NunosavHi everyone.09:59
NunosavI'm trying to use netplan CLI inside a k3s cluster job container but am receiving the following error "Failed to connect to bus: No data available".09:59
NunosavAny clue what i can do to be able to use it successfully?09:59
danilogondolfoHi there, are your getting this from "netplan apply"?10:05
danilogondolfoso, netplan will try to reload systemd-networkd or network-manager to apply configuration, their cli tools use dbus to communicate with the backend. I suppose you don't have any of these things running inside your container?10:11
danilogondolfoalso, out of curiosity, what is your use case exactly?10:12
Nunosavi'm building a system that runs on a air gapped (no internet) environment that has the feature of setting the IPC's network settings10:39
NunosavRight now i'm able to change netplan config file but then i can only use reboot for it to take effect and even then sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't10:39
Nunosav"I suppose you don't have any of these things running inside your container?"10:40
NunosavI don't think so, no10:40
danilogondolforight, it seems to me that, in your scenario, it's better to leave the network configuration to the CNI plugging itself. Like, describing what you need in the pod yaml10:51
Nunosavbut my intent is to change the host network, would that work that way?11:14
danilogondolfohmm I see, that wasn't clear to me. In this case I think you can try to use the netplan dbus interface to apply changes to the host. I'm just not sure how to send messages from inside the pod to the dbus daemon running in the host...11:17
danilogondolfothere are some examples here https://netplan.readthedocs.io/en/stable/dbus-config/11:18
danilogondolfomaybe something like this https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/546726/setup-docker-container-to-communicate-with-host-over-d-bus11:19
Nunosavi completely missed that dbusconfig docs page, i will try that. ThanksĀ (y)11:27

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