vpa1977Hi, would it be possible to retry regressions for node-registry-url. The tests pass when run against local vm.04:12
vpa1977Thank you!!!04:12
mwhudsonvpa1977: done04:22
zhsjhi, could someone ./retry-autopkgtest-regressions --blocks golang-golang-x-tools ? i think the vim-youcompleteme tests are very flaky. but not sure why it runs better on ci.debian.n07:50
ginggszhsj: .07:56
zhsjginggs: btw why./retry-autopkgtest-regressions --blocked-by vim-youcompleteme shows nothing. python3-defaults is also blocked by it (but due to badpkg).07:59
ginggszhsj: either queued or running.  in this case running https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running#pkg-vim-youcompleteme08:01
zhsjha, the queue only has s390x jobs. i think i could feed some amd64/arm64 jobs now.08:09
zhsjginggs: could you also ./retry-autopkgtest-regressions --blocks {golang-github-vmware-govmomi,golang-golang-x-net}08:10
zhsjginggs: and grep -v package=golang-golang-x-tools, only the version in proposed may pass.08:12
ginggszhsj: .08:15
zhsjginggs: thx08:15
nteodosioCan I please have these four Chromium autopkgtests triggered? https://termbin.com/3aibz11:23
ginggsnteodosio: looking...13:42
ginggsnteodosio: .13:43
nteodosioThank you, ginggs.13:43
ginggscoreycb: f.y.i. there's a new jinja2 in debian fixing debian bug #102580813:47
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Debian bug 1025808 in python3-jinja2 "python3-jinja2: Bug in jinja2 template macros causes ansible problems" [Serious, Open] https://bugs.debian.org/102580813:47
ginggsand that needs plastex updated to 2.1-413:48
hallynis there a package that'll give me the libdbus-1 manpages as manpages?  dbus-1-doc just has html versions.  i want to be able to "man dbus_pending_call_block"14:20
zhsjhallyn: looking at the existing man3 files, either -doc or -dev. (apt-file search -l /usr/share/man/man3/|grep -- -doc|wc -l -> 116)15:41
zhsj(oh i misread your question, i thought you want to know where to install man3 pages)15:43
EickmeyerOdd behavior in the Edubuntu seed. Despite having the chromium snap seeded, it's not being picked-up.16:06
ogradefine "not being picked up" IIRC the actual seeding happens on first boot and it should only dump the snap file in place during build (but not install or actually seed it)16:09
hallynzhsj: yeah well maybe the answer is to just make and install from source16:12
zhsjhallyn: if upstream provides the man pages, the maintainer should include them.16:15
Eickmeyerogra: It's not being installed.16:15
Eickmeyerogra: The idea is that it should be like firefox. We want both.16:15
Eickmeyerbuild logs show it's not even being attempted.16:17
EickmeyerIn Studio we have Firefox and Freeshow, and they behave correctly, so I'm not sure what's going on or if it's specific to Edubuntu.16:20
liushuyuHi, can someone help me re-try some autopkgtests? The links follow:16:51
liushuyu-- end of links. Thank you!16:51
zhsjand `./retry-autopkgtest-regressions --blocks zip` too, all the failures are `kind: install`.16:55
liushuyuIs there an issue with the autopkgtest cloud runners or the internal archive recently?16:56
ginggsliushuyu[m]: zhsj: looking17:06
liushuyu[m]<ginggs> "liushuyu: zhsj: looking" <- Thank you!17:13
hallynzhsj: eh, looking closer, the manpages i want do not exist there.19:10
ahasenackRAOF: hi, how can I accept a package from rejected, when there are multiple versions in rejected?20:52
ahasenackwith the cmdline tool20:52
ahasenackah, --version20:53
ahasenackit's not in the --help output20:53
ahasenacksorry, it obviously is in the --help output20:54

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