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brycehteward, yeah that's not a bad idea.  I had considered if nginx is mre-worthy but they don't seem to put out a prolific enough number of point releases (historically just a couple until the next stable release typically), and point releases wouldn't carry major new features so mayn't address bugs like that02:02
brycehteward, the server team also maintains a backports PPA of various server software we formally backport ourselves, which is another option02:03
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linuxperiaHi all. I am having a problem with setting the minimal cpu freq speed in ubuntu. I was able to set the minimun scaling frequency to 2.5GHZ as seen here in this paste but somehow when i check the current frequency of the cpu cores it is always at minimum. Do i need somehting to restart so the changes are picked up or what else do i need to do so the cpu cores runs always with a set min frequency. Thanks in advance for the help.10:28
linuxperiaAhh yes here is the ouput of the set min scaling frequencys => https://pastes.io/drnwm4zlva10:28
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sethjanyone know if the 50 ubuntu advantage/pro systems you get as an ubuntu member is still a thing? When I log into the Ubuntu One account associated with my launchpad I only see the 5 free personal tokens. 18:54
sdezielsethj: IIRC, that's a UI bug only, you should be able to use more than the 5 free personal tokens19:29
sarnoldsethj: https://github.com/canonical/ubuntu.com/issues/1245320:02
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Issue 12453 in canonical/ubuntu.com "Free Pro personal token incorrect count for community members" [Open]20:02
gildasioHi all, I would like some help. I'm studying some things and for that I'm compiling an Ubuntu kernel, but while installing the kernel I got a "/lib/modules ... No space left on device" error. Using `df -h` I found `copymods                           3.6G  3.6G     0 100% /usr/lib/modules` but I'm not familiar with this "copymods". How can I solve this? Resize the partition or what?20:19
sethjsdeziel, sarnold, thanks! That clears up my confusion. 20:26
sarnoldgildasio: I think that's just part of building the initramfs to boot the system20:28
sarnoldgildasio: yeah, grow whatever filesystem is full20:29
gildasiosarnold: thanks, but it's a default configuration? Because I can't find anything about this /usr/lib/modules partition20:47
gildasioalso is there any other way to fix it? because it isn't a fresh installation so I think that resize the partition (it isn't a lvm) could go wrong20:48
sarnoldgildasio: you can use df -h /usr/lib/modules or /lib/modules or whatever and it'll figure out what filesystem it is on20:48
gildasiosarnold: it is a copymods, that I failed in understand :/20:52
sarnoldgildasio: I don't think copymods is necessarily the important part here -- it's just the tool that reported the full filesystem, no?20:53
gildasiosarnold: I'm not sure, look the `df -h` output: http://sprunge.us/hkFX0F20:56
sarnoldgildasio: waaaaaaat. *now* I understand your confusion. :)20:57
sarnoldthanks, sorry20:57
sarnoldgildasio: my *guess* is that's a tmpfs (it's got the same size as the other tmpfs filesystems, and those default to something like half the RAM) -- you might be able to resize it, or mount your own there with a larger size?20:59
gildasiosarnold: sorry, I would like to explain it better21:01
gildasiosarnold: so copymods is just a tmpfs? so I can easily ummount it than mount using a larger file?21:01
sarnoldgildasio: not really a 'file', it just uses some system memory as needed21:03
sarnoldgildasio: but yeah, that's what that looks like21:03
gildasiosarnold: ummm gotcha, I'ĺl read about these type of filesystem and try it21:07
gildasiothanks very much! :)21:07
sarnoldgildasio: sure thing :) thanks for perisisting :) hehe21:07
sdezielgildasio: I think you can even live resize that tmpfs with `sudo mount -o remount,size=5G /usr/lib/modules`21:09
sdezielconfusingly, `/usr/lib/modules` is not a tmpfs of any kind here, it just resides in the rootfs21:11
sarnold*very* confusingly :) yes21:16
sarnoldbut i haven't compiled my own kernels in a decade or more21:17
sdezieloh it could indeed be a temporary (unintended) tmpfs used to speedup the writing of .ko files ... man, 3.6G of .ko is a pretty big kernel ;)21:18
JanCseems dangerous to use a tmpfs for that...21:18
JanCif it needs that much space21:19
sdezielyeah, that can push you into OOM territory 21:19
sarnoldkernel build servers are usually not small machines :)21:21
sdezielJanC: fortunately, tmpfs can be swapped out21:22
JanCthat certainly won't make it faster though  :P21:23
gildasioJanC: agree, but to make it clear, it wasn't me that set it up this partition. At least not consciously22:30
JanCand to be clear also: it wasn't criticism of you, I understand it was decided by whomever set up that process and probably didn't expect it to need that much space  :)22:31
gildasionp :) I would like to know what happend to this partition been created so22:33
sdezielgildasio: we (at least I ;) are not sure it is even a tmpfs. Were you able to remount it with a larger size? If so, that'd confirm its tmpfs-like behavior.22:48
gildasiosdeziel: I'll try the command you post, but after I try some other tests. Sorry the VM is busy now :P22:54
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gildasiosdeziel: it works :) 23:31
gildasionow trying to install compiled kernel as wanted before. Great, thanks you all!!23:32
sdezielgildasio: good!23:32

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