Eickmeyerarraybolt3: I'm pulling my hair out.21:43
arraybolt3Eickmeyer: Sorry, I was afk.21:55
arraybolt3He'll figure it out. Or he won't and will reinstall and that will hopefully fix his broken installation anyway.21:56
EickmeyerNah, he seems like this is his first time using a computer in several decades, per what he wrote.21:59
OvenWrksEickmeyer: I won't be hurt if 2304 ships without controls23:02
OvenWrksEickmeyer: that would mean fixing installer, or anything else where controls is a dep23:04
EickmeyerOvenWrks: installer is no longer depending on controls. I took the code snippet and put it in installer.23:09
EickmeyerThe new version of installer is really, really nice with the zenity interface.23:11
EickmeyerI'll see what I can do to accelerate an interface for the Pipewire configurator to fill in the gaps.23:26

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