sarnoldlook at /etc/needrestart/needrestart.conf and see what you can find00:00
Guest41so you would recommend just editing the conf and you don't think it'll ever get replaced?00:06
sarnoldi'm not entirely sure; on the one hand, editing the config is probably the safest option. on the other hand, on the machines that I have easy access to, I appear to have purged it.00:10
Guest41would anyone know if you can just to chmod -w on a file to prevent apt from updating it?00:13
sarnoldGuest41: that won't help. dpkg runs with root privieges, and root isn't bound by those rules00:15
sarnoldGuest41: rm prompting if you really want to delete is just a nicety from rm; write permission on a file isn't needed to unlink the file and stick a new one in its place00:15
billybigriggerwell smb is working on a fresh 22.04 vm00:17
billybigriggerplex now doesn't want to see /reds :(00:17
billybigriggerat least i can connect to it from win1100:17
Guest41sarnold what about dpkg-divert --divert /tmp/99needrestart --rename /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99needrestart , just found this from googling00:22
sarnoldGuest41: that sure has the feel of something that'd work, yeah00:23
empireunixwow hello00:28
empireunixis anyone there who has been through depression b4?00:28
empireunixever since I switched to Ubuntu, I have been suicidal00:29
kuckleheadI got a broken grub installation and I am currently chrooting my broken ubuntu machine with arch linux. It is broken because I moved my efi boot partition from /boot to /boot/efi and I can't figure out why.00:33
kuckleheadCan I bind /boot or mount boot somewhere else. How would I do that exactly?00:52
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zachfin case anyone's curious, I got Ubuntu booting and running on the mac mini. Turned out that I needed to let the installer install grub to the boot drive (some online info indicated it should be launched without the grub install, and I was worried grub would overwrite rEFInd). Then when the machine did a boot loop (I guess maybe grub doesn't work on that hardware?), I held down option and was able to choose to boot from macOS using01:19
zachf the macOS bootloader. Then I installed rEFInd from macOS, and after a reboot rEFInd did see the Ubuntu partition as an available option to which to boot.01:19
sarnoldzachf: woooow. that's involved.01:19
sarnoldzachf: thanks for reporting back01:20
zachfforgot to mention I had to install rEFInd via macOS, made a big DOS partition using disk utility, then booted to Ubuntu Live and changed the DOS partition to ext4 using gpartd. Then I ran the installer to that ext4 partition and found that it wasn't selectable for boot in rEFInd (probably because I hadn't installed grub and whatever otherwise labels the partition as bootable). Then I went to ubuntu live and did the install again but01:22
zachf with it installing grub. Then booted to macos and reinstalled rEFInd.01:22
zachfTha's the short version01:23
zachfwifi isn't working but I don't plan to use it01:23
sarnoldcripes, no wifi either? :(01:23
zachfI think that's pretty normal for macs with broadcom wifi chips, it's closed-source. Gotta go grab the wifi firmware out of macOS (which I can't mount from Ubuntu), and it's just not a priority for me at the moment since I'll be hooking the thing up via ethernet and it'll live in a cupboard.01:24
billybigriggeranyone here have a plex library that's in a zfs dataset?01:32
billybigriggereven just a zfs pool period01:32
billybigriggerwhen i go to plex to add a folder i see proc then root, i should see /reds in there01:32
billybigriggerdrwxrwxrwx 10 don  don  11 Mar  8 17:14 reds01:33
billybigriggerit exists, but plex can't see it?01:33
billybigriggeri can access it from windows over smb/cifs just fine...01:33
billybigriggerman, so many issues with ubuntu today, lol, i've never ran into this problem with plex or the samba issue i was having earlier....this is all on a fresh 22.04 LTS install btw01:35
sarnoldI've got a few zfs pools: a single-drive pool on my laptop, a four-drive raidz1 of ssds, a nine-drive pool of three 3-way mirrors01:35
kuckleheadWelcome to the club dude01:35
matsamanbillybigrigger: you've used plex for a while?01:36
arraybolt3billybigrigger: Plex is notorious for having permission issues.01:36
billybigriggerhaven't installed it fresh in a long time though01:36
matsamansee when I first used plex, I thought to myself "if I add media to the media share, I will then be able to use Plex to watch it"01:36
billybigriggerso the only difference i see, is that everything on / is owned by root, where /reds is owned by don01:36
arraybolt3Are you using the Snap of Plex?01:36
matsamanbut no =)01:36
billybigriggeryes, plex snap01:37
matsamanyou've got to manually tell it to refresh its media01:37
arraybolt3Yeah that's probably the problem. Snaps aren't able to see a lot of folders by design.01:37
matsamanas if a person would ever want a different behavior than existent media to be shown01:37
arraybolt3I'd uninstall the Snap and install the actual Plex app from Plex themselves.01:37
billybigriggerlol matsaman01:37
matsamansnaps are pretty idiotic01:37
arraybolt3(Snap security features are neat, but they can be a pain sometimes.)01:37
billybigrigger10-4 guys01:37
matsamanfeatures, or holes? =P01:37
arraybolt3matsaman: Heh, depends on your use case I suppose.01:37
billybigriggerbsd user here, i just remember reading articles years about flatpak vs snap, and i thought snap won, and stupidly i thought everything has just moved to them :D01:38
matsamanwas using minidlna but the system I was playing from couldn't figure out subtitles01:38
matsamanneed a better alternative to plex in that regard01:38
billybigriggergood ol .debs still rule the ubuntu world eh? :P01:38
leftyfbbillybigrigger: bind mount your directory to somewhere accessible. Like /mnt/reds/ or /media/reds/01:38
matsamansnap is an exclusively Ubuntu thing01:38
matsamanit'll die like every exclusively Ubuntu thing01:38
leftyfbmatsaman: no it's not. snaps work fine on other distros as well01:38
matsamanflatpak is distro agnostic, but will also die, because it's contrary to any kind of sense01:39
billybigriggerim sure they work, wether they were adopted or not, dif story :P01:39
arraybolt3Can we not have a Snap flame war in the middle of a support session?01:39
matsamanleftyfb: yeah and so will apt and other things that won't ever be a thing01:39
leftyfbsnap is also distro-agonstic01:39
matsamanit isn't =P01:39
leftyfbit is01:39
arraybolt3Just because sometimes it doesn't work well for some use cases or it requires workarounds for security reasons doesn't mean we need to have an explosion.01:39
matsamanit's developed by Ubuntu's developers01:39
arraybolt3!ot | matsaman01:39
ubottumatsaman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:39
kuckleheadAight wish me luck01:40
kuckleheadLet's see if it works01:40
leftyfbmatsaman: half of linux apps are developed by redhat developers, are those exclusive to redhat?01:40
matsamanarraybolt3: sorry, snaps being a useless pile is frequently relevant, as has just been shown01:40
leftyfbmatsaman: keep it to yourself01:40
matsamansuck an egg01:40
arraybolt3And now we have Code of Conduct violations too.01:41
matsamanarraybolt3: keep it to yourself!01:41
* matsaman chuckles01:41
leftyfbbillybigrigger: a bind mount would solve your issue. Or just change the location of the mount from /reds to /mnt/reds or /media/reds01:44
kuckleheadSee what happens when you don't wish someone good luck? It doeesn't work lol01:44
billybigriggeri just installed from repo01:47
billybigriggerthe plex snap def didn't have permissions01:47
billybigriggeryall rock, ty again for the assist :P01:47
leftyfbbillybigrigger: mind you, applications installed from 3rd party repo's aren't supported here01:48
arraybolt3Meh, Plex itself isn't supported even from Snap.01:48
arraybolt3Though Snap was the issue here, and there are two workarounds that are both about equally supported.01:49
leftyfbnot exactly, but suggesting things like a bind mount to allow it to see the directory is supported01:49
sarnoldThu 09 01:40:46 < matsaman> suck an egg01:50
billybigriggeris that a cool runnings reference?01:53
billybigriggernvm, "Sanka, kiss my egg" is the line :P01:53
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arraybolt3lubuntu: o/03:11
tomreynlubuntu: please put your genitals elsewhere, this is a support channel.03:46
jhutchinsWe tolerate mybalzitch04:08
jhutchinsThis channel's standards are inconsistent, to say the least.04:08
tomreynjhutchins: if you would like to discuss channel management, let's do it in #ubuntu-ops ?04:18
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luna__I have this acer which is an I5 like the dell but s l oo w e r. It has mate. Is mate slower than "standard" ubuntu gui?  I would like ot add the standard one as a DE alternative. I DONT KNOW what to call it. How do I load that DE?  Thanks.04:50
luna__OH FIE I AM MORGAN04:54
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alkisgMATE is faster than the standard Ubuntu GUI, which is called GNOME05:03
morgan-acerOK then this computer mus be much slower, both are i5.  this is bonkers.05:05
sarnoldare these the machines where one had a cpu that was like 10% the speed of the other one?05:06
akikmorgan-acer: what problem do you have? cpu, hdd?05:18
akikoh it's luna :)05:19
akiki like mate on older computers05:21
star_am i connected correctly,you guys can here me ?05:46
cats3d_1in space no one can hear you scream05:47
arraybolt3star_: We can see you.05:47
arraybolt3Also, welcome to the Ubuntu support channel!05:47
guivercstar_, ask your Ubuntu support question & people will answer if they're able to05:47
star_wow , i figure out that linux world is awesome05:47
star_tanks , bye05:48
theoremso, what could be happening to have an interface come online with DHCP, but NOT get any DNS servers ?06:16
tomreynwere there recent news of a nuclear blast? if not, it'll be one of the other 999 possible reasons.06:19
arraybolt3theorem: I think your router is usually supposed to act as a DNS server.06:20
arraybolt3theorem: Perhaps something's gone awry with systemd-resolved?06:21
theoremyes, it's something in systemd-resolvd06:21
theoremI do not have this utility "systemd-resolve"06:21
theorembut I do have systemd-resolved running06:21
arraybolt3Can you run in a terminal "cat /etc/resolv.conf | nc termbin.com 9999" and send the link that spits out?06:22
theoremyep, that's what I checked first, it directly points to the local machine06:22
theoremoh -- well06:23
theoremI can;t resolve the address06:23
theoremso , uh, I have to just paste it here06:23
arraybolt3(That will trigger an anti-flooding bot.)06:23
theoremarraybolt3: of course not :)06:23
arraybolt3Ah, OK.06:23
arraybolt3Alright that's weird. Hold on...06:23
theoremI wasn't born yesterday06:23
arraybolt3You'd be surprised how many people do that, though come to think of it I've seen you here before.06:24
theoremsee, I really do like /etc/network/interfaces06:24
theoremI have this in there06:24
theoremauto enp59s0f006:24
theoremiface enp59s0f0 inet dhcp06:24
arraybolt3I don't even have that folder on my system.06:24
theorembunch of other stuff in there, but it is commented and/or unrelated06:25
arraybolt3What version and flavor of Ubuntu are you using?06:25
arraybolt3Hmm, ok so my resolv.conf also points to
arraybolt3So, ok lemme do some more digging...06:25
theoremI made some serious leaps forward 16.04 - 18.04 -> 20.04 -> 22.0406:25
theoremjust did 18.04 --> 22.04 yesterday06:26
arraybolt3theorem: What's the output of `resolvectl status`?06:26
theoremthe connected interface is missing in the list06:27
arraybolt3I would expect it to show that your system is using a nameserver of
arraybolt3Eh? OK well that's the problem.06:27
theoremmy nameserver is the router, which is
arraybolt3This might be silly, but try "sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved" and see what happens.06:27
theoremso -- why is the primary interface missing here ?06:27
theoremarraybolt3: have done reboots, doubt that'll fix it, but will try ..06:28
theoremsame issue06:28
arraybolt3theorem: (re: why is the primary interface missing) No clue, that's what we're going to try and figure out.06:28
theoremwhere does systemd-resolv store it's config ?06:28
arraybolt3OK so /etc/network/interfaces is part of ifupdown it looks like.06:28
tomreynnote that configuring networking by means of /etc/network/interfaces has been deprecated since at least 18.04 LTS, maybe 16.04. it may no longer be (fully) supported06:29
theoremarraybolt3: yes, I do love it -- I am disappointed to see it go , I don't particularly love netplan ..06:29
theoremoh really06:29
arraybolt3I think under /run/systemd/resolve.06:29
theoremwow. ok then ..06:29
theoremguess I have no choice then06:29
alkisgAny interfaces declared in /etc/network/interfaces are automatically NOT managed by network-manager06:29
alkisgYou can use ifupdown, network-manager, systemd-networkd, the last two can also be driven by netplan. ALL of these options are still supported06:29
arraybolt3But you probably can't use ifupdown and NetworkManager together.06:30
alkisgSelect one option, and we'll help you do it06:30
theoremno, I prefer not to use NetWorkManager06:30
alkisgYou can, but interfaces in ifupdown won't be managed by nm; the rest, will be06:30
theoremI just think it's a silly overlay to pretty good tools already.06:30
arraybolt3alkisg: I think we may be misunderstanding - sytemd-resolved and systemd-networkd are different.06:30
alkisgThat's netplan06:30
theorembut I digress ..06:30
alkisgWhile network-manager is the underlying tool that netplan uses06:30
arraybolt3resolved works with NM (and I would think should work wiht ifupdown).06:30
arraybolt3networkd is a whole different thing.06:31
alkisgarraybolt3: network configuration comes first; resolving comes later06:31
theoremifupdown I am pretty sure does not use systemd-resolv .. or I would expect it NOT to06:31
alkisgarraybolt3: I didn't read all the conversation, but I think the first decision would be "which tool to use for networking"06:31
alkisgE.g. ifupdown has its own stanzas for DNS06:31
arraybolt3theorem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/182350306:31
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1823503 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemd-resolved ignores /etc/network/interfaces on Ubuntu 18.04" [Undecided, Expired]06:31
arraybolt3I know this is an expired and invalid bug, but maybe this is the behavior you're seeing?06:32
theoremthis looks exactly right06:32
theoremI don't specify the resolvers though06:32
theoremI expect the dhcp server to do that06:32
theorem which is dhclient ?06:32
theoremso, does netplan not use dhclient ?06:33
arraybolt3I *thought* DHCP and DNS were entirely different.06:33
daulphin[m]My built-in keyboard is not functioning anymore since a little while now... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/5d1a9d8f4080d118d8f5461ead9250ce88342816>)06:33
theoremDHCP parameters have DNS entries in the,06:33
arraybolt3DHCP is how you get an IP address, DNS is how your system finds other system's IP addresses.06:33
arraybolt3Whoa, who just got randomly +q'd?06:33
alkisgtheorem: DNS is received by DHCP; then something needs to apply it; in the old eras, that was done MANUALLY or via resolveconf; then with nm+dnsmasq; now with systemd-resolved06:33
arraybolt3I see my networking understanding is behind the times.06:34
theoremthat was me it muted.06:34
theoremI types a semicolon.06:34
arraybolt3theorem: For some reason the anti-flooding bot decided you were ytping too fast :P Unsure why, everything looked right to me.06:34
theoremwell, I type fast.06:35
* arraybolt3 kicks Drone06:35
theoremPlease don't flood; use https://dpaste.com/ to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:35
* theorem rolls eyes 06:35
tomreynpressing enter less would have prevented it.06:35
* arraybolt3 presses Enter a lot06:36
arraybolt3Anyway, whatever. Back to the topic at hand.06:36
theoremtomreyn: all my words were sentences.  I jsut had small sentences.06:36
theoremyes, anyway.06:36
theoremok l, let me test with dhclient to make sure it does NOT set resolv.conf06:36
arraybolt3theorem: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/714901/dns-broken-when-using-ifupdown-and-systemd-resolved-after-upgrade-to-ubuntu-22-006:37
arraybolt3You just mentioned going from 18.04 to 20.04 to 22.04, this looks quite relevant.06:37
tomreyntheorem: i didn't mean to blame you for accidentially triggering the bot. but yes, you can type more than one sentence on a line. this is an example. but i agree it's not something most of us are used to.06:37
alkisgtheorem: (grep -r . /etc/network/interfaces* /etc/netplan* /etc/resolv.conf; nmcli; ls -l /etc/resolv.conf) | nc termbin.com 9999 ==> will give us all the necessary information if you wish06:37
theoremwoah, that might be it exactly06:37
theoremle me check06:37
theoremI have to fix my resolv.conf , then I can run that06:38
theorem1 moment06:38
tomreyntermbin resolves to by the way06:38
* arraybolt3 will never remember that despite the fact that it looks useful06:38
* tomreyn neither, looked it up06:39
tomreyndaulphin[m]: if the keyboard also stopped working on the bios, this means it must be a hardware or firmware issue06:39
theoremalkisg: looks like a syntax error in there , trying to fix ..06:39
tomreyndaulphin[m]: note, however, that password fields can be a bad way to test whether a keyboard works, because sometimes they will just not print anything when you type, on purpose.06:40
tomreyndaulphin[m]: maybe you have another place in the bios where you can enter text and test it?06:41
haoI have been ignoring this warning of dconf for several weeks, when I open a gui app in terminal, the dconf complain as https://bpa.st/KRNUS, search result suggest do a `dconf update`, but this didn't fix this warning. Although the apps are behavior is normal, but I'd like to see those warning disappear.06:41
arraybolt3hao: Did this used to not happen?06:42
haoI'm on Ubuntu22.10, also I have the flatapp/Software Store uninstalled, don't know whether it has anything to do with these warning.06:42
haoarraybolt3, I cannot really remember, but in my memory, a fresh install of Ubuntu doesn't have this problem.06:43
tomreynhao: while i don't nkow about this specific one, note that especially graphical tools, especially in gnome land, tend to write a lot of warnings and informational messages to stdout. i would not worry about non errors06:43
alkisgtheorem: how is your eno0 connection managed? It's not in interfaces, and nm says it's "connected externally". Is it connected to something like docker or virt-manager?06:43
arraybolt3I wouldn't even worry about errors if the app is behaving itself normally.06:43
theoremI don't think I have an an0 at all06:44
arraybolt3I've seen so many "CRITICAL ERROR" things from GNOME apps that were working perfectly fine.06:44
theoremI think my machine pre-dated a kernel that got all specific with the interface names06:44
alkisgeno0: connected (externally) to eno0, inet4
alkisgtheorem: output of: ip a | nc termbin.com 999906:44
arraybolt3theorem: Interestingly, I see "enp59s0f1" in there, I wonder if somehow that's "aliased" (or whatever) to eno0?06:45
theoremeno0 is the long interface name : enp59s0f006:45
arraybolt3(In the termbin output pasted previously.)06:45
theorembut ifconfig only sees "enp59s0f0"06:45
theoremenp59s0f1 is another interface06:45
theorema real one06:45
theoremthere's nothing connected to it06:45
arraybolt3:shrug: Wonder why it would go with a different name.06:45
alkisgAn udev rule06:46
theoremthere wasa kernel upgrade that added names that were more descriptive06:46
theoremthis was a few years ago06:46
alkisgI think 16.04 still used persistent udev rules, if someone is still left, it'll still work06:46
alkisggrep -r . /etc/udev/rules.d | nc termbin.com 9999, will tell us about the name06:46
alkisgWhile the ip a would tell us about the aliases06:47
theoremI modified the resolv setup file accordingly -- rebooted -- probably should have checked to see if it ran .. but I rebooted nonetheless ..06:47
theoremneed a couple minutes, might have borked myself ..06:47
alkisgYour /etc/resolv.conf is currently managed by resolveconf06:47
theoremthis is the problem06:48
alkisgThis is OK if you decide that you want to keep using ifupdown, but it means you shouldn't be manually editing it06:48
theoremthe quotes06:48
haoarraybolt3, I normally dont bother, either. But this few days I'm trying a 'via' keyboard key-mapper application, it behave abnormally, failing to open files to save my config, so I thought I'd like to see those dconf warning gone to factor out the possibility of dconf causing the "abnormality".06:50
theoremyep, ok then.  I am going to mark this one down as fixed.06:50
theoremthanks !!!06:50
arraybolt3hao: Those warnings don't seem likely to cause a problem like what you're mentioning. Is "via" a program you got from the Ubuntu repos?06:51
haoalso, I remember I followed a blog post to backup dconf config in my dotfiles, basically I've done this: https://bpa.st/AJV4E06:52
theoremmaybe you guys know this one too06:53
haoarraybolt3, nope, installed it with dpkg, downloaded the .deb file from their github repo.06:53
theoremevery time I start chrome in a vnc session, it has me "choose password for new keyring"  because there is no "Default keyring"06:53
theorembut ... how is that possible ?06:53
arraybolt3hao: Hmm. Sadly, that would mean it's third-party software, and we aren't able to support third-party software here.06:55
arraybolt3hao: If you're using the latest version of the app, and you see the developers are active, you might be able to make a bug report.06:55
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alkisgtheorem: inside your vnc session, run:  (loginctl list-sessions; loginctl show-session c2; ls -l ~/.local/share/keyrings) | nc termbin.com 999907:02
alkisgreplace "c2" with the one that was shown by the first command07:02
haoarraybolt3, I'm actually aiming for the dconf warnings, but alright I can let it go (again), dconf does seem not the issue if other apps are behave normally.07:02
theoremit seems that I do not have a "~/.local/share/keyrings"07:03
theoremno such file or directory07:04
theoremI do have sehorse open now and I am looking into it ..07:04
theoremI do not have a "Passwords" section of seahorse in that VNC session, oddly ..07:05
theoremon an Ubuntu 22.10 machine I have "Passwords"  and a "Login" folder07:05
tomreynhao: do you get these dconf warnings immediately wheny you run nautilus from a terminal (doesn't happen on my 22.04 LTS VM, with a fairly standard configuration), or when you do something specific in nautilus?07:06
haotomreyn, immediately07:06
alkisgtheorem: what about the output of loginctl?07:07
theoremyep, ok then.  I am going to mark this one down as fixed.SESSION  UID USER   SEAT TTY  5 2001 beadon      pts/007:07
tomreynhao: hmm, okay, so that'll be either due to changes you made or due to 22.10 being different than 22.04.07:07
theorembad paste07:07
theorem5 2001 beadon      pts/007:08
theoremthat's just the single session07:08
alkisgtheorem: we're interested in the "Active=yes/no" line07:09
alkisgloginctl show-session c2 | grep Active07:09
theoremyes, I see that07:10
theoremit is Active=yess07:10
theoremfor session 5.07:10
theoremwhich is me07:10
alkisgSo your remote vnc session is considered active? OK good, then it sounds like a launcher issue; do you run a full session? How do you launch vnc?07:10
theoremI start it with vncserver from the ssh session07:11
theoremthen I connect direct to the server with tigervnc07:11
theoremskipping the ssh encryption for now07:11
alkisgThat means you're missing all the necessary variables that DMs generate07:11
theoremlet me check my xstartup ..07:12
alkisgIf you're just interested in a single session, it might be easier to make it a local real session, and connect to that one over ssh07:12
theoremhmm,, I had commented out07:12
theorem#dbus-launch --exit-with-session gnome-session &07:12
theoremmight need this one ?07:13
alkisgAlthough systemd should probably create a DBUS nowadays07:13
alkisgBut if you're going to re-create a DM using your xstartup script, it'll be a long road07:13
theoremnegative , now I get an extra message07:15
theoremAuthentication is required to create a color managed device07:15
theoremright at startup, hmm07:15
alkisgPersonally I'm not interested in helping with THAT route; if you wish help in a normal DM-based route, I'll be glad to help07:15
alkisgEven the nodm display manager maintainer gave up on that route07:15
theoremok, I am going to drop this for now, getting too lae.07:16
theoremsounds like a windmill for another day ..07:16
=== drg05 is now known as drg99
morgan-acerakik, I dont know that much or how to tell. I can tell it is much slower than the dell.  -- I have to sleep so I will ask again, tomorrow.07:40
akikmorgan-acer: do you have a hdd or ssd?07:42
akikmorgan-acer: because using a hdd on my imac was _sluggish_07:43
Guest57ubuntu server07:46
nb-benI've this PXE boot setup for diskless computers in a classroom, they basically boot into a debootstrapped ubuntu and use overlayroot, and startx into an electron app that allows them access to some educational sites and music. I want the cookie data etc of electron to be persisted per machine (we provide accounts for deezer and such, so don't have to log in each time)09:04
nb-benso I figured I can mount an nfs directory per computer based on say its installation UUID or mac address and use it for the datadir of electron.09:05
nb-benmy issue is, say I export a /srv/machine share, and new computer is added to the network, how do I make it so that when it tries to access /srv/machine/<mac_address>, that subdirectory is created automatically09:06
nb-benwhat I would have liked is for that machine to be able to write to that path and have it created if it doesn't exist. What would you guys suggest?09:07
hassletimecan i ask install question here?10:03
hassletimeabout installing programs10:03
hassletimeill ask and see what happens10:03
hassletimeso in terminal10:03
alexmercerindhassletime: what questions do you have?10:04
hassletimesay i want to install a VM software like virtual machine. i would do sudo apt install virtual machine but the program isnt exactly called that.so how do you know what the install word is do you have to search the internet and find out of is there some sort of index or something10:05
hassletimewhere does one look to find the name of the software its going to be called?10:06
alexmercerindYeah the best idea will be to know about any program name first. Maybe you can google. QEMU is widely used AFAIK10:06
alexmercerindOtherwise as you said, you can also search with:10:07
alexmercerindsudo apt search query10:07
alexmercerindIt will search in various packages' name & description AFAIK.10:07
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meiubuntu on arm is official right? it seems to be using special repositories. they are less mirrored and https not teven there10:30
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arraybolt3mei: Ubuntu on ARM is official.10:33
arraybolt3ports.ubuntu.com is an official Ubuntu.com address, if that's where you're getting packages from.10:34
arraybolt3And HTTPS is unnecessary for apt and is usually not used.10:34
arraybolt3(apt has other mechanisms for ensuring that downloads are *unmodified*, so HTTPS would only serve to obscure what you were downloading. And since you're downloading publicly-available packages with no sensitive data, there's no need to obscure it.)10:35
arraybolt3Yeah, I see both arm64 and armhf packages are being served by ports.ubuntu.com.10:36
meiwhy they are kept on a separate repository?10:38
meithat only made the mirrors ignore them10:38
meianyway https support is there and many mirrors have it enabled10:41
meione thing is not enabling it by default, another is denying it10:43
arraybolt3mei: No clue why it's on a different repo.10:48
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hassletimethanks alexmercerind10:53
mei"These are provided only on ports.ubuntu.com, and are not generally available on the mirror network. This decision is made on the basis of levels of use; mirrors on the mirror network only have so much space available, and so we only designate as primary those architectures which have very high download rates."10:59
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c-nisteriohey guys. I am about ro repair my encraypted lvm ubuntu... with sysresc 9.0.6. AND as it seems, this "on usb installed" live os does not expose sys and proc etc.... HOW then can I chroot properly ?11:56
akikc-nisterio: expose? like they are not mounted in /sys and /proc ?12:00
akikc-nisterio: mount -t proc proc /proc12:02
akikc-nisterio: mount mount -t sysfs sysfs /sys12:03
akikoops one mount too many12:03
c-nisterioyes,. they simply are not there12:04
akikso try to mount them12:04
c-nisterioany reason, why that live distro does not do it automatically ?12:04
akikc-nisterio: no idea12:05
c-nisterioany other known reasons, WHY anyone should omit that ?12:05
c-nisteriosince they are not mounted inside the bootable live media, there is no reason to rbind them, i can definietely directly mount them for my chroot environment, I suppose ???12:08
akikc-nisterio: try and find out :)12:17
BluesKajHi all13:50
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PeGaSuShello guys. so, after stupidly and blindly running this script - https://0bin.xyz/?9c2ba1d813888121#CZkcZCT2qC7WccZ1gMsL5w7Tv3Kmcw9QNQR7Q2ytDD4j - to try to install a IRC client named AdiIRC on my PC (natively build for Windows but it was supposed to work fine with WINE), from time to time my system enters on read-only mode and I have absolutely no idea why. here's the dmesg output since boot until14:48
PeGaSuSthe I've noticed the system was entered on read-only mode: https://0bin.xyz/?7d9d564c4fd179ad#C84moxYyJvrmVXcpdHgnXteYZzoZB61szjPQvuB1CfBY14:48
PeGaSuSI'd like to know if I'm forced to reinstall my system again to get rid of this weird issue. not that I want to, but if there's not other choice, then let it be14:50
HabbiePeGaSuS, your first paste appears to be empty14:50
PeGaSuSlet it load.. :)14:50
Habbieplease use a better pastebin14:50
PeGaSuSthe scirpt has like 24K lines14:51
jhutchinsPeGaSuS: I think a clean build is probabl7 a good idea.15:01
jhutchinsWith so many good OS IRC clients available, running one under WINE is just silly.15:02
jhutchinsIRC was an OS system to begin with.15:02
lotuspsychjedepends on the users needs15:02
kartoffelkarlhi folks! :)15:04
jhutchinsI doubt there's anything in a Windows client other than the ability to run without an open OS.15:04
kartoffelkarlI use ubuntu budgie. very fine15:05
PeGaSuSwell, I guess I'll reinstall everything tomorrow15:10
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yolo"libhwloc-dev : Depends: libhwloc15 (= 2.7.0-2) but 2.7.0-2ubuntu1 is to be installed" how to debug this? the version looks like the same to me15:13
yoloqtbase5-dev : Depends: libqt5concurrent5 (= 5.15.3+dfsg-2) but 5.15.3+dfsg-2ubuntu0.2 is to be installed  -- similar problem15:14
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jhutchinsyolo: Do you have any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d?15:18
lvsmmusicUbuntu kernels are compiled using gcc or clang or llvm?15:18
driadorgood morning all.  Can anyone tell me if there's an issue with apparmor on ubuntu 22.04?  I can set a profile to complain mode (eg, aa-complain /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.clamd) and see that it's set via aa-status, but if I reboot and then view aa-status, it no longer shows as in complain mode15:21
driadoror is there something I'm missing here to make it persist15:21
jhutchinsdriador: Isn't there a file somewhere like /etc that contains the default mode?15:23
driadortruth be told, I'm not sure.  I don't see it on the page for apparmor unless I'm skimming over it15:24
yolojhutchins: quite a list there15:27
jhutchinsyolo: You probably have conflicting sources.15:28
yolothanks for the pointer! will start debugging from there.15:28
jhutchinsyolo: Something like strip it back to just the official repos, then add your ppas one at a time.15:29
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taeaadSince the recent string of updates on 22.04 I've been getting some serious memory issues. Most of the time my memory is at >90%, even with most applications closed. Is this a known issue?16:48
taeaadIt is also not filling memory to optimise performance in any sensible way, since it creates lagging that I never experienced before.16:49
jhutchinstaeaad: If you google "linux ate my ram" you'll get more than a million pages explaining that that's just how Linux works.  The ram  is there to be used, Linux uses it.16:53
taeaadjhutchins: OK, but why didn't this happen two weeks ago. I always keep close tabs on my memory usage.16:55
akikjhutchins: what if the amount of memory that is shown in used column, can't be found in free, buff/cache and available?16:57
jhutchinsakik: Aliens.16:59
akiktaeaad: can you paste free output ?16:59
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taeaadakik: Which utility should I use?17:01
akiktaeaad: command is: free | nc termbin.com 999917:03
akiktaeaad: that'll give you an url where the output of free is stored17:04
taeaadHmm. I wonder if glances is not accurate. https://termbin.com/k3ndv17:06
taeaadBut then the reason for lagging when I don't have many applications open is still strange to me.17:07
taeaadI've heard that htop is not accurate under some circumstances.17:07
taeaadAccording to free, there is more than 50% available, if I read it correctly.17:08
akiktaeaad: there's that 4.5 gigs in buff/cache ready to use17:08
akiktaeaad: what programs do you have open?17:08
akikalso the free+available is about 700 megs17:09
taeaadakik: Emacs, Firefox, Python instance in terminal without large vars17:09
akikfirefox is a memory HOG17:09
taeaadI am still baffled why it's bad enough to cause GUI lagging. Maybe Firefox update and/or Linux updates?17:10
akiktaeaad: do you have an ssd?17:10
akiktaeaad: i've used these two sysctls on every linux machine i use: vm.swappiness = 117:11
akikvm.vfs_cache_pressure = 15017:11
akikyou can change them live with sysctl -w17:12
voltx23you need also to describe the rate of mm consumption.17:12
akiki think it's then "sysctl -w vm.swappiness=1" and "sysctl -w vm.vfs_cache_pressure=150"17:12
taeaadAwesome, let me try that. I see it's recommended for Hadoop clusters, too.17:13
taeaadDo I need to reboot?17:14
akiktaeaad: no17:14
akiktaeaad: there are some other sysctls too17:15
akikwell quite many but related to memory management17:15
akiktaeaad: can you link me to that hadoop document?17:15
taeaadakik: https://docs.cloudera.com/cloudera-manager/7.2.2/managing-clusters/topics/cm-setting-vmswappiness-linux-kernel-parameter.html17:16
taeaadakik: Thanks, hopefully this helps. I notice some of the Ubuntu updates are still rolling out, so I'll give it a bit of time.17:18
taeaadvoltx23: What is rate of mm consumption?17:18
akiktaeaad: i'll paste the other sysctls too for you but you'd need to test the values suitable to your system17:20
akiktaeaad: https://paste.linux.chat/?4c71b958a762fcc6#13AknCjeLfy1Gv29EjjNrgJQNNnemhuRbaesYesHRwA817:21
wusemanHey guys, what file keep the settings for the default screenshot tool in Ubuntu 22.04, when I press on printscreen I just can choose a rectangle but not a saving dir.17:22
taeaad"Linux chat is minimal" but needs JS, hehe :). But thanks for the settings. I'll research a bit to understand this better. Thanks for the help, akik.17:24
toddcwuseman: pictures17:25
wusemantoddc: what do you mean by "pictures"? Wich config file is it that keep this setting so I can edit it manually?17:25
akiktaeaad: yea i've got noscript too in firefox and had to trust the site :)17:27
toddcwuseman: I read it too quick default is pictures 1 sec wile I see if I can find the conf17:27
wusemanthanks toddc17:27
toddcwuseman: no current options tho you may try https://askubuntu.com/questions/1403994/how-to-change-the-default-screenshot-folder-in-gnome-4217:40
jhutchinsIt helps to remember that the desktop is actually gnome, not "ubuntu".17:40
wusemanI will do, thanks toddc for trying17:41
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gildasioHi all, I would like some help. I'm studying some things and for that I'm compiling an Ubuntu kernel, but while installing the kernel I got a "/lib/modules ... No space left on device" error. Using `df -h` I found `copymods                           3.6G  3.6G     0 100% /usr/lib/modules` but I'm not familiar with this "copymods". How can I solve this? Resize the partition or what?19:40
tomreyndo you have a package cloud-initramfs-copymods installed?19:43
tomreynhow are you compiling the kernel, are you following some guide you want to link to?19:44
tomreyn3.6GB storage is generally very little for / if that's the root partition.19:45
gildasiotomreyn: yeah, I have cloud-initramfs-copymods installed, but didn't remembering when installed it, may be in the normal gui installation process?19:45
tomreynif this is a fresh ubuntu server installation you may want to grow the logical volume19:45
gildasiomy / still has 31G free space19:46
tomreynand your /usr ?19:46
gildasioso I'm confused about this copymods thingi19:46
tomreyni'm not actually familiar with cloud-initramfs-copymods, i just found it by searching for "copymods"19:46
gildasioI don't have a separated /usr, but in `df -h` shows a /usr/lib/modules19:47
tomreynso that's a file sstem of its own in your case. and it is too small.19:52
tomreynyou seem to have a special configuration there, because on a standard ubuntu installation, be it desktop or server, you would not have a separate file system mount at /usr/lib/modules19:53
tomreynmaybe you have a tmpfs mounted there, but that's just a guess.19:53
gildasioyeah the thing for me is that this /usr/lib/modules mountpoint isn't in any disk partition like /dev/sd.., or in any lvm logical volume neither is a tmpfs19:55
tomreyncloud-initramfs-copymods is a package which is apparently installed by default by the "ubuntu server" installer. on the other hand, you referred to a "normal gui installation process", which sounds more like you may have installed some version of ubuntu desktop.19:55
tomreyneither way, more details will be needed19:55
gildasiothis is a standard ubuntu server installation, when I said "normal gui" it's because I just use the standard options19:56
tomreynwell, it won't be all standard anymore, since you have a separate file system at /usr/lib/modules19:59
tomreynnote there is also #ubuntu-server for server specific questions. (but i assume the server team will also ask you about the guide you're following.)20:07
gildasiothanks tomreyn, I don't know why this /usr/lib/modules has been created. I'm building a new VM so I can compare those20:18
gildasioI'll reach #ubuntu-server tho, thanks20:18
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akiktaeaad: did that sysctl change help with your system?21:17
zmarlowhi i love linuix21:49
akikyou too? i thought i was alone21:50
zmarlow? anyone here21:50
ravagenever heard of linuix21:50
zmarlowme 321:50
zmarlowyou new to linuix21:50
zmarlowor ayou on a difront platform21:51
akikit's linux21:51
akiki use linux21:51
akiki also use windows21:51
zmarlowdow you have google chrome21:51
akikalmost never i use chrome, mainly firefox21:51
akiki think i have chrome installed21:51
oerheksohhh, you scared him away21:52
ravagezmarlow: this is the Ubuntu support channel. If you have a support question ask it. If not please use #ubuntu-discuss to talk about Ubuntu in general or #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks.21:52
zmarlowi lost wifi me on laptop21:52
zmarlowi am back21:52
zmarlow 21:52
akikzmarlow: i've had to add dhcp=systemd into /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf when the ip goes missing from the wifi devie21:52
akikthen systemctl restart NetworkManager21:53
toddczmarlow: who took your wifi?21:53
zmarlowha good joke21:53
zmarlow 21:53
larry_hi everyone21:53
zmarlow 21:53
zmarlow 21:53
zmarlow 21:53
akiklost he is, again21:54
oerhekshi larry_21:54
zmarlowmy wifi is bad21:54
akiknope, back again21:54
larry_I made a mistake when i installed mate and messed up my username. is there any way to change it without reinstalling the system ?21:54
zmarlowi think so21:55
oerheksone can change username, sure21:55
larry_hi oerworks21:55
larry_how where21:55
akiklarry_: /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/shadow (fix it there), then chown your home dir for the new name/uid21:55
akikuid and gid21:55
jhutchinsakik: No, changing those manually is not the right way.21:55
akikjhutchins: it fixes it21:56
akikonce you done goofed21:56
jhutchinsYou can use usermod21:56
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UBUNTUwhare is mint21:57
=== UBUNTU is now known as mint
oerheksUBUNTU, use alis to find their channel, #linuxmint perhaps?21:57
=== mint is now known as zmarlow09783
jhutchinsoerheks: That's better, usrmod can be a bit fiddly.21:58
jhutchinsakik: It's best not to make manual changes to system files when there are tools to manage them.21:59
oerheksmate has a simular option, AFAIK21:59
akikjhutchins: but you suggested it's the correct way? usermod i mean21:59
jhutchinsakik: It's like manually deleting applications instead of using the package manager.21:59
jhutchinsakik: Usermod: https://linuxtechlab.com/rename-user-in-linux-rename-home-directory/21:59
akikoerheks: i can't see to which comment that links to22:00
zmarlow09783hi akik22:00
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zmarlowi am zmarlow in a knew name22:01
akikwho knew22:01
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larry_can't find it in mate... the askubuntu is no good here :(22:01
zmarlow09783i dont konw22:01
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_ 22:02
_ 22:02
_ 22:02
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_ 22:02
_ 22:02
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oerheksstop this silly behaviour, zmarlow, join the #linuxmint channel22:03
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larry_thanks guys, will have a play22:04
zmarlowsum one join chanal #922:05
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zmarlowam i alone22:12
sarnoldzmarlow: this is a support channel for ubuntu; it's not for idle sillyness22:12
leftyfbzmarlow: please go to #ubuntu-offtopic for random chat. This is a support channel22:12
zmarlowby by22:13
sarnoldbye :)22:14
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