fine on her laptop20:35

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