IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Unfortunately I had upgraded to amd drivers awhile back from what kubuntu was using by default. So what can I do now? (re @IrcsomeBot: <ubottu> Koobsicle: just in case this helps: On Ubuntu, AMD's official Linux graphics driver "amdgpu" is automatically loaded for matching hardware. Very old cards use driver "radeon" (r300, r600) instead. See the !man pages for X options, "modinfo -p <graphics-driver>" for kernel parameters. Both drivers a01:08
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> It's a more recent GPU 5600xt, not old01:09
tomreynKoobsicle: you can uninstall them - i think they install as debian packages, and there is an uninstall script - and they have documentation on that, too.03:55
tomreynKoobsicle: this NAVI / RDNA1 / DCN 2.0 card should work fine on kernels 5.3 and newer, Mesa 19.2 and newer, linux-firmware 20190923 and newer.04:00
tomreyn(i have not checked, yet - let me know if you need help with this - but i expect 22.04 to provide allof this)04:02
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> So run a purge command to remove the updated AMD drivers?04:40
tomreynKoobsicle: follow the uninstallation instructions in the documentation the provider of the software you chose to install suggests04:45
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Here is the current driver04:47
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/8cf51326/file_63992.jpg04:47
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Says no such command amd-pro-uninstall04:53
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Sorry amdgpu-pro-uninstall04:53
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> I'm having difficulty finding this? (re @IrcsomeBot: <tomreyn> Koobsicle: you can uninstall them - i think they install as debian packages, and there is an uninstall script - and they have documentation on that, too.)05:09
tomreynKoobsicle: if you need support with the drivers you installed from AMD then please get support from AMD05:10
tomreynhttps://amdgpu-install.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install-installing.html#uninstalling-the-amdgpu-stack is the documentation i had in mind05:12
tomreynif there is no uninstall script then maybe you already uninstalled it, or something else happened, or you have a different version05:13
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> OMG hallelujah. Finally FFS. Ty so much. And verified I am on 22.04. Stupid AMD drivers (re @IrcsomeBot: <tomreyn> https://amdgpu-install.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install-installing.html#uninstalling-the-amdgpu-stack is the documentation i had in mind)05:22
IrcsomeBot_<Omar> Hi qll06:00
IrcsomeBot_<Omar> Hi all06:00
IrcsomeBot_<Omar> How can i change the default selected os in the grub i've tried to set "GRUB_DEFAULT=0" to "GRUB_DEFAULT=1". In /etc/default/grub but didn't work06:03
tomreynKoobsicle: glad you worked it out06:04
tomreynOmar: kubuntu should be setting the default based on the first entry already. do you have a custom configuration?06:05
tomreynGRUB_DEFAULT=0 in /etc/default/grub is indeed the default setting for this06:06
IrcsomeBot_<linuxophil> Same for the torrent of it! I would like to seed it for the Oceanian people… (re @IrcsomeBot: <user|50> The documentation of 22.04.2 LTS is not available. It shows " 404)06:19
IrcsomeBot_<linuxophil> How do I connect to a wireguard VPN from Kubuntu 22.04.2? Sorry, noob here.06:21
IrcsomeBot_<linuxophil> I have a working config file for the connection.06:22
IrcsomeBot_<linuxophil> I have sudo apt installed wireguard but in the network manager I cannot fond a point to intuitively import the connection.  Googling was unsuccessful unfortunately.06:24
alkisglinuxophil, nmcli connection import type wireguard file your-connect-file.wg06:26
IrcsomeBot_<linuxophil> Many thanks! I will try it immediately!06:27
IrcsomeBot_<Omar> No (re @IrcsomeBot: <tomreyn> Omar: kubuntu should be setting the default based on the first entry already. do you have a custom configuration?)09:29
IrcsomeBot_<Omar> Yeah i know i read that if u change it the default selected os will be changed but it didn't (re @IrcsomeBot: <tomreyn> GRUB_DEFAULT=0 in /etc/default/grub is indeed the default setting for this)09:30
mparilloIt has been a while, but did you re-build GRUB?10:28
mparilloIIRC if you edit /etc/default/grub then you need to re-build GRUB. Last time I did that (MBR, not EFI), I had to: grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg10:31
mparilloWarning: You may find advice to use grub-customizer. If you do, make REALLY sure about your user data back-ups. I ended up re-installing.10:33
skramermmikowski: Hi, here's some feedback on your yesterday's tipps: Installed plasma-optimus and it works fine. I can even switch to power-safe. It seems to be selected (shown in Nvidia settings as selected while still being greyed out there)10:51
skramermmikowski: Meanwhile, i still do not understand why I could have 120 Hz refresh rate on laptop monitor until 20.04 & now it says the display is only capable of 60 Hz. But never mind10:52
skramermmikowski: I also double checked the permissions of ~/.config and ~/.local according to your advise. No output though so I assume everything should be okay there?10:56
skramermmikowski: However, waking up from stand-by this morning I was again logged out from this channel in Konversation, the wallpaper of external monitor was switched back to standard while laptop monitor still showed the one I selected & some (not all!) windows were misplaced and in wrong size10:59
skramermmikowski: Will go on with further investigation what is different between the old laptop upgraded from 20.04 and this one which runs a freshly installed 22.0411:01
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> Hello, I want to report a broken link on https://kubuntu.org/alternative-downloads/ of the official website:13:38
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/22.04.1/release/kubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent13:38
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> should be replaced to13:38
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/22.04.2/release/kubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent13:38
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> Hello, I want to report about broken link on https://kubuntu.org/alternative-downloads/ of the official website:13:39
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/22.04.1/release/kubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent13:39
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> should be replaced to13:39
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/22.04.2/release/kubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent13:39
BluesKajHi all13:50
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> Hello, I want to make report about broken link on https://kubuntu.org/alternative-downloads/ of the official website:13:51
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/22.04.1/release/kubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent13:51
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> should be replaced to13:51
IrcsomeBot_<zifix> https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/22.04.2/release/kubuntu-22.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent13:51
Guest53hi everyone my name is halvy :]   I have a stupid question.. what is the basic disk size requirement for jellyfish (v 22.xx)14:43
Guest53k every1 relax i got the answer here which seems a little high (25g min!) https://www.getmyos.com/kubuntu-22-04-lts-jammy-jellyfish-april-2022-desktop-64-bit-official-iso-download14:50
Guest53toodles and thanx ;)14:50
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skramerSuch a pitty that 22.04 is so buggy... Even KRDC moves to different monitor while running session :(15:15
IrcsomeBot_<Bobby> WAV416:15
SpoopyTimHi was just trying to get my version of kde to update and can't seem to figure it out. Tried using the backports ppa but no success. Currently on kubuntu 22.10 stable and have plasma version 5.25.5 intending to go for 5.2716:34
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IrcsomeBot_<Bobby> Hiw do i fix no Bluetooth adapters have been found when i am connecting tplink Ub50017:18
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Okay so now I've run into a bit of another minor problem. I can remote to my machine, but the VNC Viewer is not displaying what being displayed on the TV in living room. It's all black with the logo and a setting icon in middle of screen?21:38
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> I can't click or doing anything. No desktop icons either? : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/ae923ae5/file_64002.jpg21:40
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> In the bottom far right corner this logo. : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/ea8b7ecd/file_64003.jpg21:42
Guest49Anyone around?21:46
IrcsomeBot_<Koobsicle> Nvm got it to work with x11VNC22:25

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