guivercxubuntu jammy.2 comes with chromium??  https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/jammy/release/xubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64.manifest00:26
arraybolt3??? OK that's odd.00:35
guivercmy jammy.2 RC QA-test install has chromium-browser deb package installed...00:35
arraybolt3Interestingly, the Snap of Chromium isn't there.00:35
arraybolt3So somehow the .deb is installed but the corresponding Snap didn't make it?00:36
guivercsnap would require internet, my QA-test install may not have had internet which could explain it (I can't recall; QA of jammy.2 was awhile ago & have multiple xubuntu's on this box too)00:36
arraybolt3:shrug: I mean Firefox is a Snap too and it's installed by default even without Internet access.00:37
arraybolt3Unsure how one would manage to seed the Chromium .deb and not the snap though.00:37
guivercbut the firefox snap IS ON THE ISO, chromium ain't!00:37
guivercreason for this interest is askubu question - https://askubuntu.com/questions/1458299/chromium-automatically-installed-in-xubuntu-22-04-lts00:39
arraybolt3Ah, right, I see what you mean.00:39
guivercthanks arraybolt3 00:46
arraybolt3I'm wget'ing the ISO now to see if I can reproduce the issue with Chromium showing up while Internet access is provided.00:48
* guiverc is rebooting & selecting another install on this box.. but being a sony ultracrap with no internet, I won't have had wifi/internet unless testcase mandated it... (being lazy at heart)00:49
guivercsame chromium-browser deb installed here too, no snap package for it though00:50
* guiverc tried another install (auto-resize type most probably); nope have ubuntu-mate now but not installed there...00:52
* guiverc doesn't note it on lunar manifest00:56
arraybolt3guiverc: Just did a test installation with Internet access that I upgraded after install. I do *not* see Chromium present.01:21
arraybolt3However, this was an upgrade from Focal right? I wonder what happens if I do that.01:21
guiverci was asking about jammy(.2)01:22
arraybolt3Hmm. I'm guessing something managed to rope in chromium-browser and if it was installed on a system afresh, then it would happen.01:22
arraybolt3Yeah, this was a new install of jammy.2 I just did.01:22
arraybolt3But I'm thinking jammy.1 probably didn't come with Chromium and so when whatever happened to pull it in happened, that would install it.01:22
guivercuser on askubu said a normal upgrade caused it to be installed (ie. depends) which could have also made it appear on manifest (why it wasn't in seed of jammy.2)01:23
guivercnah I suspect it's recent, but didn't explore back to jammy.101:23
arraybolt3I see that libreoffice-help-* has a Suggests on chromium-browser? Maybe something got tangled to make that cause a problem, I dunno.01:24
guivercyeah i wondered that too, but didn't see any 'smoking-gun'01:27
guiverci see `chromium-browser        1:85.0.4183.83-0ubuntu2` on manifest of 2022-08-09 so not that recent...01:28
guivercalso exists on manifest of 2022-04-1901:29
guiverc(those being jammy.1 & jammy probably.. I don't rename just keeping RCs)01:30
andreyClient: HexChat 2.16.0 • OS: Ubuntu "jammy" 22.04 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q8200  @ 2.33GHz (2,00GHz) • Memory: Physical: 7,6 ГиБ Total (7,0 ГиБ Free) Swap: 7,3 ГиБ Total (7,3 ГиБ Free) • Storage: 38,6 ГБ / 470,8 ГБ (432,2 ГБ Free) • VGA: NVIDIA Corporation GK208B [GeForce GT 710] @ Intel Corporation 4 Series Chipset DRAM Controller • Uptime: 6m 26s20:35

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