matsamanhey I can't talk in #ubuntu for some reason01:42
sarnoldyeah, lets try cooling down for an hour01:42
matsamanwhat does my temperature have to do with it?01:42
matsamansarnold: what does my temperature have to do with it?01:43
matsamanhey I can't talk in #ubuntu for some reason01:44
matsamanhey I can't talk in #ubuntu for some reason01:44
sarnoldit's this sort of behaviour that got you the +q in #ubuntu01:45
matsamanwhat sort of behavior?01:45
matsamanisn't this the channel to talk about not being able to talk in #ubuntu?01:45
matsamanI don't even know why I have a +q, that's why I'm here01:45
sarnoldI gave you the +q because you were being abusive01:45
matsamanabusive? What?01:45
sarnoldi suggest re-reading the logs and try to figure out for yourself where the conversation went off the rails. I think it'll be instructive.01:46
matsamanwell I'm here 'cause I don't know what happened01:47
matsamanso can you just tell me what abusiveness there was?01:47
sarnoldyou were asked nicely to keep the ranting out of the support session01:48
sarnoldyou continued to rant01:48
sarnoldwhen you were redirected to a more appropriate channel, you escalated01:48
sarnoldand then you insulted the people who are actually being helpful01:48
matsamanI was not asked nicely or to keep "ranting out of the support session", at all01:48
matsamando you have a log? That never happened01:48
sarnoldthis is a repeated pattern with you01:48
sarnoldwhen you're on your good behaviour you're nice enough and I like having you aruond01:49
matsamanwhat, being denied an explanation?01:49
matsamanI'm always in good behavior01:49
sarnoldbut when you're acting childish, it's pretty obnoxious01:49
matsamanand snaps are always a support issue01:49
matsamanwho's acting childish? You're an op and you won't even say why a person has been +q'd01:49
sarnoldsuggesting to someone that they switch to a deb is fine01:49
matsamansure it is01:49
sarnoldbeing belligerant and abusive about it is not01:49
matsamanwell I've not been that01:49
matsamango ahead and show me the line where I was01:50
matsaman"disagree" =P01:50
sarnoldThu 09 01:40:46 < matsaman> suck an egg01:50
sarnoldThu 09 01:41:18 < matsaman> arraybolt3: keep it to yourself!01:50
matsaman"keep it to yourself" is something someone just said to me01:50
matsamanand it's not abusive01:50
matsamannor is 'suck an egg', it's an age old expression01:50
matsamananything else?01:50
matsamanyeah I didn't think so. IRC. 12-year-old ops at every corner, same shit different decade01:52
arraybolt3I'm thinking of making a tool that might help the operators of the #ubuntu namespace channels be able to detect various forms of unacceptable user behavior such as ban evasions, spamming, etc. This tool would be made as an IRC bot that would log all events in the channels it was in and would then analyze those events to provide insight into what's happening.07:29
arraybolt3For instance, it might be able to detect that a particular user is using a different nick than the last time they had joined the channel, but is likely to be the same user.07:30
arraybolt3I would like to request permission to use the #ubuntu namespace channels to assist in developing this bot. It will only be reading information, never sending messages. It will, however, be logging all channel activity in the channels it is in.07:30
Unit193I mean some of those features already exist in the bot. :P  But we don't do database related tasks, so no tracking of users or something that could be considered privacy invasive.07:42
Unit193Channel spam, asciiart, clones, etc.07:42
arraybolt3Hmm. I guess what I'm planning could be considered privacy invasive. I just thought it might be useful for doing things like detecting if three different "people" who all troll and all behave similarly are actually all the same person based on ISP/IP address info.07:44
arraybolt3All of the data is publicly available and at least WeeChat saves it all by default. It's just taking that data and trying to spot things in it.07:45
Unit193There's been...problems in the past with bots that got too stalkery.07:45
arraybolt3Understood. If that's not acceptable, I will either not develop the bot or find some other source of info to develop the bot with.07:45
Unit193Can you read perl at all?07:45
arraybolt3Not hardly :P07:46
Unit193Current bot is perl. :P07:46
arraybolt3My plan was to make the bot identifiable via CTCP VERSION so that unauthorized instances could be detected and banned.07:46
arraybolt3That way the ops could use it, and I could use it for development purposes, but other people wouldn't be able to use it without it being noticeable.07:47
arraybolt3I could also try to learn some Perl so that stuff like that could be added to the existing bot.07:47
arraybolt3I see there's someone else here, and I think I already got my answer about the bot (that answer being "no, don't use our channels for that"), so I'll leave so as to not be intruding. Thanks for your time.07:48
Unit193Not really, just telling you the histyr..07:48
tomreynpersonally, while i don't do such analysis now, i could see its purpose and i was also wondering whether it would be an issue as long as i keep all data local on encryted file systems. personally i think this would not really count as privacy invasive. it's not stalking if its just analysis of public data. but sure, that line is slim.07:51
Unit193He's in -irc07:51
tomreynoh thanks07:51

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