Jim`What's a snap store?00:12
sarnoldJim`: companies that want to set up device assertions in snaps can contract with canonical to run a snap store, where they can control which snaps are in the store, auto-connect interfaces, etc00:17
Jim`so my update is stuck on00:22
Jim`2023-03-07T18:13:33-06:00 INFO Waiting for automatic snapd restart...00:22
StratSpiritis it possible to leave weechat running in a remote machine, while disconnecting the ssh session?00:22
StratSpiritsomething like nohup maybe?00:22
Jim`nah it's actually using the CPU00:22
sarnoldStratSpirit: tmux or screen00:22
StratSpiritso, installing tmux in the remote machine00:23
StratSpiritIll read about this. thanks you00:23
sarnoldStratSpirit: I prefer tmux over screen largely because it uses ^B rather than ^A  :)00:23
Jim`it picked back up after like.. 15 mins00:24
sarnoldI think the default colours are a bit brutal, https://termbin.com/xbbdu00:24
sarnoldJim`: oof00:24
Jim`sarnold: I'm getting the idea if I had downloaded adn burned the ISO, I'd be done with the upgrade by now manually00:25
Jim`but lost everything00:25
sarnoldJim`: heh, I'd rather spend twenty minutes or whatever doing the upgrade rather than a reinstall00:26
Nullifi3dJim`: i did an upgrade a few weeks ago from 20.04 to 22.04 - didnt go well :(00:26
Nullifi3dended up starting from scratch lol00:27
Jim`Nullifi3d: that's what I am doing00:27
Jim`Nullifi3d: oops,  20.04.100:27
Jim`well same thing00:27
Nullifi3di dont remember if it was that one or not00:27
Nullifi3dbut i ended up having some weird issues with some services00:28
Nullifi3dalso this was on a pi 4, so whatevs00:28
Jim`Nullifi3d: I'm thinking about moving all my machines over, TF2, Borderlands, etc all runs native now00:32
Jim`why should I be forced to have "TPM 2.0"00:33
Nullifi3dyeah my last fiasco gave me reason to move everything to containers that hadnt been already00:36
Nullifi3dso not an issue anymore00:36
zachfI'm trying to install Ubuntu Server on a 2018 Mac Mini (intel i3). I've disabled security and enabled booting from external media in the machine's startup options. I've downloaded Ubuntu Server 22.04.2 LTS and have imaged it to a USB flash drive (and to a USB SSD, and to a SD card, in separate attempts). When I choose that to boot to that flash drive (EFI Boot disk) on the Mac Mini, it goes dark, then boots to the apple logo, then00:50
zachf displays the familiar multilingual "Your computer restarted because of a problem. Press a key or wait a few seconds to continue starting up" screen that appears after a kernel panic, and then it boots to macOS. It doesn't seem possible to successfully boot to the installer.00:50
arraybolt3That sounds like it's not reaching the Ubuntu ISO at all. That kernel panic message isn't present in Ubuntu.00:50
arraybolt3Is it possible that there are more than one EFI Boot Disk options or something similar?00:51
zachfI only saw one EFI Boot drive show up when I booted while holding the option key to get to the menu of startup disks00:51
sarnoldhow did you write the iso to the usb ssd?00:52
zachfI thought maybe it had a problem with my particular usb flash drive, which is why I also tried an SD card and an SSD00:52
zachfI wrote the iso image "ubuntu-22.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso" to the drive(s) using balenaEtcher v1.5.113 on an M1 mac studio00:53
sarnoldmaybe try again with dd? I can't recall if I've heard balena as a troublemaker or as the one tool that works okay00:55
Jim`Nullifi3d the machine made it01:05
Jim`but what is a01:05
Jim`Expanded Security Maintenance for Applications is not enabled.01:05
zachfam trying "sudo dd if=/Users/me/Downloads/ubuntu-22.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso of=/dev/disk26 bs=32m"01:07
EriC^^zachf: make sure to run 'sync' after dd so it flushes out everything01:11
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cthulchuhey folks, which of the ubuntu flavors allows for live CD option? https://ubuntu.com/desktop/flavours03:02
arraybolt3cthulchu: All official Ubuntu ISO files are live ISOs.03:03
cthulchuperfect, thank you03:03
arraybolt3Glad to help!03:04
cthulchuit's weird gnome is not there03:04
arraybolt3Ubuntu Desktop is GNOME.03:04
cthulchuoh nice03:04
arraybolt3It's not a flavor per se, since it's Ubuntu itself.03:04
arraybolt3The flavors are officially recognized and supported Ubuntu derivatives.03:04
cthulchuah I see03:04
cthulchuwow, gnome is bigger than kubuntu03:06
cthulchuI thought kde was the largest of them03:06
zachfI tried the USB flash drive that I made using dd and the experience was the same as the ones made with Balena Etcher.03:18
zachfI tried something different to get more info this time03:19
zachfI remembered that holding command-v causes a verbose boot, and thought maybe it'll allow me to see whatever messages might be hiding behind the apple logo when it was attempting to boot from the Ubuntu installer03:19
zachfI don't know if any of these messages will help solve the riddle: https://www.dropbox.com/s/whdwgl2wwes3aqn/Ubuntu%20install%20attempt.png?dl=003:22
zachfan OCR of that image results in this, which is imperfect but might get some of the gist across:03:27
zachfor nevermind, too many lines03:27
zachfbut it does mention the system getting automatically rebooted after a panic03:27
* arraybolt3 looks03:28
arraybolt3Weird, none of that is from the Ubuntu ISO.03:28
zachfI don't know if these message are related to the Ubuntu installer image or are all macOS recovering after it failed to boot, and aren't revealing anything about ubuntu-22.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso03:29
arraybolt3And you disabled the security chip?03:29
arraybolt3Yeah, those are all macOS or possibly Apple firmware messages.03:29
arraybolt3Ubuntu's messages look quite different.03:29
zachfI did, I chose "no security", and also "allow booting from external media"03:29
zachfIs it possible maybe I should buy a new USB flash drive that's known to work?03:30
zachfI saw someone mention the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive usb type-c03:30
zachfI guess the Ubuntu ISO is causing a pretty instant panic with no visible messages of its own03:31
arraybolt3I don't really know. You don't even get a flash of messages or anything before the Apple logo?03:32
* Liowenex thinking03:34
zachfhere's the full video -- you can see the drive "EFI Boot", and as soon as I select it the signal goes away and the monitor goes blue. When it comes back it's macOS doing a verbose boot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2glx4pgnqabzqoz/attempt%20to%20boot%20ubuntu.mov?dl=003:34
zachfI pressed command-v during the part where there was no signal in the hopes that maybe it'd display some messages related to Ubuntu, but I guess once the apple logo is visible we're in a macOS boot03:35
LiowenexWhat model Mac?03:36
Liowenex(I joined late)03:36
arraybolt3Liowenex: 2018 Mac Mini I believe03:37
zachf3.6GHz Core i3 with 8GB RAM, 128Gb SSD03:38
LiowenexDamnit :( Outside my expertise range03:39
LiowenexHave you tried legacy boot?03:39
LiowenexYeah oncet the Apple Logo appears, it's OSX mode03:40
zachflegacy boot? It's all outside my expertise range too!03:40
LiowenexRefind might help you03:40
LiowenexYou'll have to boot into OSX to install it, it's slightly more compatible than the built-in EFI03:41
zachfhmm, I'll look into refind03:41
zachfthanks for being puzzled with me... seemed like I was following directions that have worked for others. Maybe I've got a newer firmware than some of the successes out there03:42
LiowenexIf ubuntu was still making amd64+mac ISOs, I'd recommend those, zachf03:51
LiowenexI have a hell of a lot of experience with weird hardware that doesn't want to boot, if refind doesn't work, then there's so much more you can try, unless you don't have another computer03:52
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Sirclesudo systemctl status tmp.mount  says active but there is nothing in cat /proc/swaps nor in htop swap or `free`. How can I activate zram?04:54
SircleThis worked on another PC last night. Not working on this one.04:55
rboxtmp.mount has nothing to do with swap?04:55
Sirclerbox see https://www.maketecheasier.com/configure-zram-ubuntu/04:56
rboxwhere does that say anything about tmp.mount?04:57
csexecutivenot even sure why you'd want swap activate at tmp.mount tbh either04:58
Sirclecsexecutive rbox for zram  cat /sys/block/zram0/comp_algorithm05:09
Sirclecat: /sys/block/zram0/comp_algorithm: No such file or directory05:09
Sirclecsexecutive https://www.maketecheasier.com/configure-zram-ubuntu/05:09
csexecutiveSircle, I wasnt the one in need of that but thanks05:20
Sirclecsexecutive I missed isntalling zram. My bad. all well now05:21
csexecutiveI'm just here to help and keep my ubuntu skills up for some of my cloud servers :p05:21
Sirclecsexecutive rbox how can i be 100% certain that my system is using zram for /tmp directory and not using disk drive (ssd or nvme)?05:21
rboxwell /proc/mounts will tell you if something is mounted on /tmp05:22
csexecutiveas should mount -a | grep tmp05:24
Sircleit says tmpfs rw, nosuid....05:25
csexecutiveSircle, https://www.96boards.org/documentation/consumer/guides/zram_swapspace.md.html << see about halfway down mkswap portion for your uses05:25
Sircleit says /tmp tmpfs rw, nosuid....05:25
rboxthen /tmp is a tmpfs05:25
Sircleand tmpfs is in ram (always)?05:25
rboxtmpfs is virtual memory, it can go to swap05:26
Sircleso that makes sure that my /tmp is in ram?05:26
csexecutiveif /tmp is not a 'physical'  partition its almost always in memory05:27
csexecutiveor using the available space of the parent 'physical' partition its in05:27
supayhi all, i have a laptop running ubuntu 20.04 and it has 8GB of RAM soldered into it. i'm wondering if it ever makes sense to make a swap that's say 24GB in size? if so, would it work like my RAM (i understand the performance may differ due to differences in hardware)05:33
nb-bensupay: it kind of depends on the application05:40
nb-bensupay: but usually, it's not a great idea to use a lot of swap05:40
supaynb-ben: interesting! i kind of cross posted to #linux and there's a conversation brewing there too if you're interested :)05:40
nb-bensupay: I try to avoid #linux :p05:41
supayhahaha :D05:41
nb-bensupay: what are you using this for?05:42
supaynb-ben: i'm just curious really - i got anxious that system monitor shows my RAM usage is super high a lot of the time. but someone from #linux linked me to https://www.linuxatemyram.com/ and it was a fun read that tells me not to panic!05:42
nb-bensupay: my memory use is above 85% almost all the time, and I have 128GB of RAM05:43
supaynb-ben: i still am curious if i can run a heavy game that needs 32GB of memory (hypothetically) using 8GB of physical RAM and 24GB of swap05:44
nb-bensupay: you have to look at the use excluding buffers05:44
nb-bensupay: if the game doesn't access most of its RAM pages, then probably yeah05:44
nb-bensupay: but if it does, then this will quite bad, and also unhealthy for whatever you use as swap (hopefully an NVMe stick)05:45
arraybolt3(And depending on how much swap activity you have going on, that could damage your NVMe stick)05:47
supaynb-ben: ooo, very interesting! i didn't think about it like that.05:51
supayarraybolt3: got it, very interesting05:51
akikhi #ubuntu, i was here a couple of days ago asking about sluggish imac with a hdd. turns out changing the i/o scheduler from mq-deadline to bfq helped and the ui is more responsive06:26
nb-benakik: it's a tradeoff, mq-deadline is better for drive health and throughput. If you can place a small/cheap NVMe SSD in there for caching then you could revert to mq-deadliner06:29
nb-benakik: and get even faster response times from persistent storage06:30
akiknb-ben: not going to start dismantling the imac though. it's too hard a task. what do you mean drive health?06:31
nb-benakik: there are actual mechanical arms that move about to read/write stuff, mq-deadliner attempts to run these chores with the least amount of actions, which is why it has to delay things and batch them together06:32
nb-benakik: that's why you experienced latency06:32
akiknb-ben: ok thanks06:32
nextbrainanyone here me07:52
akikmy friend said that his ubuntu installation is showing 3 security updates, but it looks like he'd need to pay for them (esm apps?)07:56
akikis using esm apps free?07:56
ravage!ubuntupro | akik08:00
ubottuakik: Ubuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/3101808:00
akikraver: is that the same as esm apps?08:00
lotuspsychjeakik: there's also a current bug in progress around that issue, bug #199202608:01
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1992026 in ubuntu-advantage-tools (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu Pro APT integration is a bit much" [Critical, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/199202608:01
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supayhi, how do i get rid of the 'app is ready' notifications? it's taking away focus from things like my file-save dialog :(09:59
supaypretty silly feature if you ask me.09:59
lotuspsychjewich app are we talking about supay10:00
supaylotuspsychje: i'm facing this issue on vscode while trying to save a new file.10:01
lunalotuspsychje: its a GNOME feature10:01
supayluna: is there any way to disable it? i don't really need notifications on my laptop :(10:01
lunafound this: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1007/window-is-ready-notification-remover/10:02
supayluna: thank you!10:03
supayops, please kb math0610:04
supaymath06: then stop spamming.10:04
supaymath06: even better, go spam #math or ##math10:04
supayluna: this finally did it for me: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/2182/noannoyance/ thank you again :)10:16
lunasupay: np10:23
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N0b0dyo/ <310:35
N0b0dyso excited for the new 23.04!10:36
N0b0dycant wait lol10:36
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amcsiI'm SSH'd into my website server that uses HTTPS. How do I correctly curl my site using the right host, but using Externally and internally this works: curl https://lycee-tcg.eu -- but internally this doesn't work, but I'm expecting it to: curl -H 'Host: lycee-tcg.eu'
amcsiI get: curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: self-signed certificate10:58
amcsithis is happening with multiple sites of mine, so I'm convinced the problem isn't with my setup10:58
amcsiI found my answer: curl --resolve 'lycee-tcg.eu:443:' https://lycee-tcg.eu11:01
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centAt Ubuntu 20.04 I need to alter the HOME env variable for a certain process that is capable of reading a specific PAM service.12:48
centLet us say, that the process needs to direct logged users to '/data/home' instead of '/home'. Such users cannot login otherwise (eg. ssh).12:50
centAdmins an do so.12:50
centThe question is if, eg. set the PAM to direct all users with uid > 1000 to a diferent home than '/home'.12:51
centThank you for hints.12:51
jhutchinscent: The user creation scripts allow you to set a home directory, it is the second to last item in the /etc/passwd file.12:52
centjhutchins, I know, but I'd need to change for users with uid > 1000.12:53
jhutchinscent: The quick-and-dirty fix is to manually edit that file.12:53
jhutchinsA quick search for "linux set home directory" yeilds About 132,000,000 results.12:53
jhutchinscent: Don't focus on the method, focus on the goal.12:54
alex70000 /msg NickServ IDENTIFY alex70000 &W$j48%7d$%4&6312:54
alex70000 /msg NickServ IDENTIFY alex70000 &W$j48%7d$%4&6312:55
jhutchinscent: usermod -d <new home> <user> is the "correct" way to change it.  -m -d will move the contents from the current $HOME.12:56
jhutchinscent: The default can be set in /etc/default/useradd12:56
jhutchinscent: How many users do you need to manage on a regular basis?12:57
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centjhutchins, I don know yet. Up to 200.13:04
SteelRoseHi all! is there any LDAP-browser you can recommend? Thanks!13:09
jhutchinscent: I'd say build yourself a script that uses a different $HOME when the user is created and just intelligently choose which procedure to use on a case-by-case basis.13:13
jhutchinscent: Messing with the PAM system is not something most users should try.  Minor errors can render the system unusable without a clean rebuild.13:14
jhutchinsSteelRose: What LDAP system do you have?13:14
SteelRosejhutchins: AD13:16
SteelRoseit's what the company uses13:16
BluesKajHi all13:24
BardonHello, what are the delays introduced by phased updates? Like, how long between the message "the following packages have been kept back" and general availability?13:42
Bardon(assuming the update isn't buggy)13:43
lotuspsychje!phasedupdates | Bardon13:45
ubottuBardon: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.13:45
Bardonlotuspsychje: Thanks for answering. I read that page but it doesn't say what the delay is13:49
jhutchinsSteelRose: So Microsoft AD?13:52
jhutchinsSteelRose: I'd try the OS browsers available, see which one does what you need.13:53
jhutchinsSteelRose: I would expect that most would work with MS unless they were tied to a specific system.13:53
SteelRosejhutchins: which AD/LDAP browser are you referring to?13:56
ograSteelRose, apt-cache search LDAP browser13:58
ograthere are a few ...13:58
SteelRoseogra: I only see jxplorer ... and it bombs14:00
jhutchinsSteelRose: Google shows "About 115,000,000 results" for "linux ad browser".14:35
SteelRoseI just need 1 :-)14:37
leftyfbSteelRose: type into google: ubuntu active directory "browser"   there's several mentioned that you can try14:39
ograjhutchins, heh ... that *might* refer to other types of "ad" though 🙂14:40
jhutchinsogra: Possible, but the displayed hits all referred to "LDAP".14:42
SteelRosethanks all14:46
eson123question so i was trying out Ubuntu 20.10 for Desktop in my virtual box but weird enough, i can't seem to open a Terminal, Ctrl - Alt - T or manually opening it via typing and selecting the icon won't pop it up, anyway i can fix or at least diagnose this ?15:02
leftyfbeson123: try a supported release like 22.0415:02
ogra20.10 is long EOL ...15:02
csexecutiveeson123, comfortable with terminal ( cli not gui terminal)?  able to get to a tty session?15:02
csexecutivemisread that as 22.10 my bad leftyfb15:03
eson123that is weird i would expect the one at the "Download" button to be the latest, i downloaded it here --> https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop15:03
eson123and even though i clicked on the download in the "Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS", for some weird reasons it's downloadng 20.10 .-.15:03
csexecutiveeson123, latest != LTS ( Long term support)15:03
csexecutivethere are 2 life cycles for Ubuntu15:03
csexecutivecheck your setting then?  where are you attempting a download from ?15:04
leftyfbeson123: there's no possible way you clicked on that link and are now downloading 20.1015:04
csexecutive^^ that15:04
leftyfbeson123: https://releases.ubuntu.com/22.04.2/ubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso  there ya go15:04
csexecutiveshort of using some sketchy unofficial site15:04
eson123huh u're right, it's 22.04.2 now, just retried15:05
eson123wth happened earlier15:05
csexecutivefat finger/click maybe15:05
csexecutivehappens, but seems you are on path to correcting so all good15:05
eson123either way let's me reinstall this image and see if this still happens15:05
csexecutiveeson123, if so permsissions and/or selinux woes come to mind, BUT the LTS should be clear of those of course15:06
leftyfbcsexecutive: selinux is not installed by default in ubuntu and not recommended15:06
leftyfbcsexecutive: wait until they have an actual problem with 22.04 before trying to troubleshoot15:07
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jhutchinsAnybody who was watching me struggle with lm-sensors yesterday: It was worth it.  I caught one of the cores hitting 100C just before the system shut down.15:20
eson123well this is still odd, just installed 22.04.2 LTS, still can't open terminal :(15:58
ravageDont use tbe unattended installation16:02
ravageIt's broken16:02
leftyfbunattended installation?16:04
leftyfbravage: got a bug report?16:04
ravageOn the vbox forum16:04
ravageAlso mentioned it on discourse16:06
ravageBut i don't think anyone cares :)16:06
eson123Oh let's me try again16:06
leftyfbthe people with the issue don't care if they're not bothering to file a bug that's apparently been around for 4 months16:07
ravageIt's not a bug in Ubuntu16:08
ravageBut the guide should not encourage a broken install process16:08
jhutchinsFile a bug against the guide?16:08
ravageSure. Feel free to do it16:10
jhutchinsravage: Thank you!16:12
eson123woah, unattended sure is broken, works nice now16:25
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lunayou know you are a geek when you only recognize people by online nickname but not their actual real first and last name :D17:47
haohi, how can I start gui application as root? search result mostly show by using gksu/gksudo, but now this package is missing17:54
ravagesudo should work just fine17:55
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jhutchinsSystem is now idling at 35/38C18:11
jhutchinshao: You should almost never run a GUI application as root.18:11
jhutchinshao: If it needs root permissions, it should ask for authorization internally.18:12
jhutchinshao: what program are you trying to run?18:12
Habbiecan apt-key do *anything* without gnupg?18:14
ravageprobably print errors18:15
Habbiewell yes18:15
Habbiethat it clearly can!18:15
Habbiei'm wondering because the ubuntu:focal docker image has apt-key but no gnupg18:15
ravagebut you should not use that tool anymore18:15
Habbieand i wonder what's the point18:15
ravageits deprecated.18:16
Habbieright, that's also a good point18:16
Habbieah, it's in the apt package, that's why it's installed18:16
matrixywhy shouldnt you run gui apps as root? just wondering18:16
matrixywell with sudo18:17
haoravage, jhutchins: trying to start qmk via app, running `sudo /opt/VIA/via-nativia` refused to open with some electron error, but I think that's bug of via.18:18
haoso I headed to their discord channel18:19
jhutchinsmatrixy: GUI apps often write things like config files, or update them.  If they write to root's home directory, that can cause problems.  If they write to the user's home directory as root, the user can then not change or sometimes even read the file.18:22
jhutchinshao: That sounds like a better route, asking the via channel.18:22
jhutchinsmatrixy: If the app is set up to request authorization, chances are it has safeties built in to keep it from destroying your system.18:23
jhutchinsmatrixy: Some of this comes from the multi-user nature of *nix, root is reserved for the sysadmin running from a console, regular users should not attempt to change system-wide items.18:24
matrixyah makes sense i guess18:24
SircleI had good time with zram, tmpfs but since I cannot find the ram I want from market, until then, what might be the second best thing to be used as ram? Is there any faster / similar thing like ram is? I got all my ram slots full18:25
jhutchinsFor someone who comes from a single-user system where the only user is the admin it seems a bit cumbersome, but there are still good reasons to keep admin separate.18:26
jhutchinsSadly pricewatch.com, which used to be a great resource for finding parts, is no longer up.18:27
jhutchinsOh, and the monitor did come up at boot.18:33
arraybolt3Sircle: Did you ever get zram working?18:33
arraybolt3Sircle: If not, I just remembered I wrote a tutorial on it once.18:34
arraybolt3...which appears to be locked out of my reach since the website it's on may be down.18:34
arraybolt3Gah. Nevermind.18:34
arraybolt3The site's down.18:34
matrixyi visited a site that was down today too18:36
matrixywell halfway18:36
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jhutchinsarraybolt3: We are of an age to have outlived some favorite web sites.18:37
Sirclearraybolt3 yes18:37
arraybolt3Heh, oh well. I know the sysadmin so I'm sure he'll be able to unbreak it.18:37
arraybolt3Sircle: Ah, nice. Sadly, the only two RAM "replacements" I know of are swap and RAM compression. You might be able to set up zswap, which is kind of a hybrid between the two.18:38
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Sirclearraybolt3 ok18:49
gartralI know this isn't an ubuntu stock question, but is anyone else having extreme stability issues with Plasma on any ubuntu flavor?18:59
arraybolt3gartral: Actually, yes.19:02
arraybolt3On Kubuntu 22.04, Plasma 5.24, plasmashell and kwin_x11 are both crashing rather frequently.19:02
arraybolt3About twice a day or more.19:02
arraybolt3I'm able to get around it by running `killall plasmashell && killall kwin_x11` in a terminal, then hitting Alt+F2 to get a KRunner prompt. Then in KRunner, I run `plasmashell`, then `kwin_x11`, and I'm back up and running.19:03
arraybolt3gartral: ^19:03
tomreynarraybolt3: does this mean data loss from GUI apps? and is this the default kubuntu configuration?19:04
arraybolt3I guess I wouldn't call it "extreme" but "annoying".19:04
arraybolt3tomreyn: No data loss involved.19:04
arraybolt3Plasmashell and kwin_x11 both can be killed and restarted without causing any adverse affects (at least with everything I use).19:04
tomreynso applications keep running you just replace the window manager19:04
arraybolt3And the desktop shell, but yeah.19:04
arraybolt3I can do this in the middle of other work.19:05
arraybolt3Like I just did it just now to ward off a crash.19:05
tomreyni see, thanks. that's pretty sad, though, i wasn't aware it's that unstable still.19:05
arraybolt3I'm not sure I would call my configuration "stock", but it's likely close enough to stock.19:05
arraybolt3I've seen others having the same problem, so I figure it's not a config problem.19:06
jhutchinsKDE has never really recovered from the 4.0 release.19:06
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haohey, I just downloaded the gucharmap, I find it's more powerful than the default characters app, but is there a way to search in gucharmap instead of the default app when searching in the "application preview"?19:26
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matrixyyou can search the hex code for a unicode character19:30
matrixyx310 does the weird stacking characters19:30
haothat's not what I'm asking. I'm trying to let the search result in "activities preview" show up results form gucharmap, instead of the default "characters" app. there is no option to configure this in side Settings->Search.19:36
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jhutchinshao: You'd almost think these things were made by separate teams.19:43
relipseIs there a way to not reprompt for my password in Ubuntu 22.04 so much? Maybe like once during startup?19:58
relipseunless I specifically "lock" the screen?19:59
sarnoldrelipse: which password prompts specifically?20:00
relipseif my computer goes to sleep (idle) for a while, and i move the mouse, the ubuntu user password is required to log back in20:00
sarnoldthat's probably configurable in a screen locking control panel thing20:01
fidodido_48relipse: disable screen-locking in power management20:02
tomreynnote that screen locking is a security feature.20:03
jhutchinstomreyn: So are cable locks.20:03
tomreynyou can configure how long after the screen blanks it will additionally take for the screen lock to become active20:03
relipsei dont see anything about locking in the Settings -> Power config screen20:03
relipsejust Dim Screen, Screen Black20:04
tomreynwhat are you running?20:04
relipseUbuntu 22.04 x1120:04
jhutchinsIsn't that gdm?20:04
relipseok I found it in the Screen Lock  page20:05
tomreynit's in the privacy submenu20:05
relipseyes, I found it. Thank you tom20:05
relipsei am running a Windows program using Wine and it doesn't have a minimize button. Any ideas20:06
EriC^^alt+ space show anything?20:07
zachfI have good news and bad news about my attempt to get Ubuntu installed on a 2018 Mac Mini (discussed here last night). Installing reFInd finally allowed the mac mini to load the ubuntu installer. I went through the install process, choosing the defaults, and then when it got to the disk section it didn't seem to see the ~80Gb FAT32 partition named 'UBUNTU' that I'd created using Disk Utility (I'd left 40Gb of the 128Gb drive for20:10
zachf macOS) and instead offered me the option of using the whole disk or doing manual stuff. I wanted to double-check on the existence of the partition so rebooted the machine and the 'Boot macOS from Preboot' option would not boot macOS but instead brought up a white screen. I rebooted and tried a couple other ways of booting macOS (I think hitting tab brought up a list, tried 64-bit verbose, 32-bit, etc -- all either led to a white20:10
zachf screen or froze on text). So I rebooted and chose the installer and chose defaults and chose to install ubuntu to the whole disk. It did a bunch of installing and then asked me to remove the drive and hit enter to reboot. Upon reboot, the apple logo appeared for a few seconds, then the signal went away and the fans came up and it rebooted. It proceeded to keep doing this in a reboot loop. And it never booted to the reFInd boot20:10
zachf manager.20:10
zachfor actually that's not true - my memory is playing tricks on me. reFInd was there, and offered the single option of EFI boot20:11
zachfit did not see macOS on the drive anymore, which makes sense. But it also would just lead to a boot loop.20:11
zachfFWIW I had SIP disabled, and all security disabled on the machine. csrutil status reported 'disabled', I ran that to double-check right before I installed reFInd.20:13
sarnoldzachf: normally you need ~1gb fat32 to store uefi stuff. I have no idea what macos expects from uefi, but there's no way it needs 80gb fat3220:14
zachfoh I'd made that FAT32 partition just to block off a large section for Ubuntu to take over20:15
zachfI'd done so when I was trying to follow this tutorial: https://levelup.gitconnected.com/ubuntu-server-build-series-2022-part-1-22c1dd35b8b420:15
zachfI figured the Ubuntu installer would list that partition and I'd be able to select it and have it reformat it and use it, it was basically all of the disk that wasn't used by macOS20:15
sarnoldmaybe leave that space unpartitioned instead?20:16
sarnoldif it's partitioned with a filesystem type that can't be used for installation, the installer might just hide it20:16
zachfI guess I'll be reinstalling macOS via the network and start over. But I'm not sure how I'll manage to get successful boots to either Ubuntu or macOS after installation this time. Seemed like both were failing.20:18
sarnoldwhat happened to macos/20:19
jhutchinsrelipse: Don't expect full functions when running in Wine.20:20
zachfWhat happened to to macOS is that reFInd could not boot it, it just led to a white screen. And then I just decided I only really care about having Ubuntu on the machine, so let the installer choose to use the full disk. So no more macOS.20:21
sarnoldoof :(20:21
sarnoldah I missed  that bit :( sorry20:22
sarnoldis it too late to go back to bed? heh20:22
zachfno worries20:22
zachfNow I'm reinstalling macOS from the network restore, and will use that to reinstall reFInd, and to partition off the non-macOS portion of the disk into an unused partition rather than FAT32, and then will try again.20:23
UndrWaterzachf: have you been able to load a "live" ubuntu?20:23
zachfMaybe if I manage to make a partition that the Ubuntu installer sees and can choose, I'll be able to have it install into that and it'll boot afterward20:23
zachfI'm not sure what loading a "live" ubuntu would mean -- was the installer (ubuntu-22.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso) I burned to a usb flash drive a live ubuntu?20:24
jhutchinsUndrWater: I seem to remember that the live images don't boot well on Macs, so they don't make the Apple compatible versions.20:24
UndrWateri see20:24
jhutchinsThings change though, so it's possible.20:25
UndrWaterif one does, you could boot to a live environment, and see what partitions are available or could be made from there.20:25
UndrWaterzachf: does reFind still show up?20:26
bmSo what do you guys think about snap20:44
EickmeyerConsidering this is a support channel, that' s not up for discussion here, bm.20:44
leftyfbbm: that thread has the solution: sudo snap connect gimp:removable-media20:45
bmleftyfb: incorrect20:48
leftyfbbm: ok, feel free to explain your issue in detail20:49
bmleftyfb: no issue, just sharing a link from StackOverflow's Hot Network Questions20:49
leftyfbbm: this is a support channel. Please stick to the topic at hand.20:50
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billybigriggerhey all, i'm having some issues with file sharing between 22.04.2 and win11....to make this simple, the user and password is the same across the board, win11/ubuntu/samba....21:28
billybigriggerbut i'm still not able to browse the share on the windows machine, it keeps asking me for the correct password21:28
billybigriggersmbpasswd created the user, i verified with pdbedit -L -v, the user was created...i just can't login to the share21:30
leftyfbbillybigrigger: what do the logs tell you?21:31
billybigriggerleftyfb where is the samba log dir on linux, sorry freebsd guy here :D21:31
leftyfb /var/log/samba/21:31
billybigriggerleftyfb /var/log doesn't exist21:31
billybigriggerignore that21:32
billybigriggerleftyfb is there a specific log for auth? i see a bunch of log.xxxxxxx21:32
Guest41did anyone running ubuntu 22.04 have their networking restarted after "Starting Daily apt upgrade and clean activities" today? and also /etc/networkd-dispatcher/routable.d/ was not run21:33
billybigriggerlog.docky log.nmbd log.windows etc etc21:33
billybigriggeri assume those are my LAN hostnames21:33
leftyfbbillybigrigger: yes. Look in the appropriate log for the client trying to access your share21:34
billybigriggeri see a backtrace yay :P21:34
billybigriggerpermission denied error, funny thing is the /reds dir is 777 don:don21:35
billybigriggerdon is a system user, as well as a samba user, as well as a windows account:P  as i said earlier, all passwords are the same21:36
leftyfbbillybigrigger: try nobody:nogroup as the owner21:38
billybigriggerfor the root folder or recursive as well?21:38
billybigriggeri assume -R21:38
jhutchinsbillybigrigger: Any reason you can't just make it guest accessible?21:39
leftyfbbillybigrigger: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/c5Csqxpd3x/21:39
billybigriggerughhhhhh why is this still a pita in 2023 :P21:40
leftyfbbillybigrigger: and yes for /reds -R21:40
jhutchinsbillybigrigger: Partly because Microsoft keeps tinkering with the system (some would say to deliberately make it harder).21:40
billybigriggerso from nautlis? gnome files? the file manager, right clicking and adding a local network share, and enabling guests/other users doesn't do anything obviously?21:41
billybigriggerjhutchins, this is a non issue in truenas:P  can't blame everything on MS hehe21:42
billybigriggeri remember trying to do this from a nautilus gui in 8.04 over a decade ago, seems like nothing has changed21:42
leftyfbbillybigrigger: sudo chown -R nobody:nogroup /reds   and use this for your /etc/samba/smb.conf  https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/c5Csqxpd3x/21:43
billybigriggerleftyfb i'll just borrow your share config and make21:43
zachfaha, got macOS installed via network restore (Mojave, ok fine). And then I reinstalled rEFInd. I verified that it could boot to macOS. I let the APFS volume for macOS take up 40GB of the 128GB SSD, and made an 80GB partition set to exfat. Then I booted to the ubuntu installer -- it didn't see an 80Gb partition. Went back to macOS, changed the exfat partition to apfs and went back to the ubuntu installer -- it seemed to see that21:43
zachf partition but just as 9GB. Back to Disk Utility, tried making the partition unallocated, which didn't seem possible within the UI but at the terminal I could do a 'sudo diskutil eraseVolume free none' on it.21:43
billybigriggerclient ntlmv2 auth = yes   <-------more than likely is what i'm missing from the default SMB.CONF21:44
zachfThe whole point of this is that I want to make a partition on the drive that Ubuntu can take over and format as it needs, while preserving macOS21:44
jhutchinsbillybigrigger: Here's a share that works: https://dpaste.com/47LQAU8R821:44
billybigriggerjhutchins leftyfb thanks for the assist! i appreciate you guys!21:44
jhutchinsbillybigrigger: testparm is your friend.21:44
zachfI suppose maybe there's a way to just note actual sectors to use, or otherwise note the exact numbers to enter into a custom field in the installer in order to grab the desired portion of disk and make a partition there for Ubuntu, but I haven't figured it out.21:45
Guest41can someone explain to me why "Daily apt upgrade" caused my network to shutdown and then not run /etc/networkd-dispatcher/routable.d/ when it came back up? https://pastebin.com/raw/HfaznsK421:46
zachfI thought it'd be simple to just make a partition within macOS, since it seems to already know and recognize all the partitions on the drive21:46
jhutchinszachf: I'm pretty sure I've seen Mac install guides for Ubuntu.  Have you tried those?  DualBoot has been a thing about as long as Mac compatibility.21:46
jhutchinsGuest41: What did you upgrade?21:46
Guest41@jhutchins I didn't upgrade anything, it was automatic21:47
zachfjhutchins: I tried following this one, which insisted I'd need to make a MS-DOS (FAT) partition for Ubuntu Server to take over, but that partition wasn't noticed by the Ubuntu installer. https://levelup.gitconnected.com/ubuntu-server-build-series-2022-part-1-22c1dd35b8b421:47
billybigriggerlanman auth, client lanman auth, client ntlmv2 auth are deprecated according to testparm :D21:49
jhutchinszachf: Wish I had one to recommend but I last had hardware to test with around 2008.21:49
jhutchinsBuilt a bunch of MySQL servers on Mac Minis.21:50
leftyfbGuest41: ubuntu only updates critical patches to certain packages and only if you enabled unattended upgrades during the installation, which isn't default. And Ubuntu will NEVER reboot automatically.21:50
jhutchinszachf: Iirc parallels worked pretty nicely.21:50
zachfyou mean parallels to run ubuntu virtualized under macOS, rather than booting to it non-virtualized?21:51
jhutchinsGuest41: If it was automatic, you're the one who did it.  Check the logs to see what got updated.21:51
jhutchinszachf: Yes.  Not necessarily a recommendation, just a reminiscence.21:51
zachfjhutchins: hmm, looksl ike this tutorial also says to make a MS-DOS partition for Ubuntu's installer to take. Weird. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/install-linux-macbook-pro/21:52
leftyfbbillybigrigger: I have it running just fine on Ubuntu 20.04. Been running since  of 202021:52
leftyfbsorry, June of 202021:52
jhutchinszachf: I would expect the refit pages to have somethinig current.21:52
billybigriggerleftyfb i left it in, just letting you know there was a testparm warning :P21:52
billybigriggerstill waiting for my chown -R command to finish, can't verify if this cfg works or not yet21:53
Guest41jhutchins leftyfb I didn't enable anything though, the system came preinstalled as a server I got from OVH21:57
Guest41so the solution is to just disable unattended upgrades?21:57
leftyfbGuest41: ok, so it's a custom image. You should reach out to OVH to ask them what they modified21:57
Guest41and also why did it not run /etc/networkd-dispatcher/routable.d/ ?21:57
leftyfbGuest41: not sure, you'll have to dig into your logs further. I use that and it works just fine for all my servers21:58
Guest41leftyfb i don't see anything else in syslog though, where else can I look? and it worked for me every time I rebooted until now21:59
Guest41what is the best way to disable unattended upgrades ?21:59
leftyfbGuest41: https://linuxhint.com/enable-disable-unattended-upgrades-ubuntu/  first result on google for "ubuntu disable unattended upgrades"22:02
leftyfbGuest41: the 2nd result is probably all you need https://ostechnix.com/how-to-disable-unattended-upgrades-on-ubuntu/22:02
Guest41leftyfb do you know if that package "unattended-upgrades" will get reinstalled if I do dist-upgrade or do-release-upgrade?22:02
Guest41or is it always off by default22:02
leftyfbGuest41: neither of the links I gave you specified removing the package22:03
Guest41they say For removing this feature permanently, use the below command line:22:05
Guest41$ sudo apt remove unattended-upgrades22:05
leftyfbbah, my bad22:06
leftyfbok, I guess you can just remove it22:06
sarnoldgood luck with your next do-release-upgrade22:06
leftyfbdpkg-reconfigure would probably work as well22:06
Guest41which one do you think is safer/future proof22:07
sarnoldconfiguring it off22:07
billybigriggerdo i need to create a system or samba user account for 'guest'?22:08
billybigriggerim still being prompted to login22:09
billybigriggertrying to login with don or guest without a pw doesn't work22:09
transhumanisthi what does ubuntu use to do the following:  https://bpa.st/UWIIM22:09
billybigriggerthis is after a smbd.service reload22:09
transhumanistthat is cgroups are no longer in ubuntu kernel and neither are the modules22:11
sarnoldtranshumanist: systemd does the mounting, https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/25a45b0dd1a3d81a0b398ba112e298116179a86f/src/shared/cgroup-setup.c22:13
transhumanistthat is cpuset cpuacct memory blkio are not even modules in the kernel22:13
leftyfbtranshumanist: cat /boot/config-$(uname -r) |grep CGROUPS  # this will tell you if your kernel has CGROUPS enabled (it does)22:14
transhumanistyes but those modules are not in it, so it seems in 22.0422:15
leftyfbbillybigrigger: not sure what to tell you, I built our samba server really quick and simple with nothing fancy. I can access it from linux and Windows without being asked for a password22:15
leftyfbtranshumanist: CGROUPS is enabled by default in the Ubuntu 22.04 kernels22:15
billybigriggerleftyfb ya this is a migrated vm, with an imported zfs pool, (tbf the pool and share's worked a few months ago no issues)22:16
billybigriggerthey worked on this vm no issues22:17
leftyfbspin up a new VM and test22:17
billybigriggeralready on it lol22:18
billybigriggerwhere does the file managers right click > local network share store it's config?22:18
billybigriggeri see it doesn't even touch smb.conf22:18
billybigriggerlike is it a gui that doesn't actually do ANYTHING? lol22:18
billybigriggerand there's nowhere i can see to include a secondary smb.conf or config block22:19
leftyfbI don't know, I don't use any of that. It's not needed for a client and I don't run a desktop GUI on servers22:19
jhutchinsDo the Nautilus shares work if the user who created them isn't logged in?22:19
billybigriggerfeel you on that22:19
billybigriggerjhutchins possible, though i have had this working while logged in22:20
billybigriggerlet me check22:20
jhutchinsI expect that might be a selectable option...22:20
billybigriggerthis was my temp/perm plex vm at one point, so this all worked great until i spun it up today and imported the zfs pool22:20
billybigriggeroooh interesting22:21
billybigriggeri just went into the nautilus LAN share gui, and checked 'Guest Access' (which i tried earlier today)....but after adding lefty's [shared] block to the config i get......22:22
billybigriggernet usershare returned error 255 cannot share path /reds as we are restricted to only sharing directories we own.22:23
leftyfbbillybigrigger: you shouldn't be using both smb.conf and nautilus for shares. One or the other22:23
billybigriggerthis is after i chown'd -R nobody:nogroup /reds22:23
billybigriggerleftyfb i never touched smb.conf until you wanted me to add your [shared] block22:23
transhumanistyes but those modules are not also loaded, which I need to do this: https://bpa.st/7TMFY   << there is 4 versions here all almost work the one I really want is one using nice, but it displays the error below the terminal command22:23
transhumanistshould I perhaps just ask in #bash?22:24
billybigriggerAsk the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = false" to the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this.22:24
billybigriggerso the nautilus gui is asking me to modify smb.conf, so they must work together22:24
billybigriggerunless that is just spitting out and stdout error message :D22:25
Guest41leftyfb I just figured out how to reproduce the bug. if you do "systemctl start apt-daily-upgrade" it will restart networking and it won't run anything in "/etc/networkd-dispatcher/routable.d". Do you know why that is22:30
Guest41this is on a fresh ubuntu 22.04 hetzner vm, so I don't think it's an issue with my configuration22:31
leftyfbGuest41: I've never heard of that and don't believe that is the default behavior22:31
Guest41leftyfb: well you can test it out by typing "systemctl start apt-daily-upgrade"22:39
jhutchinsGuest41: Has anybody suggested that un-attended upgrades might not be a good idea, especially for someone new to Linux?22:40
Guest41jhutchins: it's not just about unattended upgrades though, I disabled that now. the issue is that networkd-dispatcher doesn't run when the network is restarted, that's a serious flaw in the OS22:41
jhutchinsGuest41: Possibly a flaw in your configuration.  If it failed for everybody, that would be thousands of users.22:42
jhutchinsGuest41: It could well be a bug/problem, I'm not trying to say it's all your fault.22:42
Guest41well I've been using ubuntu for over 10 years, and I've seen dozens of random bugs like this that only got fixed many years later22:43
jhutchinsGuest41: Be very careful about citing your experience.  Some people out here have been in this business a very long time.22:44
Jeremy31It can be hard to fix a bug if a dev can't reproduce it22:45
arraybolt3Guest41: What is Hetzner?22:47
leftyfbGuest41: you might try configured.d as opposed to routable.d22:48
Guest41it's a cloud provider22:48
arraybolt3If it's a VPS provider, they may (read: probably) have customized things.22:48
leftyfbGuest41: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/kinetic/en/man1/networkctl.1.html22:48
zachfI'm back at it with the mac mini… I made a few fat32 partitions using disk utility under macos, and as it turns out the Ubuntu installer does see them. They just show up in the list of available recognized partitions as 'vfat' format and with sizes that don't correspond to their sizing in macOS's disk utility. For example the 82GB fat32 partition I made shows up in the Ubuntu installer as around 9Gb, and I don't see any option22:48
zachf within the installer to change the size of the partition. Installing Ubuntu to that partition fails, maybe because it's only 9Gb?22:48
zachfI've now downloaded ubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso, am flashing it to a usb drive, and will try booting to Ubuntu live on the Mac Mini to see if I can use partitioning tools available within Ubuntu to create an ext4 partition into which to install Ubuntu Server.22:49
zachfwill be interesting to see if ubuntu live can actually boot on this machine22:50
tomreyn9 GB is most likely too small for a desktop installation. but a vfat (FAT8/16/32) file system would not work either.22:52
zachftomreyn: the idea, as expressed in every tutorial I've been able to find on installing Ubuntu on a mac, is that you make an MS-DOS (FAT32) partition with disk utility, and then you select that partition in the Ubuntu installer and it reformats it to ext4 and installs Ubuntu.22:53
tomreyni see, you know more than i do there.22:54
zachfMaybe this worked many versions ago? I don't know. It no longer seems like a viable path. I made an 80+Gb MS-DOS (FAT32) partition using disk utility, and it shows up as 9Gb in the Ubuntu installer with no option to resize or edit the size.22:54
zachfYeah, it's a bummer!22:54
Jeremy31zachf: why a 80GB fat32 partition?22:55
zachfJeremy31: It's a 128Gb SSD, I was leaving ~40Gb for macOS.22:55
zachfand I don't want to have a fat32 partition, in the end22:55
zachfbut the tutorials I've found, such as https://levelup.gitconnected.com/ubuntu-server-build-series-2022-part-1-22c1dd35b8b422:55
zachfor https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/install-linux-macbook-pro/22:56
zachfall include making a fat32 partition, which is then selected in the Ubuntu installer and turned into an ext4 partition full of Ubuntu through some kind of sorcery22:56
jhutchinszachf: iirc, making it a DOS partition has to do with what the Mac OS can read and the installer can access before a full Linux enviroment is available.22:57
zachfdisk utility within macOS has a limited number of options for filesystems22:57
jhutchinsThere just really no reason to keep trying to force Linux on any Mac hardware I had.  There was a PowerBook Pro that I could have tried it on, but somebody wanted it as a Mac before I got to it.22:58
zachfjhutchins: that's what I figured. What I don't understand is why the 80+Gb DOS partition made in macOS shows up as 9Gb in the Ubuntu installer22:58
zachfjhutchins: my Debian laptop from 2012 died, and I was given an old mac Mini, so figured I'd see if I could set it up as my new home linux box22:59
jhutchinsI can get a perfectly good new Intel system for $200 and it'll run Linux just fine.22:59
jhutchinszachf: You will find that the size of a partition is not an absolute number, but depends on what application is asking and displaying it.22:59
zachfI'm certain I could get or build a PC and put Linux on it, but I'm not ready to give up on getting it working on this Mac Mini because it was free and I'm stubborn23:00
jhutchinsAh, those are the best kind.23:00
jhutchinsYou have nothing to loose but your free time.23:01
jhutchinsIt really is a nice hardware format.23:02
zachfhere are two views of the same partitions -- one as reported by 'diskutil list' on macos, the other as reported by the Ubuntu installer:23:03
zachf84.8Gb in diskutil's list becomes an unchangeable and unusable 9.531G in the Ubuntu installer.23:05
zachflooks like my Ubuntu live flash drive is ready, I'll give it a go23:05
Guest41leftyfb thanks, configured.d seems to work. also if anyone here wants to reproduce the issue, you have to do "systemctl start apt-daily" and then "systemctl start apt-daily-upgrade" on a server that has packages that can be updated, but after you do this then you'll have no packages that need to be updated. so best way to test this is with a23:13
Guest41snapshot of a vm23:13
Guest41is there a way to prevent updates from restarting networking though? or does it only restart networking in unattended upgrades?23:13
zachfjhutchins: wow, the Ubuntu Live drive worked. I was able to run gpartd and change that ~80Gb MSDOS partition to ext4. I'm wondering if I should go for the ubuntu server installer again or just go ahead and install Ubuntu Desktop. I plan to use the device as a server, but I don't know if there's a lot of different between these two distributions.23:15
zachfI did know a couple days ago when I started this process, but have now forgotten what's different between the two except that desktop includes a desktop23:15
billybigriggerGuest41 whats with the apt-daily service?23:36
billybigriggerwhy not just use ansible?23:36
Guest41billybigrigger it's built into ubuntu, i didn't add it23:38
Guest41probably part of this https://wiki.debian.org/UnattendedUpgrades23:38
billybigriggerthat's a default service now a days? jeez lol23:46
Jeremy31billybigrigger: I think apt-daily can be disabled by changing the upgrade schedule23:49
sarnoldbillybigrigger: yeah it's been default enabled since 16.04 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features/Historical23:49
Guest41yeah the question I have is why is it restarting networking now when it never did before23:52
sarnoldGuest41: that sounds more like needrestart23:53
Guest41sarnold: yes it does doesn't it. but I swear I removed it when I setup the 22.04 servers, but it looks like it reinstalled itself somehow23:55
sarnoldGuest41: that's probably worth a bug report. I've found needrestart really obnoxious, I wish it reported only23:56
Guest41how did you go about disabling it?23:57
Guest41I deleted /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99needrestart but it looks like it was automatically restore23:58
sarnoldheh, it's purged on a few of my machines, but the machine where it annoyed me the most, that machine isn't even network reachable right now?!? sheehs23:59
sarnoldit's got a configuration file with loads of options23:59
sarnoldway too many options, way too verbose file, and stupidly complex23:59

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